I promise this story about microwaves is interesting. 

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I found an article that said "The microwave was invented to heat hamsters humanely in 1950s experiments." And I thought, no it wasn't. ...was it?
Pull down the description for thorough references and credits.
Thanks to James Lovelock for his time! His latest book is Novacene: amzn.to/3hmKsWz [that is, of course, an Amazon affiliate link]
Filmed safely: www.tomscott.com/safe/ - thanks to jabs, PCR tests, isolation and distancing.
I did consider whether to do an extended interview with Dr Lovelock, but the Science Museum has already done far better than I ever could:
On cyborgs, asteroids and Gaia theory: • James Lovelock on NASA...
On his greatest epiphany: • James Lovelock discuss...
An extended 90-minute interview from the Lovelock Centenary Conference: • Tim Lenton interviews ...
I Burrell, in the Independent, 1997: "Your money, or the cat gets microwaved": www.independent.co.uk/news/yo...
M Blitz, "The Amazing True Story of How the Microwave Was Invented by Accident": www.popularmechanics.com/tech...
E Schliephake, "Ultra-short waves in medicine" in Short Wave Craft, Vol. 3, No. 11, March 1933, p. 646 [PDF]: worldradiohistory.com/Archive...
E Ackerman, "A Brief History of the Microwave Oven", IEEE Spectrum: spectrum.ieee.org/tech-histor...
Radarange photo from Acroterion: commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/Fi... - image licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license, creativecommons.org/licenses/...
James Lovelock in 1962: Photo by Donald Uhrbrock/The LIFE Images Collection via Getty Images/Getty Images
A Smith, J Lovelock, A Parkes, 1954: Resuscitation of Hamsters after Supercooling or Partial Crystallization at Body Temperatures Below 0° C.. Nature 173, 1136-1137. doi.org/10.1038/1731136a0
R K Andjus, J E Lovelock, 1955: Reanimation of rats from body temperatures between 0 and 1° C by microwave diathermy. The Journal of Physiology, 128. doi.org/10.1113/jphysiol.1955...
Lovelock, J E, Smith A U, 1959, Heat transfer from and to animals in experimental hypothermia and freezing. Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences, 80: 487-499. doi.org/10.1111/j.1749-6632.1...
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@TomScottGo 年 前
An update from July 2022: James Lovelock passed away, surrounded by family, on his 103rd birthday. I'm very grateful to have been able to interview him, and my deepest condolences to his family. Rest in peace. His obituary is worth reading, because it covers so much: www.theguardian.com/environment/2022/jul/27/james-lovelock-obituary
i just talked about him and this video to colleagues on monday
If you want to take his ideas seriously, you should go vegan. Animal agriculture is responsible for 20% of global greenhouse gas emissions, amongst other forms of environmental damage.
I am glad this video popped up on my feed today, and that I watched it.
@felixw19 年 前
I clicked on this video randomly and now I'm sad
I saw the news and immediately came back to this video
I can't think of a single reason why a story about microwaves wouldn't be immensely interesting!
@darkprism6983 2 年 前
everyone was talking about you :o
@tungskyline 2 年 前
They are indeed quite fascinating.
hello hello
@temseti0 2 年 前
I mean, its not like they are Heat Pumps....
@danr.1299 2 年 前
Even the legends watch other legends. You make interesting videos that I didn't know I wanted to watch till after I watch it. So thank you got that
RIP James, died on his 103rd birthday yesterday. The most interesting scientist I'd never heard of until Tom introduced us all.
So he was born and died on the same day of year?
@MangoBirb22 年 前
@ymmis03 年 前
RIP :(
@@Chuusuisetsujojutsu Yes he was born on July 26th 1919 and died July 26th 2022
@mr_h831 年 前
100 and 3, that's one hell of a run.
wow that guy was SHARP for 101. unbelievable
@soundspark 11 ヶ月 前
Ironically SHARP is a brand of microwave ovens.
@TylerTMG 8 ヶ月 前
Omg look at da verified guy
@thecatalyst6212 6 ヶ月 前
If you microwave enough rodents you too can be a centurion
@somemusicnerd637 6 ヶ月 前
I read this 3 minutes through and thought you were talking about Tom haha
@@somemusicnerd637 he is
@wcapeling 年 前
This guy was literally watching technology evolve before his eyes
@raven4k998 年 前
wait you can freeze someone and then bring them back to life why haven't they perfected this tech then we would have cryo tech finally
@wcapeling 年 前
@@raven4k998 if you watched the video he said we are to big
@@raven4k998 10:18
@lemming3001 年 前
He wasn’t just watching he was helping evolve it further
@gapplssb 年 前
@@raven4k998 size is a very important factor to this, we are bigger, but molecules don’t get bigger.
@dootanator_ 年 前
Imagine dying from hypothermia and a doctor just puts you into a microwave for 5 minutes.
And you hear it "ding!" when you're ready
I imagine they sedated the hamsters before freezing them (was sedation very common back then?) …hopefully the hamsters didn’t feel hypothermia
@Ice_elite 10 ヶ月 前
some people say you can only reheat meals for two times...
@matthieurood123 9 ヶ月 前
And you'd still get a medical bill for $68.000
@dootanator_ 9 ヶ月 前
@@matthieurood123 jokes on you American spy, I get free healthcare.
@sh7de553 2 年 前
"Do you mind if I borrow a bit of military kit to revive a hamster?" "Here you go, mate. You can keep it. "Top lad."
@amberpask9701 2 年 前
Imagine this happening today! Oh my god this would be hours of meetings, days of paperwork, weeks of negotiations and would cost probably millions.
@@amberpask9701 imagine the amount of innovation truly lost because there simply was so much time lost to beuracracy.
@rogink 2 年 前
Especially so - if the research base was just outside Portsmouth it would have been a top secret naval base, which is still there. I could see it from where I'm sitting - if it wasn't so cloudy (and if the houses weren't in the way!).
@1nsaniel 2 年 前
@@amberpask9701 I mean today stuff is a bit more dangerous.
@@1nsaniel I mean they were microwaving everyone in the room... things back then were dangerous, they just didn't know it yet.
@12boxes 年 前
Thank you Tom. That was what you might call public service broadcasting. "Nobody has asked me about that before". Priceless.
I have to imagine he would often get interviews through the decades on his many many important projects. He must have been quite puzzled to be 101 and be called about the hamster reanimation work of all things! So glad we have him on the record about it. Truly amazing. But he did invent the microwave in the course of it!
@AdamX222 年 前
The most unbelievable thing about this story is that Lovelock put a potato in a microwave and it came out perfectly cooked, and not molten lava on the outside and ice cold on the inside.
@Piper_____ 年 前
Well, it was “perfectly alright,” not necessarily perfectly cooked, haha
@FLPhotoCatcher 5 ヶ月 前
How it didn't turn into a hand grenade, I'll never know.
@Zanduras1 3 ヶ月 前
After watching Asmongold's 2 dollar steak video I believe it.
@oakenshadow6763 9 ヶ月 前
The fact that he was willing to be interview all these years later made me so happy. And how happy he was to share.
@Felix-ix7ic 13 日 前
He microwaved hamsters.
@tommy_lyon 年 前
I heard about James Lovelock's passing and came straight to this video. The interview is so warm and personable, he really was a treasure. Thanks for showcasing this piece of history.
@PanduPoluan 年 前
He had this air of wise but fun grandfather with him. RIP Mr. Lovelock
@raven4k998 年 前
wait they were microwaving hamster's?
@@raven4k998 I’m saying 😭
@raven4k998 年 前
@@Militant_Vegan stop crying like a baby and have some cheese boy🤣
@Cringility 年 前
James looked as if he had always been so passionate in all his life trying to invent new things and put things all together and tinker with stuff. And the genuine smile he had on his face throughout the whole interview says it all. Rest in peace James Lovelock, you made a big and good difference on the world. Thanks Tom for unravelling this amazing story too.
@BurgerWeeze 2 年 前
I saw a 101 year old scientist talk about being in a highly radiated room reviving frozen hamsters with a microwave. Tom, the title was accurate, I'm not disappointed.
@huskywolf01 2 年 前
Agreed 😂
@leemon908 2 年 前
You dont understand how harmless microwaves are do you? Your phone receives signals with microwaves 🤣
@BurgerWeeze 2 年 前
@@leemon908 Uhhhh.. it was the 50s and may I refer to 8:10 in the video? Just watch the video before commenting.
@DanielTseng100 2 年 前
@@leemon908 Ok but it doesn't light up lightbulbs or set banknotes on fire lmao
@dingo137 2 年 前
@@leemon908 your phone doesn't put out 1000 watts of them though.
@Jakomelo 年 前
5:40 you have no idea how shocked and happy I was hearing him say this bit. I didn't expect him to be alive still and I'm sure you made his day with the interview.
@mknote 年 前
@BigScriptus Sadly, less than a month after you said that, it's no longer true.
@@mknote This is the guy. This is the guy who’s to blame.
@lukas_mjs 年 前
@LBSiUK 年 前
Rest in peace to James Lovelock. A scientist, an educator, father of the Gaia Theory and of course microwaves. May his legacy live on.
@15sixmedia 年 前
My word, James Lovelock was in incredible shape and incredibly sharp for 101 years old. May he rest in peace.
@sroberts605 9 ヶ月 前
Two wives, many inventions, Dorset coast, can't beat it!
@avarcl3625 年 前
Such an interesting Scientist, his death is a tremendous loss. RIP James Lovelock.
@crystalsoulslayer 10 ヶ月 前
"A hamster is an acceptable size" is a phrase I did not know I needed in my life until I heard it.
@hotelmario510 2 年 前
The twist that James Lovelock is STILL ALIVE actually broke my brain for a few seconds
I thought it was going to be a phone/skype interview, and then we see the guy *in the flesh,* moving around and talking like a guy half his age
@proloycodes 2 年 前
me too
Turns out, running microwaves in your lab with no shielding, setting fire to things and lighting up lightbulbs is actually the key to a long life. Huh. Who would have thought?
@DrZaius3141 2 年 前
@@WarrenGarabrandt [citation needed]
@@TheSecondVersion Actually almost 3 times younger.
Incredible history. RIP James Lovelock. I'm astonished how well he was at his 100's even he remembered the stuff he did 50 years ago.
@KorOsion 年 前
Closer to 70 years ago...
This is the kind of elderly life I want. 101 years old, still speaking great, and even walking daily
@PaulDixon25 年 前
10:50 "You cannot freeze a human, ..." when he stuttered there, I just could picture him finishing that with "I know, I've tried"
@Winasaurus 11 ヶ月 前
"You can't freeze a human, and in an unrelated note, want to hear how my colleague lost his left hand to frostbite?"
@FB-jd4rx 年 前
I just read on wikipedia that James Lovelock sadly passed away. I immediately thought of this video and what a nice (and extremely intelligent) person he was.
@WillyWielder 10 ヶ月 前
Rest in peace Dr. Lovelock❤ 103 is a heck of an age to get to, so glad this video exists of you getting to talk about your crazy scientist life with a big smile on your face
@janmelantu7490 2 年 前
“So I decided to ask him about it” was the biggest twist, I wasn’t expecting a 1950s scientist to still be living. Just goes to show how important it is to record knowledge while we still can
@@DyslexicMitochondria Ayyy bro I watch ur channeII. Love ur work
@@DyslexicMitochondria hello there
@karlkastor 2 年 前
biggest twist since "so I chartered a plane"
@BuGBurnout 2 年 前
I literally yelled WHAT at that part
@JasonM69 年 前
The fact he messed around with microwaves back in the day, AND is still so mentally together at 101 is the most amazing thing about this video.
Not sure about the connection.
@morbidmanmusic 11 ヶ月 前
Let that be a bit of education about cell phone damage. Not so real.
I only watched this a few days ago and have just seen today’s news headline that James Lovelock has sadly passed away on his 103rd birthday. I’m so glad you were able to interview him.
@Jeod 4 ヶ月 前
Oh my God. This man's cognitive ability at age 101 was so good it actually relieved my own fear of old age. You can see he had some speech hiccups, much like anyone would have while tired or nervous, but when the sentences came out, they were perfectly sound and relaying information was effortless. I wish to have such a brain when I'm old.
RIP James Lovelock, died today on his 103rd birthday - he was a pioneer, and I'm so grateful to this video for introducing me to his work
This is genuinely the nuttiest story I've ever heard and I'm not surprised it came from you Tom
@RobbyBobbyBoy 2 年 前
The guy casually exposed himself to unshielded microwave radiation in his youth and is still strolling down the beach at 101
The wavelength of microwave radiation are too big (≈1cm) to cause much harm
@Esli26 2 年 前
Best summary of the guy till now
@@karthiksashank6829 Warning: Still do not try this without proper shielding and protection. Don't do this at home either.
@leexabyz 2 年 前
Microwaves are not ionising radiation, there isn't any hidden underlying damage like with nuclear radiation. It's like standing near a furnace, you're either obviously hurt, or you're fine
@floskater99 2 年 前
Whaaat he's 101?! Damn. I thought he's like 80 xD
Rest in peace James Lovelock, you were an amazing person, thank you
@nfsm654 ヶ月 前
I come back to this video a lot. I can’t help but feel that James Lovelock was the very last of a certain type of person we may never see again. I’m still very thankful that Tom got to introduce this brilliant man to the world.
Thank you Mr LoveLock for helping people burn popcorn for the past 40 years
And ballistic JPvid channels blow them up!!💣
This didn't happen in the 80s
My mind was blown by this video. It's hard to believe that experiment worked. The interview with the still-sharp 101-year-old was incredible too.
@LibertyMonk 3 ヶ月 前
I absolutely adore JPvid creators who wind up doing primary research for whatever random deep dives they happen to be on. Im so glad you asked this question in time, there are a few times when a creator brought up that they weren't in time to interview the primary source.
@InvictusByz 2 年 前
"I put a potato in and baked it. It was alright." Microwaves in a nutshell, tbh.
@Shep-1701 2 年 前
I tend to do them in the microwave for about 5 minutes and then finish them in the oven for half an hour to crisp up the skin Edit: Make sure you prick it all over with a fork before you nuke it. Tend to heat the oven to 200/180c (fan), stick it on a baking tray, rub a little oil over it, and then some salt and pepper to give some nice flavour to the skin. Delicious
Ζήτω Η Βασιλεία Ρωμαίων
@CharlieTodd86 2 年 前
I thought this haha
@arushgaur8489 2 年 前
*Perfectly alright
@BlueSatoshi 2 年 前
Wash it, perforate with a fork, heat for 10 minutes, chop it in half, mash with a fork, and add butter.
So wholesome to see him speak so fondly about his work and colleague friends.
@JohnRay1969 年 前
This is the third time I've watched this and it still makes me smile. Mr. Lovelock is adorable when he talks about the light bulbs lighting randomly from the radiation bouncing around the room. I love everything about this piece.
You can see his face light up as he talks about his crazy scientific experiments, what an incredible human being
@zefriend3 年 前
RIP James, bloody legend
@stopsign38 年 前
Loved that interview with James. His recall was amazing, thanks for sharing the interview and obituary.
I love how this old inventor says giddily "I put a potato in it, and baked it, and it was completely allright"
@Diggnuts 2 年 前
And then I tortured an animal..
@crumpet3302 2 年 前
@@Diggnuts For important medical research.
@Electrk 2 年 前
@@crumpet3302 still torture
@crumpet3302 2 年 前
@@Electrk Sure, but if it's supporting research that could save hundreds of thousands or millions of lives... It's probably justified.
@Electrk 2 年 前
@@crumpet3302 Is it though? There have been a lot of cruel and unethical experiments done whose results have been used in further research. A lot of advancements have come from unethical experimentation, but I don't think the ends justify the means.
@1874WL 11 ヶ月 前
The way he describes his experiments with such detail, and enthusiasm is just amazing.
Rest in peace James. 😢May Gaia be with you. 🌍 I wish we had more brilliant, enthusiastic and positively thinking minds like him everywhere.
When Tom says "I promise it will be interesting", I just listen because I know it will be amazing!
I loved this video. You absolutely made James Lovelock's day. He's darling. As a novelist, I've included a Faraday cage in one of my books. I was blown away by how many people reacted with, "A what?" I've enjoyed telling them that they probably have one in their homes.
@joep001 3 ヶ月 前
As a captain, when i teach cadets about the radars on board i always ask them if we could use our radars to reheat frozen hamsters. Not a single one of the cadets has given me the correct awnser 😅 I love this story and i'll keep passing it on to the next generation of navigators.
"He's 101 years old and takes a walk on this beach every day" i have this image in my head of Tom just standing there in a random beach, 6am in the morning, stopping someone who vaguely looks old enough to be 90+ and ask "by any chance, did you put a hamster in a microwave while you were younger?"
@neeharika422 2 年 前
“Hello sir! Did you by any chance put hamsters in microwaves? No? Alright. Good day.”
It's the age of the internet. I'm not sure you want some to answer that question.
@JKVeganAbroad 2 年 前
Only when you quote it like that do I realise that this whole video was a ruse actually intended as a dating advertisement.
@pedrocrb 2 年 前
He's like "they dont know i invented the microwave"
@MrArtVein 2 年 前
@@JKVeganAbroad 🎶 *lowered expectations* 🎶
Your 101 scientist is absolutely a lovely person. I'm so pleased that you had a chance to meet him. I find your shows such a pleasure and your dedication for being as accurate as possible a pleasure. Thank you for the knowledge and entertaining way you present it.
@jimlewis1 年 前
Lovelock was an incredible individual. I did once have the pleasure of hearing a lecture from him. Sadly missed
thanks for capturing this interview before he passed. You may have saved this bit of history from relegation to myth and legend.
Tom Scott doesn't have to "promise" that any video he puts up will be interesting. Interest & passion for any topic exudes from his face & is a joy to watch, & learn something along the way.
@Tripeefy 年 前
May he rest in peace what a true human he was
@anz111 2 年 前
100 years old James Lovelock is better at recalling stories than me at my 20s
This is exactly what I was thinking. How lucky you must be to be that clear of thought at such an age!
@monad_tcp 2 年 前
you have 20 ? you look like 45 already
@maxhax367 2 年 前
lets be honest. his stories are more interesting and memorable than just about all of out stories combined
@kerza1358 2 年 前
you cant just simply forget such story
@Dentr09 2 年 前
@@monad_tcp damn you didnt need to murder him
@lucyk.5163 年 前
Extremely sharp and mind active at 101yrs old, memories still there almost intact. This is amazing. I hope this video gets saved for posterity forever. Bet you made him so very happy! You can see how pleased he is to talk about it ❤
What a amazing guy. Glad he got to live a long and happy life and to enjoy these experiments he was apart of and the smile he has telling others
thank you for interviewing and sharing james story with millions! his life shall forever live on thanks to you tom
@cyberGEK 年 前
5:03 When I heard that he invented the Electron Capture Detector, my ears perked up, no one knows what those are, except chemistry geeks and “scientists” 😂 Used them daily for years! Fantastic invention!
@Lucas_McToucas 5 ヶ月 前
he was so happy to remember his glory days as a scientist, you could really see his eyes light up whaen he was describing his magnetron faraday cage hamster box
@efeerbas2709 2 年 前
Imagine being a top of the line scientist, doing all kinds of research, contributing a lot of things to science and then somebody knocks your door asking "Sir did you, by any chance, microwave hamsters?"
@iiiivvvv9986 2 年 前
Probably makes you think "finally, I get to talk about that instead of Mars for once"
@goldzero9373 2 年 前
Dimi dimi bende aynısını düşünüyordum reis :D
@sazcxieo 2 年 前
Me: 6:26 👁👄👁
@@iiiivvvv9986 That sounds very real.
@@goldzero9373 Adam bir saat adamın yaptığı araştırmayı anlattı, neden öyle birşey düşündün?
@dillongage 年 前
Mr. Lovelock is a treasure. Watching him reminisce about what was clearly good times for him, and simultaneously an important discovery in multiple ways. Thank you for all the contributions you've made to our collective knowledge.
The smile I see and excitement I see on lovelocks face seems like you asking him those questions made his entire world this isamazing to see
Brilliant! Every aspect was engaging, entertaining and wildly informative. Thank you so much for introducing us to James Lovelock, what a lovely fellow. I'm astonished that you were the only one to interview him about this project. What a loss for us all. I do have to say that I now completely understand the "pop goes the weasel" urban legend.
Not only interesting but I'm blown away the guy was still alive and you were lucky enough to speak with him. This is top tier JPvid.
@LMacNeill 2 年 前
WOW!! Did not see the "I went to interview him" part coming! Cannot believe that 1) he's still alive, and 2) his mind is so sharp and clear! That's really fantastic!!!
@MichaelMoore99 2 年 前
I had an inkling based upon Tom's previous antics. "You can't visit the northernmost bit of Iceland without chartering a plane. [cut] So I chartered a plane." It was still a bit surprising, but as soon as I heard that Tom was interviewing the guy, I was like "Yep, that's what Tom would do."
@onafehts 2 年 前
It is fantastic! His smile while talking reminded me of Feynman talking science
@gamias3664 2 年 前
It's those everyday walks on the beach, i tell ya!
@visekual6248 2 年 前
In the end, playing with microwaves is not so bad.
Well as a former scientist and inventor his grey matter most be folded and layered like a million nand gates.
@JFrizey 年 前
I love how happy and enthusiastically he spoke of his experiences and being soo pleased to share them. I hope I'm as sharp as him at that age. RIP James
@gwcrispi 年 前
I am most impressed by how sharp his mind and memory is at that age. My 82 year old dad can't remember what he told me yesterday...
@sn98886 9 ヶ月 前
I’m 25 and I can’t remember what I had for dinner last night.
@QuaA 年 前
I appreciate your citations! and as always, love your well researched videos....
Very glad I clicked on this video. My favourite TS video so far. That Story from Lovelock about irradiating himself and the room around him causing lightbulb filament to glow and money to catch fire. Magical stuff
@toddwmac 年 前
That interview is a gift! Thanks
Lovelock still being alive was more of a surprise than any M Night Shamylan movie
@master_ace 2 年 前
Still alive and kicking at 101 in 2021 - what a legend
@HaasGrotesk 2 年 前
HAHA! You've obviously watched plenty of them! :)
@DonalMountain 2 年 前
Doesn’t look much older than bill gates
@nocassix4929 2 年 前
@Luc Bloom maybe that's his secret?
The interview with the scientist was pure gold! 👍
@Calamitous 年 前
Rest in peace to him, still an incredible video, incredibly timed
Thank you so much for saving and recording this awesome historically interesting story.
@rpals5412 年 前
Wow what a charismatic old guy! RIP just leaded that he passed very recently, with his work he most likely impacted almost everyone's quality of life, absolute legend
@haplon33 年 前
Top notch interview on an incredibly fascinating topic - thanks!
The shock and joy of James being alive at 101 was the best part of this.
@flowrianeast42 2 年 前
And still walking on the Beach and writing books!
Can confirm: my heart is smiling with joy... big time! 🥰
@joelhoeve 2 年 前
Born in 1919 Me: Awh that's a shame would've liked a conversation Tom: At 101... Me: What!?
@mekkio77 2 年 前
Imagine Tom's shock and joy of finding this out. "What? He's still alive?! .............may I interview him? Please........?"
@D3nn1s 2 年 前
I want to be a scientist. All that radiation and stupid stuff must be really good for your body! :D
@qpwodkgh2010 3 ヶ月 前
What a treat to hear from him. Thank you.
Rest in peace, Mr Lovelock.
@pikkon899 年 前
@9:47 I love a happy ending 🥲
@schlagges 年 前
R.I.P. James Lovelock I wish I'd have heard earlier from you. Love your theories. *bows*
Yes - this story was truly interesting and you did a nice job laying it out - I started my engineering career in the ‘80s mostly with RF but also programming in machine language assembler - the progression of knowledge, expertise & practical applications from then to now is truly astonishing - working around RF and satellite dishes all those years my colleagues often asked each other a common question “do you have any Sons?” - the answer is usually “no, I have all daughters” - the informal theory among this trade is that we all get “cooked” a bit in such a way that affects our ability to reproduce. (We are not biologists, so we have no idea if this theory holds water)
@TomScottGo 2 年 前
One of the limitations of JPvid as a medium is that you have to summarise a whole story into a title and thumbnail. I couldn't do that here without being unfair to the people I'm talking about, or giving away a big part of the piece too early, or using too many words. Ah well. I hope everyone else finds the story as interesting as I did!
@spywalkz1 2 年 前
@HondaCivicEF 2 年 前
Ok what's interesting
@sandrotabidze 2 年 前
4 days old, as usual!
@aden4431 2 年 前
@tommyhvalberg 2 年 前
4 days ago
@TheAtl0001 4 ヶ月 前
RIP James Lovelock. Incredible to think he was a Centenarian when interviewed.
@rafaelveggi 年 前
Immense respect for this episode in special, thank you dearly.
My dad was the local electronics engineer in our area and supplied microwaves to local chip shops. He got called out to one when they were complaining about it taking longer to heat food. It was a small chip shop and they didn't have space to open the microwave door so just cut the window and front mesh out. As far as I know no-one got organs cooked but it was a bit dodgy.
@exp1993 年 前
Amazing story!!! Thank you for hard work, and thank you Mr. James
@cameron461 9 ヶ月 前
this is such an important part of history that's clearly been neglected, it's certainly relieving to know this incredible story won't be lost to the world. great work :)
@MiniArts159 2 年 前
"Can I borrow your magnetron?" "Oh, no, just take it!" 50s science was a wonder
@JayTerref 2 年 前
You know one the best things about science? This still happens quite a lot. I am finishing my Master's research right now and if there's just one piece of advice I can give you, it's this: if you need something from another researcher, ask away! Sure, not all of them will help you, but you'd be surprised how many researchers are willing to go way out of their way to help you
@@JayTerref As an undergrad, and even a high school student, I found that emailing random professors questions related to their work had a ~50% reply rate (if you asked nicely). That's crazy to think about. It's not quite as high anymore (probably because they get so many emails), but I can't imagine having that much luck in any other profession. I wouldn't just email an accountant out of the blue with some questions about CPI and expect a prompt response.
I hope that's not how they got the hamsters.
I guess Portal 2 really wasn't that far of, huh?
I love that 70 years later he remembered so many details.
RIP James. Absolutely charming story.
@GeweerBeer 年 前
James Ephraim Lovelock passed away on his 103rd birthday, 26th of July 2022, due to complications after a fall. Rest in peace James.
Him seeing and knowing that there is a ton of people interested in his experiments gave him joy
@johnnicholas1488 10 ヶ月 前
Thanks for honoring your promise. Well done.
@kiwihame 年 前
That's as hilarious as it is fascinating as it is brilliant. Great film. Thank you Tom and James.
A truly amazing story and one that I hope everyone agrees needed to be more widely shared. Condolences to Sir Lovelocks family and friends.
@ddiprose 7 ヶ月 前
I just want to acknowledge how awesome it is that you have captured this elderly gentleman's story on camera.
This was such an interesting video. I was sad when it ended!!! Condolences to James’family.
@jevinday 2 ヶ月 前
That was fascinating! Thank you so much for sharing that story Tom.
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