I had my jaw wired shut for 2 months

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I had my jaw wired shut for 2 months and as one may tend to think when hearing about another individual getting their mouth shut it uhh...
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brazil 2 ヶ月 前
haha grape
I'm patato master
I litterly laughed at this for 3 minutes
gacha tuber de Cora
Ha ha
eh boo
eh boo 19 日 前
Penso 7 時間 前
In the end u still spelling wrong ! 12:24 " Dont forget to Like that smash button " LMAO
Guang Yang
Guang Yang 7 時間 前
12:25 did he just said like that smash button?!
onebig boi
onebig boi 7 時間 前
Shelby Sanders
Shelby Sanders 7 時間 前
My jaw used to lock all the time till I had this device called a butterfly...I think that was the name lol I hated that thing and made my mouth and teeth hurt so made
Camille Alanis
Camille Alanis 8 時間 前
I’m in love with this maN
Champy Aubrey
Champy Aubrey 8 時間 前
It was like Gordon Ramsey served it with a bedtime story and a loving kiss!
Raining Thunder
Raining Thunder 8 時間 前
Fetty Potter anyone?
FDA Approved
FDA Approved 8 時間 前
Did he just like that smash button? 12:25
Jabba Da hut
Jabba Da hut 9 時間 前
I’m always sick and can’t eat anything until I’m better again.... SOOOOOOOOOOO. I watch mukbangs and pretend I’m eating the thing the person in the video is eating ;w; 😂
TheGamerLamp 9 時間 前
Starving Adam is _Cursed_
Best The very
Best The very 9 時間 前
What if you got both your eyes and jaws covered for months
double trouble2
double trouble2 9 時間 前
I had the same thing
synjia playz
synjia playz 10 時間 前
Y do u look like tony stark
Bendo 57
Bendo 57 10 時間 前
First video I see AND I LOVE THIS GUY
Amy Rose
Amy Rose 10 時間 前
"I would Fu*king eat you!" Me: Same cause I remember eating a chocolate bar and my brother was about to take a piece I grabbed his hand and said i would Fu*king kill you if you touch my goodness
ROBLOX plays
ROBLOX plays 11 時間 前
My new smile more like my new life
ROBLOX plays
ROBLOX plays 11 時間 前
R u Asian if u are me too!!!!!!
Lil' Shrek
Lil' Shrek 11 時間 前
Miral Glances
Miral Glances 12 時間 前
6:55 OH NO
JaeDolphin .games
JaeDolphin .games 12 時間 前
This video: 21% about jaw surgery, 2% watching people eating food on yt,and the rest.... *77% about food*
Acid A.J.
Acid A.J. 13 時間 前
So this will be my life (hopefully) by the end of 2019. I was born with one side of my jaw higher than the other and this is causing my bones grind together and I have all of the animator's symptoms, as well as sleep apnea. I'm going to get my lower jaw moved forward and I right now I'm just waiting for my teeth to straighten, because if dentists can find a reason to give you braces they'll do it. I'm READY. I WANT TO EAT FOOD NORMALLY. I haven't taken a bite out of an apple since I was 7 pls help
Ace Robo Gacha
Ace Robo Gacha 13 時間 前
😈 🧣 👟 This is Adam 1 like = 1 chocolate milk
Gamercc04 13 時間 前
"God's Cylinder" GOD'S CYLINDER
Shania Mccoy
Shania Mccoy 13 時間 前
Anyone else think he’s cute...??
iFRESHxK1L3R 13 時間 前
haha this video Is 2 months old
Novina Ramos
Novina Ramos 14 時間 前
People who get braces for the first time have a mild experience of this. I remember drawing food that I couldn't eat (this was a new phase of mine, I'd never drawn food throw obsessively or much at all before) and looking up pictures of food.
Akela Lantern
Akela Lantern 14 時間 前
How the hell does this have 7M views
Luka The brat
Luka The brat 14 時間 前
Good dude. Rn I'm experiencing some extreme pain in my jaw and gums. Also my jaw locks up everytime I chew. I'm getting scared this video is gonna become a reality
Bonzi Buddy
Bonzi Buddy 15 時間 前
Hey!!!! Just finally got to eat solids after double jaw surgery. 5 weeks and now I'm free, lets gooo!
Mr Tripuler
Mr Tripuler 15 時間 前
I can't believe 7.2 million people watched this and he still has 2 million subscribers
BlueMøonX 15 時間 前
Kronik z
Kronik z 15 時間 前
3:04 he couldn’t breathe cuz he hath no nose which makes him A MOUTH BREATHER!
IM_A_GIRL AF 16 時間 前
Demonetization has a nice butt
LucidLili 16 時間 前
Bruh I have this has problem! My doctor is considering surgery, but I've only been dealing with this for 2 frickn years there gonna wait if/ when it gets worse. Oof
Skye Hoover
Skye Hoover 16 時間 前
You say it was hell, even though your character is a devil
Sara Gee
Sara Gee 16 時間 前
“I will f*cking eat you” replays 7:12 7:12 7:12 7:12 Costs 1 like
Courtenay Griffin
Courtenay Griffin 17 時間 前
He needs his Chocolate MILK!!!!!!!!!!!!
Icee Crystal
Icee Crystal 17 時間 前
fuckin food wars type shit on that God's Cylinder like
Steven Universe New Character Clips
Why is it so quiet
Idk Why u ask me
Idk Why u ask me 17 時間 前
Tomato soup is pretty nasty
Yensen Chamorro
Yensen Chamorro 17 時間 前
Why don't you add glasses to your character if you wear glasses in real life
yeET_1Oo 18 時間 前
JPvidr: *Grinds teeth* JPvidr:
zizi muiakka
zizi muiakka 18 時間 前
zizi muiakka
zizi muiakka 18 時間 前
Gffddfffggf cy he
As Odd As An Oddish
As Odd As An Oddish 18 時間 前
It was like gordon ramsey himself served it up with a bedtime story and a LOVING KIASS
Stilest 101
Stilest 101 19 時間 前
YungTokyo 19 時間 前
I’m supposed to get surgery next summer 😂
Scotv4z 20 時間 前
I am iron man Adam: I am grape
Aventureros de maravilla
*Microwaves be like*
spinal topaz
spinal topaz 20 時間 前
If markiplyer and Tony stark had a kid
fifi 7890
fifi 7890 20 時間 前
me: scrolling through comments adam: likes the only comment about marvel ps: i know my english is broken
Adam's Playworld
Adam's Playworld 21 時間 前
We Love Everything
We Love Everything 21 時間 前
How old were you when this happened? 😁
Javier0305 22 時間 前
"What would you do for a million dollars?" "Probably suck di-" I died at that part xD
Plush vids Studios
Plush vids Studios 22 時間 前
What’s wrong with boosted drinks
epicz gaming X
epicz gaming X 22 時間 前
The real drinks he had to drink when he was on a liquid base diet were boost shakes I’ve had them before and they are gross
TNT gamerz
TNT gamerz 23 時間 前
when you pulled out your hamburger at the living room.. poor dogs outside: 6:20
Алексей Александрович
"But yeah, I mean it wasn't that big of a deal" sounded just like russian "БЛЯ, I meant ....." and it fits in great with a context of demonitisation)))
GreedyDevil's Playground
Pusheen Verch
Adam: I want chocolate milk Nurse: leaves Adam: cri
Ymmanouell AMUL
like that smash button?
Just Alex
Just Alex 日 前
Adam looks like tony stark
Asuna Griffin
g r a p e
The Fun Games co.
Hi grape
yxjgkxdwpqln 日 前
I’ve watched like 2 videos from this man (from the actual channel not including collabs) so does like he have an obsession with bananas or something?
Theblue_LightningWolf9 Obey-shingoose
I just noticed you said like the smash button instead of, smash the like button! OoF!
ok dezi
ok dezi 日 前
and still to this day. adam has not gotten his chocolate milk.
Lion 1 and Lion 2
Adam do you still eat tomato soup?
Jordan Helden
Tomato's are evil👿👿👿👿👿
Sophie Chipman
I have smiling in photos
emily hammon
emily hammon 日 前
6:38 gets me every time i love that part
Trixie Fireheart
I like Boost drinks but having to drink it for two months, I would grow sick of it-
Kim Jisoo, hit me with that Ddu-du ddu-du
why tf is this in my recommendation. _and why tf am i just finding this guy?_
ForeverPotion Daniel
Adam: It was literally just tomato soup from a bOx- COLD AS HELL! But it tasted as if Gordon Ramsay himSELF served it up with a bedtime story and a loving KIASSS! Me: weird flex but ok
Val Vanessa
Val Vanessa 日 前
U look like Harry Potter
Mustafa Judeh
Mustafa Judeh
Dat Asian Kid
Ensure was better
Kyler Klein
Kyler Klein 日 前
Dont forget to like that smash button everyone
I had my jaw wired shut for 2 months
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