How Olivia Jade and Isabella Rose Are Dealing With Possible Expulsion From USC

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With Lori Loughlin and Mossimo Giannulli embroiled in legal troubles, their daughters' future at USC is uncertain.
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Kei Key
Kei Key 29 日 前
Already full of plastic surgeries
Amanda Worthington
It isn’t that difficult to be accepted into U$C.I toured the Unive$ity of $poiled €hildren. It was like a concrete high school. Their sorority, Krappa Krappa Gramma, snort, sniff, was delusional.
haruto 2 ヶ月 前
felicity's husband literally doesnt care and cool abt his daughters be whatever they want unlike felicity herself
Kathryn Molesa
Kathryn Molesa 3 ヶ月 前
Your mom is a liar and a cheat.
Marc Padilla
Marc Padilla 3 ヶ月 前
Parents are not liable for anything. They'll keep their money at least.
Having Tea With the Devil
I legitimately only feel bad for the qualified applicants who busted their ass their entire academic career, who now didn’t get a spot because of this selfish bitch.
Carla Costa
Carla Costa 5 ヶ月 前
Come on! Quit.being so hard on them. We know rich people have a different set of standards placed on them.
Vicky Wright
Vicky Wright 8 ヶ月 前
I think this might be overexaggerating
D F.
D F. 8 ヶ月 前
They bought their high school diploma too....well Olivia Jade for sure she seems like a real airhead vapid rich party girl.....
Brian Johnson
Brian Johnson 8 ヶ月 前
Kick those kids out. They are 18 and can get a job. Bribery.They all knew about it. I had to work in Saudi Arabia to pay for my USC debt. Too bad spoiled rich kids. Work in the desert for 4 years.
TL Nab
TL Nab 9 ヶ月 前
yes expel them why allow them to stay when someone else took the test for them.
Dario Wirtha
Dario Wirtha 9 ヶ月 前
Not that it matters to them. What's weird is that neither of them look old enough to be in college.
Joan Holliman
Joan Holliman 10 ヶ月 前
ellee schans
ellee schans 年 前
Alright. I just came from tanas video with Shane and I am confused. Can someone explain???
Ashley Renee
Ashley Renee 年 前
Marta Čotić
People if every1 forgave Logan Paul for what he did, I think we can forgive Lori. Also, just wanted every1 to know that people make mistakes and you are making a mistake if you keep saying "THEY SHOULD HAVE BEEN EXPELLED" Just like.....get a life and stop making people feel bad.
Negrita Linda
Troy 8 ヶ月 前
Just as disgusting as a violent crime huh?
Neeyah Park
Neeyah Park 年 前
Can somebody explain what happened ?
Dave Daveson
Dave Daveson 年 前
Honestly they should be executed
Anniefanny Charles
She disgusts me. So self absorbed and cheeky. This is a good slap in the face to wake her up to reality.
pc 年 前
Like they give a shit about college, Go back home, take selfies and be brainless idiots.
Hopeshadows 84
Very broken girl. I feel bad for her. I hope shell mature one day. The part where she says she didnt like herself shows shes def been abused in her past.
Ray Maresh
Ray Maresh 年 前
Why should it bother them. They didn't do anything to get in. If you don't earn something you'll never appreciate it.
meowmeow 年 前
I'm sure rick is the shadiest N#### in the group......probably introduced them the the scheme.
Masha Mitchell
They better be expelled. They had no business being there.
d ́buC
d ́buC 年 前
they should think about how kids that dont have parents without that much rich and fame would get in. seriously u girls..........................a lady who was both blind and deaf graduated from harvard law school, and u girls, living a lavish and luxurious life in bel air are letting ur parents including u get into hot water by letting them find a way to "cheat" you in??
Homegirl has a two-head, not a forehead.
Jim Nesta
Jim Nesta 年 前
But can't you just look at them and see how "special" they are?
Author Gina Interlandi One Life My Life
I hope Lori knows she looks Ridiculous on how She has been Behaving!!! It’s pathetic on her part 100% she is Clueless and Embarrassing to watch!!!
Just Me
Just Me 年 前
Where can I find a rowing model on whose body I can Photoshop my son's ? Looking to get him into Stanford !
Katrina Wilson
I'm pretty I'm rich rich rich I want everything my way what will I do if I hafta take orders imagine going from steak to Spam 😬 and cereal welcome to the real life
Debbie Maligalig
This is not ok. Cheating is the worst. I loved Lori 's hallmark movies it is so sad. My child paid her own way through a lessor known college and was able to obtain a BS certification.
John T
John T 年 前
Two low-class, swines that belong back in the pig pen with the rest of the herd...🐖🐖🐖🐖🐖🐖🐖🐖
Ernie Lara
Ernie Lara 年 前
Boo hoo! no more showing off a priveledge life in public.
Reggie Wagstaff
I’m going to pitch a new reality show - “Privileged and Pathetic”. It will follow the vapid and self-centered lives of rich kids who accomplish nothing by themselves.
xiomana xoxoxo
Lori and Mossimo are really really nice people , he worked his ass off for his career he did hit pay dirt and they became rich beyond their dreams but I feel for their family , you know as parents you try your best and when you have doe sometimes, you don't always make the right decisions with it, hey she's out half a mil, and they have been shamed beyond belief, its going to be a realy life test for them.. Their daughters are beauties, stay strong and stay a close family. Cheating to get into school is NOTHING NEW, HOW ABOUT ALL THE SPORTS GUYS , please its been going on for YEARS. PAYOLA welcome to the REAL WORLD.
helen stokes
helen stokes 年 前
Now they will find out who their friends are who can afford to be papped with them
Dr shit dre s daughter trying to be white hah bleaching herself lol she would never ever come close to Lori s beautiful , smart , stunning , charasmatic beautiful privileged white daughters , hah lmao
Star Lord
Star Lord 年 前
Ha,(Bahamas here I come)stuck up brat.She was giving everything her whole life,now work for something .#SliverSpoon.
Gaming 10
Gaming 10 年 前
She decided it was in best interest to return 🤔...ya think 💭🙄
Sierra Yvonne
I don't feel sorry for them at all.
Jeannie Bean Kartis
Make them and the other parents pay for someone that can't afford college.....
Edgeworthy Economics
Olivia Jade probably doesn't even have the brains to sit through calculus 1
Betty Spaghetti
"Possible Expulsion" What a joke. Don't even bother with college folks. It's all a scam.
Daniel Mendoza
lol later !!
Brianna Saunders
It’s not these girls fault ...... it’s there stupid parents
Ras 年 前
Youre worth a billion. Why the need to lie-cheat
Cory Cloud
Cory Cloud 年 前
Drop them all!! They're all guilty!!
Selma Kelly
Selma Kelly 年 前
Why would they even want to return !! Can you imagine the heckling ??
Effie Yu
Effie Yu 年 前
The daughters Are stupid They could have waited to They became 18 and then followed their carriers! Then They would not have a bad reputation or broke parentes.
Shannon Nishimura
They should expel anyone who gives a crap
Elegant Crime Junkie Hernandez
Olivia is so immature, and acts so entitled and spoiled. They need a reality check..
Jessica Delgado
Jessica Delgado 10 ヶ月 前
Obviously she’s immature! She’s only 19. She’s a kid!
MandyG 年 前
Then don’t cheat your way into college, you idiots!!!! I don’t feel sorry for you, or any of them!!! They should all be booted out of school, unless you “withdraw” to save face. Disgusting, you’ve robbed people that deserved, worked hard for their spot and were denied. Ive busted my ass, have student loans I’ll be paying for the rest of my life most likely. It’s still better than getting something I didn’t earn. This really gets under my skin..
Leo Bugaj
Leo Bugaj 年 前
what a bunch of scumbags, they should be used as an example so that does not happen again
Joc Lourey
Joc Lourey 年 前
finally, privileged people being (kind of) punished like the rest of us :-)
Aoife O'Brien
In all honesty I feel bad for them, yeah what they did was immoral and wrong but the girls were probably pressured into it by their parents when they were young and didn't know better and their parents were probably just trying to do what they thought would be best for their kids. Was it wrong, yes, but they were never trying to hurt anyone or do anything wrong and now the whole world is shaming them and their world is crumbling before them, I think the fallout seems excessive in proportion to the crime.
luiz martinez
Usc university shoddy condom ... Get it Trojan
Ma Ka
Ma Ka 年 前
They knew what mummy was doing. Stop trying to act innocent.
Lex C.
Lex C. 年 前
Rick’s daughter goes to USC as well...I’m sure she deserves her spot as well 🙄🙄🙄
Savannah Vasquez
Damn this girl has a serious glamours life AND she got to go to an amazing school.... and she only went just for the football games and parties. These girls are probably so vein and selfish in their minds they’re thinking “ugh this is so embarrassing why did they do this” “ugh I didn’t even want to go to school why did she do this”
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