How to lower your car the RIGHT way: COMPLETE COILOVER GUIDE

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Are you thinking about how to lower your car? Or maybe just want to replace your springs or shocks? Do you go with coilovers? Lowering springs? Air ride? What about just cut springs? Let's talk about it!
This week, the Miata gets a ride height adjustment and a major handling upgrade with a set of coilovers! We replace the soft, squishy, comfy stock suspension with some tight and tidy coilovers geared for grip and handling. Next to tires, this is one of the most value-added DIY car mods out there in terms of handling improvements, especially if your stock suspension is as spongy as our Miata’s was! The car also benefits from a lowered ride height which helps handling and looks so, so good. We’ll show ya how coilovers work, how to choose a set for yourself, and how to install them.
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Neoflee 3 時間 前
Donut i have a 96 ford probe and its just like the Miata just felt like saying this because when I bought coil-overs for it they were universal for the probe and the miata
Garrett DeLong
Garrett DeLong 5 時間 前
What kind of coils did he buy though?
Carl Willard Paul Violanta
Those sounds and cranking is so satisfiying
parptarf 日 前
Lowering springs and sportsdamper gang or don't bang.
Rory 日 前
could've rolled the fenders while the stock shocks were on
Mikołaj Długosz
The amount of his knowledge about everything is just mesmerizing.
Alex Major
Alex Major 2 日 前
Maybe I missed it, what make and model of coil over is this? I have a miata and love this look
Tom Lake Charles
I want Donut Soda Water...
Zachary Messner
Zachary Messner 2 日 前
1:34 @ the mustang
Leejk 2 日 前
Went to install my coilovers on my miata. BOTH of the bolts that hold the shock absorbers on the rear just spin because the weld inside the control arm has broke, which is quite common. Be wary of this if you go to install coilovers as you gotta have a magical spanner that fits in a tiny gap or grind off some of the control arm.
Alejandro 3 日 前
His eyes are gorgeous
So lást week I started watching this guy , for tips. I have never put anything together (including legos) So I figured JPvid can teach me some things in theory. This guy and his videos have done a better job than most CAR Channels or including this channel at times. Donut Media some times provide historical video but when this guy jumps on he actually explain things and at the end of the video you've actually learned something and feel motivated to work on my car... but on your latest video series, I just feel entertained and not fulfilled with some sort of knowledge. STILL LOVE YOU AND STILLL SUBSCRIBING after this long butt comment!!! Muah!😘😂😂😂
TimetoShred 3 日 前
DAMN I want RPF1s
Eli Roberts
Eli Roberts 4 日 前
When he hit that soda, I was dead
John Allen
John Allen 5 日 前
I'm going to buy a miata so I can stand in front of it and look huge too
Kuldar Leement
Kuldar Leement 5 日 前
4:15 wow that is an Estonia sticker there - small world
Mohammad Alkandary
Hello! I have a 1989 volvo 240 2.3 GL and i was am thinking about lowering it a little bit (max 3 inches, i dont want to have a hard time on bumps etc) do you guys have any recommendations?
Young Chapoo
Young Chapoo 6 日 前
At first i didnt like the new cast but man this guy is golden! Not james but equal to nolan🤣🤟🏽💯
Young Chapoo
Young Chapoo 6 日 前
12:10 -> nice
Magic 7 日 前
skunk2 coilovers are soft af compared to other coils in the price range
Chris Robertson
Chris Robertson 7 日 前
"spend 1000-1600" holding 800 dollar coilovers :D
Pasha Jadali
Pasha Jadali 8 日 前
This inspired what my first car will be
Crohnic 9 日 前
I have a set of the Flying Miata/Fox Racing Shox coilovers for my NB. They kick ass and are super versatile, but a little on the pricey side. I pre-ordered mine before they came out so got a pretty good discount. The Fox Shox Factory is in my hometown so I had to go with them. Already running Fox on Mlmountain bike and have only had good experiences with the company and products.
Ryan Arends
Ryan Arends 10 日 前
after that wheel and suspension combo.. oh boy! some poly bushings.!! please tell me were going to cover the importance on BUSHINGS !!!!!!!! TOGUE MASTER
alf alfa
alf alfa 10 日 前
Nice watch, I have the same one.
michael tischer
michael tischer 10 日 前
Can they please god fix the body
Snoopys MX5
Snoopys MX5 10 日 前
Lmao that intro that shit has happened to me
Devneld Kumar
Devneld Kumar 11 日 前
12:05 nice
Charlie Riley
Charlie Riley 11 日 前
Put a Jeep on money pit and off road it
Slavicus Vile
Slavicus Vile 12 日 前
Watching this (especially the comparison part) was a mistake, I've noticed how much my daily rolls during turns and seeing that smooth sideswiping kills me
Ratiocination 12 日 前
I appreciate the editor at 10:31
Ratiocination 12 日 前
These tutorial videos have been really helpful, thank you for making them easy to comprehend for idiots like me
FewCarGarage 12 日 前
what is the case for your laptop? I need one for my mac too lol
HunterFTW 12 日 前
Zach is amazing and the editor is amazing too.
Graham Talsma
Graham Talsma 13 日 前
baseball bat and drive the car back and forth. Great work guys. Love the series
M. vdW.
M. vdW. 13 日 前
9:00 omfg i live in that fucking green house right next to you and i have never noticed this shit omg, no joke
XboxBetter ThanPS4
The New CrisFixIt 😂🤣
vector3647 13 日 前
Brayden Reed
Brayden Reed 13 日 前
CAN U PLEASE DO A TUTORIAL ON HOW TO PROTECT AGAINST RUST IN THE WINTER. Ik your posted in LA but would be a godsend for us northerners who love their car too much to drive them in the winter. id rather not have to buy a winter beater :/
Andrew Durkee
Andrew Durkee 14 日 前
Pick up the eastwood roller because that one sucks.... The eastwood has more adjustability.
Zachary Maxwell
Zachary Maxwell 14 日 前
Most top-notch filming/editing. Keep it up!
TwoBarMaster 15 日 前
This is literally the best series for anyone looking to learn about project cars.
prod. star
prod. star 15 日 前
i want that soda clip separately
Tony 15 日 前
17:00 It looks like a toy car compared to you omg it's so tiny!
Ashwin Marandi
Ashwin Marandi 15 日 前
torque spec for lower bolts- nice
Chad Varnell
Chad Varnell 15 日 前
Old School fender rolling tool= Wood Baseball Bat. It is tapered, won't mar finishes easily, and solves many other problems with liberal and forceful application...
Old School Repair Shop
stupid question, could you use a set of adjustable coil overs to raise a vehicle?
Phil Mitchell
Phil Mitchell 16 日 前
4:50 - total bollocks. Coilovers that adjust height from the spring seat have 'helper springs' which keeps everything tight when load is taken off the wheels Edit - Amazing, ive watched on to 7:20 and he mentions helper springs, how people can be so contradictive is amazing
MattyPlays 18 日 前
16:16 I think he forgot there was a speed bump there lol
FinnishMän 18 日 前
Zach is so helpful
Alastair Tilley
Alastair Tilley 18 日 前
Rolling guards with a rubber hammer AND a heat gun. The more you know...
Victor S
Victor S 18 日 前
@ 14:21 Those hub look and sounded plastic. Should probably swap them for metal ones so they don't melt :) Upvote so he see's please
Bruh Moment
Bruh Moment 19 日 前
This guy does everything so well but I will still end up cutting a coil out of my spring to make it lower 😂😂
Asahi 19 日 前
Dude this is hands down the best series ever since this guy actually explains WHAT each component does scientifically rather than just jumping out and saying "ye boiz we doing coilovers" and then reviewing it by saying "yeuh feels so much better way less body roll". AND sometimes things don't go as planned, which is my favourite part since that's usually how it goes in real life. major appreciation for this series.
Drayden Tyrrell
Drayden Tyrrell 20 日 前
12:05 . Sixty-nine it is boyssss
Alexis Torres
Alexis Torres 20 日 前
Damn I love this guy’s videos. Best installation and guides. Fun and easy informative.
XRB Performance
XRB Performance 20 日 前
nor shock absorbers nor springs prevent body roll, this video is entertaining but its crap
MejakobaTV 21 日 前
No talk about thread locker or copper grease?
joshua vaipulu
joshua vaipulu 21 日 前
Dude, just do the old baseball bat roll
Nilesh Singh
Nilesh Singh 22 日 前
Can i change the ride hight with the stock suspension and is it worth it
Wonginism 22 日 前
Actually some nice explanation in this vid. Covers some some good technical info. Still not vibing with the presenter that much though.
sam stoddard
sam stoddard 22 日 前
So who's gonna tell him that the miata has SLA suspenion and not double wishbone
Antoine Venne
Antoine Venne 22 日 前
If anyone is interested, the Part shop max roller is shortened and works great on lowered cars. Love these series!
Miguelosky 22 日 前
We are witnessing the transformation of 1 sweet ass Miata....
Payton Dean
Payton Dean 22 日 前
Man that was a damper
Reynosa Blas
Reynosa Blas 22 日 前
I dont know why at 4:02 I thought he was singing the pokemon song 😂 Great video though!
J BEZ 22 日 前
Mustangs must have good coilovers
bob 22 日 前
Is it the same to fit in a mk2
jmoyet 23 日 前
I definitely can't wait until this pandemic is over so I can get myself a project car and do all these mods!
Charlie 629
Charlie 629 23 日 前
Probably one of the worst suspension tutorials I've ever seen for a Miata. There's a lot of reasons why those coilovers are bad, the 2 piece design being a big factor. Almost all of them run into rear travel issues. Reason why every nice shock (except Ohlins) run a 1 piece body.
KGBryant2482 23 日 前
can you please dent your car and teach us how to use a slide hammer
Deric Richards
Deric Richards 24 日 前
Love the Miata videos Been a fan for awhile but I recently bought a $500 Miata and this hits home. Only thing I would change, or would like to see is a parts link in the description Also avoid doing the soft top if possible, truly a pain if u don’t have 2 people, hot sun and a place where throwing stuff is accepted.
sdfE36 24 日 前
Nice intro to shock/spring mods. Couple things though: 1. When putting new coilovers on your car, its not a terrible idea to put an appropriate anti-seize compound on the adjuster and lockrings. they may be aluminum, but coilover threads and lock rings are still known to corrode and seize up. it happens on all quality of coilovers too, whether high end or not, and once they're seized they're nigh impossible to adjust again. more often than not if you need your adjustability back, you're sending them in for warranty, or buying a new assembly/set. anti-seize is a really cheap, easy preventative measure to make sure your coilovers are always easy to adjust. 2. don't adjust height from the middle ring. that's the preload lock-ring. set preload with the top ring and then lock it in place with the lock-ring. 3. there are some amazing shock and lowering spring combos out there that outperform most base level coilovers at half the price. H&R race springs with Koni Yellow adjustables or Bilstein performance shocks will beat the piss out of most coilovers around the $1000 mark, and you can get into a full set for $500-700 USD for most common applications. they may not go as low, but the shock damping and spring rates are superior to just about anything below $1100 in the coilover market, aside from a good deal on budget coilovers from one of the companies that offers custom spring rates and valving on their shocks. if you care more about performance than ride height, are looking to set-it-and-forget-it, and you're trying to do things on a budget, quality adjustable/performance struts/shocks and quality springs (or Ground Control kits for a bit more) will offer better performance than most coilovers 2-3 times the price.
S Black
S Black 25 日 前
Cameraman cameo @ 16:47 . Like if you see him.
Edwin Garcia
Edwin Garcia 25 日 前
I’m 16 and I’m gonna get my first car this year but idk why to choose can you help me with that (I’m a broke high school student so anything under 6500)
Jacob Park
Jacob Park 25 日 前
baseball bat for rolling
Joseph Xiong
Joseph Xiong 26 日 前
You can try maxing out the coilovers height and then roll the fenders. Hope this helps.
Aiden Osborne
Aiden Osborne 26 日 前
1:30 "Kids & hitting" need to be swapped. Because they aren't hitting, they're getting hit.
Alin 26 日 前
2:59 gas chamber xd
Jorge Moreno
Jorge Moreno 27 日 前
This series is awesome!!
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