Hideki Matsuyama's CLUTCH playoff eagle to win Sony Open 

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On the first playoff hole at the 2022 Sony Open in Hawaii, Hideki Matsuyama finds the fairway on the par-5 18th hole. Then from 276 yards, into the sun, Matsuyama hits his fairway wood approach to 3 feet. That sets up an eagle to win his eighth PGA TOUR title, and second of the 2021-22 season.
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The Aloha Swing concludes with the Sony Open in Hawaii. 23 players who competed at the Sentry Tournament of Champions will make the trip from Maui to Honolulu. Recent Sony Open winners returning to the tournament include Patton Kizzire (2018), Matt Kuchar (2019) and Cameron Smith (2020). 1996 winner Jim Furyk, who won three times on the PGA TOUR Champions last season, will tee it up on the PGA TOUR for the first time since April 2021. World No. 1-ranked amateur Keita Nakajima is in the field on a sponsor’s exemption and will be hoping to improve on his T28 finish at the ZOZO CHAMPIONSHIP last fall. Meanwhile, 2021 Sony Open champion Kevin Na returns and will be aiming to become the first player to successfully defend the title since Jimmy Walker in 2015.
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I can’t even get it that close with a wedge from 100 yards out. He did it with a 3 wood from 270. Unbelievable.
alex john
alex john 年 前
277 yards - just right 32 inches from the hole with an old M2 15 degree !
@MILEA🔞🔞 what is wrong with you
Michael Collins
That 3 wood was EPIC!
樋口勝次 年 前
Matthew Chapman
I thought he played Cleveland.
Kevyn Keo
Kevyn Keo 年 前
@Matthew Chapman Srixon Iron and Driver and probably the 3 wood is optional. That's depends on the contract being sign, like most Tour players.
Kevyn Keo
Kevyn Keo 年 前
What a start to the 2022 for Hideki M...🤘💪🙌
Conor Dunne
Conor Dunne 年 前
And that is the best 3 wood we will see for some time. He nailed it when he needed to most, that’s pure talent right there. Epic win and so well deserved
Eric Schroeder
Very true. As uber-talented (is that a word, or did I just make one up), these guys don't hit it to 3 feet, with a 3 wood, very often. Adam Scott hit an epic 3 wood last year at the Farmers. I'll see if I can find it.
Cole Gleeson
Cole Gleeson 年 前
It’s impossible to root against Hideki, the combo of talent and humility is unmatched
bmp010 年 前
One of the best shots of the year.
J 年 前
The best in this Situation
brobb1969 年 前
This may be the best par 5 play-off second shot of all time?
ぷぷ 年 前
おめでとう! プレーオフのしびれる場面で、あのスーパーショットは鳥肌が立つくらい感動しました!
takfam07 年 前
My family and I were lucky to be sitting front row in a luxury skybox on the 18th hole at Waialae Golf Course for this one. It was mind-blowing to witness. And I'm not even really a golf fan. (But my parents were with me, and they're avid golfers--they were going nuts!).
riz does stuff
golf fans live for moments like these.. if this can get you excited then maybe you can become a fan too :)
Jak Bayano
Jak Bayano 年 前
Reminds me of when I hit my 3wood last summer, hit it a foot away from the hole though much much closer than Hideki's. The ONLY problem.... it was on the other green wayyyy to the right of us LMAO What a shot Master champ Hideki!!!
Tshaaj Thomas
I could do better than that.
@Tshaaj Thomas you should be on the tour
Tshaaj Thomas
@Damien_Echols I was talking about Jak.
Dylan Campbell
I remember audibly saying “no f***ing way” when he hit that 3 wood. I like to come back here every now and again to witness that beauty.
Eagle Jim
Eagle Jim 年 前
Unbelievable. That was historic.
b4ssfunk3d 年 前
These guys are so amazing at what they do. If you noticed he hit off the tee only 250 yards he sized down his club so he wouldn't overshoot his drive into the bunker in front of him. Then the second shot with the fairway 3 wood was perfection
Takayuki Ishiguro
That fade shot is a legend.
Eric Schroeder
If this guy continues to putt well, he may go on a tear. We'll see. Hopefully he's playing the West Coast Swing.
Giu Dasilva
Giu Dasilva 年 前
What a Shot Hideki!
🗡 jhk22
🗡 jhk22 年 前
Shot of the year, already calling it
coltz89 年 前
As pure as it gets. Unbelievable
Andrew 年 前
Hideki is an absolute beast
Jeff Namhie
Jeff Namhie 年 前
Congrats, Hideki.
Pete W.
Pete W. 年 前
Absolute winner.
What an amazing shot!! I can tell this shot for long time.
yang kevin
yang kevin 年 前
You can tell he is a great golfer just by looking at his head
Peter Brandt
Peter Brandt 年 前
Is the zipper under the hat?..lol
Eric Schroeder
Agreed. Great rotation around the spine on his backswing. So powerful getting through the ball.
riz does stuff
the tan line from his hat?
row naka
row naka 年 前
You're such a lucky...! you experienced that phenomenal shot from Hidiki Matsuyama
bigmaxy07 年 前
What a rush when you don't even know where it went but then hear the crowd
Tony Chen
Tony Chen 年 前
The fact that his second shot was 17mph ball speed faster than his tee shot 😅
David Witthoft
5 wood off the tee, 3 wood approach
Tony Chen
Tony Chen 年 前
I was actually told he hit hybrid. 160 ball speed is almost as fast as my driver 😂
Satoru Takara
Super Hideki is here!!! 🇯🇵Our pride Matsuyama-san and Otani-san.
Takeshi Matsuki
WCGreeny 年 前
Net time you're out on a course, drop a ball on a fairway 272 yards from a hole and imagine stiffing that to 3 feet. These guys play a different game.
riz does stuff
it doesn't happen often even among pros
Jak Bayano
Jak Bayano 年 前
Let's face it. If it was us we would skullf@#% the sheeshnits out of that ball under pressure with everything on the line, playoff and the crowd. ICE IN HIS VEINS Master Champ Hideki.
Waikiki Surfing School
Aloha from Honolulu. Hideki all the other PGA players have taken notice 🙂 Years ago when I lived in Orlando a Tour player was toe to toe with Tiger and he lost on the last hole and he said to me “it’s Tiger what can you do” Even on the PGA level it is intimidating! Hideki golf is fun to watch Thank You 👍
ricardo de guzman
Just Remember Y.E Yang vs Tiger in the Masters so many years back. It's a living testament that Tiger can be tamed.
JGlizzy 年 前
That’s clutch mode!!
daniel reeve
daniel reeve 年 前
he is just awesome to watch
Dustin Martin
3 wood off the hideki. What a beastttt
Shai Hasani
Shai Hasani 年 前
What a shot!
Dan kool
Dan kool 年 前
Clutch, don’t call it a come back 🏌️‍♂️
saemonnosuke 年 前
How many players can swing like Hideki from the 2nd position of the play off ?
Mark Kim
Mark Kim 年 前
This year we will see more 3 woods on part 5!
John 年 前
Love my 3 wood. Although I can only hit it about 170 yards🙁!
ofir Gevirzman
It was funny to see Henley argue with his ball caddy what club to hit . Never see something like that 😂
taretare1111 年 前
Jeffrey Youngblood
If I hit a 3 wood that well I'd never even use a driver. Come to think of it, maybe he shouldn't either. Best 3 wood shot I've ever seen.
Casualguy 939
I use my custom assembled 3w (check my videos of a Cobra 3-4w on an Aldila shaft) off the tee far more often than I use my driver. It's 44" long, 16 degree loft and flies high at about 235-245y. Last round I hit my driver twice so I could fly the hazards at about 250, but didn't miss a fairway all day for the par 4s and 5s. I tell ya, standing on the tee knowing you are going to hit the fairway sure makes the game a lot more fun.
Jeffrey Youngblood
@Casualguy 939 exactly
Max Moir
Max Moir 年 前
such an easy guy to root for
Elliot Clarkson
Rose can point to what Finau can never point to
よよくん 年 前
まーじかっこいいわ なんで止まんのよ
K Zo
K Zo 年 前
He is proud of Japan😎👍🇯🇵
Lon Teff
Lon Teff 年 前
Matsuyama is perfect, except for the lack of tanning on his forehead.
Steve 年 前
The short of the year!
His tan is kinda hilarious. Impressive performance of course.
Lili Coco
Lili Coco 年 前
松山英樹さん⛳☀️ おめでとうございます🏆✨ とっても嬉しい😃💕です。 素晴らしいですね😉😆👍✨
Aussie Golfer
Unbelievable shot
mavallarino 年 前
Why would you need a driver! That accuracy from a 3w... and I’m happy with 15-20yd dispersions.
iGolf 年 前
Fiscally clutch as well
Svenska Golfbanor
My favourite japanese!! Hideki!!
brobb1969 年 前
Jhed Yuzon
Jhed Yuzon 年 前
For some reason the video pauses at the top of his swing
ttyk6899 年 前
Justin Nehls
Justin Nehls 年 前
*Tiger shot*
BBsurfsIB 22
BBsurfsIB 22 年 前
Hideki “ICE”!!!🧊
Eric Schroeder
Here is Adam Scott's 3 wood from last year. I say Matsuyama's is better. Just as close, and under pressure. Cheers. jpvid.net/video/%E3%83%93%E3%83%87%E3%82%AA-hOPtkln2MVg.html
森上昌一 年 前
👊 👏
Joshua King
Joshua King 年 前
I'd be happy with that for a lag putt
Jn336 年 前
Would NEVER have happened w/out Henleys 1+ on the back nine!...what ANOTHER choke job by Henley!!! Sheeesh! ....c'mon man!!! -Johnny Miller
Shawn Erickson
Vrtx Atomyc
Vrtx Atomyc 年 前
Nice me and my dad are going to the open
柿塚瑞紀 年 前
The coolest
Car Ramrod82
Car Ramrod82 年 前
Very Tiger Woods like
乾和夫 年 前
Tiger said ,How about that?
2:01 こんなに日焼けするものなのか・・・
riz does stuff
pro golfers spend most of their time outside.
My wedge's run is longer than is wood cut shot.. lol...
Ozzie Greene
Ozzie Greene 年 前
ricardo de guzman
Just like what Y.E Yang did to Tiger in the Masters as the Upset of the Year.
James PSY
James PSY 年 前
Not impressed. Should have made it on the 2nd shot
Ian Togher
Ian Togher 年 前
Joshua Han
Joshua Han 年 前
That forehead tan tho
Joshua King
Joshua King 年 前
I'd be happy with that for a lag putt