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Daniel Krafft
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Alright so in this video I made some custom minecraft bosses and got a real mod developer to react to/review my designs. I ended up making a slime hypostasis and a ruin golem. they turned out really good! Now that mrbeast's playbutton is done, I'll be delivering it to him in a week or two
My name's daniel and I design things. Usually I do 3d modeling in blender but I'm now a metal worker thanks to mr beast apparently??? Who knows what I'll design in the future. If you have any ideas please let me know










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Try Genshin Impact For Free: hoyo.link/64uzBBAd @GenshinImpact #Genshin Impact #sponsored
@BTC_XD 年 前
@Chilly88 年 前
Hi 👋🏽
"Try Genshin Impact For Free" So Its Not Free This Whole Time?!
I love the biggest bird
@YouTube 年 前
your designs never fail to impress 😎
Dang, even JPvid like his designs
His designs are You-Tubular
@brwisnt 年 前
He never fails to impress, but you sure do
How can someone be soo good that JPvid itself comments on their vid
Imagine if Mojang actually made mobs that looked this cool.
The Armor In The Snapshot Already Look Like Modded
@@PembuatKomentarHandal that's just because we're not used to it, I'm sure it'll feel quite normal after a bit, almost every update someone says it feels modded.
@@TeardownDestructionClips True
To say that they could do anything close to this or even creative/cool would be an overstatement
@thea0end 年 前
@@TeardownDestructionClips lots of people tend to get used to things after having it for a while
All jokes aside, but Minecraft really needs to hire this man. His designs are so satisfying.
@pikotek5173 年 前
Yeah they should
Yea he's really good at making stuff
So majang if you see this, hire Daniel kraft pleas
@fumarc4501 年 前
I really like your Golem design. I’d call it the “Ancient Golem.” Like it was an original that modern golems are based on but are pale comparisons.
Hey do you know what genshin impact is?
@fumarc4501 年 前
@@idontknow_you1122 never heard of it.
@@fumarc4501 aw i also don't know i was hoping someone would tell me what genshin impact is
@@idontknow_you1122 you dont want to know. forget it. pretend it doesnt exist. you'll thank me later
@@idontknow_you1122 Anime Open-World RPG. It's actually kinda fun if you ignore the piss-ass community and the people bashing it because of the game's community and the people calling those who play this game, 'L Ratio Loser Virgins Anti-Grass Touchers'.
@AshishXMC 年 前
0:30 Never thought I'd see the day where the devs of another game, a.k.a Devs off Genshin Impact, would challenge you to make Custom Minecraft Bosses.
I could be wrong, but I think they just sponsored the video
@ezriha 11 ヶ月 前
@@joshlewis8860well i guess ur wrong
@roxxiox1121 11 ヶ月 前
@@ezriha well they are.
@roxxiox1121 11 ヶ月 前
@@ezriha sponsoring.
Before you even mentioned Genshin, my mind immediately associated the golem design to Genshin, so I think you did a pretty great job!
@_MECHA_ 年 前
Genshin sucks
When I saw the thumbnail I was like: "Did you just make a ruin guard"
the ruin guard is real and he boutta slap us
@@g.wolfsterr8788 i fear more the spiiiiiiiiiiiiin and the missiles
@patchyworx 年 前
That's literally why I tapped the video, the thumbnail looked like a funny ruin guard
0:41 "To start out, I'm going to have to model a slime" (Makes a cube) "I am now done modeling the slime-"
@mr_sticknodes 8 ヶ月 前
A slime is a Cube but better
I don't know why but these bosses are always the most awesome things. Brilliant as always!
@Dan-bj9io 年 前
@blobbles5973 11 ヶ月 前
Iron doge more like lame doge
Dude, a slime boss that frickin’ flicks you and uses finger guns would absolutely SEND ME, especially if it was in like, a city setting, so it’s just mimicking. Imagine if you got a little slime pet that did something similar, like a little finger guns emote! Also: You did fantastic animation work, mate, it was incredible.
Imagine if it could mimic for buildings or hills 💀
@monroerobbins7551 10 ヶ月 前
@@alexturnbackthearmy1907 oh my god, YES! I wanna draw this now, lol
2:30 a felt you bro💀
That in 2:31
These videos are always so fun to watch and with really cool designs, keep it up
@sloppypoo- 年 前
@sloppypoo- 年 前
@Don't Read My Profile Picture i wont tyvm
5:42 "What do you know of Genshin Impact?" "Is that th-... Oh s**t."
Grouce: Stop using the Taco Bell sound, that's like an 8 month old meeeme! STOP! STOP!
Once you’ve finished making all of your cool designs, could you make your own Minecraft server that people could play on? That would be insane! Love your videos!
Your designs are looking cool! I hope that you can make more vids like this!
@sloppypoo- 年 前
@sloppypoo- 年 前
@Don't Read My Profile Picture i wont tyvm
@ba_ng_1879 年 前
But some of the design are from another game?
Man, you are really good at this! Minecraft really needs you personally. Btw, GREAT VID!
where am I?
@SpongyMc404 年 前
Minecraft need him "personally"?!!?
I love that anytime we see you interact with people by call you always say something in the beggining that just scares them for what's about to come
@sloppypoo- 年 前
@ryanyes2325 年 前
Grandline Review fan!! 😱😱😱
2:36 You missed out on making one of the attacks like one of those sticky hand toys that just slaps the player
It's funny to see this, when you are a genshin player for many years now and are AR 58. Anyway, amazing work as always, I'm really impressed and I would love to have these bosses. Genshin and Minecraft, the crossover we all never knew we needed.
@ba_ng_1879 年 前
GIVE ME PRIMOGEMS I got cons2 yun jin and i wanted yaoyao tho😢😢
@NanoOnYT 11 ヶ月 前
Lol I am AR56
@@ba_ng_1879 YaoYao + Alhaitam is a perfect team ;} But I can understand your pain... Yun Jin C6.....
@ba_ng_1879 11 ヶ月 前
@@narbenherz_drawing6170 😃i got jelous from my friend beacuse she got 2 charachters in 1 day
@olivergarden0 10 ヶ月 前
i agree im ar 60 and this makes me laugh in a good way
@knines6279 年 前
1:23 if I were to redesign and make a boss slime, I would make a zombie (?) slime. Like, it has a brain floating around with bones keeping it standing and an outer layer of slime that clumps in places.
@knines6279 年 前
Either that or a slime lake. It looks like a normal body of water, but it’s green and has tentacles that attack the player.
0:10 I already knew it was the ruin gaurd right there and then, and when it said Genshin sponsored it, you can only imagine how amazed I was at getting that first try.
Maybe it would be cool if the copper in the golem was slightly oxidised around the edges, It would give it some more character and really make it look ancient, also verdigris is cool.
@sortfaar3 年 前
i think dansleif in genshin at some point tells us that the first ruin guards you meet (the ones you mostly see in the monstadt area) are actually harvest robots used in agriculture. so in theory the copper robot could be repurosed as a farming robot after you kill it or something? maybe you can hack it, or craft something after you defeat it
I was sort-of under the impression that he was telling us that they were originally called "Field Tillers" not because they had anything to do with farming but because their creators believed that, "The land is not to be tilled with farming tools, but rather to be fought for with steel and blood."
Mofos don't touch grass
Although the ruin guards are meant to be machines of war, I think the ruin drakes in Sumeru are inspired by farming equipment.
@aim_bot8739 8 ヶ月 前
The name is just field tiller, it has no relation to farming. The only thing it would farm would be people.
@UltraKyeCh 年 前
Man i was not expecting this video to be sponsored by genshin by here we are. I was wondering why the silhouette reminded me of a ruin guard.As a genshin player this is good frikin content
yoooo great video like always, glad to see your editing and humor has gone through the roof. keep pumping these out, waiting for the next one :D
@sloppypoo- 年 前
@AshishXMC 年 前
Idk how, but compared to others, I really enjoy seeing Daniel make these Minecraft content, and not only Minecraft content, but all of it.
6:50 "copper golem" and especially "castle in the sky" reference
@soccerdad9936 7 ヶ月 前
Poi’s ultra
Noice. You've made bosses for almost every biome with my favorites being steampunk, cave, and nether type mobs. Hope you someday make a mod, I think it could be really fun.
@mus46 年 前
I think it's really cool how instead of just talking about a product you're sponsored by for a whole minute or two, you were able to integrate it into the video itself in a really fun way.
a minor correction on the walking cycle of the golem, the feet and hands should be moving opposite from each other, if the right foot moves forward then the right arm should swing backwards, vice versa. common mistake but overall amazing
The slime has a lot of character! I love the design of the boss mechanic to find wholes in the ground slam attack.
@byleth0726 年 前
Great. Two awesome games, combined by a creative artist.
7:17 this stuff is awesome, HOWEVER, don't walk cycles usually go left leg right arm and then vice versa, not left leg and left arm
he's doing too good its bad. he's getting better at it each time, he keeps making it more detailed each time! THIS MAN NEEDS HELP!
@qqq1227 年 前
5:18 was the funniest part yet lmao
2:49 he said “deez updates”
They look cool the slime boss is a really cool idea because how it's animated And the golem is also really cool to and how it looks I give both of them 10/10 in my opinion
@kugf1986 年 前
I love these videos. Keep up the good work.
@sloppypoo- 年 前
@lorine5515 年 前
I got an idea for that Slime Hypostatis's finger gun skill It shoots one big cube of slimes that later explodes into several smaller ones THEN they explodes into sticky puddles that inflicts "Slowness" and "Defense Down" if comes into contact with the player for the first time; prolonged staying in the puddle will render the player unable to move (still able to use weapons, just unable to move) for "x" seconds before the effects wore off on its own. For the wall slam, if hit, it'll inflict "Stun" for about 5 seconds before it spilts into a ton of small slimes that will target you For the Ruin Golem, i don't really have any ideas without some of it being taken from the Ruin Guard from Genshin itself so, yea
this is rlly good designs like he never fails to impress us
@yozzzeh 年 前
This is some pretty insane work! My only critique would be the fact that arms don't move in opposite direction to the legs
"I'm gonna call it the mother slime or the slime king" Literally both of those names are Terraria references.
of course the one video that isnt terraria i watch has YOU say something about terraria
hey @DanielKrafft are these bosses you made for genshin impact exclusive or will you release them to the public at some point? I actually thought it was pretty cool. sorry i am brazillian and my english it's not too good at all
@BasickingYT 年 前
These videos are always top tier! Love the work Daniel!
@aloeera 年 前
I really wanna see a full, unedited video of the creation process of these mobs
Was waiting for the next boss episode of this series. Thank you for quenching my thirst.
@Kiwi-ts7sd 年 前
This guy makes better content alone than the whole Minecraft studio combined
Extremely impressive art work
My little genshin playing heart was so happy to finally see genshin and minecraft combined
@Kaylin9087 年 前
Quick question: What program do you use for modeling, and how do you do the pixelated texturing? Is it a preset in the program or do you just really reduce the resolution of the texture?
@Swerik 年 前
The arms swing in sync with the body of the large Boss When anything walks the swing the arm opposite of the swinging leg not on the same side But it looks so weird that it kinda works, making the walk animation a bit creepy
@kr0w_22 11 ヶ月 前
The arms swinging at the same time as the legs on the golem angers and somehow pleases me at the same time
the collab we all needed...
@charliecorah3254 11 ヶ月 前
you have inspired me to make detailed things out of pixels. Thanks so much😄
no offense to your other designs but good god that goldem boss truely knocks everything else out of the water. i love that thing. i think a hulk smash type move would be great for it.
@tinyjunes 年 前
this is the best sponsored video i’ve ever watched. A smart way to advertise that makes the whole video entertaining instead of a skippable minute wasted walkway through.
I did think i saw something that looked like a ruin guard in the thumbnail, glad i wad right. They're so cool.
@user-pg8kf5vw2h 2 ヶ月 前
I really love you designs I wish they can actually put it to minecraft as bosses that would be so COOL🤯🤯
I like how all the designs he bases off of genshin impact are the most common designs like ever ive seen a cube that splits and has a core in like 20 games, and a golem like robot with arms that look like that with overgrowth both in MANY games but also in MANY movies and shows
2:08 reminds me of master and crazy hand from smash bros
Honestly Mojang should just hire this man to make some sort of new dungeon boss or something because this stuff is amazing
@stringhead9481 11 ヶ月 前
The ruin golem you made seems like something that'd you encounter in a jungle
Now imagine installing this mod and randomly having giant versions of this boss that are like golems, docile till aggravated, and walking in a straight line in one direction. It’s able to climb 3 blocks, destroy weaker blocks like wood and dirt, makes footprints one block deep, and can be ridden with a saddle.
@fel8315 年 前
Minecraft iron golem and Genshin impact ruin guard take inspiration from the same thing, which are the robots from "castle in the sky" from studio gibli, this is why they share some similarities
The Golem genuinely could be put Into either Minecraft Dungeons or Legends(when It comes out) and not look out of place since they can go a bit crazier with the models and animations In those games
@thatdg2441 年 前
4:16 bro that looks like my paralysis demon Jesus
This video was INCREDIBLE. Such good content at such a high level!!
Slime attacks feels like that gauntlet from mass bosses of destruction
@ILifeAnimations 11 ヶ月 前
I'm working on my own game so this inspires me a lot. Love the golem design, its unique, (sorry genshin) the details are there, and I totally agree with his review. I wish you could teach me. 🙃
finally, a good upload to end my boredom for 8 minutes
@coffee4996 年 前
5:41 "What do you know about Genshin Impact?" "Is that the- Oh s***" This sums up almost every interaction between a Genshin player and a non-player and I love it.
1:16 you're a legend if you know where the blue king slime is from!
@v3rd4nt_sh4d0w 11 ヶ月 前
The game is Terraria but they modeled the boss to look like Dragon Quest
hopefully they would add one of these mobs to minecraft in the future as a new boss
God I love that Slime Boss and the hand is honestly THE BEST
@F_gamings 8 ヶ月 前
Your designs are amazing!
wow you did such a great job at these😀
@AizeRL 年 前
U haven’t even finished watchogn
he didn't do the job ,he stole it from the trashy genshin impact
@KyranV2010 年 前
@@shadowtigers8462 what are you talking about? its a genshin themed video so ofcourse its gonna take things from genshin
@Rootspring. 年 前
@@shadowtigers8462 Genshin makes way more money than you will ever make. It's better than you in every way, cuz you're just a toxic 12 year old.
@someguy8437 年 前
i feel like this would be a really cool video idea: making mutant versions of your favorite bosses that you've created
@3v1l73ddy 年 前
Is the mod developer you keep showing these awesome things to planning on making them into mods cause I'd be heckin down af to play with these.
You did an amazing job on that golem. I love it so much. Slime is very creative love it
The way you mentions sitting under a tree for 100 years is litterly accurate to the game lol and I also thought hey why does the thumbnail look like the back of a ruin guard and I checked the video it was about genshin
@-Nekko- 10 ヶ月 前
Your really Inspiring me to make Rework of all Tabs Faction on the game from Tribal to Good Faction!👌😁
"I need to model a slime" spawn cube "i am now done modeling the sli-"
3:15 bros still using amber 💀
@fellvieh732 年 前
Bros a genshin stan and sweat 💀
@Ace-gz4ml 年 前
It’s incredible the things you come up with
@mirexgd 年 前
these were some solid designs, nice
@zgodz__ 年 前
I loved the ruin golem the most, I wish both of them were in the actual game though
@PrettyAsAlways887 11 ヶ月 前
Genshin my hyper-fixation and this video made me unimaginably happy. I love the designs!
Your designs are really cool I like 3d design stuff but too bad I’m too lazy to try it myself
I was thinking to myself when the video started “Huh. That Iron Golem looks a lot like a Ruin Guard from Genshin.” then I heard that the sponsor… was Genshin. I love it when people don’t ridicule Genshin bc I’ve been playing it for almost 3 years now (three years in November!) and it is such an amazing game, half of my siblings play and love it too
I love your designs they are so good and the videos are very good to you are one of my favourite youtubers keep up the good work Daniel. :)
@Zoxxiac 年 前
The slime one is giving me flashbacks to the worm from the forest-
I like how he still calls him the mod developer s even though they know each other like best friends by now
@JayzBOT 年 前
My reaction to that information: 🗿
@mrslap1089 年 前
My reaction to your comment : _🗿_
Your designs are actually insane 😅
as a genshin player myself and a mild Minecraft lover. I LOVE the slime hypostasis and Minecraft ruin guard!
@anaritacosta5107 11 ヶ月 前
6:52 Me who has played Genshin Impact for 195 days: *clears throat* 500 years
@Hyperria 年 前
Hey daniel, love it goes and the designs are insane, keep it up!
@03Subzero 年 前
It so cool heheheeh 0:46
I Fixed Minecraft
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