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The video is about radio rebel
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Greg is the strongest family on the internet, we're the fastest growing channel on JPvid, and we make fire content. So, instead of making up some pun using my name and calling my fans that, I decided to use a different name entirely. A name so strong, haters tremble when it is spoken. WE ARE GREG. AND WE ARE TAKING OVER THE INTERNET. And all you have to do to join is hit subscribe and turn on notifications.










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He Llo
He Llo 時間 前
Subscribed and turned on notifications are on I'm Greg
Hailven 時間 前
wow danny have you never met a teen? 2:37 is an incredible representation of high school friendships.
artiful creations
Danny, you should check out another Cinderella story. It's really weird.
Etsy Pat
Etsy Pat 時間 前
The part when everyone is shouting "I'm radio rebel" it reminds me of the how to basic face reveal video🤣
Grace Keatts
Grace Keatts 時間 前
M a r c e l i t o 1 0 1
Dannys hoodie is: 100% cotton makes ur skin easier it is made only with cotton it is cotton full of cotton made of cotton
Piper 2 時間 前
watch doogal
NaTeesha85 2 時間 前
Technically it's not a DCOM.
eblasphamy1 2 時間 前
Maelene //
Maelene // 2 時間 前
Can the poster behind plz be apart of your merch?
Sarah Wheenii
Sarah Wheenii 2 時間 前
This is my third time watching this i love it also i am of course subscribed with my notifications on i am truly greg
Netherstefanb 2 時間 前
Idea 💡 do a reaction on crafty panda mkay I also turned on notifications and now my soul is yours and now I’m truly greg
colbi 2 時間 前
so basically Gavin wanted to write deep songs (presumably about love) because the millions, maybe even billions out there aren't deep enough
Amanda Pretty
Amanda Pretty 2 時間 前
Pls react to more DCOMs. They’re usually pretty cringey and most people have seen a good amount of them
Emma Taylor
Emma Taylor 2 時間 前
No, I’m radio rebel. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Nishat Haque
Nishat Haque 2 時間 前
R4kel 2 時間 前
Omg do camp rock
Mat Neptune
Mat Neptune 2 時間 前
Danny, if you do another disney movie review, could you do *TWITCHES* ?
Clarence ross Olimba
Yay i am Greg squad now ,😀😎
Ehrman Ehrmann
Ehrman Ehrmann 2 時間 前
Danny I'm nominating you for prom queen at my niece's middle school in Northern Alberta lol! You're an internet personality and neither of us go to that school..... Also we don't have prom in most of Canada but you're a shoo-in for queen.
Yemile Rodriguez
Yemile Rodriguez 2 時間 前
Make a video on “Bad hair day”it’s also a Disney Channel movie
Leila Marz
Leila Marz 2 時間 前
3:20 "In Tara's drama class..." HANG ON. That is definitely not a requirement for her. The shyest girl in school CHOSE to take a theatre class. Why is this not a huge plot hole?
Zeke Holloway
Zeke Holloway 2 時間 前
Notifications: *ENABLED*
Ehrman Ehrmann
Ehrman Ehrmann 2 時間 前
Wanda has ordered you to tattle on yourself, DO IT!
magik 2 時間 前
plese go over nyan~ neko sugar girls please
Ehrman Ehrmann
Ehrman Ehrmann 3 時間 前
I kept hearing Chloe from don't trust the b- in apartment 23 season 2 episode 3 where she keeps firing people she isn't the boss of. "YOU'RE FIRED!" LOL!
jade k
jade k 3 時間 前
react to "harriet the spy" that disney movie is so weird
jayden bivin
jayden bivin 3 時間 前
You need to watch the movie shorts with James spader it’s on Netflix. It’s about a rock that can make things happen and their is a baby that talks without talking and Leslie Manning is in it the older guy from two and a half men and kat dennings
Arabella Vlogs
Arabella Vlogs 3 時間 前
Do freaky Friday or invisible sister
massimo peduto
massimo peduto 3 時間 前
I AM OFFICIALLY GREG!!!!!!!!!!! Notifications? ON!
TikkiToxin 3 時間 前
12:21 Is that fucking Wanda from Corner Gas? Holy shit, that gave me whiplash
Avis 28
Avis 28 3 時間 前
i turned on my notifications! proud to be truly greg!
Auden Aesthetic
Auden Aesthetic 3 時間 前
Why are they all wearing weird hats
Jake Donovan
Jake Donovan 3 時間 前
when danny was remembering his first job, i think he had that yummy yum
Two Boards, One Hill
Theres a thing under your video to rent the movie lol
Iz De mattos
Iz De mattos 3 時間 前
Can you please do a commentary video about Riverdale?
Iz De mattos
Iz De mattos 3 時間 前
Literally Season 4; Episode 2 was ridiculous and a must see
Vladimir Gluten official
Bruh I thought only seniors could go to prom
5 ft 4 in Protagonist
I gasped when Danny did gym shoes. I didn't know he was from Chicago
raybrandt 4 時間 前
do camp rock next please please please please please ple
zoe fo
zoe fo 4 時間 前
Looks like someone got a new green screen
Olivia Callahan
Olivia Callahan 4 時間 前
oops i meant she makes weird videos i love your videos sorry
Olivia Callahan
Olivia Callahan 4 時間 前
Danny! you NEED to react to F l u f f y gatcha life you makes weird gatcha life videos you NEED to watch some they are so weird
Jazzy Buttons
Jazzy Buttons 4 時間 前
I just realized that the stepfather is Tom Keller form riverdale
Addison Antonoff
Addison Antonoff 4 時間 前
I personally kind of enjoy the random inclusion of a student in a neck brace. I wish medical gear was more common in media.
infinitelykitty 4 時間 前
You should review Read It and Weep. I rewatched it recently and it was a treat to say the least
Couch Potato
Couch Potato 4 時間 前
you should react to 16 wishes, its a Disney channel movie I used to watch a while ago.
Caroline M
Caroline M 4 時間 前
You should react the the sm6 band. Specifically the #freeadam/#freeisabel.
TrustyMcoolGuy 4 時間 前
I wore the same outfit to school everyday a white tee and suspenders and jeans and boots I looked fly. I was the suit kid
greg 4 時間 前
hi dad
Tina S
Tina S 4 時間 前
anyone else keep going back to 15:27 to hear danny go 1,2,3?
you could be my frog but you decided to be a cock
I honestly wish, that my teacher wouldn't notice me when I walked out of the classroom back when I was 13.. My parents were not happy
Chicken Nugget Virus The Human
The suit kid? Oh yeah that kids in my friend group
Chriss Lil
Chriss Lil 4 時間 前
Radio rebel??? Did they get that from rebel radio on gta5??😂
Vladimir Gluten official
I saw this when I was younger lol
Jessica Gagnon
Jessica Gagnon 4 時間 前
Wait so what happened with Gavin ?!
Caden Scheet
Caden Scheet 4 時間 前
Yes, he’s at 3.69M subs.
Bennett H
Bennett H 4 時間 前
Just turned on notifications #trulygreg
Richard Reid
Richard Reid 5 時間 前
If I'm greg can I be Greg paul cause I like underage kids
Ashley Moore
Ashley Moore 5 時間 前
I feel like everything Danny says is sarcastic but not sarcastic at the same time but its hilarious (no hate danny is awesome)
Ic Mcg
Ic Mcg 5 時間 前
alyssa 5 時間 前
I think Danny is radio rebel
WolfieWhale 5 時間 前
You should do the Descendants movies!
Johan Thunberg
Johan Thunberg 5 時間 前
"Be yourself" says the perfect looking, well functioning girl. This is like when that pepsi ad had Kendal Jenner ending police brutality with a soda.
Leena Hussain
Leena Hussain 5 時間 前
The thumbnail gave me nightmares.
Sierra Kemi
Sierra Kemi 5 時間 前
Danny, king, please watch Minute Men
Lily Checklin
Lily Checklin 5 時間 前
Lake’s Ted talks
Lake’s Ted talks 5 時間 前
When you are the suit kid😬
Stardust Nova
Stardust Nova 5 時間 前
the girl in the yellow hoodie part got me XD
Kiara Ferri
Kiara Ferri 5 時間 前
This is my all time favorite Disney movie
Penguin Pug
Penguin Pug 5 時間 前
Can you do a reaction video on jaystations "I bought a slave video"
Sumkip play's
Sumkip play's 5 時間 前
I just subscribed and turned on notifications
Marlie Limb
Marlie Limb 5 時間 前
Hey machel how you going machel high five
Kool Kid Colin
Kool Kid Colin 5 時間 前
Danny you should look at nikacado avocado’s JPvid channel
Kalie Huska
Kalie Huska 5 時間 前
I am truly greg
Cupcake Studios
Cupcake Studios 6 時間 前
3:36 i just realized thats the same walk she did in insatiable
Pink Pacifier
Pink Pacifier 6 時間 前
I have notifications on, Truly Greg o.O
Leo Lanteigne
Leo Lanteigne 6 時間 前
Teal is my favorite color... You have my money next pay Also, this seems like every movie ever ? Its super damned generic..
Vandita Soni
Vandita Soni 6 時間 前
Can u make a video about stock images plz
Pink lemonade
Pink lemonade 6 時間 前
Can we just take the time to appreciate how shiny Danny's nose is?
Madison Moehlman
Madison Moehlman 6 時間 前
I have turned on post notifications I am now Greg come back to the next video to see Danny cook roast beef
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