I Moved In With My Pregnant Ex-Girlfriend | The Night Shift

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on today's episode, we embark on a treacherous journey to relocate an og night shift employee to her new maternity housing, plus we check in with the boys at lyrical lemonade, taste a windy city burger, and reconsider ever buying real estate in los angeles.

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so you work the night shift? so do we. we can get thru this together. a random collection of news, stories, weather, and other random unplanned happenings. and tons of buttery toast.

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Mike Majlak Vlogs
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Richard Taylor
Richard Taylor 12 日 前
Mike brother you should just have a conversation with me like this comment if you see this . I’m 24 years old grew up in the hood and I’ve lived the same life as you g I been through the bad drug An alcohol addiction and i inspire to become a creator in many different entertainments. Shit it’s my dream fr & I know more about music then anyone you can match me up against many different generations and Genres specially rap there’s nothing I don’t know 🤷‍♂️ I can game I can stream I can do stunts I ride the streets at 12 o’clock in the hood I get down fr
John Wolf
John Wolf 13 日 前
Ask Lana if she knows me its important
Josh Eats Good
Josh Eats Good 23 日 前
niv sade
niv sade 24 日 前
כלב עושה דוגי - Dog Doing Doggy jpvid.net/video/%E3%83%93%E3%83%87%E3%82%AA-bOHZIiQWv-M.html
Catherine Urbina
Catherine Urbina 26 日 前
sitruk ennyw
sitruk ennyw 時間 前
Yep... Mike is the exact same as the people he says are what's wrong with LA.
xiao bao
xiao bao 7 時間 前
California although beautiful is not worth the cost of living.
Prawn Productions
Need more clips of Alfred and associates
w_halei 日 前
now lets go find a father
Boy Khyani
Boy Khyani 2 日 前
Can we rider
4Skyy 2 日 前
Amara: “what’s this white stuff” Mike: 👀
Domthebomb _
Domthebomb _ 2 日 前
“She lonely n need help with pregnancy”, where the fuck her mans at 🤣🤣
RiTa 3 日 前
Why doesn't Mike just realize how much they are meant for each other, but that is easier said then done. Expecially the look they give each. On the plus shes very smart business woman. Also i can tell she will be the best mother. But like most ex-relationships they need to work on each other. Even thou they are both awesome.❤💙💜💛💖💘💚
jussawitness 3 日 前
U did not just throw yeezy’s in the pool..
Kerwin Aniñon
Kerwin Aniñon 3 日 前
victor montano
victor montano 4 日 前
Simp af pathetic for sure
Reese Wagoner
Reese Wagoner 4 日 前
Love your videos mike!
TKObyPardo 5 日 前
Hey 😺 is gonna shoot the baby out
DailyDankDabs 5 日 前
Dude they better get married for real.
ブギー 5 日 前
watch her bowl
Thomas Acker
Thomas Acker 6 日 前
12:11 😂😂😂
Dushane Hill
Dushane Hill 6 日 前
U kid is gonna be harassed so badly in school hahahahaha
Red Beam
Red Beam 6 日 前
Bruh take this from a guy that choose external shit over his girl and lives with the pain of regret. if she’s something you’re able to look forward too then go be with your girl. who cares if the kid is not yours make it yours and put another one in her.
Joe Ramos
Joe Ramos 7 日 前
this chick drinks piss and doesn't want you but this dude can't see it
Dramatic errors
Dramatic errors 7 日 前
Mike = Ross Geller
Packrunner 7 日 前
They really do seem good together
Seth Gilbee
Seth Gilbee 8 日 前
I know it has to be hard, love the connection between you too. . I respect you being the man you are and how respectful. . Hopefully you both will colab more soon. Stay strong my guy 🤙 much respect.
rafath chowdury
rafath chowdury 8 日 前
Wait is that mikes kid ?
Molly Navarro
Molly Navarro 8 日 前
Lanaaaa🖤 She’s so beautiful!!!! Pregnant glow! Miss Mike and Lana but I’m glad to see she’s doing well
steven wells langsted
Congrats and good luck lana Rhoades is my biggest fan
Black Ace Records
“Yeah trust me, I know about lines” 💀💀💀
Kayla kettle
Kayla kettle 9 日 前
Think he should just be with her she's beautiful and he obviously cares for her. So what she's having a baby, they can have babies together too and it's hard not to love a baby.
XYgainZ 9 日 前
Mike is a nice human being and is genuinely being a nice person to amarah, tough times.
CH 2016
CH 2016 9 日 前
Mike taking private jets at the most ridiculous times.. No wonder the world is fucking burning.
Anastasia Tambourini
I'm so confused, Amra, or Amara Maple. Every one calls her Amara, you've always called her Amra lol.
Juan Castillo
Juan Castillo 9 日 前
Why I feel thay are playing with us and are still together? :?
Fuck YouTube
Fuck YouTube 10 日 前
Kd really got her pregnant and dipped
VK IGRAC 10 日 前
Who made her pregnant wtf
Elijah Abayaa
Elijah Abayaa 10 日 前
I can watch y'all for days Love ur content
Avila Adventures
Avila Adventures 10 日 前
What’s mikes book name again? I want to read it
Jhoram Lumagod
Jhoram Lumagod 10 日 前
who's the father by the way? hahaha . Can someone answer this? XD
FatStylers 10 日 前
Now that is a title!
Alex Scott
Alex Scott 10 日 前
But I have two uncle Dave’s not joking
SauceyMom 11 日 前
Kinda sad that mike and Lana didn’t work out, they’re really good together (as far as we see).. just hope you both live life with no regrets and enjoy every bit of it as you can! Everything happens for a reason, keep that in mind. Peace and love 💕
D Mars
D Mars 11 日 前
Repent & turn to Jesus He Loves You So Much❤️ John 3:16- For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.
c m
c m 11 日 前
Not all soul mates are meant to be in love and be married.. sometimes you can have a love with someone that seems to blur all boundaries but you're still just not meant to be together Its like you're not compatible and you can't get your needs met but you still love eachother and are like friends and family in one but can't be anything more but it feels more complicated than that purely cause you're opposite sexes
Ted Gordon
Ted Gordon 11 日 前
TBIRDTED Says Stay Cordial its better
Nina Goodwin
Nina Goodwin 11 日 前
Dave sounds hot
Amber Reanna Millman
I’m so confused. Who is amara pregnant by?! 😂
Pretty Gemini
Pretty Gemini 12 日 前
i like amara so much
Secret5quir3l 12 日 前
a few of my relationships with im still friends with them, but 2 relationships im not friends anymore, like today i just blocked and lost one of those people as she was being a B word (pg friendly) and yh so fuck them :) but i totally agree with what he was saying at 12:20 +
JOM15 12 日 前
Sergio Ramos.
Gabe 1224
Gabe 1224 12 日 前
That baby coming out black.
Let’s play Soccer
6:57 Yeah they’re definitely still fucking
Karmaa8k 12 日 前
Bro she is looking like lana rhoades af
Denisse Medina
Denisse Medina 12 日 前
Wait when did she get pregnant and who is the baby daddy?? Mike??
Kids color
Kids color 12 日 前
8:30 Lana dips out in the background
Kids color
Kids color 12 日 前
I’m a pornstar but he’s the crazy one
Johnghost B.
Johnghost B. 13 日 前
1:27 hope that it's tea and not coffee
Juan Martinez
Juan Martinez 13 日 前
MerksFTW 13 日 前
I don’t wanna be that guy but I have to be honest … bro I just finished beating my shmeat to Lana Rhodes. She made hella money with Porn I don’t feel bad because she choose a easy way to make money while us normal humans won’t ever sell our body’s for money. We out here grinding making money the right way. Like before you bash me imagine when the kid is born… he/she will literally find out his mom had sex for a living… I’m not judging her I’m just saying when I’m wealthy one day at least my kids know I worked hard to get money and use to that influence and inspire them.
Ryan Johnson
Ryan Johnson 13 日 前
I'm friends w all my ex girls..you always got some... if ya need it
haartluhs 13 日 前
Who’s lana’s baby daddy anyone know?
Ashmit debroy
Ashmit debroy 13 日 前
how does mike feel about lana getting prego by kd?
Fari Gamez
Fari Gamez 13 日 前
utarian7 13 日 前
who's the actual baby daddy?
Elijah Carter
Elijah Carter 13 日 前
Fuckin genius video 😂😂😂😂
Cesar Vasquez
Cesar Vasquez 14 日 前
Is this a reality podcast?... Germany should've won.
کاکا سنگی🗿
ناموصا تو ایرانی؟
DinosaurDemon5 Mst
Get back together with her
Kaitlin Bynum
Kaitlin Bynum 14 日 前
You can’t be friends with benefits with Lana. It’s not going to work because she’s in love with you. As long as you spend time with her or show her any attention, she’s going to think that she has a chance to get back together with you. It’s written all over her face that she still has feelings for you. The best thing you can do for her is let her go completely so that she can move on and find a man that’s going to commit to her. She deserves that.
F you
F you 14 日 前
Y’all rly be wanting toxic relationships so bad. Weirdos
F you
F you 14 日 前
This is disgusting lol clout chaser
V1ronn 14 日 前
Whats this white stuff
Ruchika Sachdev
Ruchika Sachdev 14 日 前
Who is the father ?
literally no
literally no 15 日 前
Elliott Brighton
Elliott Brighton 15 日 前
Sad that we won't get to see the butt anymore.
Sinned 15 日 前
wow. what would Candice say about this? shame on you
jennifer stemler
jennifer stemler 16 日 前
I’m here for Lana❤️
frogman02 16 日 前
I thought pregnant people can’t fly
Jimmy Corleone
Jimmy Corleone 16 日 前
Who is the Father?? 🧐
Grant Keplinger
Grant Keplinger 16 日 前
Man has a family channel opportunity falling into his lap😂😂
Thomas E. Kouri
Thomas E. Kouri 16 日 前
So you can use Amara again mike that's the only reason you would move in
Emily Pina
Emily Pina 16 日 前
Her house has a Dolan twin vibe. Just like their houses they buy.
Êrrør_râzø 16 日 前
Are you at the faze house
WeezyFire 16 日 前
she got that pregnant glow she's still sexy af lol
Steve sports
Steve sports 17 日 前
Lana is not innocent but she needs halp and her and Mike are made so I think that sums it up mikey
Chiara Antonj
Chiara Antonj 17 日 前
This is becoming really sad.
Mason Hughes
Mason Hughes 17 日 前
Is that even your kid ?
Kriskata_ K
Kriskata_ K 17 日 前
That's not good,give a fucking kiss bro She feeling bad...
G 17 日 前
So former pornstar… now pregnant…. Doesn’t have a fucking husband or baby daddy…. This woman needs fucking Jesus like ASAP.
Noah Laughlin
Noah Laughlin 17 日 前
damn… that airport scene at the end with mike and lana was hard to watch. they both looked so sad. the way mike was looking of in the distance 😔
Laura Silipigni
Laura Silipigni 17 日 前
isn’t prison for 2+ yrs i feel u tho
The HighlandPark Dad
6:57 "what's this white stuff" sounds like a joke that went over Mike's head lol Dijonaise
Gadge Sniderk
Gadge Sniderk 17 日 前
I have a dad Dave 🥺😔😳😂
Sergio San
Sergio San 18 日 前
Dude don't let her go. She is the best thing to ever happen to you. Settle down and don't let her go. You will regret it
Sergio San
Sergio San 14 日 前
Yes she is. Why is she asking for help? She loves him. I feel he will regret it. If she look at me like she looks at him I wouldn't let her go. Don't care she is pregnant by another man, he was afraid of getting her pregnant
Vita Voitane
Vita Voitane 18 日 前
No judging but I wonder how is her son will handle his moms profession when he is older
Mike is the ultimate Gigacuck.
Mike is the king of the simps
Aly Boo
Aly Boo 18 日 前
The baby is his?
Dennis The Menace
Who knows lol there's so much DNA on her it's impossible to know
Ghani khan Afridi
just back together guys
Daniel Riveira
Daniel Riveira 18 日 前
Down bad
H Roz
H Roz 18 日 前
…. It’s crazy… I avoid her videos out of respect now 😂 But I see a spark with these two again. Wether they are friends or lovers, I’m happy for them both 🙌🏼🔥💥
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