HUH YUNJIN - '피어나도록 (love you twice)'

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Animation Director : RAMDARAM
Creative Director : NU KIM
Production : SANDBOX / Entertainment


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AmandaRachLee 16 日 前
the animation is so cutee
zoe 4 日 前
​@straykids bro stop talking about someone else and appreciate THE F SONG she slayed this!
egg head yongbokki
@straykids pls stop spamming this help💀
Rizunni 6 日 前
​@straykids wtf
berrak 7 日 前
Gin A.
Gin A. 13 日 前
I swear if YUNJIN will release a full album, I will buy. Like her voice is so listenable, someone i will listen on spotify.
Nooridah Rajik
Nooridah Rajik 6 日 前
yeah me too
andrea p
andrea p 8 日 前
Horanghaeee 13 日 前
This song gave me chills. It's so relatable and I could feel how much hard it is for us as audience and for them as idols.
Anitha Kugenthiran
huh yunjin described my life situation in a music video without even knowing me. ty for this masterpiece
ira 🎀
ira 🎀 12 日 前
I always end up loving every song Yunjin puts out. they feel so close and genuine. love you twice, girl
Noor 14 日 前
I love Yunjin sm. Shes the realest idol ive ever seen i love how she is so relatable and i like how shes not afriad to talk about these things and everything in this song is so perfect her voice,the lyrics,the animation
khiuu 15 日 前
yunjin fr is one of the realest and most relatable kpop idols. She shows how even idols are people with insecurities too, and she isn't afraid to talk about it. Shes fr changing the industry and it's so amazing to see her do that
Shou 7 日 前
@Sodalite in an ideal world your point stands true. but in reality it isn’t so, hence my further explanation. people SHOULD know, but they dont thats why radical groups like sasaengs exist.
Sodalite 12 日 前
@Shou That’s literally my point.
Sophiee 13 日 前
Ur the only normal comment im seeing here
Keigo Kumano
Keigo Kumano 13 日 前
im the 1500th like :DD
Jung Hwan
Jung Hwan 14 日 前
Deryna Sillya
@PETUAH AULIYAbener banget😊❤
@linoktvia ntr ajalah.. Gue pengen umur mereka lama.. Baru kali ini ada grup.. Yang visual perfect.. Suara bagus.. Performance maksimal.. Konsep keren.. Tujuan jelas.. Tolong bersabar.. BTS aja bisa lama karna mereka bersabar.. Tolong sekalipun berbakat harus ada strategy.. Spil dikit dikit.. Biar orang penasaran
linoktvia 2 日 前
Bisa aja nanti setelah promosi grup cukup, kemungkinan yunjin member pertama yg solo Karna lagu yg dia bikin numpuk hehe
Jung Hwan
Jung Hwan 11 日 前
@PETUAH AULIYA iyaaaa, tapi aku harap nanti yunjin punya solo albumm
Terlalu dini Tolong fokus dulu pada team.. Buatlah ini hanya untuk senang senang
thraia 12 日 前
her songs is and will always be comforting :((( tysm for existing yunjinnn
tokyodrvft 14 日 前
im really happy that hybe allows her to have this creativity and that they actually promote it on the official group’s channel, it makes it even better and give it a bigger audience!!
시나브로 12 日 前
뻥 안치고 하루에 3번은 듣는듯...르세라핌 팬 아니었어도 이 노래는 정말 좋아했을거 같음
하세 4 日 前
저 르세라핌 팬 아닌데 허윤진 솔로곡들 추천 영상에 뜨면 모조리 싹 다 들음
fififi 7 日 前
아침마다 들어요..
음 몰라
음 몰라 10 日 前
ㄹㅇ ㅇㅈ 갬성 진짜 빈티지인데 가사 하나하나 다 위로됨
최수빈에게 뜯긴 사랑스러운 943번째 앞머리
그 허윤진의 감성이 진짜 지림
Arpita Chakraborty
I love the thought yunjin has reflected using the animations and lyrics. It's like you want to be like us we know, but you have to work hard, even if its not us still work hard, love yourself in the when your day seems gray, never loose hope and be your way.
daizzy 17 日 前
YUNJIN The realest idol. The way her songs are soo relatable she really speaks for so many. She knows the reality and is not afraid to talk about it. Her songs always tell a story. IM SO PROUD OF YOU YUNJIN
january child
january child 5 日 前
The saddest part about that person inserting NWJNS into everything LSFM does is that I’m pretty sure the two groups know and are friendly with each other. An insult to LSFM is most definitely not a compliment to NWJNS and “fans” like that need to learn how to express their love for their faves without tearing others down.
Commit Arson
Commit Arson 8 日 前
@Pughhead Use common sense please. It’s saying how much idols go through.
Pughhead 8 日 前
@Commit Arson That's cool didn't know everyone here is an idol 💀
Commit Arson
Commit Arson 8 日 前
@Pughhead Bfr. It’s relatable to idols. 💀
Eva 11 日 前
Huh Yunjin is a work of art
chxyg ♡
chxyg ♡ 13 日 前
Las canciones de yunjin siempre tienen un gran mensaje, me encanta ver qué la empresa las deja realizar sus propias canciones en solitario :)
magzen orang
magzen orang 4 日 前
s LM s LM 2 gün önce Me gusta como yunjin expresa a su "yo" idol, y a su "yo"verdadero como personas diferentes, se puede llegar a interpretar cómo se siente con la fama y el ser idol al escuchar la letra y ver el video que es un complemento muy bueno, me gusta esta interpretación de encontrar tu propio valor como persona fuera de las cámaras y del personaje que proyecta al ser idol
fairysoyaa_7 11 日 前
Yunjin you are More than a artist you know how to express your feelings And your songs also have strong meaning behind
J F 14 日 前
She’s so genuine. You can feel it in her lyrics. What a talent.
roberta 16 日 前
this is what i call an idol. yunjin is not afraid to share her honest thoughts through music. she IS gonna change the industry just by being herself, that’s incredible. i love you yunjin
singularity itself
​@straykids why are you writing it on le sserafim's channel???
Мирослава Савчук
@straykids literally no one asked☠️☠️
꧁sunshine꧂ 15 日 前
ditto 15 日 前
asadafriess 12 日 前
yunjin is so incredibly talented and i love the messages she wants to spread. i love you i love you yunjin!!!
Florentine Volz
Florentine Volz 11 日 前
Yunjins songs are such a source of comfort... Her voice and the honest lyrics always touch my heart
Cadence Naidas
Cadence Naidas 5 日 前
the fact that both the intro and the ending has the same text, but different colors. Pink is “Her” and green is Yunjin. Also the text at the end crosses out “Her” and insted puts “Huh” which is her last name. Our Huh Yunjin is so creative!!
justsmile 8 日 前
Yunjin in şarkıları neden bu kadar güzel
Luisa Lima
Luisa Lima 6 日 前
i think it’s interesting how she sings in english when talking about this other girl, but when she talks about herself she sings mostly in korean. it reminds of something i read that it’s easier to talk about stuff you went through in your second language, and since she grew up in the US, maybe it’s the case for her with korean! idk i just think it’s interesting 🥺💞
Lulu 16 日 前
Has any other idol been able to have a solo career this quickly?! Im so grateful to Hybe for allowing Yunjin to compose and share her own music! 😭
Tar leen
Tar leen 9 日 前
​@straykids omg that's so embarrassing, no wonder people hate skz, you can't just bring another group like this, it's so dumb and disrespectful! As a stay I'm so disappointed by the fandom, sorry for you guys
Sunflower 10 日 前
@straykids 😅😅😄😄😄😁
hiyylight 12 日 前
@candy camacho her songs are such a comfort to me so I don't really mind that it's not promoted too much because it feels more personal that way, like a letter to us fans. But I would love for her to officially promote as well
frecklyfelix 13 日 前
please ignore ​@straykids . they're not even a real STAY and just trying to get people to hate on Stray Kids and their fandom :(
soochi 12 日 前
yunjin never dissappoints.
pınar 10 日 前
I'm in love Huh Yunjin's songs and animations, they're adorable >o
(ʘᴗʘ✿) 11 日 前
윤진의 노래에는 모두 큰 의미가 담겨 있다. 그는 매우 특별하고 건전한 사람이야...
Lilas-Rose Henry-Duflot
this girl is so talented istg . she can draw ,sing ,dance ,.. and even just the fact the she is opening up so much about the kpop industry and topics that aren’t that much addressed in south korea . love her sm ( stunning mv and song too!)
Javan Ng
Javan Ng 12 日 前
i felt every word to the core of my soul... yunjin's serving new songs for me to cry to every month 😭😭 i love how personal this all feels
Shane Gunawan
Shane Gunawan 17 日 前
Yunjin’s songs is just pure art. I love it
EN-FLIX 10 日 前
@Ssunshine7 Same!!!!!
existing :)
existing :) 15 日 前
@straykids bruh why are you everywhere- no one is threatening skz, they're artists, so is yunjin. This is yunjins song, please stop this ffs.
Kiri 15 日 前
@LucienVana ty for telling me
Kiri 15 日 前
@LucienVana ok
ello 11 日 前
Você é foda, Yunjin
-Mi- 12 日 前
Her songs are so relatable. I love how honest she is in her songs and that Hybe allows her to upload them.The animations for the songs are amazing too.We love you Yunjin, you're so precious ❤
wondering 12 日 前
she’s so inspiring and honestly one of the truest idols by forecasting that an idol is always also, just a human.
eylül ejder
eylül ejder 9 日 前
yunjin had a beautiful solo expressing her feelings we love you JUNJIN❤❤
antifragile 14 日 前
this so relateable cause as a person who is really insecure this is actually inspiring to me and this is why Huh yujin is my best idol friend online and this song cheered me up today cause i was having a very bad melt down to the point i was going to cry in school but listening to this song cheered me up, thank you huh yujin.
lolhwaet 16 日 前
Every idol has their insecurities, but only Yunjin has been given the chance so far to use her art to express them quite this openly. I give HYBE a lot of credit for enabling her to break the wall of silence and eloquently remind the world that idols really are just normal, imperfect humans like the rest of us. She is doing everyone involved a great service, both other artists and fans alike.
Asian kid
Asian kid 15 日 前
@straykids stop lying and your off topic so go to stray kids and speak to them
Solon04 15 日 前
@straykids ok
straykiss-woo! 15 日 前
@Squeakytoy ignore them, they're spamming this and probably want you to get mad anyway
Leelee 15 日 前
@Squeakytoy ignore them, theyre a bot
Squeakytoy 16 日 前
@straykids Bestie this is Le Sserafim, you’re on the wrong channel
Santhiya 7 日 前
I can feel her sincerity through her lyrics ❤ we won't leave u no matter how u look❤
Júlia !!
Júlia !! 12 日 前
Uma coisa única na Yunjin é o jeito que ela se expressa em suas músicas. Sério, a Yunjin é uma obra de arte edeceria estar no museu!
Caique 3 日 前
The vocals sounds like heaven.
Cafe Cappuccino
Cafe Cappuccino 8 日 前
Thanks to HYBE taking her back from US, putting her in Le Sserafim and releasing her solo songs.
Cutiepielo 13 日 前
This song has great meaning this represents every girl out there. It has such a great lines thanku hybe for letting her release this masterpiece
Alexandra Tudorica
When she sings she speaks for so many people. Her songs are really going to change this industry!
Ayat Mohamed
Ayat Mohamed 12 日 前
@straykids bro, it is about yunjin
The skz comment is Spam
xofxtou 15 日 前
@straykids Don’t set them up
Aalima Iqbal
Aalima Iqbal 16 日 前
​@straykids bro i am a stay too i doesn't mean you have to do things like that you why u just don't mind your own work ... If you stan another grp it doesn't mean you come and comment on other group session.... Why you keep insulting yourself
L 16 日 前
@straykids here you go…
Its_Aliyahhh 10 日 前
YUNJINS SONGS NEVER EVER DISAPPOINT, I LOVE HOW ALL OF HER SONGS ARE REALISTIC AND RELATABLE. Yujins not only an Idol but she's an Artist. She draws and writes pieces of art. Yunjin you're amazing! You really will change the industry, don't ever forget your main goal and FIGHTING! ❤
onrared bang
onrared bang 10 日 前
I’ve been listening to this song since it came out! I would sing along “‘cause deep inside I wanna be her”, and I just got accepted to my dream university. I feel like Yunjin is always in touch with my life.
Rihana Khan
Rihana Khan 日 前
Congratulations!! 🎉🎉💜💜fearnot cause we have them as our idols, they'll always gonna teach us to work harder in life.
yoonieorbit 3 日 前
Her voice is heavenly honestly
あいうえお 14 日 前
歌詞が本当に素敵だよ、、、 歌声とメロディーとよく合ってる
Sim Jaehyun
Sim Jaehyun 17 日 前
I just love how HYBE is allowing yunjin to utilize her talent and continue growing as an artist by letting her publish her original songs. When she said she'll change thr idol industry, she MEANT every single word of it.
김수아 4 日 前
@The Omnipotent Player bruh.
yen 16 日 前
Source music She is the one who allows
The Omnipotent Player
@김수아 he does that in every kpop related posts.
김수아 16 日 前
​@straykids excuse me, what does that mean in this context??
Aia Lavelle
Aia Lavelle 13 日 前
and we have another masterpiece of huh yunjin 🫶🏻❤️‍🩹✨
Bʟᴀɴᴄᴀ Aʟᴇxᴀɴᴅʀᴀ
Wooo.. está mujer si sabe hacer buenas songs, siento la empatia en toda la canción como la animación, posiblemente sea parte de su experiencia. Pero también refleja lo mucho que algunas personas quieren lograr ser como sus idols
Bloody Knight
Bloody Knight 10 日 前
Yunjin sabe escribir lo que muchos no podemos expresar. La nueva generación está en buenas manos.
Ella Francisco
Ella Francisco 11 日 前
omg! i wondered why there was such a huge RAMDARAM vibe in this animation. She's the Animation Director 🥺💖 my fave artist collabing w Yunjin 😭💗 my heart is so full
zuhaluvsx 13 日 前
we reached 1 Million vieuws SO PROUD OF YOU HUH YUNJIN
Piyush Kulkarni
Piyush Kulkarni 17 日 前
She really is an real human art she writes these songs and she really is going to change the idol industry, we all love you Yunjin 😘😘
ns ms
ns ms 17 日 前
​@Rachmat Mulia yes, she's so talented 😭
Rachmat Mulia
Rachmat Mulia 17 日 前
@gracillia ainsley Really?
gracillia ainsley
she’s not only write guyss she’s also a producer & composer of this song! same like raise your glass & im not doll🥰🥰 its different : songwriter : only write the lyrics not the melody of the song composer : made the melody and instrumental of the song, also write the lyrics producer : leading recording, editing, arranging yunjin is a producer composer songwriter of her 3 solo songs, and a composer & songwriter on 5 of lesserafim’s songs..
iikahru 12 日 前
Seriously what she cant do?? Her songs screaming a masterpiece, always go straight to my playlist
Mari. 12 日 前
Yunjin es increíble tiene una voz tan hermosa y relajada al escucharla
deivais 13 日 前
The glow up of a kpop fan: I love this song
C_M 12 日 前
Huh Yunjin this is the reason why you are my bias...your so talented..expressing your self through music is an art❤
Eliza Latimer
Eliza Latimer 13 日 前
i’m loving her solo music so much
Diana L Est
Diana L Est 17 日 前
Thumbs up to her company that let Yunjin grow freely as an artist!! She is really changing the idol industry.
Lhing haukip
Lhing haukip 15 日 前
​@straykids top embarrassing yourself bro 😉
Mamata Rai
Mamata Rai 16 日 前
@Nabi🦋 tell them not to me,and I'm simply just telling the fact
Nabi🦋 16 日 前
@Mamata Rai let’s not compare groups. BTS are different that SKZ while SKZ are different that lesserafim. This is a lesserafim video. Let’s not bring up other idols.
Emmaエマ 8 日 前
We need more yujins in kpop for better life
Hatfa fontenele
Hatfa fontenele 4 日 前
Que perfeição, uma artista maravilhosa ela
ilvsung! 14 日 前
Nikki 13 日 前
Uma idol tão real com músicas tão boas merecia lançar um álbum logo!!
YUNJIN 14 日 前
yunjin never fails to impress me
lolovey 17 日 前
This is literally me. Wanna be her, wanna write songs, wanna be a singer. Yunjin you're such an inspiration to me. 😭😭 I freaking love you girl
Lizzy musa
Lizzy musa 16 日 前
How can you guys in the comments miss the whole illustration 🤦ofc it's not Sakura, The girl in the pink dress is the perfect idol you see on screen which is YUNJIN and the girl she actually REALLY wants to be, and the other girl is also yunjin but behind the cameras and the normal REAL imperfect yunjin that we don't see. The girl on the flower who she looked up to at the end is the fandom, 'Fearnot /piona' which means bloom in Korean and that's why she's on a flower, and supporting yunjin as she faces the world.
Royal Prime
Royal Prime 16 日 前
@Sara Beatriz it's kind of like the pink girl is who she wants to be. According to my understanding of the mv, she's trying to copy the pink girl to be just like her (her collecting pink crayons symbolises that and you can see that she's falling down while collecting them) and she realises she keeps going down trying to do that. But among all this, she also tried to do what she likes and at the end we can see that she finally discovered her own colour and now she doesn't need to be like her (this is depicted in the scene where she finally gets the colour, you can see that she's rising up this time). There's a line towards the end saying that "oh to be everblooming with you" which symbolises that now she has found herself and doesn't need to be like her anymore. It's a beautiful message. Also, if I'm wrong I apologise. This is just how I interpreted the mv
straykids 17 日 前
Straykids are the king of K-POP
Kristian Sutanto
Kristian Sutanto 17 日 前
@lolovey yeah, I mean being inspiration/comfort for your future fans 🌟
Kristian Sutanto
Kristian Sutanto 17 日 前
@Sara Beatriz for me, pink girl is Yunjin's inspiration-idol (past)/who Yunjin aspire to be for her fans (now) and green girl is Yunjin (past)/Fearnot-her fans (now)
Yeridom 12 日 前
Yunjin is so talented in so many things: Singing, Dancing and even art! Quite random but I'd love to see her in a film/series/K-Drama I know a actor/actress when I see one
Dhenisa Padmasarii
Yunjin,if you release the album I swear can buy your album.
ryuki 11 日 前
yunjin's songs really have a knack for making me teary eyed :,)
tata 9 日 前
Yunjin se ha ganado una nueva fan❤
Daniel 日 前
This song gives me like a lovable for spring, it’s quite acoustic and chill, even I can listen to Yunjin’s vocal all day that it’s beautiful!
Chloe G
Chloe G 15 日 前
Yunjin's songs are so relatable and always hits hard- For her, I think it's her way of expressing that she is grateful to her fans but at times has a fear of letting them down and wanting to be "that girl". It can also relate to us wanting to be our idols but she teaches us that we can get inspiration from them but at the same time stay true to ourselves which include our own personality, weakness, and strengths. Love the song and animation so much!!
SnowClover 11 日 前
Yes, so very true. I loved how the character took the pink crayons but eventually became their own colour, green! because they didn't have to be exactly like her and found their own beautiful colour! I also saw it as though, the green girl is portrayed as a "normal person / fan" throughout the video, but at the end is revealed as an Idol herself, and everything leading up to it shows that idols are not perfect and have insecurities themselves trying to live up to the perfect image they see other idols portray. For all we know the green character could represent Yunjin and her struggle for self-confidence.
sum’n else
sum’n else 13 日 前
This was beautifully explained~
Ameera Yes
Ameera Yes 13 日 前
Is NO one gonna talk abt how RELATABLE this song is???
enhaworld 12 日 前
Huh Yunjin, your songs get me going everytime. The lyrics, the melody, the vocals, you have such an insane talent. I love you!
amelie not poulain⭒⊰
yo también amo a twice dea
live laugh love liz
yunjin meant it when she said she wants to change the industry, one of the most realest and honest idols I've ever seen. love her forever 💗
Yunjin is such a great idol her animation is cute and her voice wow
mddskat 16 日 前
HYBE is genius for supporting Yunjin’s solo original tracks to let her absolutely shine! Every song she’s put out is absolute gold
straykids 16 日 前
붉은늑대.120 13 日 前
서정적인 곡, 따뜻한 목소리. 아름다운 사람. 우리들의 윤진이. 그리고 우리들의 르세라핌.
mina 13 日 前
Ptao Tom
Ptao Tom 14 日 前
Necessito de várias músicas feita pela Yunjin. Isso é uma obra de arte que eu quero escutar todos os dias
네벌디[Neverland of buddy]
가사를 보면서 윤진이가 얼마나 말을 예쁘게 하는 사람인지 알게 되는 🥺
ZUHA 笑 10 日 前
gracias yunjin por sacar buenas canciones!!!! ❤
HANNA 16 日 前
I really appreciate Yunjin for being this honest and showing her real, including vulnerable side to her fans. She appreciated the love she gets but also keeps her fans from creating false images of the idol. Keep going, Yunjin!
straykids 15 日 前
stray kids the king of Kpop
AeLingo 11 日 前
Yunjin es una gran compositora
Ana 13 日 前
Eu tô amando esses lançamentos da Hyujin a e super talentosa ❤
Сэй не Сэй
это очень здорово...я счастлива,что это уже третяя песня
Alexandra Dávila ♡
Yunjin es muy talentosa
Thayna Cristina
Thayna Cristina 13 日 前
espero q ela nunca pare de compor musicas, amo a voz dela, e a amo tbm
Ethan Lee
Ethan Lee 16 日 前
Yunjin said that she wanted to change the kpop industry, and I don't think what she said was a joke. Yunjin, fighting, you will always shine, love you so much💞💞
lee seo
lee seo 16 日 前
​@straykids omg a stay.. fr! stan skz!!!!
straykids 16 日 前
Gënøs 16 日 前
she had TALENTED for sure !
Strawberry champagne
I'm so proud of you Yunjin🥺 We love you Yunjin and always will❤ Thank you for giving us a new masterpiece by you~
Nabi Seng
Nabi Seng 8 日 前
fell in love in the first listen. how can she sing every song so well
Laiba Umer
Laiba Umer 13 日 前
imma be honest, I need her to have a solo album and a song written by her on their next album 🥲😅
shayspov_ 5 日 前
literally so underrated
Li Lopez
Li Lopez 2 日 前
I feel so deeply related to this song, it touches my heart. It's beautiful, huh yunjin thanks for making me feel like I'm not the only one.
Laisha Alessandra
Every single song of Yunjin is art
Rockstar 16 日 前
She is a true artist
Lalisa 17 日 前
And a masterpiece
Sarah L
Sarah L 7 日 前
This mellow indie pop vibe is something I can imagine listening to on a commute or coffee shop. It's so pretty, a lot of it due to her vocal tone. Dreamy.
extraordninary 2 日 前
she stays changing the kpop industry
Hafiz Azlan
Hafiz Azlan 3 日 前
Her songs never disappoint
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