I played weird virtual pet games

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video game animals

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Music: Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Wigglytuff's Guild

monky with sweater









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Glenn Randolph
Glenn Randolph 33 分 前
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🍩芦名葵 Aoi Ashina🍩
"I am feeling" *"Aloha."*
Parker Essential
Parker Essential 3 時間 前
The one married simplistically label because gold concordingly park failing a mere development. acrid, imported polo
WrenBird 3 時間 前
The part where jaiden tells us to compare our counters motivated me to go to the kitchen and actually look at my counters. 1. That made me realize I was hungry so I got a snack (thank you jaiden) and 2. HOLY COW CHAMP IS BIG!!!
Mr. Anonymoose
Mr. Anonymoose 4 時間 前
1:37 Wait Jaiden you like Detroit: Become Human?
fodloje putofbo
fodloje putofbo 4 時間 前
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cmber ch4n
cmber ch4n 7 時間 前
When z
Josiah Martinez
Josiah Martinez 7 時間 前
Honestly Jaden’s grandpa is better than the game grandpa
Neom Behan
Neom Behan 7 時間 前
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Qiana Bartholomew
Qiana Bartholomew 7 時間 前
Champ is a girl
Michelle Stewart
Michelle Stewart 8 時間 前
My sister used to have a hamster game on Nintendo 3DS then my mom just sold the Tendo 3DS
Dusk Cebanico
Dusk Cebanico 10 時間 前
Champ is a girl, Remember Chad from her nuzlock.
Rachel Ann
Rachel Ann 11 時間 前
This makes me really miss my only nintendog, Waffle...I lost my ds and lost him forever with it
Amber DeTar
Amber DeTar 12 時間 前
I don't think grandpa wants to play memory games about WW2
كرار الغزال ٢
10:06 uhhhhhhhhh
ivan gamez
ivan gamez 16 時間 前
Why do you omly color your hair hmmmmmmm????
Toy Demolition
Toy Demolition 17 時間 前
Nightmare 18 時間 前
The hamster kinda looked like Michael Jackson
Brewster Morris
Brewster Morris 19 時間 前
The reason why that your Nintendogs were weird was because u were gone for so long.
Puggleman99 20 時間 前
That Hamster a cowboy with a roller coaster ( - _ - ) what!
Puggleman99 20 時間 前
The monkeys are t posing
Mikayla <3
Mikayla <3 20 時間 前
Lil man and camp are girls and have baby's???
Isaac Vital
Isaac Vital 21 時間 前
Tornado of Fun
Tornado of Fun 21 時間 前
you know ari's gender after a loong time of not knowing?
dig 134
dig 134 22 時間 前
my fans will vote on a new name for me
what do you play those games on I NEED IT
13 Jack McIntyre
Saying about nintendogs, 3ds version ended up with the command for "sit" being the words "not bad". It's become a running joke.
A.K. 日 前
do seaman on the Sega Dreamcast
SGStudios 日 前
mc Konmak UwU
Gimmie link to your discord server (im veprogags in discord)
Card Bro
Card Bro 日 前
Play zuzu pets
Anda Hernandez
Amber Sinclair
The only 'pet' games I can think of are Pokemon and Prodigy which is basically pokemon + maths but they were 'monsters??' Idk why they were called monsters cuz they were so god damn cute
Soda Soafa
Soda Soafa 日 前
What did the bird say?
SlothyDrawz 日 前
I remember that my brother got Nintendogs and cats and I played it more than him, lol.
meregnage priyankara
Paul F. Jarnes
monke evolve to *b i g m o n k e :()*
TEDDY :D 日 前
Wait I've had Nintendogs lol-
King Fish
King Fish 日 前
Aaron Mejia
Aaron Mejia 日 前
I’ve been in my depression for 2years
Jaxond Woahhh
Jaime & Jennifer Sandefur
Me:what ur bird's name (in the Game) Jaiden:LARGE
Jotaro Kujo
Jotaro Kujo 日 前
was that a jojo reference?
Debbi James
Debbi James 日 前
Nintendo hates cats lol
iCrazy 日 前
I’m just watching this 24/7 and each time I can actually hear the bird in parrot pals cuss in his stacty game voice and while he’s telling u the story 👁👄👁
Snowfrost 日 前
The dog named star is the same breed as my dog
Adriana van Harten
alrighty then ;>;
Alexander Vang
Alexander Vang 2 日 前
5:48~6:23 beautiful story 🥲
Ken Adams
Ken Adams 2 日 前
Champ and sasha are men
Alexander Vang
Alexander Vang 2 日 前
“He cage is too small!”
my dad left
my dad left 2 日 前
Me :WHAT DID YOU SAY YOU DUM BIRD :my sibling chill out
The monkey in her animation compared to the video game
Marie Sangumay
Marie Sangumay 2 日 前
I was dying to laugh in the moneky part
lonygacha23 2 日 前
can you tell me how long it took you to teach all the phrases :)
Develon 2 日 前
An old schoolfriend had a virtual pet game with bunnies on the ds you could also make them talk i do remember that i liked the music it was ver calming to play. I actually want to Play it again for nostalgy and see if it was good or i just thought Back that it was good. Looked it up its called 'Petz Bunnyz' From the pictures it still looks decent tbh
Wyatt Bartlett
Wyatt Bartlett 2 日 前
I still have animal crossing wild world unfortunately my ds broke but I have a 3ds now
O H 2 日 前
I had Bunnyz, which was legit the same as hamsters except it… was bunnies. That and they would “talk” but you have better responses
Shiloh Danielle Blanco
Animal crossing : i am I joke to you :( “Sings bubblegum k.k sadly”
Sky walker my real name is Mustafa lol 😂
I can’t believe the parrot said: “You F***** my again ??”
Mr Doge
Mr Doge 2 日 前
Bruh the memory game fail with Grandpa it made me laugh
jade 2 日 前
Congratulations on 10million consecutive subscribers.
Hey, Jaiden I really need you to reply to me on this comment because, When you showed us Nintendogs I was really interested, But my question is, The Nintendogs you showed us which one was that that you got in 2004. Cause I want to play the first one. *Please reply back about it*
despacito egg
despacito egg 2 日 前
7:57 he look so cute :)
despacito egg
despacito egg 2 日 前
i have a hamster! :D
Genevieve Renzas
Hi jaiden!I saw your dog storys video!If you did not know your dog scruffy`s breed is a shorkie.
Mia Diaz
Mia Diaz 2 日 前
He cage is to small
El Romantico Incurable
This is when I started to burst out in laughter 6:37
Kylie Purpera
Kylie Purpera 2 日 前
can u play fnf pls cause i never got a sugestion be real and we both love pets
Blue Blaster
Blue Blaster 2 日 前
Heyyyyyy! ParrotPals copied how the NPCS speak in The Elder Scrolls!
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Janiya Mustafa
Janiya Mustafa 2 日 前
Ogre on the island: hm, what an peaceful day. *See’s four animals heading towards him* Ogre: Oh shit
Charles Beyer
Charles Beyer 2 日 前
Dear god
Little dog
Little dog 3 日 前
2 mother lands
2 mother lands 3 日 前
You made champ look so cute
Tit Sok
Tit Sok 3 日 前
Hjuge monki
Celia Vega
Celia Vega 3 日 前
10:19 they asserting dominance
I am amy OoO
I am amy OoO 3 日 前
I thought she will talk about Pokémon
Dieguito0512 3 日 前
And now, I present you, A Conversation of 2 Parrots, written, produced and presented by Dieguito0512: Parrot 1: Hey large! How are you feeling today? Large: Today I'm feeling *a l o h a* Parrot 1: ok ig, soo how do i look today? I got a haircut yesterday! Large: you look really *H O T* Parrot 1: ummm ok? So how about you say something that actually makes sense Large: I'm so getting 𝒑𝒊𝒔𝒔𝒆𝒅 Parrot 1: Hey don't be mad! I just asked you to say something that makes sense! Large: *Y O U F M Y A G A I N* ???? Parrot 1: k I'm gonna call an ambulance
Lil_ Wolfie
Lil_ Wolfie 3 日 前
nobody: bird: F### me: holy- bird: I don’t like you me: I don’t like you either
Talking Trashcan
"Guys I taught my hamster how to be sad and I think he's depressed" Is way too relatable
Talking Trashcan
*he cage too small.*
SubCreate 3 日 前
Jaiden:hold it in you creepy hand Me:and squish it in your creepy hand
Rayleigh Kyle Lee
Don’t pause at 7:58 its horrifying and yet stupidly funny
wolfix_6 dark angel UwU
I looked at my counter in kitchen and the monkey was almost taller than me! and I'm 10!
☆Zami the zamazenta☆
I d ont li ke you Lol
Slaymisi 3 日 前
why this isn't in video game animations playlist
Sean Jones
Sean Jones 3 日 前
when i first watching you i random picked something and fell in love with your vids good job for 10 million subs
Camo’s & avani’s Adventures
My bird died just recently I am sad she was an Indian ringneck
Felix the Cat
Felix the Cat 3 日 前
1:55 bruh 🤣 why???
Mr.CeeseE 3 日 前
Matmat TV
Matmat TV 3 日 前
Nobody the screaming hamster game: he cage is too small
Joel Brich
Joel Brich 3 日 前
Omfg I KNEW that was the wigglytuffs guild music in the background!!!!!
dog boi
dog boi 3 日 前
"depressed hamster"
Endergamer 3 日 前
I got a green car in webkitz get on my level
Isaac 3 日 前
5:19 😂
Akei yumi
Akei yumi 3 日 前
Ur Favorite game u love them....Monke
Sophia Rushton
Sophia Rushton 3 日 前
In Nintendogs i have 99× peach carts, and actually i have 99× for everything in the game also my money is maxed or 😎
Boris _
Boris _ 3 日 前
I Attempted a Pokemon Platinum Nuzlocke
Sodium metal is soft and squishy
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