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Israel Adesanya didn't see fighting on his radar until he watched Tony Jaa in 'Ong Bak' at the age of 17. From $200K on a presidential Rolex to $500K on his McLaren, find out everything Israel Adesanya spent his first million dollars on as a UFC champion.

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How Israel Adesanya Spent His First $1M in the UFC | My First Million | GQ Sports










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Sammix 10 時間 前
that probably cost me about... 12k... 5k? 15? 150?!!?
Jorge 21 時間 前
I dig Izzy but he's nowhere nere best dressed.
Kasim Abuhamda
You don’t gotta be brought up hard to be tough in a lot of cases... sometimes you can grow up with a easy life and have it well and still have a natural born talent for fighting like Izzy
reyez Jay
reyez Jay 日 前
money is garage .the most expense thing is how to use your time. time is never get back. This man is wise
Stop Playing
Stop Playing 日 前
His father is an accountant so I don’t think he’s going broke
Daramola Martins
I love you bro. #charitywise
Orlando Garza
Orlando Garza 2 日 前
hashfromjc 3 日 前
He fights in the UFC not boxing so this is all the money he has
aaaaaaaaaaaa 3 日 前
Man I really hope he’s got a good accountant, hopefully he’s set later in life
Watch Pronometer
500k Mclaren BEFORE house? Uhhh....
Jonathan van den Berg
bro 40k for your fam and friends lol!!
blat1320 3 日 前
I dont like this guy at all....
YRG Mxlo
YRG Mxlo 2 日 前
To bad😂
ruben r
ruben r 3 日 前
Spends half on a flashy car and only 40k to his family lol not surprised
ruben r
ruben r 2 日 前
@Homer. I’d give my family more than 40k if I had 1 million. Don’t you think your family deserve 1/10th
Homer. 3 日 前
40k is alot of money lol wydm. and after his first milion, not 40k for everyone, ever. (which is still fine imo)
Yonas Asmelash
Yonas Asmelash 4 日 前
I love adesnya he confident without showing off
Tobias Ögren
Tobias Ögren 4 日 前
Looking like a 16 year old...
boy bol
boy bol 4 日 前
good man outside the ring.
hassan mujtabha
hassan mujtabha 5 日 前
india anil kapoor di film chy sara plan a qamar bajwa army cheif leading CBS youtube channel ty 9 11 america bomb blast usama kill planing movie expose 10 years old video check kar k....
Joseph Rivera
Joseph Rivera 6 日 前
Ong bak also got me interested in martial arts but I can’t do martial arts due to medical conditions 😭
Akash Singh
Akash Singh 6 日 前
can u guys get boxers too?
Mario Rivera-Oviedo
Ricky gee
Ricky gee 7 日 前
So his dad is Hannibal Buress! 🤣
💯 he is a Nigerian
Tyo Jerkins
Tyo Jerkins 8 日 前
My other favourite fighter!! Naija Isreal
Filip Zaitsov
Filip Zaitsov 8 日 前
Nothing but mad respect for this guy!
Hawt Slugz
Hawt Slugz 8 日 前
Izzy is the best
Tanush Udyawar
Tanush Udyawar 8 日 前
kinda cool how he used NZD
Channel Z
Channel Z 8 日 前
The Last Stylebender, along with Khabib, are easily the two best fighters, pound for pound in recent MMA history. I just can't get enough of Israel's fights. Always entertaining!
Ezequiel velasco
Everyone here makes garbage money compared to canelos opponents...
RsNutella 9 日 前
4% to family, great dude..
What a waste of money 🤡
YRG Mxlo
YRG Mxlo 2 日 前
Still has more then you will ever see🤡
Noi 9 日 前
guy looks like julio jones
Dicken UrWife
Dicken UrWife 9 日 前
Yes! He spent more on himself 💪👍
YRG Mxlo
YRG Mxlo 2 日 前
I would to tf😂
Toothless Aggression
150k to vacation
Second Sun
Second Sun 9 日 前
Israel, is the biggest down to earth superstar in the whole world. I knew 5 years ago that you would become what you are now, even back then - i knew. Amazing to see that money and fame hasn't changed who you are and how you view the world
kerchele75 9 日 前
Champion one of best MMA fighter. and hamble dude
Leon 9 日 前
Zach Cummings
Zach Cummings 9 日 前
At least he didn’t say he had a ruff and hard childhood, it’s honestly surprising, especially being in the fight business lol
AR 23
AR 23 9 日 前
i found out about this guy today by his fights and his love for manga now this side show that some nice guys can win...i will follow his career all the best
Younes 8 日 前
He have a lot of hater because he like anime but still hes the goat in ufc mw
Tahsin Ahmed
Tahsin Ahmed 9 日 前
8:45 he explained it perfectly well my thoughts exactly
Lionalette Panapa
A fool and his money ...
MRios1128 10 日 前
6:35 so he's a socialist?
Álvaro Morala
Álvaro Morala 10 日 前
So cool that LL Cool J does mma as well as rap
Avi Sharai
Avi Sharai 10 日 前
I hope they will get Khabib in it and interview him, I'm really curious !
Sourish Saha
Sourish Saha 10 日 前
Izzy doesn't do sh*t for charity🤣
Sourish Saha
Sourish Saha 10 日 前
Izzy wouldn't be the top 3 best dressed. Conor sure, Usman maybe but not Izzy
Nicky Cabanillas
Nicky Cabanillas 10 日 前
Lol watch on the wrong hand
jack mayhoff
jack mayhoff 10 日 前
Goes back to Africa to get backs to his roots. Spends 150k lol and then says he does a lot for charity but doesn’t broadcast it. Then proceeds to broadcast everything lol fkn clown
J C 10 日 前
At least he admits he was a privileged kid. I was gonna comment something negative - I can’t. I respect the hustle and now the honesty
Razr Ramon
Razr Ramon 10 日 前
Was gonna say he ripped off on the mclaren but most of it will be taxes
Noé 10 日 前
I would buy a nice flat and the Rest i would invest in crypto, shares.
FullClip 10 日 前
This is how dumb athletes end up broke... Smart one invest it, and idiots spent it on gold chains and other useless trash.
Kurt Tiedemann
Kurt Tiedemann 10 日 前
Makeup team went in on this one.
Pranav Krishna
Pranav Krishna 10 日 前
The difference between how GSP spent his first 1m and how this guy spent his first 1m speaks volumes
Sudstah Gaming
Sudstah Gaming 10 日 前
He only spent 40k on family that ain't that loyal lol but I do like the kid he's humble and clean spoken
Younes 8 日 前
But he dont say he buy them 2 car 1 house
Spencer Touch
Spencer Touch 10 日 前
Realest dude in the UFC period
MarcraM82 10 日 前
as genuine as his American accent.
M C 10 日 前
He's cheap with the family. It would have been nice if he had spent 40k on his vacation and given 150k to his family considering they most likely always supported him.
M C 9 日 前
@Femme Fatale the feminist telling people to shut up. What a shocker.
Femme Fatale
Femme Fatale 10 日 前
His parents have money😒 and don’t tell him how to spend his money
mikeangelo94 10 日 前
How do you spend $150k thinking you spend $14k
Ale 10 日 前
save that money don't spend it...
GR1ND DEER 10 日 前
This how you get a " don't recommend channel"
OFF CODE -V2 11 日 前
Win a million and buys a $500k McLaren....
Bada Bing
Bada Bing 11 日 前
Lol talk about bad investments
James Stansfield
James Stansfield 11 日 前
Adesanya you are the goat in all aspects!!
datboi quan
datboi quan 11 日 前
Make sure I stay broke and stay woke 💪🏾
Ibimina Amachree
Ibimina Amachree 11 日 前
Earned his money the hard way. Nuff respect. Lesson for youths who want good things in life but bent on getting them through kidnappings, ciber crimes, etc.
Ibro Meric
Ibro Meric 11 日 前
Somebody put you together on that 150k Dubai and Nigeria vacation brother.. Be careful with your money and who you trust..
Vonte Mac
Vonte Mac 11 日 前
let the cringe begin
sheloveseze 11 日 前
love this man mentality ❤️
Norwood reaper
Norwood reaper 11 日 前
The first million is probably a majority of their wealth sadly. These stars need to be paid way more than golf, tennis, and baseball stars the way they put their vital organs on the line.
Younes 8 日 前
Izzy make 2M hes 2 last fight hes ufc superstar now
Calm music & Chakra Healing
Israel is definetly my favorite fighter!
Stupendous Sports
He’s changed so much since he won the belt.
I Amnotorious
I Amnotorious 11 日 前
I hear all these luxury expenses but no investments
fartmaster91 11 日 前
I will never understand how people can spend thousands and thousands on something so vain like jewelry
Younes 8 日 前
This is like gold or watch
Myhealand 11 日 前
Its kind of dumb spending that amount on an ugly Mclaren Senna. Those things depreciate too fast. Better be spending on a Ferrari.
MrJamesdryable 11 日 前
FloridaBoi Beats
FloridaBoi Beats 11 日 前
I love you
Ryan Hansen
Ryan Hansen 11 日 前
I wonder how much the steroids cost....
trakkash 11 日 前
lol tf 20k on watching some play?
Zenicul 11 日 前
didn't realize he was a commie haha
Unknown 11 日 前
New Zealand made - Adesanya
AdventureSam 12 日 前
Enrique Lopez
Enrique Lopez 12 日 前
Jajajajja this dude can't have a 200 thousand cause he wants to show of like floy..poor imbecil🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Ben Àttwood
Ben Àttwood 12 日 前
The thumbnail only describes how he spent $723k, I simply must know what the other $177k went on
DMD 12 日 前
Not on a proper house that's for sure
jon c
jon c 12 日 前
love the fact that he invests, such a baller move
jon c
jon c 12 日 前
hopefully robbers arent watching this haha
timthecoolman64 12 日 前
"Stay broke and stay woke" Love that saying! Kia Kaha Izzy. Well done.
GG AQUuz 12 日 前
Bro is humble
nic d
nic d 12 日 前
I'm happy for u man. Take care of yourself and you will be able to help anyone you want too. Good luck.
King 13 日 前
When he fights he don’t look the same as when his dressed up casually, looks like a complete different guy
Matthew Torres
Matthew Torres 13 日 前
Spent it like an ignorant broke person would spend it
Banned by Commie YouTube 5 times b4 this
Every time I see one of these videos I shake my head. Almost All of these talented idiots are going to go broke long term 🤦🏼‍♂️
Christian Caban
Christian Caban 13 日 前
Not one penny invested. Sad.
Bro Fam
Bro Fam 12 日 前
He’s probably learned….
Colonel Infernal
Colonel Infernal 13 日 前
Goofball outfit
Thanks to you bro I'll be forever grateful real goat 💯💯⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️........
Jay_sun 13 日 前
Bro gonna lose that belt to Alex Pereira.
Alexander Jackson
Ong bak best movie ever 🎥
1NemesisFM 13 日 前
He spent his second Million on therapy sessions after losing to Journeyman Jan
LilTurtleNuts Yt
LilTurtleNuts Yt 13 日 前
40k family and 500k on a car?….. my guy 😔
Alex Vasile
Alex Vasile 13 日 前
If I remember correctly, Joe Rogan told Israel on his podcast what "fugazy" means
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