'How To Be A Russian Oligarch' With Billionaire Mikhail Prokhorov

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Billionaire Brooklyn Nets owner Mikhail Prokhorov shows Stephen the ways of a Russian oligarch, which involves luxurious mansions, grandiose yachts and plentiful bologna.
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Lena K.
Lena K. 日 前
Theres an austrian politician who shouldve seen this. Its better for us he didnt tho.
Vic EF
Vic EF 日 前
Stolen money - people who were fighting for the country in 1940 and rebuilding it after are living now for a few bucks a month ... really sad to see - I have been there and saw it with my own eyes.....
Jus Rarsh
Jus Rarsh 日 前
Forget the clowning around. Don’t be fooled. We have Oligarchs right here in America as well obviously.
HydromaniacCat 2 日 前
Even the oligarchs eat buterbrod haha
Hr0ms 2 日 前
its not cool hat its ment for keeping you warm after sauna
Rodolfo Vitangcol
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Eduardo Tarusov
Eduardo Tarusov 3 日 前
This guy seems so chill. He acts exactly the same way when I meet other Russian people. Unpredictable with a crazy sense of humor.
Серг Зак
Серг Зак 4 日 前
Молодец Прохоров👍
Donald J Trump Latino
Donald J Trump Latino
is somehting ddark here, q anon they use the word cheese, this is not a normal gym this is a pedo gym.
Joe Watkins
Joe Watkins 5 日 前
why is this guy steve being so patronising
Jiggy'sGelato 6 日 前
8:00 "So I'm not gonna have to kill anybody?" "No" (smiles after like "if you dont want to?")
Carl Jensen
Carl Jensen 6 日 前
You are a bootlicker for the elite and a hack. That is all you are.
Nick Mladenov
Nick Mladenov 7 日 前
9:30... The look on the instructors face... Priceless!
Edward Charles
Edward Charles 7 日 前
He's pretty much living his best life and I love it. My guy is out here like batman =)
Liran V
Liran V 6 日 前
more like blyat-man, the russian version
Łukasz Sroka
Łukasz Sroka 7 日 前
And Who played with who? U Late show man,little one, were playing on his basketball playfield. :D
cloudtherabbit 7 日 前
Stephen just fooled everyone with the ultimate monopoly
Hank Storm
Hank Storm 7 日 前
Interesting how an American criticizes Russia for having rich/elites influence their politics.
Kevin 8 日 前
"What is this?" - "It is Kalashnikov" Best thing I have ever heard.
Luka Magnotta
Luka Magnotta 8 日 前
OMG, it's Dennis the Menace's dad
Арчи Бальт
Haze 8 日 前
how to drink vodka
Kay Mel
Kay Mel 8 日 前
I wonder if this guy is tied to Clinton foundation since they mentioned human trafficking
Kay Mel
Kay Mel 8 日 前
Why don’t they just interview BIDENS son ???
Reza Ima
Reza Ima 8 日 前
Blizzard 5993
Blizzard 5993 8 日 前
I feel like the jokes about the Nets might turn soon...
i cant believe they cut out his cute snack.
Korpisavu 9 日 前
You have oligarchs i America too, youre just stupid if you think otherwise
Peepee Poopoo
Peepee Poopoo 9 日 前
He didnt need to be so mean to him😂
A_Frade _
A_Frade _ 9 日 前
2:10 that didnt age well
Andrew James
Andrew James 9 日 前
Well spoken Stephen Colbert, I really i loved the way he talked in details that's the most interesting part i really love that idea. But he should have just expanciated more on highlighting the citizens have a great knowledge on investing and trading. Cause as a human begin, Making money should be your main priority and number aim in life. Honestly at my early stage of life as when i just got married, Making money was so tough for i and wife cause i lost my job and i wasn't able to satisfy my wife needs anymore. She later made her way by running, and leaving three tenders kids behind. It was so terrible if i may say cause i had to hustle up by cleaning the streets so i could put food on the table for my kids and had to also shelter and cloth them. Early these year before the covid19 out break, I went for a church seminar which i saw on a platform so decided to go. Unknowingly the guest of honor was a woman named Mrs Lyra Holt Dean which i have been hearing for about 7 years now. She talked about Blockchain and Forex which i have always kept saying it is scam and forever it is. So as time went on, i kept on hearing testimony about this same woman how she has made a lot of people rich. As time went on the covid19 issue became serious that the Government had to put the whole country on a total lockdown. Things became more worst cause there was no cashflow due to the governments lockdown, Then i gained interest and decided to sacrifice with a very little amount cause i didn't have much. I reached her at contact@lyraholtdean. com Truly speaking just that first investment made me a very wealthy man and also got me a well nice positioned crib and a brand new car .I was so grateful cause that impacted a lot into my life, I became a very happy man by making a facial smile for my beloved kid. So anywhere i go i feel so glad telling people my story and also getting my fellow citizens motivated .
Professor Left
Professor Left 8 日 前
This humongous lie just for a scam.
rupert parkin
rupert parkin 8 日 前
that was so funny lol
Reza Ima
Reza Ima 8 日 前
Christian Sorensen
Gotta love the canned laughter.
mikkoj1977 9 日 前
Just gotta love Russians! They have the most sick sense of humor in the world!
Александр С
Один из тех, кто должен стоять у стены вместе с путиным и друзьями
We are Anonymous
We are Anonymous 10 日 前
He never showed him tasting oligarch snack😡
M J 10 日 前
Is this staged? They do have lines right?
B F 11 日 前
Funny thing is that people from the US act like this country didn't have the same kind of relationship between billionaires and the State. Elon Musk only exists bacause of NASA. Jeff Bezos's company don't even need to pay taxes. Its ridiculous how the US people is so easily manipulated by ideology.
Dimpho Solo
Dimpho Solo 8 日 前
Almost everywhere in the world money can buy political influence.
Starting Tech
Starting Tech 9 日 前
elon musk made his early millions, then billions from paypal and other companies. nasa had nothing to do with it
T A 12 日 前
0:30 Just like the US?
T A 12 日 前
This dude seems like a lot of fun :D Never seen a billionaire this down to earth ( not that I've seen too many x) )
Insert Name
Insert Name 12 日 前
They kinda left out the part where he sells tons of drugs,deals illegal firearms and launders money all whilst avoiding taxes All jokes aside tho,you see how stone cold he is? Like he got nerves of steel? Imagine what he’s like when he’s angry
AnanthaKrishnan H
I expected the collection of best 'Adiddas' in the world
Werner Raabe
Werner Raabe 12 日 前
you are incompetent
James Bohan
James Bohan 12 日 前
Covid gang
Brakugon 12 日 前
Imagine if Russia and the United States formed into a single country and called themselves The United. Nobody would stand a chance.
Zack x
Zack x 12 日 前
Isn't it funny how back in 2017 when this Russia Collusion hoax was going on that was pegged nonstop by the media, Barack Obama, Joe Biden, and the FBI knew that Hillary Clinton orchestrated this hoax to divert from her email scandal. Bought and paid for by Hillary, and it cost the United States 45 Million dollars and countless hours of media time and took away from investigations that could have helped locate sex trafficked children, terrorists, etc....
Farmanik Das
Farmanik Das 13 日 前
Damien Hai Le Johnson
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Llib Olaffub
Llib Olaffub 13 日 前
What an idiot that Steven. Mocking his own president and praising the Rusians. I think Americans really lost the way.
Kean Andrei
Kean Andrei 13 日 前
He looks like an old Russian version of Mr. Bean
uğur tavel
uğur tavel 14 日 前
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uğur tavel
uğur tavel 14 日 前
tavel.kyani.net -
Wiktor Migaszewski
funny; luckily, in Poland, we do not have oligarchs
v j
v j 15 日 前
00:31 in USA is diffrent? How?
Guru 082
Guru 082 15 日 前
Anyone know where this guy's home is lol. seems like a fun guy would love to meet him.
Bald Manc Twat With A Head Like A Fucking Orange
Yeah, you should show up unannounced and if you don't disappear, tell us how many armed bodyguards he has.
Tori Anon
Tori Anon 15 日 前
I think what he meant to say in the beginning was 'Whereas in America we have to ask the Jews first' 😂
Robert Harvey
Robert Harvey 16 日 前
heartsbyimages.com 👋🏻
Robert Yong
Robert Yong 17 日 前
Oligarch is normal.
Robert Yong
Robert Yong 17 日 前
Wow let's join tinder for oligarchs wow
Ray Ibo
Ray Ibo 18 日 前
when u r American, u r better then anyone!
Ray Ibo
Ray Ibo 18 日 前
Yo, big foot and yeti is real.
San Francisco
San Francisco 18 日 前
Dr. Seuss Sex dungeon. I'm done lol.
Manav Patra
Manav Patra 18 日 前
So we finally found Jiordani's boss who sits at the High Table in John Wick 4!!!... and he is 7'2"!!!
S Tea
S Tea 18 日 前
so obsessed with Trump its tiring. why don't you go to politics if you are so better than him.
Toue D
Toue D 20 日 前
its beautiful though
Toue D
Toue D 20 日 前
This is one of the saddest things on the internet im sorry`
failtolawl 20 日 前
apparently when he ran for president back in 2012 against Putin he got 7.9% of the vote. Only 8% of Russians polled after knew that he was a candidate.
Daniyal Jamal
Daniyal Jamal 21 日 前
Stephen please make my tinder too 😂😂
elibutton 21 日 前
pretty cool
Karina Dauletova
Karina Dauletova 22 日 前
He is such a stupid fox. He can not properly speak English and still has this funny accent ))))
Wetshelo Lohe
Wetshelo Lohe 23 日 前
Stephen looks so fake
Ellis Ford
Ellis Ford 23 日 前
Still can't believe he died
Alexandru Savu
Alexandru Savu 24 日 前
lol bigest yamuka
Vincent Churchill
You should have just stayed there...seriously...No loss for USA!
Elijah Love
Elijah Love 25 日 前
Colbert's reaction to the adult playpen that he could easily buy with money he makes from 10 seconds of a YT clip is pretty funny.
71samrath 25 日 前
You sure you not 8years old - i died laughing!
Dan Alex
Dan Alex 26 日 前
He seems such a nice guy, so down to earth despite everything he has.
Jack Smetak
Jack Smetak 26 日 前
Not even half as funny as Conan O’Brien
Andrew Maingi
Andrew Maingi 27 日 前
Russia is the U.S with less steps😂😂
noonehereanymore 27 日 前
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Acenotation 27 日 前
the late cringe with an unfunny murican change the title of the channel
Maria Nona Grace Datoc
This is the most cool Oligarch I’ve seen...kinda like this kind of Oligarch lol 😂
Ceridwen Schache
Ceridwen Schache 28 日 前
1 minute in and I think Stephen Colbert is a dimwit. Does he really think the US is not exactly the same???
Obsidian Wildfire
Russian week? Americans are weird.
Iman Akbari
Iman Akbari 28 日 前
I seriously googled the guy halfway through to see whether this is a joke or not
Sugar 29 日 前
He wearing Asics man... ASICS
Martin Sabol
Martin Sabol 29 日 前
Only thing I got in common with him is my 2011 Maybach 57s
Warmasti ヶ月 前
Like Russia, USA has oligarchs. They share a common religion
Ceridwen Schache
Ceridwen Schache 21 日 前
@Paul Eccles it's not Christianity...
Paul Eccles
Paul Eccles 27 日 前
@Ceridwen Schache money, the state, Christianity ..
Warmasti 28 日 前
@Ceridwen Schache Too curious there
Ceridwen Schache
Ceridwen Schache 28 日 前
Would you like to suggest what that is? 😆
Supernatural !
Supernatural ! ヶ月 前
"Are you sure you're not a 8 year old boy" He's talking to a 6 foot 8 man😂😂😂
marblesrichard ヶ月 前
Liberal Idiot
DANNYonPC ヶ月 前
love the dry humor
dumbo7429 ヶ月 前
Oligark os and ugly word but accurate.
Psykyk Decay
Psykyk Decay ヶ月 前
Showing how rich is people, capitalist shit.
rightyourwrong ヶ月 前
wtf... why is this happening....
Deep Sleep-PG
Deep Sleep-PG ヶ月 前
This is not funny.
Dularfullur ヶ月 前
If coolness would be milk, this man would be a cow!
I'm a simple gay. I see a bulge, I click.
Nenad Babic
Nenad Babic ヶ月 前
great man totally calmed
Valera Zhrkv
Valera Zhrkv ヶ月 前
“You live the life of an 8 year old boy”😂more like a hitman
A Day with a Russian Billionaire
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