Here's Why the 2020 Porsche Taycan Is the Best Modern Porsche

Doug DeMuro
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The 2020 Porsche Taycan is the best new Porsche -- and one of the most important cars of the year. Today I'm reviewing the Taycan to show you all around it, and show you all of its quirks and features. Then I'm going to drive the Porsche Taycan Turbo S, to show you how it performs on the road.
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Doug DeMuro
Doug DeMuro ヶ月 前
Welcome to Dougcember!
Darkfire055 A
Darkfire055 A 7 日 前
Doug DeMuro why do you not get a fade it’s a hire cut
Rammit Immah Asshoool
Doug DeMuro shut up Doug
Findley NJ
Findley NJ 11 日 前
Gilbert Mubita
Gilbert Mubita 3 時間 前
who else wanted to see the camera being washed...? 22:40
FlintStonedKid810 4 時間 前
Bob K.
Bob K. 8 時間 前
You came here to see 28:17. You're WELCOME
lmaxmai 9 時間 前
I tend to disagree with you on the naming and I say that as someone who strongly disregards or I should write disagrees with the internet "culture" of the sensationalist and grandstanding kind. If you have the attention to notice a panel which seems to be interrupting with the interior build quality, which, the attention I mean, is a trait that I personally appreciate, in case it is not actually a durable material and in case there is no technical explanation or one pertaining to safety for said panel not being covered, then I would also expect a more nuanced view in regards to the naming. I do not intend this to come across as a lecture but regarding the Chevrolet Avalanche that you mention, the "Avalanche" is the model name. In this case, in their tradition, "Taycan" is the rather graceful model name while "turbo" obviously derives from turbocharged, which then again should mean that there is a turbocharger present. I acknowledge that a larger capacity, perhaps higher performance and or additional accumulator can be interpreted as providing a "turbine" to the vehicle's charging. Though at the same time I think that it is not unreasonable to see this adaptation, which may also have been intended to ease the switch from the charms but also the relatively widely acknowledged challenges of a combustion engine, especially if it was an intentional marketing tactic, as capricious to a certain degree or at least as debatable. In regards to the examples of model names with numbers not or not accurately representing the abilities of their engines that you mention, I would think that these could be seen critically too. This really is not meant to impose anything or to impair creativity but to acknowledge that the purchase of a vehicle is not something ordinary for most and in this case it is something relatively expensive. There also lies a responsibility in the hands of such a large company. Is it out of the question to have named the base model the "Taycan", the balanced intermediate model the "Taycan M" and the highest performing model the "Taycan S" or would that then have clashed with clothing size conventions? Heh. Aside from this, from a visual point of view and acknowledging that this would have turned the general production vehicle impractical, I actually tend to prefer the bolder shape of the concept vehicle.
Gary .S
Gary .S 9 時間 前
Doug slides his finger to open the charging port...then secretly smells it and gives it a score.
Zacarious Foster
Zacarious Foster 14 時間 前
I'm no good I'll paint it maron and put in 26in rims
ohio player1177
ohio player1177 14 時間 前
Beautiful car. Thing is that now i can wait 10 years and afford most Porsche. But in 10 years all that tech will be broken with no parts, obsolete, or have a completely dead battery that cost 20,000 to replace. Engines can sit for 50 years and with a few days of TLC run like new. Batteries go bad if they are used or if they sit for that long.
bruintoo 14 時間 前
That is such a cheap climate control system for the rear passengers considering it is a $150K car. The I-PACE has more sophisticated rear controls at half the price.
Omry Tzabbar
Omry Tzabbar 14 時間 前
Idk man, Roadster is much more impressive, has much better stats than this car
David Pepiton
David Pepiton 16 時間 前
I've never had my model s go over 290 miles and that was mostly driving downhill as well.
M.R 18 時間 前
All the guys who are going to disable the sensors in the spoiler so that it stays up all the time... oh no..
Samsonite801 18 時間 前
Yeah these new fast electric cars are such sleepers too, when I drove my brother's Tesla on Ludicrous Mode, not only does it make the hair stand up on your head (on a dead stop full pedal launch), but it is so completely quiet it is very eerie, for someone coming from the old hot rod days of loud V8's with lumpy idle cams... To think that a car could be so fast from a launch without having traction issues and no noise. They almost need like a racing engine sound which could play an engine sound effect in the stereo system to simulate engine racket as you're racing around the track... Maybe someday electric cars will have exhaust trumpets on the back to simulate different kinds of engine sounds and it will just be a novelty hehe (like an aftermarket bolt-on or something)...
martin barlow
martin barlow 19 時間 前
What a plonker! 192 miles range is exciting? If you drive like Miss Daisy. Ok for a track day.
taranTula leGos
taranTula leGos 19 時間 前
I remember remote control cars that had a “turbo” setting, which just makes the motor go faster. The Rc car of course doesn’t literal have a turbo. Same kinda deal. In fact, I didn’t even know what a turbo was until fast and furious and the whole tuning scene. I just assumed it meant fast
Kaiser Rune
Kaiser Rune 20 時間 前
Me: hey my fancy buttons on screen for my everything doesn’t work how much would cost to fix it? Porsche: Hahahahhaha
taschenonkel 20 時間 前
It is called Taikaahn because that's the German name of it and how you pronounce it in German. You'd expect non-English speakers to properly pronounce your English names as well. It's New York and not Neff jork.
Thomas Estwick
Thomas Estwick 23 時間 前
The team really did a great job encapsulating the presence of an EV with the beauty of the Porsche design language. I love it.
Melvin Diaz
Melvin Diaz 日 前
Pile of garbage car. Where is the mechanics to fixed? How much per hour labor? How much the maintenance? Not better one ferrari and still more power and luxury fir this price?
Marc Van den Bosch
Nicola Benigni
the electric sound is amazing and i imagine that it makes driving more fun
Solo1one 日 前
29:02 carefully avoids saying "ludicrous". 😏
William Sanderson
31:50 omg it's a ghost from Halo
- Luiz
- Luiz 日 前
That dashboard is the coolest digital one I've ever seen, and I'm a huge analog fanboy.
remytv 日 前
The ultimate ricer, turbo badge on a non-turbo car
Brent Young
Brent Young 日 前
Ah, the electric charge port...can’t wait for the day my battery is dead and can’t even open the port to charge it.
winston cat
winston cat 日 前
Interior looks awful. The screen, controlling a screen, is Aston Martin Lagonda type "innovation". Take a look at a review of one. They didn't age well. This is genuinely horrible. Why would you buy one? A Tesla S, conceived in 2013, is still 100's of times better thought out. How could Porsche make so many stupid, obvious mistakes? How?
Alex Kasicki
Alex Kasicki 日 前
You should do a video on the mustang Mach e at Lake Elsinore ford I work there and I have a video of the Mach e on my page. We’d love to have you review a car here doug
Some Guy
Some Guy 日 前
Another car the overwhelming majority of cannot afford. ZZzzZZzzZZzzZZzz…. Wheels look like aftermarket cheapos.
Fabiz 日 前
28:18 when she gives you mad head
FuzzyVuzey 日 前
6:26 jpvid.net/video/%E3%83%93%E3%83%87%E3%82%AA-_0Y0vFOsVIA.html
Frank deluca
Frank deluca 日 前
Taycan??? idiots over there. Why not "Testickle" or "Shlomo"? How about DeMuro??? much better but than it would be annoying to hear it run. Oh yea, front end looks like a vette.
NASAgoldeneye 2 日 前
way too ugly
Tadeáš Baier
Tadeáš Baier 2 日 前
You should review Audi E-tron !
djloco3000 2 日 前
D.E.B. B
D.E.B. B 2 日 前
Like so many others, the steering wheel spokes force you to use a 10/2, 8/4 or 7/5 hand position, so no thanks. The big spokes are right at 9/3, right where your hands should be. Surprising that a performance manufacturer chose to do this.
wow amazing car, but the range is just not ready, there needs to be new battery technology or new cities that enable charging on the street while your driving. but this car really does seem like the future, especially when he put it in that electric sports sound. it sounds like a sci-fi movie. or the Jetsons. I just want to be able to try it and feel that off the line acceleration.
Lucas B
Lucas B 2 日 前
those screens actually seem kind of dangerous, with a regular climate adjustment or knob, you can feel where the thing is and you can still look at the road, with this shit, they are basically forcing you to take your eyes off the road to adjust things in your car
Abdullah Asif
Abdullah Asif 2 日 前
It looks better than Tesla but not better than Tesla.
Ziggi Mon
Ziggi Mon 2 日 前
Tesla is a cult for intellectually challenged people. Taycan is for ordinary people, who have brains and money.
Karl 2 日 前
Closest you'll ever get to an avalanche is at DQ😂
Why move gear level to the top? Well, the the answer is ... (highly anticipating) ... "cup holder" Lol. Awe.....some !
Quinn F
Quinn F 2 日 前
Am I the only one who likes the sport sound? Because man, that screams the future is here and I love it
only1ss2 2 日 前
🤣🤣🤣 that's the stupiditist thing I've ever heard. Whew!!! 🤣🤣👍🏾
1. If the only physical volume button is on the steering wheel, that encourages the driver to do what? Keep their hands on the wheel, instead of using the touch screen 2. The "incredibly redundant" lower screen that controls the upper screen does what? Allows the driver to keep their arm leaning on the armrest while also controlling the upper screen and lower screen. I love Doug and his videos but hes pretty fucking stupid lmao
Rob C.
Rob C. 2 日 前
I'm the Screen, disguised as a Screen, controlling ANOTHER Screen!
RegulateZX 2 日 前
This guy is hilarious 😂
Joao Paulo Pinto
It's better because it is made by Germany.
Danijel Bratina
Danijel Bratina 2 日 前
The best Porsche with such amazing racing history doesn't match a tesla S in any parameter, except maybe for short dick tratment.
František Kvintus
Havent americans figured out that if somebody tries to kidnap you and put you in the trunk, then they may actually have deactivated the interior trunk release? Oh wait no. They are also dumd, do it may work :D
Bestof Anime
Bestof Anime 3 日 前
a tesla with a porsche badge Lel
Arjay Martin
Arjay Martin 3 日 前
quiet cars = dangerous cars to pedestrians
MrSpuzzz 3 日 前
Another possible reason to turn off recuperation/regen braking: icy conditions.
Ric Meyers
Ric Meyers 3 日 前
Doug says to just get used to it, but it's still retarded to call a car a "Turbo" if it's not. Doug is thre type of poser who wore the cheesy "Turbo" sunglasses back in the 80's because he looked cool while driving his Chevette.
mshrewsbury11 3 日 前
This is where Porsche fails...I have a Cayenne, love Porsche and hope to get my dream 911 one day however this car is not a winner. Not elegant and not as quick as a Tesla. We'll see this disappear in 3-5yrs...
xIAMDAVEx 3 日 前
too bad it actually only has 200 mile range.
Lou E
Lou E 3 日 前
Title says best modern Porsche. It doesn’t say best electric car. That title belongs to the Tesla Model 3 Perofrmance.
Kripto 3 日 前
How do you charge your Porsche when it's empty and the sensor is off
Slayer1443 3 日 前
Any one who doesnt know cars is gunna see turbo an think it has turbos doug an from porche sorry but Id expect some more from a company like that.