I Broke An iPhone 12 To See How Tough the Ceramic Shield Is!

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Honestly, I didn't expect the Apple's newest screen to be that much tougher.
Not sure we need screen protectors anymore...
Here are the numbers, forgot to make a table for the video:
Force Test
iPhone 11 - 352 N
iPhone 12 - 443N
To press down the extra ~100-ish N's on the iPhone 12 took quite a bit of effort. Based on this value, the iPhone's screen is tougher than most screen protectors I've used.
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Scratch Test
-The iPhone 12 had better scratch resistance on the front by a bit. My #7 pick didn't leave the same scratches as the iPhone 11
-Back scratch resistance is the same as the 11
-Camera Len's are the same (both scratched visibly with my #8 pick)
Check out my comparison on MagSafe Charging Speeds: jpvid.net/video/%E3%83%93%E3%83%87%E3%82%AA-3pHaXcIE5zg.html
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MobileReviewsEh ヶ月 前
Here are the numbers, forgot to make a table for the video: Force Test iPhone 11 - 352 N iPhone 12 - 443N To press down the extra ~100-ish N's on the iPhone 12 took quite a bit of effort. Based on this value, the iPhone's screen is tougher than most screen protectors I've used. Scratch Test -The iPhone 12 had better scratch resistance on the front by a bit. My #7 pick didn't leave the same scratches as the iPhone 11 -Back scratch resistance is the same as the 11 -Camera Len's are the same (both scratched with my #8 pick)
Henrique Almeida
@TheOofOre Uih
Conrado FMC
Conrado FMC 15 日 前
@Dimondminer11 are they more scratch resistant to the front glass?
Dimondminer11 15 日 前
Lens' arent pure sapphire. They scratch at a level 6-7
Conrado FMC
Conrado FMC 17 日 前
You should’ve broken the glass last, after the scratch test
Gamer Spieler
Gamer Spieler 18 日 前
can you help me to 150
Bad Mr. Frosty
Bad Mr. Frosty 21 時間 前
As much as we all like these products, we like it more seeing them get punished!
Anthony McDonald
How could you do that to the amazing iPhone 12
Omar Rrr
Omar Rrr 日 前
I am gona get a iPhone 12 after tomorrow
PAL YT 2 日 前
You could have just gave it to me hehe
Swas Balram
Swas Balram 2 日 前
Love your videos. Monte is cute and disciplined.
Post Concussion Gaming
Other than a sapphire screen, what screen protector do you recommend? And, you never really explained what 400 meant for the screen break, compared to what.
michael knight
michael knight 3 日 前
what an idiot! you should have done the scratch test first before breaking the screen...coz now there's all sorts of broken screen cracks/ lines that looks like scratches !!
Shamel Shamel
Shamel Shamel 4 日 前
Can I have your phone number please?
Brittney Justice
I want to see a drop
Bcrbes 4 日 前
He really just shattered the screen 😭
My Big Boi Philip
fun fact, the reason the ceramic screen has that radial pattern is due to the molecular structure of ceramics in general. the "platelets" move in a far more linear pattern due to the flex that pattern creates. glass on the other hand is not as structural due to the more scattered molecular pattern. for example Quartz is stronger than glass because the pattern is in a crystalline formation giving far more structural integrity to the crystal through millions of years of high pressure and molten temperatures within the earths surface. glass is made by melting basic silica and mixing it with other compounds in order to make a molded structure at a much hotter and faster rate than the Quartz. now, take high tech innovation and add the ceramic molecular structure and you get this incredibly tough material. win win basically. same reason why sapphire is so much more scratch resistant as well. only downfall with sapphire is that its just as brittle in a lot of ways as glass is, as sapphire is an impure compound of molecules.
xd Crxstal
xd Crxstal 5 日 前
me dying at 1:55 cuz of the doggo
Hungriger Hugo
Hungriger Hugo 5 日 前
the dog i love him hahahhah
I like how this JPvid just gets right to the video and to the point
Noeh Chiong
Noeh Chiong 5 日 前
Nooooo! You can just give me that
Hemant Lahoty
Hemant Lahoty 6 日 前
This is the most popular video in his whole channel lol
Mike Hawk
Mike Hawk 6 日 前
Horrible video u did everything wrong
Fernando Arriaga
I just broke my iPhone 12 pro screen 🤦‍♂️ broke so easily smh
buttercup 6 日 前
Ppl making fun of the iPhone 12 be like: 👁👄👁
DASHON Cobbs 7 日 前
A scratch at a level 6 with a deeper groove at a level 7
Risvi Aishan
Risvi Aishan 7 日 前
The camera angle or lightning not good can’t see what’s happening while scratch test. And u crazy doing a scratch test after the screen cracked
Julian’s Reviews & More
I love your videos , great content
robert krasić
robert krasić 8 日 前
Wtf is dog xD
Cynthia Fuller
Cynthia Fuller 9 日 前
So what screen saver should I get for my iPhone 12 pro max
nin1ten1do 9 日 前
i love it.. destroy dat trash before you even ON it.. ty you make my day.. much more happy" :)) SO satisfying..
John Hayes
John Hayes 9 日 前
Great job by Monty!
Matty Phillips
Matty Phillips 9 日 前
The scratch test should of been done first 😆
mr beast be like: hold my broken iphone 12 pro max
Se Le
Se Le 10 日 前
เพื่อ ?
Diamond Life
Diamond Life 10 日 前
Y yo aquí ahorrando para comprarlo XD
M Viv
M Viv 11 日 前
So another Chinese copy ?
Guy Magcanta
Guy Magcanta 11 日 前
Ang sayang yawa
Rajdeep Banerjee
Rajdeep Banerjee 11 日 前
You don't know my pain
Michal Makuch
Michal Makuch 11 日 前
I just had to subscribe because of the Dog :-)
Papi Pap
Papi Pap 11 日 前
Yo my man Menowin did it again
Brandon Escalon
Brandon Escalon 11 日 前
So is it worth it to get a screen protector at all for 12 pro max ?
Jay Alt77
Jay Alt77 11 日 前
Yeah but even a cheap tempered glass screen protector will stop scratching
A Ab
A Ab 11 日 前
wait so actually the camera lens is sapphire unlike what Jerry says as it uses low quality sapphire or so. seems like Jerry scratched it a little too hard I don't like Apple, but I also think Jerry is too biased too
MASOODA 11 日 前
me - dieing to buy iphone 12promax he-boke new phone
John Lemuel Santiago
Is i phine really cheap in america or phones in general because many reviewer just destroy new brought phone
NotMadAtcha 11 日 前
Finally the iPhone 12 Him: yeah ima destroy it.
Ricky Gil
Ricky Gil 11 日 前
Gym is paying off eh 💪🏼💪🏼
Thomas Wiseman
Thomas Wiseman 13 日 前
Thanks to *cyberwizard19* on instagram,he totally restored my device in less than 10mins,he’s really a life saver
The177Hunter 13 日 前
Still waiting for someone to make a iphone 12 domino video.
firefox30570 13 日 前
It pains me to see an iphone getting destroyed :( I could have bought a real phone by selling it
Isaacs Random Videos
The Thumbnail, that was kinda bad for your video, makes it look fake
Ally S
Ally S 15 日 前
2:30, well I was going to ask you what you were all aboot, but you told me what you're all aboot, do you test the pro-cessers too?
Big SMack
Big SMack 15 日 前
So, my analysis is that either he is lying about the sapphire glass and/or the mohz picks are broken, or Jerry Rig Everything is lying or his picks are broken.
Walter Guan
Walter Guan 15 日 前
Nah, the screen broke under concentrated load of the point w xxx number of Newtons. It was the high pressure that broke the screen not force. All you have to do is to file off the point a little bit and you'll be amazed how much more Force the screen can take.
TOM BRADY 15 日 前
this was painful to watch. like watching a guy burn money
Sushaj Sudhakaran
Break 2 iPhones. Buy 10 iPhones 😂😂
Sahil Negi
Sahil Negi 15 日 前
Me dreaming maybe i could win a iphone giveaway and these guys are breaking those iphones😂
Timo Tio
Timo Tio 11 日 前
lol i thought i was alone who dreams like that
OG SKimasK
OG SKimasK 15 日 前
U earned my dislike😶
Randy 16 日 前
Honestly I Havnt watched your vids in like 2 years or so, no reason why, just havnt. But your arms have gotten so much bigger. I see you got your swollllle on
Raj Nibhani
Raj Nibhani 16 日 前
Does iPhone 12 cones with screen protector
3k1ng 16 日 前
Basically, buy an iphone, do some crazy shit to it, upload the video to youtube, then free iPhone
Cosmos Provider
Cosmos Provider 16 日 前
i will sound very racist but i really can't get over the fact that jacked asian people look weird, the proportions are fucked up
mourgos1234 16 日 前
Υοu need to be using rocks and cement for your test because rarely phones get scratched by / fall on metals. These materials dont have the same result when the phone gets in contact with them. Metal is alot harder. JerryRigs everything does the same mistake.
R3LAXnK1LL 17 日 前
The screen protector I have on my iPhone 11 survived welding slag. Didn’t even mess up the LED screen
Tamás Verók
Tamás Verók 17 日 前
I don't understand why didn't you scratch the screens and than broke it!
Conrado FMC
Conrado FMC 17 日 前
Does this 1 videos pays off both phones plus some and still leave some profits for you???
Karma 17 日 前
Love your dog.
jason woods
jason woods 18 日 前
the best reviewer out there thanks
Jeremiah West
Jeremiah West 18 日 前
I got a successful pre-order of the original iPhone 12 Pro and it came in successfully,thanks to *Cyberwizard19* on IG,he really works💯
Gene Edward
Gene Edward 18 日 前
I got mine through *cyberwizard19 on instagram* at a low discount,that guys is a life saver indeed💯✅
Thomas Wilfrat
Thomas Wilfrat 19 日 前
The Dog is so cute
Tina 19 日 前
My dog smacked my one day old iPhone 12 pro Max out of my hand. Fell on the back and it has a crack all over the back🥲
Angel S Sánchez Luna
Dog is not impressed
Gamer AmaN05
Gamer AmaN05 19 日 前
Please don’t break phones if you don’t want them then please gift me i want a phone for online classes but i am so poor
Ash Tv
Ash Tv 19 日 前
Stupid to do scratch test after broke the screen bro.
Alessandro Dai Pré
my man you need to study the difference between fracture toughness and flexural strneght.. or have an engineer explain that to you! It is a waste to see two perfectly fine phones and such a video editing quality, wasted because there is no science behind the test!
Tybalt 20 日 前
I just bought a 12 max should I get a screen protector or am I ok with out it?
YoBoiJD 20 日 前
Yo when u said u were recording scratching them with an iPhone 12 I was so surprised I thought it was a professional camera
sagich dirdochnicht
TBH, for ANY Phone, get a fucking Glass Screen Protector, like seriously. They are dirt cheap (5-15$ a pop) and they protect your Screen pretty well. I am defenetly not very carefull with my phone, I will drop it constantly on concrete. Also there are quite some occations, when there might get a little Sand or shit to it. Needless to say, they will crack and scratch eventually. But the Screen of my 3 year old Phone and the ones before it have absolutely no marks. I just replace the Glass screen Protector that is fucked up in 5 Minutes and everything is allright again.
Met B
Met B 21 日 前
I cappelletti sono un formato di pasta all'uovo ripiena tradizionale che si ottiene tagliando la sfoglia di pasta in quadrati o cerchi, al centro dei quali viene posto il ripieno. La pasta viene poi piegata prima in due a triangolo unendo le estremità intorno a un dito della mano.
Jillian Powder
Jillian Powder 21 日 前
You from Canada?
Thanks !!
Thanks !! 21 日 前
Thanks a lot for all the reviews you do, even though no one is sponsoring your videos atm.
Philip Reece
Philip Reece 21 日 前
Smush...love it
Seb B
Seb B 21 日 前
I guess make more sense try to scratch first then make a hole on the screen after 🤔
GoldenDragon408 Games
u should give them away
Roi Amar
Roi Amar 21 日 前
Ender Lain
Ender Lain 21 日 前
Why am I watching something I'm not gonna buy
NisAznMonk 21 日 前
So is the ceramic shield already embedded into the front and back glass of the iPhone 12 pro? Or is it another separate layer of glass that is applied after the fact? Thanks!
Jon John
Jon John 22 日 前
Are you ok?????
X3 Dominator
X3 Dominator 22 日 前
Hopefully two million views in two weeks recovered your investment. Thanks for taking the risk for strangers.
Kakara hölmö
Kakara hölmö 23 日 前
Camera class is 7 its not 8
Al-addin 23 日 前
Asian JerryRigEverything
Park Nelson
Park Nelson 23 日 前
Excellent video
Urska Jinx
Urska Jinx 23 日 前
isnt is just the pro and up have the upgraded screens?
Daniel González
Daniel González 23 日 前
How much of it is thanks to the ceramic shield? Wild guess here, I think the new form factor helped, at least somewhat
T K 23 日 前
You used a blunt rock in attempt to scratch the phones😭🤣 that’s like me using a fork to eat soup
Armughan Aymen
Armughan Aymen 23 日 前
So which screen protector is the best? My phone looks like garbage right now. It’s 5 years old and looked the same way when it was one year old lol.
Give me one if you're just gonna break it anyway 🥺
Esteban Galindo
Esteban Galindo 23 日 前
2:14 the dog is staring at the camara with such a creepy face
Sumita Shukla
Sumita Shukla 23 日 前
My fellow indians in the comments crying that he broke a phone we can't afford.
DD Shab
DD Shab 23 日 前
👌 jpvid.net/video/%E3%83%93%E3%83%87%E3%82%AA-44s9ggB3DXI.html
This and That
This and That 24 日 前
The dog is thinking “wtf bro” i could have used that phone.
Bro I don't get a botton phone and seeing this video me 😱😰😨😱😱
Junesh Rooplall
Junesh Rooplall 24 日 前
ME: Waits patiently years for an iPhone which i still can't afford. Random dude on JPvid : *Destroys brand new iPhone 12**🙂
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