Hideki Matsuyama fires 10-under 62 | Round 4 | AT&T Byron Nelson | 2022 

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In the final round of the 2022 AT&T Byron Nelson, Hideki Matsuyama shot a 10-under 62, getting to 24-under par to end the tournament, finishing in a tie for third.
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The PGA TOUR heads to Texas for the AT&T Byron Nelson. K.H. Lee, who won at TPC Craig Ranch last year for his first PGA TOUR title, returns to defend. Hideki Matsuyama will be competing for the first time since the Masters and will be looking to build on a T14 finish at Augusta. After beating Patrick Cantlay in a playoff to win the RBC Heritage, Jordan Spieth will be hoping to continue where he left off. The American has won twice in his native Texas but has never won the AT&T Byron Nelson. Other names to look out for include Justin Thomas, Xander Schauffele, Tommy Fleetwood, Francesco Molinari, and Bubba Watson.
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RomyRome 年 前
Nobody hit that eagle on 18 as good as Hideki 🔥🔥🔥
CarxCars 年 前
It’s amazing how good these golfers are! It’s really mind blowing!! Also hope everyone have a good day!😄💚
Carter Tran
Carter Tran 年 前
Hope you had a wonderful day man. I used to not watch golf (been playing since 4) But watching these guys hit crazy shot after crazy shot is unbelievable.
Rob 年 前
His pause at the top has decreased from what I remember. His swing looks even better now.
TLRChad 年 前
I was thinking the same thing. His pause, in my opinion, was longer when he won the Masters.
Diamond Geezer
It’s definitely not as long as it used to be, he pauses more with the longer clubs not so much with the wedges nowadays
Christian Vachon
WOW! That was some insanely beautiful ball striking.
SiLo Mixing and Mastering
That final approach shot was disgustingly good
Higty 年 前
I definitely have a confidence to get score +26. These guys are amazing!
B 年 前
At the waste management I saw Matsuyama hit a shot off of desert floor on a slope with his hybrid and he picked it clean and hit it pure into the green from like 240. Still to this day it was the cleanest shot I've seen hit Infront of me.
たく 年 前
For Matsuyama, FW is like PW.
Alexander Jefferies
scoring was absolutely ridiculously good this week. I mean -18 was tied for 17th. Lowest scoring since Sentry at the beginning of the year.
tiubster 年 前
What great golf Hideki has displayed…too easy
Patience Gooner
Makes as many birdies in a round as I do in a whole year
Shawn Mueller
Dynamite player!!
K Zo
K Zo 年 前
Smashing FW🔥🔥🔥🔥
Kazu Sneaky
Kazu Sneaky 年 前
Well, I just had his iron soundgasm. SO GOOD!!
Sopan McFadden
He's in the pocket this year
Huff Huff
Huff Huff 年 前
Dude was feeling it today no dout
Hello My Friend
Viewer: Nice shot! Matsuyama: Madafah'kahh I know it's a good shot!
joe mumma
joe mumma 年 前
i can only imagine the Japanese commentators during this round
fudeuchi 年 前
Haha would ffin luv to hear that!
Jeffrey Smith
One of easier golf courses for these cats. Give them a little room to get their drives in the fairways or even reaching the greens on the drives you expect low scores. But I play professional back in the earlier 90 s and our equipment was not quite the same as today. Now I did play alot of rounds shooting 64 or 65s but I do remember some guys could just light it up with scores of 61 up to 63. So yes these professional are on a whole different level. I say it like this professional like these guys are just on a automatic. So good it's scary.
KeepsitReal 年 前
Best wood player on tour
Stephen D
Stephen D 年 前
This dude is nuts.
Hillbilly Bass Fisherman
thats so awesome to post a 62 on sunday WOW look like my ball striking over weekend i had 1 putt outside of 10 feet
藤井風邪 年 前
That's the Masters Winner
Go!! MatsuyamaSan
Nick L
Nick L 年 前
2:50 amazing
t m
t m 年 前
Alison Burgess
I just went out and tried to pause at the top of my swing and completely missed the ball lol. next tip...
Reggie Mustard
That pause at the top of the swing always throws me off. Its unique at least
まさ 年 前
Essis Arnold
Essis Arnold 年 前
Ça fait longtemps pro. Bon retour
Robert Wieczorek
How many times can you hear 'whadda shot'
Rob 年 前
I rarely hear it when I’m golfing 😂
robert mcgarvy
how do you beat that
Carl Viola
Carl Viola 年 前
You’re welcome, Brooks.
s moon
s moon 年 前
Golf course must be easy
Sopan McFadden
Very true
Steven Hearnden
I don't recognise that as golf. 🤨
riz does stuff
Neil Allison
Neil Allison 年 前
Kh lee and minjee lee brother and sister both win on weekend, no mention by any golf news. Pathetic.
Neil Allison
Neil Allison 年 前
Oops wrong lee
Amit Singh
Amit Singh 年 前
This course was a joke.. there should not be 12 contenders -20
Mike Gillis
Mike Gillis 年 前
These guys are just that insanely good it’s hard to put into words
riz does stuff
why does it matter? they're all playing the same course. it's a fair competition. par is an arbitrary number
Ryan Swanson
Ryan Swanson 年 前
Craig Crawford
How much more boring can this get?
Andrew Jobes
Andrew Jobes 年 前
Andrew Jobes
Andrew Jobes 年 前
have u played a round before?
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