I haven't eaten this food in 20 YEARS...

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20 Years later and I'm finally able to try this food again... In this video I relive my childhood by trying one of my dad's favorite snacks: LIMBURGER CHEESE! Let's review this strange food and see if it brings back some memories!
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Early on in my childhood my dad introduced me to Limburger Cheese Spread on Triscuits. I loved it. Despite the fact that this is a SUPER STINKY CHEESE I just couldn't get enough of it! However, when I was about 10 years old Kraft stopped making this particular delicacy much to my dad's disappointment. Fast forward to 2019 and I may have found a replacement for that long lost favorite food. Let's see my reaction to my childhood favorite snack! How will I react? Will I still like it? Or will it be gross?
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Galaxy Mars
Galaxy Mars 51 分 前
I have a really big head Just saying that
NorthWolf134 時間 前
I'd give you a hug right now mark if I could.
Ronnie M
Ronnie M 2 時間 前
The smile that creeps up on his face when he takes a bite 🥺❤️🥺❤️🥺
Random Crow
Random Crow 3 時間 前
So no one is gonna comment on the uranium coffee cup
Bella Mowry
Bella Mowry 4 時間 前
love cheese
J.C.S S.
J.C.S S. 4 時間 前
Nuke cup?
Nydia Gutierrez
Nydia Gutierrez 4 時間 前
Nydia Gutierrez
Nydia Gutierrez 4 時間 前
Jenson Ezernieks
Jenson Ezernieks 5 時間 前
My dad was also German but instead of cheese I devoured pretzels
FireBoy XD
FireBoy XD 7 時間 前
This Video made me very happy
Kitten White
Kitten White 9 時間 前
Anyone just thinking back to his "Draw my life" video when his dad's last words were "I love you so much". yeah that got me teary :(
KcHunterGirl 51
KcHunterGirl 51 14 時間 前
Is it a dirt meatball now?
ii_itzlazypxtato_ ii
I have been watching mark for like 2 months. And seeing him cry just made me cry. I don’t know what is was, I’m not even as close as most ppl to him it’s just seeing him sad is so upsetting..
Stressmelo 日 前
I remember going to viva tequila (it changed its name recently) and eating a burrito and vomiting all over the wall...
Ian Addison
Ian Addison 日 前
Takes one bite: Let the memories commence
Twiggy Da tree
When markiplier eats cheese
DocMemeBTW 日 前
This is like that scene in ratatouille where he remembers his childhood!
Etsy what
Etsy what 日 前
When I eat something from when I was young, it reminds me of my grandmother's house since we go there a lot back then 😅
candy cane
candy cane 日 前
But did Mark ever inform the government? I feel like that's really dangerous for someone to have in their home and who knows how many people have old dishware like that in their home :(( You seriously can't do me like that Mark! "A good b plot" yeah i think you should really dispose of that cup immediately??? Bro u can't just-- AGH Edit: I now realize that since he's not measuring his body upon exposure to the cup but radiation eminating from the cup itself, it's not the same. Still, yikes for uranium cup and I really hope he's at least looked into it and checked to make sure it was safe. I care about his and Amy's health.
lizzy brown
lizzy brown 日 前
As soon as mark ate it I started crying omg :c
Viewer 999
Viewer 999 日 前
So I've watched this a while ago, but just ordered limburger spread to try out. Cant wait to see how it lives up.
Nien Bloon
Nien Bloon 日 前
Holy shit that radiation was high 😨
Jefferson Oliveros
Mark: (tears in his eyes)( inside of him) I miss you Dad Mark Dad: I miss you too (crying)
Meg von der Linden
Pottery nerd here, orange is a very hard color to make in ceramic glazes (without stain) unless you're using uranium. Radioactive red was actually a very popular and sought after fiestaware color.
Arda 2 日 前
I like how when he ate the cracker he started to see his childhood playing like a movie in his eyes
xkskgsitb 3 日 前
I click on video only because of food
Hulkamazing 3 日 前
I see here Unus Annus came from now..
71NY 5PL47
71NY 5PL47 3 日 前
Hollyshit I remember that the triskit and the spread so much. But how?.. the spread didn't exist when I was alive. Ima 15 so how do I have this memory? Deja vu? HOLLYSHIT NEWTONS TOO!!!!
Grayson Kossow
Grayson Kossow 3 日 前
wisconsin viewers when he says he got it from wisconsin 👁👄👁
BigRed TNC
BigRed TNC 3 日 前
Your dad seems like he was just as good of a man as his son would end up being
Snakesonaframe 3 日 前
I'm very confused as to why the mug is putting out so much radiation and why Amy is ok with it.
gifford lee
gifford lee 3 日 前
I hate this cheese I litterly yack at it and cant swallow this stuff. Its disgusting lol
HarRipsIS Gaming
JPvid:gives people guideline strikes for not wearing goggles when smashing a computer for example Also JPvid:doesn’t give mark a guideline strike for 2000 radiation
Kiyun Harripersad
this is so wholesome... i love u mark
Keely Hardin
Keely Hardin 3 日 前
The second he put it in his mouth his face did something and I instantly started crying dude.
peyton sharp
peyton sharp 3 日 前
I am from Wisconsin mark so I'm very happy that you like cheese
Tatou Todoroki
Tatou Todoroki 4 日 前
I cried. Like the kind of tears that, no matter how hard you try to stop the tears, they just come pouring out. And to him, it's not just cheese. It's a memory. And the way he silently chewed and teared up, I just-
Stop Looking at me
Why did I think Markiplier was thinking like he could build like a whole spaceship in like 25 seconds
Basically Bauldyr
To be fair, that cup was made when people still consumed Radon for that "Healthy" glow. Which...disturbingly, I just found people still do that... *RADON. IS. RADIOACTIVE. PEOPLE. DIED!*
Shepherd Perkins
I stinking love fig newtons my grandma would stuff them down my thought when I was a kid......
Grizzly Bær
Grizzly Bær 4 日 前
I loved every second of him remembering old memories and reliving his childhood, sucks that I left some onions next to me though.
Markuss Vekša
Markuss Vekša 4 日 前
im suprised that mark didnt make a ratatoulie refrance
Satkeerat Dhillon
0:44 Not eat you pee one you 😎
Jen Jeon
Jen Jeon 4 日 前
how tf did mark make a 20 min video about eating cheese
Cod Bus
Cod Bus 4 日 前
Well, I can say that I live in *WISCANSIN*
Jonathan Ojeda
Jonathan Ojeda 5 日 前
Amy . . . yo great grandma is radioactive.
G&M plays AJ
G&M plays AJ 5 日 前
XxMidnight_ SlayerxX
Oml when he ate the triscuit and the cheese u could see tears forming in his eyes and that leget made me cry little a todler
Ghost2529 F
Ghost2529 F 5 日 前
I don’t know why I was laughing when he ate.
The Logic Defier
Lixian when he ate it you put in the piano music, my dry ass eyes thank you for that.
ThingsInAmerica __
markbang BACK at it again!
Olivia Schmidt
Olivia Schmidt 6 日 前
Mark Eats, a new series
Olivia Schmidt
Olivia Schmidt 6 日 前
Mark : eats cheese Comments: * cry *
Olivia Schmidt
Olivia Schmidt 6 日 前
"can rember the smell of the walls"
Olivia Schmidt
Olivia Schmidt 6 日 前
if you eat food you not eat in while you get !BiG bRaIn!
Anthony Lopez
Anthony Lopez 6 日 前
I cried 😭
Tessa Christian
Tessa Christian 6 日 前
Just seeing the fig bar packaging made me nostalgic. I never had that brand, butiused to eat them all the time as a kid
0 00MH00 0
0 00MH00 0 6 日 前
what was the name of the music that was used? 6:37
Holy Grace
Holy Grace 6 日 前
Mark: *being nostalgic remembering his father* Amy: IT ALMOST TASTES LIKE DOG FOOD
Alpha Master
Alpha Master 7 日 前
You should review your favorite meal of all time
Salvage Design Center
man that sounds good!!!!! :)
SDtoby123 7 日 前
Hes about 35
My Channel
My Channel 8 日 前
This video should focus more about that radiation. WTF???!!!!!
emily nistler
emily nistler 8 日 前
emily nistler
emily nistler 8 日 前
i stopped eating my pizza and just watched him as he took the bite and i just smiled
I’m Spagett1Man
This was the first time I have ever seen a guy so happy spreading cheese on a cracker
Victor Huff
Victor Huff 8 日 前
Mark: "This cup is gonna kill us!" Amy: "Yeah, what else is new?"
Victor Huff
Victor Huff 8 日 前
6:25 *Ratatouille flashback to childhood scene plays*
👈😎👈 8 日 前
*cut to mark sitting on his bed licking cheese*
Davis Wagner
Davis Wagner 8 日 前
never go to his house because that cup was mad from chernobelo
potadoDOGE_yee 8 日 前
Aaron Watanabe
Aaron Watanabe 9 日 前
I haven't eaten a food in 20 years... Baby food.
Vi5e0 Gam3r
Vi5e0 Gam3r 9 日 前
Just wondering Mark, do you still eat these after this video was made?
Lolly Doodles
Lolly Doodles 9 日 前
I am from the cheese land and i would be honored to give Mark some good ol’ cheese.
Zenith 87
Zenith 87 9 日 前
*"I'm not lying, random wall I'm staring at !"*
Michelle Carlos
Michelle Carlos 9 日 前
My son made me watch this, and he thinks I'm weird that I cried. Even before the music. Memory triggers can be awesome.
Torchy 71
Torchy 71 9 日 前
Who cried?I didn't u did! It's strange if u did cuz we're just emotional for Mark eating cheese 😂
Oozeguy Sway
Oozeguy Sway 9 日 前
I'd watch this video every now and then just to feel the umph of nostalgic of childhood experiences... such treasure this video is
Connor Kearsch
Connor Kearsch 10 日 前
wait what 20 years!!!!
M3ganRocksSocks 10 日 前
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