Hideki Matsuyama’s winning highlights from the Sony Open | 2022 

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再生回数 1.3M
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In the final round of the 2022 Sony Open in Hawaii, Hideki Matsuyama erased a five-stroke deficit, carding a 7-under 63 to get to 23-under for the tournament before defeating Russell Henley in a one-hole playoff for his eighth victory of his PGA TOUR career.
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The Aloha Swing concludes with the Sony Open in Hawaii. 23 players who competed at the Sentry Tournament of Champions will make the trip from Maui to Honolulu. Recent Sony Open winners returning to the tournament include Patton Kizzire (2018), Matt Kuchar (2019) and Cameron Smith (2020). 1996 winner Jim Furyk, who won three times on the PGA TOUR Champions last season, will tee it up on the PGA TOUR for the first time since April 2021. World No. 1-ranked amateur Keita Nakajima is in the field on a sponsor’s exemption and will be hoping to improve on his T28 finish at the ZOZO CHAMPIONSHIP last fall. Meanwhile, 2021 Sony Open champion Kevin Na returns and will be aiming to become the first player to successfully defend the title since Jimmy Walker in 2015.
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らいらい 年 前
生きている間にPGAの舞台の勝負処であんな魅せるショットができる日本人を見れて感動です! 夢を見せてくれてありがとう!
ショットの精度がえぐい!!! 18hあのピンに首位争いであれだけ突っ込める精神力もやばい!!!
レイテム 年 前
凄んごいわ 今大会、一回もトップに立ってなかったのにバックナインで怒涛のチャージ、最終ホールで追い付いてプレーオフで勝つなんて、全盛期のタイガーみたいなゴルフですな。。。 しっかし、ずっとトップ走ってて、こんな うっちゃり負けしたらトラウマになるわ(笑)
たく 年 前
プレーオフのセカンドは鳥肌が立った! パットが決まると本当に強い! 今シーズン2勝目おめでとう🎉🍾
Sai Kong
Sai Kong 年 前
Incredible!!! Such an easy guy to cheer for! Humble in victory. The caddie jumping with joy was a priceless moment as well. Will most likely be one of the top 50 shots of the year.
Ryan lex
Ryan lex 年 前
Rigged league lmao
BonzaBurger 年 前
@Ryan lex R U Ok ?
icon27 年 前
Top 50? Top 5 easily
Eric Widder
Eric Widder 年 前
He deserves every bit of it. His swing is my absolute favorite. Crazy tempo.
Đông Tà
Đông Tà 年 前
Wow, four shots behind after tenth, 270 carry to that pin on a par 5 - what a win for my man Hideki!
Azem Bektash
Azem Bektash 年 前
Thanks for the spoiler alert now I don’t need to watch the video
James Dempsey
@Azem Bektash watch the video before reading the comments ya muppet
Alexander Miller
@Azem Bektash The video is literally titled "Hideki Matsuyama's winning highlights from the Sony Open (2022)". So I'm not sure how any comments could have spoiled the outcome for you.
Ryan lex
Ryan lex 年 前
Rigged league lmao
Timothy Park, MBA
What a shot on 18th home....
Maarten Ronteltap
That play-off shot was one of a true champion. Amazing nerve control.
rgt 3rd
rgt 3rd 年 前
And that my friends, is why he's a major champion.. heart, guts and a whole lot of hard work!
Seeyal 年 前
It’s funny because I remember the days he used to have the really abrupt pause at the top. I think butch had him doing that , still the same golf swing for the most part. Hate to see Henley go thru that but matsuyama is special when he has it all going. He is someone that could have one of those special years that no one talks about(2 majors and like 2 or 3 other wins).
Robert Willison
Nailed it
Ryan lex
Ryan lex 年 前
Rigged league lmao
icon27 年 前
And the talent to check up a 270 yard 3 wood off the deck. There are probably a dozen people on the planet who could hit that shot.
fumi1957 年 前
From JAPAN 解説の最後にisao aokiが1983年、ワイアラエのハワイアンオープンで 優勝して以来という言葉に胸が詰まりました。 勝つことはうれしいことですがここホノルル、ハワイで勝つことに大きな意味があると思います 松山選手優勝おめでとうございます。そしてPGAの関係者にも御礼申し上げます。
Congratulations for Hideki! Really this is memorial, since Isao Aoki won the Hawaiian Open on 1983 with the tremendous eagle shot as the first Japanese winner of USPGA.
Brookson DeKoepka
I like this guy,
Ryan lex
Ryan lex 年 前
Rigged league lmao
宮里牧 年 前
Kaz71 年 前
プレーオフのセカンドショットには感動しました おめでとう!!!
Chulhun Chang
That last shot gave me shivers!! What a sick shot
MaxiDo 年 前
Ryan lex
Ryan lex 年 前
Rigged league lmao
Johan Alexandersson
Cant stop watching it on repeat. Insane is the word. In a playoff!
Ben Ramsden-Wood
Just goes to show how important short game and putting in particular is. Great stuff from a great man. Can’t wait to see what he will do this year.
iGolf 年 前
What a star! Great golf from Matsuyama!
Nickarus 年 前
This is one of the guys on tour that can win ANY tournament because of how incredibly good his putting is. He’s well rounded everywhere but man his flat stick is something special.
What a comeback and what a shot in the playoff. I feel bad for Russ but at least he didn’t lose because he tanked. He lost because Hideki came after it and played a brilliant round of golf. Hope this is a prelude to an exciting season.
Tootspogs Forever
this is the most sensible comment I've read so far. people saying he choked is totally absurd and haven't played competitive sports in their lives or watched the whole match. maintaining the aggressiveness and intensity when you have substantial lead in any sport is the hardest thing to do especially in playoff and championship games. Henley played decent and good enough but missed the winning 18th shot - which in my opinion- almost went in. it's the break of the game so to speak! then Hideki made that absolutely awesome gut wrenching 2nd shot for the eagle. Russ can only shake his head at this point.just tip your cap at the winner, which he did gracefully. they are all pros and Matsuyama is a Master's champion last people forget!😀
okolekahuna 年 前
So happy for him. Omedetou Gozaimasu, Hideki San. Otsukare Sama Deshita!
途中5打差やったのにひたひたと追い込みに成功しましたね。ヘンリーも決して悪くないのに遠いパターを先入れされたりみたいな 勝負の綾って感じ。おめでとうございます松山選手!!日本の誇りです。よく阪神淡路大震災の日に希望を与えてもらいました。 まだまだいけるで日本!!!!
Mark Brookes
Mark Brookes 年 前
Are you frigging kidding me 🔥🔥 What a shot incredibly good fully deserved
k-academy 8 ヶ月 前
1年経って、何回見てもかっこいい勝ち方! 2023もHidekiの活躍が楽しみ🎉
Brandon Lerman
I always enjoy watching this tournament more so than the other Hawaiian events. Great Win Hideki.
Ryan lex
Ryan lex 年 前
Rigged league lmao
Jacob Ontiveros
This man is so calm, cool, and collected. Just screams confidence
Stoyan 年 前
Ryan lex
Ryan lex 年 前
Rigged league lmao
That was amazing!! 4 back 8 to play! Those iron shots were so pure down the stretch but to back up with the putts is amazing, but the clutch 270 3 wood off the deck is a shot of a major winner amazing 🤟🤟🤟
Ryan lex
Ryan lex 年 前
Rigged league lmao
hidet05m3 年 前
Congrats on winning the big tournament that lots of Japanese are familiar with ! Sony open in Hawaii☆ Can't wait to seeing your next victory, hopefully next major championship! You made my day!
Douglas DeNunzio
Nice to see Hideki play well and win at the Sony Open!
Dennis 年 前
Russ shot 5 under and STILL lost. Matsuyama is a beast! Congrats Hideki, that 3wood cut was a beauty
AWP76 年 前
Matsuyama has really upped his game, his confidence has gone up big time since winning The Masters. What a shot to win it, awesome! Love Srixon gear btw ⛳🏌️💪🏼
Ryan lex
Ryan lex 年 前
Rigged league lmao
Bubba Watyao
Bubba Watyao 年 前
But that 3fw is Sim 2
AWP76 年 前
@Bubba Watyao yes I know but driver, irons, wedges and ball are Srixon/Cleveland
Higty 年 前
Almost 40 years ago, Aoki won by eagle, and today Hideki wins by eagle. Pretty much impressive!!!
Ryan lex
Ryan lex 年 前
Rigged league lmao
春なのに 年 前
@Ryan lex Are you ok? See a shrink.
Lucas 年 前
Love watching this guy play. Henley must have been a little shaken after seeing Hideki stay the course and play that consistent down the stretch.
Ryan lex
Ryan lex 年 前
Rigged league lmao
Steve 年 前
One of the greatest shot this year! Man, he had a green jacket!
Ryan lex
Ryan lex 年 前
Rigged league lmao
KILL 7 年 前
Bill 年 前
語るね〜w お疲れさん
S'elega-R 年 前
鳥肌たっちゃったよ おめでとうございます㊗️
W.C. Phiri
W.C. Phiri 年 前
Now that last shot will be hard to beat what a way to win. Simply Awesome.
優勝おめでとうございます🎉🎊 ナイスプレーの連続。 素晴らしかったです^_^
素晴らしいフェードショット 素晴らしい8勝目 おめでとう❗️
Truth, Life & Fishing
@Truth, Life & Fishing I’m Japanese. I’m so glad for Matsuyama’s result. But I was disappointed with your comment. You should not mention it here. What we should do here is to celebrate the Matsuyama’s win.
Truth, Life & Fishing
@ダグワドルジ OK. I hope he wins the Masters again.
Jim Cheseborough
@ダグワドルジ What did he say?
lenten gama
lenten gama 年 前
Danger Ranger
This was SO fun to watch live. That 3 wood had me jumping out of my seat.
Ryan lex
Ryan lex 年 前
Rigged league lmao
Danger Ranger
@Ryan lex what?
Philip Carthy
Superb golf ,what a shot to the par five, you could only dream of a shot like that,congratulations
Q nao
Q nao 年 前
パット入ればこの男はマジで無敵ですなー ツアー8勝目おめでとうございます✨
Alex Jones
Alex Jones 年 前
Wow! What a ridiculous shot in the playoff. One of the most clutch shots I’ve ever seen.
Ryan lex
Ryan lex 年 前
Rigged league lmao
Alex Jones
Alex Jones 年 前
@Ryan lex good one
S Pahad
S Pahad 年 前
@Ryan lex everything okay? commenting this on everything lol
Ryan lex
Ryan lex 年 前
@S Pahad it obviously rigged lmao
Rhys K
Rhys K 年 前
He needs some sort off plaque or something like JT got that time he smashed a 3 wood, that shot is just outrageous in a playoff to tap in for eagle. Great stuff Hideki
Ryan lex
Ryan lex 年 前
Rigged league lmao
Owen X
Owen X 年 前
could be too early to say but that last shot is going to be one of the shots of the year.
Not too early lol. I think it'll hold up as the clutchest/best shot of the year.
Andrew Manzano
Easily. 277 yards. Again, 277 YARDS. Play off hole. Four shots back on #10. That shot had a look at being an albatross. That was absolutely clutch and incredible !
Ryan lex
Ryan lex 年 前
Rigged league lmao
ThunderZzz 年 前
What a win!! Go Hideki!!
獅子神 年 前
What a shot Hideki⛳️💪
BANDITyasu 年 前
What a beauty shot 😭😭 I am reminded last year’s shot in ZoZo championship last 3w shot. Think this is also one of the best shot he made it 😆
Ryan lex
Ryan lex 年 前
Rigged league lmao
kick tok
kick tok 年 前
プレーオフのセカンドショット 感動❗
Oqlthorp 年 前
It's frustrating living up north, seeing these incredible courses and knowing the next round of golf I'll play will be in april-may
Jim Cheseborough
Been there done it. I live in VEgas now. (From update NY)
Rich 年 前
I moved to a golf course in Orlando, we play all year! And I'm still a hack!
Ryan lex
Ryan lex 年 前
Rigged league lmao
Eric Widder
Eric Widder 年 前
I'm literally dying. The withdrawal is bad. Shout out from Baltimore.
That 3 wood was one of the greatest shots I have ever seen
Adam Maly
Adam Maly 年 前
Second time this season he's slammed the door shut with an eagle on the final hole. Wow
Ryan lex
Ryan lex 年 前
Rigged league lmao
Barry Macokiner
Damn this man is just pure class
k t
k t 年 前
松山選手 優勝おめでとう あなたは日本の英雄です アメリカのゴルフファンの皆様 松山英樹選手が英語をあまり話さないのは英語を覚える為にアメリカに行った訳ではなくゴルフの試合をする為にアメリカに行ったのです(^^)だから優しくして下さい 松山選手新しい伝説を作って下さい 本当におめでとう
Chris L
Chris L 年 前
Slammed the door with the approach, bolted it with the putter! Great win after being 5 behind.
Ryan lex
Ryan lex 年 前
Rigged league lmao
Yakiniku Man
Yakiniku Man 年 前
森上昌一 年 前
凄い、 素晴らしい〜 👏 💐
Masa Roy
Masa Roy 年 前
日本の至宝!! 松山英樹年間チャンピオンへの1歩に過ぎない
Kitty Doggy
Kitty Doggy 年 前
All of these guys are a class act.
macleryy 年 前
Congratulations!!! Well deserved 👏 🙌 👌 👍
高竹 年 前
Darren Smith
Darren Smith 年 前
Looks like Hideki is getting more and more comfortable in these situations. Can anyone say, Hall of Fame?
D heartfield
D heartfield 年 前
hope we are saying that at the end of the year
keiba dd
keiba dd 年 前
I believe he is pure hero for all of golfer in the globe other than Japanese fun over.
モンパチ 年 前
アジア人最多勝利まで、あと一つ! ホント凄い‼️
Toshi Nakamoto
Absolute chills... This man is cooolllddddd
Rpd Rpd
Rpd Rpd 年 前
Outstanding win!
Jose Ole’
Jose Ole’ 年 前
Truly amazing golf!!
YKSK 年 前
He is the man🔥🔥🔥
Ryan lex
Ryan lex 年 前
Rigged league lmao
瀬尾H 年 前
asano tubasa
asano tubasa 年 前
It's amazing. It's a golf like a tiger in the heyday to catch up with the back nine and win the playoffs with a back nine charge even though I have never been at the top of this tournament. .. .. I've been running at the top all the time, and if he loses so much, he'll be traumatized (laughs).
岩崎一郎 年 前
Josh kahn
Josh kahn 年 前
Absolutely amazing.
Ryan lex
Ryan lex 年 前
Rigged league lmao
hiroluna 年 前
won ton min
won ton min 年 前
Great comeback for the eagle 🏆 ✌ 💪 🏆
saemonnosuke 年 前
Congratulations Hideki ! What a 2nd shot on 18th hole! The day be 1st ranking in the world will come soon!! (Please correct my English if it's wrong . Iwould like to know how to say it correctly.)
D heartfield
D heartfield 年 前
it's better to say " He will be ranked no.1 in the world soon"
らくとぴ 年 前
Jordan Calanchini
I can’t root for this guy enough.
4:15 伝説の2ndショットになったなー 松山アジア人最多の8回目の優勝おめでとう!
JPadmore92 年 前
World class on that playoff hole
人生苦労 年 前
sai18 年 前
Owen Carpenter
Imagine making an eagle in a PGA playoff, unreal
Jim Cheseborough
Really! I know....Love the guy...
Ryan lex
Ryan lex 年 前
Rigged league lmao
直樹 年 前
素晴らしい! 鳥肌が立ちました❣
DubSun33 年 前
Well done Hideki, great iron play. But never seen such flat greens as at this course. Flat flat flat.
Kevyn Keo
Kevyn Keo 年 前
Hideki Bomb 💣 that Sim2 wood 270 yards n Eagle it to win it...🙌💪🤘
プレーオフのセカンドショット マジで何回見ても鳥肌が立つ(笑)
joefnd 年 前
Henley lacked the experience to close the door leading by a decent margin. He totally had this. Well, lesson learnt and on to the next. What a shot by Hideki though. GG.
Gary K
Gary K 年 前
You know he's won three times before, right?
joefnd 年 前
@Gary K yeah, but not on the big stage, especially compared to Hideki's experience.
BigLazy 年 前
Hideki Matsui!!
H 年 前
That 277 yd 3 wood was one for the ages. Henrik Stenson would be proud.....
自転車 犬
あいゆー 年 前
Congratulations 👏👏👏
kn 年 前
最高だ 強すぎる 知り合いのプロが言ってたけど松山の3wは他のプロのアプローチの感覚らしいよ
Darrick Lee
Darrick Lee 年 前
He is a samurai with golf clubs in his hands
A. Bar
A. Bar 年 前
i was the spotter for hole 8, was really cool to see him play in person
Great work 👏
松山、おめでとう🎉 さすがマスターズチャンピオン!
Eric L
Eric L 年 前
Pure ball striker
Golf is Hard: Par 3 DISASTERS