I Attempted a Pokemon Platinum Nuzlocke

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Thank you for watching the videos, this year was rough for a lot of reasons but despite everything all your support really helped me end mine on a positive note. I'm very greatful for all the people around me be it the team, my friends, and whoever enjoys the videos, and I'm excited about what we can achieve this next year :)









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Margaret Brooks
Margaret Brooks 18 分 前
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Rio Pacheco
Rio Pacheco 29 分 前
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djkuroneko 51 分 前
12:58 Me:where did jaiden get the orange dog thing?
Carlos8520 56 分 前
Jaiden is my waifu
Koda Meunier
Koda Meunier 57 分 前
10:16 You just *hurt me.* Why did you have to do that to a SHINX... in the ANIMATION? Amazing work on the animation but this was freaking... it- it hurt.
veronica galloway
you kill Cynthias guard chomp. It looks like an anime moment
Banana Fruit
Banana Fruit 時間 前
Failure didn't deserve that
Mike Fisher
Mike Fisher 時間 前
Never knew about this channel great animations really enjoyable.
Tuba man Trumpet boy
The Steven universe reference when teleporting was top Tier
Marnie's Morpeko
Marnie's Morpeko 時間 前
Obama snow
Bluewolf plays
Bluewolf plays 時間 前
what music did you use for the Cynthia fight
Aiden Mann
Aiden Mann 2 時間 前
how the hell did shimp evolve?
George Flint
George Flint 2 時間 前
scizor is only weak to fire so it has an advantage
RonRossThePulse _again
That got emotional
Hoàng Linh
Hoàng Linh 3 時間 前
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Draconix 3 時間 前
Droark could a really dangerous team if she trained it up. Craniado’s evolved form has the strongest attack of any fully evolved, non legendary pokemon. Its also pretty fast. Steeled and Golem are really good too, and just imagine all the powerful rock types she could pick up on the way to becoming champion.
Draconix 3 時間 前
She looks so happy when she bashes in Barrys Chimchar. Gods the animation for this is hilarious and perfect.
Sujatha Balakrishnan
if you have pokemon black or white or the second version of black and white can you do a nuzlocke video about it
nick .h
nick .h 4 時間 前
Did anybody else notice that sqooup is a shiny or was
nick .h
nick .h 時間 前
Ok thanks im not very familier with Pokemon so I just kind of assumed it was a shiny
Reese 2 時間 前
It wasn’t a shiny. Shellos has 2 different forms, depending on where you are in the world. Also if he was shiny. Jaiden would’ve mentioned it.
AquariuS 4 時間 前
The story behind the distortions and the ending is very sad. I’ve watched this three times before and I’ve never cried, but now I am balling my eyes out. Her story telling is just incredible, since I don’t usually cry at videos. Well done, Jaiden.
Keegan McDuffie
Keegan McDuffie 4 時間 前
Is nobody gonna talk about the punching animation for shrimp
Earnest Castle
Earnest Castle 5 時間 前
I have a bunch of basics and stage 2 cards that are really good, but i also have a Gyrados GX, and a Keldeo EX.
RiltZy 5 時間 前
That ending was really sad tbh
Mr. Yeet
Mr. Yeet 5 時間 前
Failure didnt even step up you just straight up let it die
Dan Grosswald
Dan Grosswald 6 時間 前
8:47 whos candace? :)
Reese 2 時間 前
The gym leader
Sav Justus
Sav Justus 6 時間 前
Not me tearing up at the end :( Jaiden you made a masterpiece ♡︎
Mees Boonaerts
Mees Boonaerts 6 時間 前
Dgxyvf Test
Hamza Toliba
Hamza Toliba 6 時間 前
can we get a million likes bec were almost there
Lance Tmekei
Lance Tmekei 7 時間 前
that felt so deep at the end
Dylan Joaquin
Dylan Joaquin 7 時間 前
the end is sad :( i miss the one you liked the one that almost died
Butterfly Playz
Butterfly Playz 7 時間 前
Okay I know lots of y'all have explained but for those who needs examples! When she was saying that Bertha was next, in the short clip it showed one of Bertha's pokemon holding those pokemon who fainted in the pokemon's hand! Edit: it also happened with Flint!
Stinky Sam
Stinky Sam 8 時間 前
Dang shit got deep real fast
Summer 8 時間 前
I’ve been watching this at least 1 time everyday since last week, when I discovered this video. It’s THAT addicting
Rona sitohang
Rona sitohang 8 時間 前
JustJustio Gaming
JustJustio Gaming 9 時間 前
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Mitchell Wright
Mitchell Wright 9 時間 前
i heard candice and i-
Love 10 時間 前
The sad thing is my real name is love
Shaik Yasmin
Shaik Yasmin 11 時間 前
Hello Jada
Shaik Yasmin
Shaik Yasmin 11 時間 前
Jaiden animation cool 😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎
Shaik Yasmin
Shaik Yasmin 11 時間 前
Hi hello
Shaik Yasmin
Shaik Yasmin 11 時間 前
Pokemon yay ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Matthew Hassett
Matthew Hassett 11 時間 前
fun fact: I named my new puppy after the one and only Ari and they act the same there both bi-
Greg Mruk
Greg Mruk 12 時間 前
The shinx starting to walk towards Jaiden before its death is soooo sad
Sean Chan
Sean Chan 12 時間 前
Love this!
Ethan rxt
Ethan rxt 14 時間 前
Omg that Pokémon is evil 10:34
The non plays games
The non plays games 14 時間 前
8:47 CANDICE?!?
Wally Fone
Wally Fone 15 時間 前
Cynthia: ...Egg? Jaiden: *Yeah*
Chaney Chaney
Chaney Chaney 15 時間 前
Jaiden:opens eyes slowly* Gary:POKEMON
Nikaht Khan
Nikaht Khan 16 時間 前
There should be a fire red nuslock tooooooooo
Arzzen_Blue 16 時間 前
REDandBLUEandORANGE 18 時間 前
4:46 EGG
Emily Alterio
Emily Alterio 18 時間 前
I am loving your commentary and these videos LOLOL! I am a WoW girl and when I talk about keys, horde, kill alliance, PUG groups…I am met with ‘ok she has gone 100 mental’. So…Geek Squad is here. And yes I love anime….
Questionov 18 時間 前
I loved failure
Brenda Pearson
Brenda Pearson 18 時間 前
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Enna Martinez
Enna Martinez 18 時間 前
dude she used the PKMMD2 theme qwq
Gina Favela
Gina Favela 19 時間 前
1:21: Young turt does not realize the crimes that he will commit one day. *suspenseful music intensifies*
Godly Dreemurr
Godly Dreemurr 19 時間 前
Who's Candice
human 19 時間 前
Christ, you don't seem to be very attached to many of your pokemon
ThAt_OnE_BaKuGo_SiMp 19 時間 前
Hi Magacarp your name is puppy
Alguien Anomino
Alguien Anomino 19 時間 前
Isaac Vital
Isaac Vital 19 時間 前
Jaron Tan
Jaron Tan 19 時間 前
i be like : whos see? i guess ill have to see.
disappointed steelers fan
Gen 5 nuzlocke soon?
•JoCat• 19 時間 前
wow i really like pokemon and you always show me a pokemon vid u make it looks easy but its not
Shadow Ibañez Garnica
jaiden I have a question ... You play on the special machine (sorry I can't remember her name) or you play on PC. if you play on pc you tell me how it gets. attentively a sub
K FK 20 時間 前
I didn't get the thing of the distortions I thought she wanted to make a plot point of what she was imagining because of her fearing what would happen, then I saw what happened to her run... Honestly that edit of the point of view was S tier, it made me feel like feel like really thoughtful about it and it's great, a distorted heavy like from me on the video
ocean gaixcy
ocean gaixcy 20 時間 前
Is bary is extraverted friend we introverts may or may not need 🤔.
Cora Owens
Cora Owens 21 時間 前
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firewatr_24_ 21 時間 前
If you do another one of this. Announce that your doing a stream for it. I wanna play along next time with it 😁😁 Unless you do announce and I just miss it 😅
LyndonAG 21 時間 前
i am gonna try this for sure
Alex is Awesome
Alex is Awesome 22 時間 前
No he’s not fine😭😱🤕
Mister "T"
Mister "T" 22 時間 前
No lucario no vidio
Jasper Christensen
Jasper Christensen 22 時間 前
Minty Stakara
Minty Stakara 22 時間 前
"I have a massive type disadvantage." Has a Steel type against an Ice type gym.
Rustik Pustik
Rustik Pustik 22 時間 前
Я один русский?
NarutoFann 2021
NarutoFann 2021 22 時間 前
Carlie Jones
Carlie Jones 23 時間 前
And pancham is a Very small Pokémon
Carlie Jones
Carlie Jones 23 時間 前
Pancham can one shot an Onix
ana m -bee-
ana m -bee- 23 時間 前
giratina is an avatar of the spiral (kudos to anybody who understands what i'm saying!)
Carlie Jones
Carlie Jones 23 時間 前
I have two Pikachu plushy’s
Carlie Jones
Carlie Jones 23 時間 前
I was actually playing Pokémon sword while I was watching you play Pokémon
Carlie Jones
Carlie Jones 23 時間 前
In Pokémon sword I have a level 50 pancham
FlowUrbanFlow 23 時間 前
Gen 5 soon?
Quantum Rage
Quantum Rage 日 前
Platinum is my favourite
Cayden Sartin
That was so deep
Jesse Zavala
Jesse Zavala 日 前
Who else cried
Magalor's Games and Co.
How did Jaiden end up with a Scizor?
Saskia Donnelly
RIP Big Boy
Qux 360% Critical.
Fubby Juice-the pikachu
Godzilla Factory
Why does flint look like Ronald McDonald
xJolly Pinkx
xJolly Pinkx 日 前
Did she say… Candice?
fausy kholeif
Jaiden, Milk and Cronk aren't death. Why are you putting them in the Death side?
Reese 2 時間 前
Because they died.
Bateatmycat 日 前
The Shinx didn't deserve it.
Tara Schnarr
Tara Schnarr 日 前
Me:Cries inside at the ending
Jide Midnight
The drawing was cute and all, But DAYYYUUUUUMM that ending. Pixel art.
PHENEX 298 日 前
I loved the last one
It almost made me cry 🥺❤️
Anime Boy
Anime Boy 日 前
I know I'm a small fish in this huge sea of comment section but I would like to see jaiden to do one more nuzlock with randomized Pokemon soon 😁
What my trip to Japan was like
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