Here's Why the 2020 Porsche Taycan Is the Best Modern Porsche

Doug DeMuro
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The 2020 Porsche Taycan is the best new Porsche -- and one of the most important cars of the year. Today I'm reviewing the Taycan to show you all around it, and show you all of its quirks and features. Then I'm going to drive the Porsche Taycan Turbo S, to show you how it performs on the road.
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Doug DeMuro
Doug DeMuro 6 ヶ月 前
Welcome to Dougcember!
Niraj Rao
Niraj Rao 6 日 前
Niraj Rao
Niraj Rao 6 日 前
Katai Chanda
Katai Chanda 13 日 前
@Karls Abenteuer the vibration trick is very clever. It should not have been left out.
Katai Chanda
Katai Chanda 13 日 前
Doug your reviews are realistic and informative. Keep it up. 👍🏾
Kim Griffiths
Kim Griffiths 27 日 前
@A Light This argument erupts every time I open the shade on our full length sunroof.. : Husband : We're going to fry, close the bloody blind! Me: No, it just let's light in not heat, shut up I've gone round this roundabout Twice now Husband : Well, you shouldn't have bought a car with a glass roof. Me : Okay, I'll open it and we can have some fresh air. Husband : Totally freaks out! So, as much as I love my glass roof, I accept that for some people it would be a deal breaker (or grounds for a divorce)!
Jordan Goldbach
Jordan Goldbach 13 時間 前
Im not gonna lie I was waiting for an exhaust note for like 3 seconds and then was extremely disappointed in myself
I Am SilenCe
I Am SilenCe 16 時間 前
it sucks that such a beautiful car ends as a money pit......
Tom Smith
Tom Smith 16 時間 前
One thing i dont get is, why the huge glass roof? Wouldnt it weigh less if it had no glass? 🤷‍♂️ would be even faster
dany jose
dany jose 18 時間 前
Which car has a doug score or of 10 for comfort?
Vincent Vv
Vincent Vv 19 時間 前
28:20 when you nut and she keeps sucking
Everything Biking
Couldn't show us the backup camera being washed huh? smh
Chuck Sterbunny
Waiting for Doug’s short to get snagged on the charge port sensor thingy.
SunnyD 日 前
4:46 Kids channel 😳
Ken J
Ken J 日 前
Just viewed a Rich Rebuilds video and he looked over what must be the first wrecked Tacon. So can one judge the success of the vehicle , well there is at least one known wrecked one on the market and oh according to Rich, the owner wrecked it in less than 36 hours of owning it. So yeah I think Porche has a winner. Oh and I even saw one in Dumpy Tucson Arizona.
Nisco Racing
Nisco Racing 日 前
31:33 it handles tremendously well.. 6/10.
Jacob Hunter
Jacob Hunter 日 前
you can control the top screen with the touchpad so that you don't dirty it with fingerprints and make it harder to see in certain lighting
Andras Ora
Andras Ora 日 前
Haha wonder if people want to slide there finger on that thingy to open up the charging port after driving in rain for hours :)
kishan palikhe
it have 2 changing port
Jack of Blades
Jack of Blades 2 日 前
I really like it. I think it deserves top place on that listing
Mijagi1976 2 日 前
This is nothing. Yugo would beat this car easily.
JB Nitpou
JB Nitpou 3 日 前
Doug, you’re the best … you’ve understood everything in the automotive world in the coming years. This should be the norm among the car reviewer but many of your colleagues have not yet understood. 👍
Максим Скляр
The reason for controlling the screen from another screen is the most obvious in the world: it can save you a few days of your life by making you clean the fingerprints off only one screen.
Ambreen 4 日 前
Doug demuro you made a mistake for lock and unlock you pressed the opposite buttons
I watch Dougs video so that I can laugh on him and read the comments on him.
Sandy Miller
Sandy Miller 4 日 前
Tesla: 0-60 3.5 sec Porsche : hold my lithium ion
UXU 4 日 前
I thought it was own by tesla, actually it really looks like tesla roadster
Shayne Biggs
Shayne Biggs 5 日 前
Doug the type of guy to always wear a second t-shirt in case there is ever a shart-mergency that requires a quick clean up
Erik Zamora
Erik Zamora 2 日 前
Da fuq
Abraxas Tulammo
Abraxas Tulammo 5 日 前
Can't you just swipe the volume?
alex abrahamian
alex abrahamian 5 日 前
these new cars with the ac vents you change thru the information screen is trash. if a person gets in it to drive that’s not their car, they will be confused how to use it
Noodles 5 日 前
Sports mode sounds like pinball on Windows XP
Oxi Clean
Oxi Clean 6 日 前
I think it would be great if doug could put timestamps for different parts of the video in his videos
M. E.
M. E. 6 日 前
this is a thing of beauty
Person 6 日 前
Tesla watch and learn
Andrei Spiridon
Andrei Spiridon 6 日 前
Doug type of guy to point out the turbo in the turbo s
Donovan Shea
Donovan Shea 7 日 前
I wanna see a sportier coupe version
GuanZe Liew
GuanZe Liew 7 日 前
Is it the Turbo S version!? *YES IT IS!!! I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!!!😍*
El Chapo
El Chapo 7 日 前
13:53 over Los Angeles
Chased _Away
Chased _Away 8 日 前
Am I the only one who still thinks a Tesla model x looks better than this??? This looks ugly to me....
chaitram itwaru
chaitram itwaru 8 日 前
Looks like a dodge charger tbh
28:45 ha ha my old friend always tells a story (that I am certain is an old dudes tale) claiming that they would place money on the mirror and let you have it if you can grab it during launch. Yea BS but I wonder if its difficult in this car? lol
Turbo badge is garbage... I just think it is tacky asf. I might would let it slide if it had said "turbine" or something. Why not call it Taycan SUPERCHARGED????? WTFFFFFFFFF Its a sweet arse ride... as an automotive tech its taken me some warming up to but I am starting to get on board with a feasible electric car... not so much for the environment but TURNIN' THOSE ANGRY PIXIES INTO SWEET SWEET HP & TORQUE. volume and power/mute controls should ALWAYS be on a knob in a car... the buttons suck physical or digital either way. I have no problem with digtal/screen controls BUT wtf with the vent controls??? lol perfect german enginerding. I like technology as much as the next guy but please take an Occam's Razor approach to things. I have always hated power seats and those automated hatches on cars... the damn thing takes wayy too long to open up, you could just open and close it and be done by the time the dang door gets done doing it's woopty woo.
Ivan Maras
Ivan Maras 8 日 前
You gotta love that exaust note😂
Knights Templar
Knights Templar 8 日 前
Ugh that red interior 🤮
Daniel the Hardtailer
Douggg!! Looove the videos! Please do think about aking a video compiled purely of the momemts you floored many cars, that would be thr best, especially in lockdown!
mrbarbwire 8 日 前
My 2017 BMWi3 has the nav feature that will show a hi lighted area of the car"s range. we think Doug is great !!
Denis Zhuravlev
Denis Zhuravlev 9 日 前
Can't you just tap and hold for the volume? I´m sure it works that way 2nd thing: it is just ergonomically easier to control the upper screen with the lower one while driving and if you can give that comfort with the software why would any smart person critisize the extra function? Looks like it´s not the porsche that puts things upside down but Doug
Swarnendu Pal
Swarnendu Pal 9 日 前
Just Het
Down Shifts
Down Shifts 9 日 前
Fcccccck that exhaust thing got me 😂😂😂😂
Down Shifts
Down Shifts 9 日 前
Loooool that avalanche thing. Doug is crazy as hell 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Tesla S is much better than this car. Price tag for this one is $180,000. Are you kidding me??
Sumit Kapur
Sumit Kapur 9 日 前
To be honest this looks bland in front of the concept version. Like yes it looks nice but just nice like the panamera. Not flashy. But the concept looked sick, even for a lambo or Ferrari. But I feel like the designers at Porsche were like, no this looks too nice and presents way to much value for money in terms of looks for what you are getting. less ruin it in some way and take the extremeness out of it. You can disagree with me but that thing looks better than a lot of cars, on par with 488 pista and aventador. And the interior looks way better. I don't know why people like Ferrari and lamborghini interiors. They look cheap and plastic y especially lamborghini, ugliest interiors of any car.
George Esteve
George Esteve 9 日 前
Nothing about back seat comfort. Looks like it's pretty tight. Any comments?
Muhammed A
Muhammed A 9 日 前
sub to my channel or i will delete your roblox account jpvid.net/show-UCCjr2jH4l03Oq06Rqof4vdQfeatured
Stigs stupid cousin
touch screen are ugly,. it left smudge and for me its really2 bothering..
Lorenzo Galicia
Lorenzo Galicia 10 日 前
I love the innovation Porsche is bringing to the game. Every aspect, even the ones found redundant.
Steve Jobs
Steve Jobs 10 日 前
Doug Is The Type Of Guy Who Wipes The Toilet Paper With His Ass..
Dave D'Video Maker
The Porsche Taycan is more of a weekend car.
Jairus Hamor
Jairus Hamor 10 日 前
Who's here after watching the bill gates interview?
sandeep rawat
sandeep rawat 10 日 前
Always shows the car at a wrong angle in the thumbnail
Taras Shulhan
Taras Shulhan 10 日 前
lmao sport sound sounds like the Amsterdam subway train
ravi partap
ravi partap 10 日 前
Look similar to supra
Kelly In LA
Kelly In LA 10 日 前
My friend just brought his new one by... 💗💗💗
Call me Ultimate-Roblox
The way he says “Taycan”. XD
shroom 11 日 前
I really love porsche for making the car stop people from growing their egos with a spoiler that is continuous opened. My opinion is that only small dicked people do this.
James T Byrne
James T Byrne 11 日 前
Is there another screen in front of the right front passenger?
Jeffrey Bohémier
Great looking car....a gazzillion miles ahead of anything Tesla builds, BUT...like Tesla, DUMP ALL THOSE CRAPPY SCREENS AND INSTALL REAL GUAGES, BUTTONS, AND KNOBS!!! And sorry Doug, but considering that the word “TURBO” already has a very specific meaning in the automotive world, Porsche was most definitely WRONG to use that word as a descriptor or a car that isn’t turbo charged. It’s like car companies trying to pass off 4 door vehicles as being COUPES when they know they’re really sedans. Doug, we don’t have to just settle for Porsche’s blunders. There’s far more of us than there are of you. So YOU can tell Porsche that in this case (and I don’t say this very often), ELON MUSK IS RIGHT. It’s a stupid name on an otherwise good car. As far as Chevy using Avalanche, that’s fine, because that’s not a word already associated with something in the car world. We use horse power in the car world too, but everyone knows there’s not 500 horses underneath the hood of a car. But if a manufacturer called their new car the “Horse Power” they could expect to get a lot of flack, because that term ALREADY HAS A SPECIFIC MEANING.
Michael _5.0
Michael _5.0 11 日 前
anyone else think the prototype looked better
Anniisshey 11 日 前
i feel poor
Frank ORourke
Frank ORourke 12 日 前
Tesla rules porsche drools
wufei chang
wufei chang 12 日 前
That hand motion to open the charge port can be used to open something else ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
G G 12 日 前
Touch screen, full of finger prints, dust. Just horrible 😂
Elijah W
Elijah W 12 日 前
Elijah W
Elijah W 12 日 前
Doug is the kind of guy to use cold water in a sauna
Iain hall
Iain hall 12 日 前
This car is funny compared to the 2nd gen roadsters if anyone ever gets to see it.
Frank White
Frank White 12 日 前
32:35 - Doug driving around in a ultra rare brand new Taycan, and getting his eyes and mind caught on to a 80's 5 door Range Rover Classic. Only car guy Taycan drivers would come close to doing something like that xD
Armaani Yeet
Armaani Yeet 12 日 前
How do you enter the engine bay
Goat Mania
Goat Mania 12 日 前
Supra would still beat it
Katai Chanda
Katai Chanda 13 日 前
True. As much as I love Tesla, Porsche is the better looking car inside out.
OhOneNine 13 日 前
I'll keep my flat-6 Porsche, thanks.
Eskay1206 13 日 前
Doug is the type of guy that thinks "Genitalia" is an Italian Airline
Eskay1206 13 日 前
The door handles are amazing, they have managed to make handles like they have done for THE PAST FORTY YEARS
Igor X
Igor X 13 日 前
LOL what has happened to Doug between 3:50 - 31:09 ? Passing all the cars, objects in the side mirror keep flying by faster and faster, and then he catches himself! That was pretty funny! jpvid.net/video/%E3%83%93%E3%83%87%E3%82%AA-0vq6KEOIiMg.html
Dominic Millstrunnell
When are you going to review the Tesla model s performance raven?
PNAKOAO 13 日 前
I'd rather have this than some hipster tesla
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