I Drove to Every Rainforest Cafe in North America

Ted Nivison
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I decided it would be a good idea to drive to every Rainforest Cafe in North America. You shouldn't be surprised this is on brand for me. Thanks to my buddy @Eddy Burback for joining me on this trip, and check out his video if you haven't seen it yet!

Thanks to all of the friends who joined us on this trip!
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If you see this comment: "Nothing better than a plate of Safari Fries at the Rainforest Cafe, Ted!"









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Ted Nivison
Ted Nivison 21 日 前
For those of you claiming we didn't go to the Rainforest Cafe that you know and love, here is proof we went to every single Rainforest Cafe in North America, if the video of us doing it isn't proof enough lol
Eddy Burback
sometimes i close my eyes and I’m still trapped on the road headed toward a mall
Enteesto 21 日 前
I honestly can't decide which is funnier to watch first:
Kansas 21 日 前
I like how Eddy’s video made it seem that Ted’s enthusiasm was edited, and Ted’s video made it seem like Eddy’s misery was edited, but each one reveals that they were very real lol
A-Dash 14 日 前
I would honestly love to see a roadtrip adventure series like this where Eddy has to endure Teds mascot-loving shenanigans
november crow
november crow 14 日 前
learning that Ted has ADHD made everything make perfect sense. yeah. the second anyone with ADHD finds something we love, we can literally do that one thing nonstop until we die.
Danielle Collins
Danielle Collins 14 日 前
As a safari guide for rainforest cafe, I love how much Ted appreciates it 😂😂 I’ve been with the company for almost 4 years and the main reason I love it is because of my managers and the GM that we have currently. I’m in the AZ location and we are actually a team and as long as I’ve been a server, this place has been the closest to a family of coworkers I’ve ever experienced! It’s why I came back there after a few years of being at other places. My managers are the best and it’s so fun to work there!
Nothing better than a plate of Safari Fries at the Rainforest Cafe, Ted!
Lunchable Cheese
Lunchable Cheese 14 日 前
I love that a therapy company sponsored this video of two very unhinged adult men trying to visit every location of an obscure restaurant from the 2000s across the country
Hot Wasabi
Hot Wasabi 21 日 前
I really loved the contrast between Ted loving every moment and Eddy hating it. It made both videos really enjoyable to watch. Never thought I’d watch over an hour of people eating at RFC
beket 21 日 前
As a Minnesotan whose grandma constantly took me to the mall of America and let me eat at the Rainforest Cafe, I am overjoyed to see how much joy the Rainforest Cafe has brought to many others around the nation. Thank you Ted for your dedication to your videos.
Miscellaneous Hermit
I've only ever been to the San Antonio location twice. Once as a child where I cried myself to sleep under the table due to the thunderstorms. And second as a teenager, a decade later, where I nearly fell down the stairs due to not noticing a big ass snake overhead and going limp out of fear and realization of a nearby predator.
Jimbo Scull
Jimbo Scull 12 時間 前
The only thing that could make Eddy's video of absolute devastation and suffering through something so incredibly needless and stupid, is this, Ted's video of unbridled joy and enthusiasm like an overjoyed youthful child experiencing his favorite thing over and over again without a hint of it getting old or less pleasing to experience, these two are the yin and yang of youtube and their existence together is perfect harmony.
this video is awesome, but i think you only really get the true experience of EITHER video after you've watched both. there is nothing funnier than watching Ted lose his mind over the 12th rainforest cafe while you know at that exact same time Eddy was three rainforest cafe business cards away from becoming the American psycho
F0KZ 21 日 前
Am Belgian myself and thus the chances of ever visiting America are close to zero for me, so is real intriguing to have documentaries such as these that showcase the fascinating yet bizarre world of American cuisine
Tess 21 日 前
I love how you guys crossed the border not to see the beautiful waterfalls but to eat at a Rainforest Cafe.
Elijah Bowyer
I wonder if they planned to have the business die out alongside the actual rainforests around the world. That’s why the news outlets kept emphasizing that the cafes were “suddenly” and “abruptly” shutting down.
kymi 14 日 前
after seeing ted’s love of brand mascot characters i immediately thought he’d have a heck of a time if he ever visits japan. EVERYTHING has a mascot
Big John's Breakfast Log
Tim: "Eddy was a bigger Rainforest Cafe fan than ever."
i need to watch more ted nivision videos
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