hatsune miku songs to feel old and nostalgic to | 2007-2011 | a playlist

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hatsune miku songs from 2007-2011 that aged like fine wine and just like wine you can't get enough of them
we all wish to go back to the good old days, so here's a nostalgic trip to your weeb days. because we all wanna relive those moments again. and if you didn't listen to vocaloid back then, now you did. sorry i don't make the rules or the false memories.
also i accidentally put odds&ends there as i was originally thinking of also including 2012 songs but changed my mind in the middle of editing, oop
the title will remain the same, just think of the song as a bonus
art by 拉luna
pixiv: www.pixiv.net/users/21164253
time stamps:
00:00:00 hello how are you - hoehoe P
00:04:49 the MMORPG addict's anthem - TENKOMORI
00:09:38 pinky swear - scop
00:12:20 melt - ryo
00:16:39 rolling girl - wowaka
00:19:50 the disappearance of hatsune miku - cosmo@bousou P
00:24:39 world is mine - ryo
00:28:52 odds&ends - ryo
00:34:24 love is war - ryo
00:38:22 starduster - jimmythumb P
00:43:22 can't i even dream - fumii
00:46:13 secret police - buriru P
00:49:43 romeo and cinderella - doriko
00:54:22 rotten girl grotesque romance - machigerita P
00:58:35 kimi no taion - kuwagata P
01:02:41 two-faced lovers - wowaka
01:05:46 1/6 out of gravity - vocaliod P
01:10:11 deep sea girl - yuuyu P
01:13:44 karakuri pierrot - 40mP
01:18:29 we are pop candy - runo
01:22:02 last night good night - kz
01:28:24 from y to y - jimmythumb P










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lilgaymikecchi 2 ヶ月 前
for a video that i thought would be my first and last, thank you for finding your way here! letting you know that this was originally meant for my friend to get to know and listen to the early days of miku, so i'm sorry for any mistakes and i will edit and correct any that are possible to honestly didn't even expect for anyone to find this, let alone get this popular, since for a good 3 months after uploading the views were stuck at under 100 anyway another horrid playlist has been uploaded, so is there any songs, themes or genres you would like to hear in future playlists?
iiCherry 17 日 前
cyber songman songs that make you feel like you're in a modern-day fighting game
zztl9 21 日 前
more of these old songs please, thanks
Lynh Nguyen
Lynh Nguyen ヶ月 前
Remember back then I had a notebook with like hundreds songs of her all written in there, every details. It was when I was at Grade 6 now Im in second year of University XD
galadra plummer
galadra plummer ヶ月 前
def more vocaloid themed playlists!! i havent seen any others like your channel, and itd be lovely to see more!!
Bob Berry
Bob Berry ヶ月 前
maybe a playlist with songs from deceased producers to pay respects to them?
akabanies 3 時間 前
i became apart of the vocaloid fandom when i was 8 and havent listened to these songs in years. len was and still is my favorite vocaloid. the song melt is really special to me because i listened to it whenever i had a bad day and i felt like crying. it would always cheer me up. i am now 14 and i've been in this fandom for 6 years. this makes me remember the fun times i had watching mmd videos haha :')
Queerios 4 時間 前
Pinky swear brings back so much nostalgia. "Cheese salami" was the joke of the year when i found the song. Edit: i cried the SECOND i heard that special piano in the beginning of rolling girl, the song that has a special place in my heart. Also I felt like the girl in her bedroom singing along to vocaloid, in elementary school. (i was actually good at singing and still am pretty good)
FriendlySealStudio 9 時間 前
i haven't listened to vocaloid for like 5 years so this really brings back emotional old memories
saiki kusuo • 8 years ago
Amelia HOLMES 16 時間 前
Timestamps because I haven't found one yet :D Hello How Are You: 0:00 The MMORPG Addict's Anthem: 4:50 Pinky Swear: 9:40 Melt: 12:21 Rolling Girl: 16:40 The Disappearance of Hatsune Miku: 19:53 World Is Mine: 24:42 Odds & Ends: 28:54 Love Is War: 34:30 Starduster: 38:38 Can't I Even Dream: 43:24 Secret Police: 46:15 Romeo And Cinderella: 49:45 Rotten Girl Grotesque Romance: 54:24 Kimi No Taion: 58:38 Two-Faced Lovers: 1:02:44 1/6 Out of Gravity: 1:05:48 Deep Sea Girl: 1:10:13 Karakuri Pierrot: 1:13:45 We Are Pop Candy: 1:18:30 Last Night Good Night: 1:22:03 From Y to Y: 1:28:26 Here you go! This playlist is awesome, makes me feel nostalgic for the good old days before all the drama of High School and everyone started hating each other. These songs remind me of so many good times with friends and family, back when everything was less complicated, when we could be ourselves without judgement. That is what is great about this playlist, just listening to these songs again makes you feel young once more. And so I thank you for that. Have a wonderful day everyone, and remember, there is always someone out there who loves you.
Emmy Sandoval
Emmy Sandoval 18 時間 前
i wish i found this when i was younger but i guess it found me in good timing
EDGE GILID 21 時間 前
Im in the hospital getting my full body check up...then this showed on my list....damm HS and college memories ..
Deetle9 23 時間 前
me who only heard the popular miku/vocaloid songs like rolling girl and senbonzakura maybe once in 2015: ah yes, the nostalgia that never was
Youtube User
Youtube User 日 前
TAHNKS OMG i just found a song ive been looking for for years (hello how are you)
Higanbana Marie
A beautiful List that recalls the highest point of the vocaloid Fandom. May we not go gently into that good night.
Lunarsae Alifia
Lunarsae Alifia 2 日 前
Seems like we all were that one weird lonely kid back then, arent we?
Bri Bradfield
Bri Bradfield 2 日 前
reminds me of my friend i had in 6th grade. Their name is/was Mary. (I feel bad for dead naming but idk their name now) i heard from one of my other friends they cam out as trans. Im happy for them and i wish we could talk. I miss you Mary. Maybe youll come across this comment while searching for some similar nostalgia. Hit me up i miss u this is awkward but i really miss my friend. Im seriously hoping maybe they see this. Probably wont happen but id sob if it did
Natasa Krpina
Natasa Krpina 2 日 前
Who knew nostalgia could hit this hard? And the fact i still remember all of themー Brb, I'll just be in the corner crying
Lucy Davey
Lucy Davey 2 日 前
its almost 2am and you have *destroyed* me. i thought it'd be fun to go in blind and hide in the comments but when the MMORPG addict's anthem started playing i had to dance. goddamn what a good playlist. from a listener of vocaloid for a decade, thank you
Rainy day
Rainy day 3 日 前
this whole playlist makes me feel a strong sense of anemoia
Egg Egg
Egg Egg 3 日 前
miss miku just goes so hard
Paradraw Zombie
Paradraw Zombie 3 日 前
definitely makes me feel old
trowakey 3 日 前
Fuck I'm getting old
Ginger Tea.
Ginger Tea. 4 日 前
28:23 Miku: e
Edison Pang
Edison Pang 4 日 前
I'm kinda new to this fandom, but i feel like these songs take me back to to 2007, even though i've never listen to any of these before, tysm!
O r e o s
O r e o s 4 日 前
i started getting nostalgic when the world is mine started, that used to be my fav! still is kind of
Tprimo27 5 日 前
the memories these songs bring back......good times......its like i'm a kid again as i just listen to these I miss it sometimes and i remember i used to be so embarrassed if someone heard me listening to these songs, i don't remember why cause when i look back most of the people i was friends with either wouldn't have cared or were into these types of songs themselves.
common eneweebs
common eneweebs 5 日 前
shivering down the spine
Patrick Macabales
me who just joined the vocaloid fandom last month *immunity 100*
gigih joe
gigih joe 6 日 前
I remember when i was still a freshman at middle school around 2009 or 2010 and saw my first vocaloid song on youtube (it was melt btw), back then in my country internet was considered luxurious thing so when we want to get acces to internet we go to the internet cafe or warnet we called it in here. I was searching for anime clip on youtube and then i found this melt mv and get curious then i play it and it was an instant love at the first sight. I recently began to re-listening to vocaloid again and began to feel about how i miss those old times #sorry for bad english 😀
Ari Aquino
Ari Aquino 6 日 前
[ "hello, how are you" begins playing ] me: *immediately starts crying*
LazyCatto 8 日 前
damn it's been so long wow
skulzs 8 日 前
20:19 miku rap
lilcheeto 8 日 前
Dont mind me I'm just crying but absolutely shredding the dance floor
Orion _Meta
Orion _Meta 9 日 前
I honestly really like this, everytime i listen to these songs makes me want to imagine to what it's like to be in that timespan and going to nico nico listen to the popular and new ones at that time. Man, nostalgia really hits hard if you imagine it.
Empty Spaces
Empty Spaces 9 日 前
The good ol' days. I still buy occasional miku merch to feel young again. My girlfriend thinks im a weirdo for wearing my miku sweatshirt at 25 years old but fuck em. This was 11 y/o me full of bliss and not a care in the world.
timtaminabox11 9 日 前
Could someone make timestamps please
charlotte statzer
This brings me back to high school when I didn’t have a care in the world
Perpetually Sleepy
I still listen to some of these
Starseeker 10 日 前
this is making me nostalgic about the worst years of my life, it's such a weird feeling vocaloid and art was the only thing i had for such a long time and nothing has changed much really
Damian Rodney
Damian Rodney 10 日 前
Man, when Miku first started i was not unborn it was 11 days after that i was born. And when i was 3 i remember that my brother wil always listen to this. I started listening to Miku at the age 7 and i remember getting bullied because of Miku. I was sad so i stop listening reluctantly at the age of 11 because the fandom is dying. My mom said that i waste my 4 years in vain but well what do you want to do with that lmao. All my siblings are into Anime except my sister lol XD
SITO11MAXI 10 日 前
Damn i never listened to 90% of these songs
I was 25 and Vocaloid was like a revelation. Music has never been the same since.
Slavic_Bumpkin 11 日 前
first one gave me tingles, its all down hill from there lol
Amethyst 11 日 前
And i missed the golden age.
Brigade Leader Haruhi Suzumiya
This brings me back to the times i first got into Vocaloid back just before Hatsune Miku Project Diva F game came out. Geese i feel so old now. Being a long time Vocaloid fan. This feels so nastalgic to me now.
Katsuki Bakugou
Katsuki Bakugou 11 日 前
Is it sad that I know all of these songs (╹◡╹)
Jolly 11 日 前
im still in the past. I just cant move on from World Is Mine and MMORPG Addict's anthem.
Nosewepor 11 日 前
I was like 2 years old when this realeased so basically i'm here learning history
Mars Gaston
Mars Gaston 12 日 前
damn, i started listening to this so i could do math homework, but now i'm thinking back to my middleschool self, i wasn't all too different back then, other than the fact that i was a extrovert without confidence, now i'm an introvert with confidence. i miss being able to talk to people without wanting to die, and this really brings me back
Marymation 12 日 前
jeez I still love Miku... want this time to come back the "disappearance" song hits differently haha
Starship-P 12 日 前
I was listening to this while doing something else and when Melt came on I wasn't expecting it at all and it was SUCH a good feeling, it made me nostalgic for the first time I listened to it (which was also in a playlist kinda similar to this one)
Alice Wan
Alice Wan 12 日 前
MainGoldDragon 12 日 前
I guess I didn't really hear That many Miku sings back in the day considering how I don't know more than half of them...... but I do know that it's missing LOL that I would listen to a lot.
Zan Wright MFWR
Zan Wright MFWR 13 日 前
Is it bad or good that I know literally all of the songs here? Man I'm only 21 and I already feel old
WhiteStar Armada
WhiteStar Armada 13 日 前
yup these are all still FUCKING AWSOME!
Neko Sloan
Neko Sloan 13 日 前
melt takes me back yo
Aj Javonitalla
Aj Javonitalla 13 日 前
why do I need to feel old? hahahaha
Clover 13 日 前
Thank you for bringing me back to good times :,) I found Miku when I was 11 and started watching anime. I became a super obsessed Weeb who would say kawaii and desu after every sentence. It's so funny to look back on then and realize how cringy I was. I'm not close with anyone from then and its been almost 8 years... wow. Kind of want to relive a day to experience childhood life again. Bruh now I got bills to pay
Zaaambieez 14 日 前
Fuck. No. stop don't do this STOOOOP
BonnieGamertheCat BGC
The discreet weather family embarrass because margin actually work vice a addicted sudan. highfalutin, fluffy buffer
Emily Rachael
Emily Rachael 14 日 前
This is exactly what I needed today. Thank you!!!
♡☆ r o s e y☆♡
i just figured out about vocaloid....its brought an entire new genre of music into my life that just makes me so happy
Wa Wa woopsi
Wa Wa woopsi 15 日 前
The first one was my first vocaloid song to ever listen too🥲 the video with the white dress were she’s dancing with kaito
chara Rassu
chara Rassu 15 日 前
I start to listen to this when I was in middle school, this is my childhood, I'm 16 now I've been listening to vocaloid since middle school.
Kelani Michelle
Kelani Michelle 15 日 前
starting with hello how are you was a FAT punch to the heart
Hisle 15 日 前
Can you make for kagamines too??
Cabuws 16 日 前
Hard to believe it's already been so long. Most of these songs really take me back.
Galaxy Frostrose
Galaxy Frostrose 16 日 前
Adam Dennett
Adam Dennett 16 日 前
middle school and the early years of high school were terrible, but i miss getting into vocaloid sm
Rie A
Rie A 16 日 前
Vocaloid was my childhood ever since I got bullied at a young age (I got more criticized for liking anime before too --- saying that I was a weaboo and all). It kept me strong and sane. Up to this date, I'm very grateful because of Vocaloid and Miku Hatsune's voice and songs. Without the power of Vocaloid's music, I would not have gotten where I am right now. 💖 P.S.: I raved on "World is Mine" as it was the very first Vocaloid song I encountered 😆💛
AiMi Yu
AiMi Yu 16 日 前
Can't believed this are my childhood songs and how I used to listen to this song whenever I cry, really grateful for all vocaloids specially miku and IA. I feel like I'm back to my teenage years huhuhuhuh THANK YOU SO MUCHHHHH!!!
rupi 16 日 前
feel old yet?
Edu MH
Edu MH 16 日 前
It gives me a nostalgic feeling :'3
ecchieatsyou 16 日 前
vocaloid always brings me back to when I thought I had a future wwww
CherryNahme 16 日 前
Awesome but no Hachi? Seriously? 8O Well this made me remember Vocaloid's hype here in Latin America. Nowadays there are just a few fans left :( Were good times uwu
ZenYx 17 日 前
O r a n g e
O r a n g e 17 日 前
Ah yes, this brought back the good memories, like trying to sing Two-Faced Lovers and almost choking to death on a bead while playing Mario Party 9 with my brothers, who were looking at me like I was insane-
Hydra 17 日 前
rolling girl and world is mine is the one that hits the most.
VɪᴄᴋʏFett Sᴜʙ
I remember that I was the freak of the class, kinda nerd, otaku and... Weird for everyone. I was ten or nine when I meet Miku, she was my childhood, and she really changed my life. I was a FANGIRL of Miku and I really loved her, I drew her ALL day and I always played her songs in my room, my mom was kinda tired of them, lol, but I really didn't care about what people thought bout me, I just wanted to reach my home and hear to Miku, I wasn't the popular girl or the girl with a lot of friends, no one reallly shared my likes, but I didn't care about that, Miku was my "friend", and that is all I needed. Years have passed since last time I heard the word "Vocaloid" or "MMD", but then in JPvid recommendations, a Miku's song appered, I clicked, closed my eye and... I felt like a kid again, It was... Wow, those memories... Are so beautiful
ili's channel
ili's channel 17 日 前
melt got me in tears
ili's channel
ili's channel 17 日 前
I almost forgot some of these songs and i can feel my 8 y o self bursting out with joy
Old Harry MTX
Old Harry MTX 17 日 前
Hatsune Miku will be 16 yo forever...
Cupriferous Catalyst
Never really listened too much to vocaloid stuff on my own (I was more of a J-rock guy), but I remember all these from every anime convention of my early to mid teens. Pretty nostalgic.
tem667temmie 17 日 前
*sees "from y to y"* alright it's time to cry again
Faulty Faulty
Faulty Faulty 18 日 前
Alternative title: “Now That’s What I Call Hatsune Miku”
Chaosdogg47 18 日 前
Your playlist made me feel old and nostalgic. Thank you. Some of my favorite songs were there, with only 2 songs being "new" to me. I'll try to listen to this again 10 years from now.
KawaiiKiwi98 18 日 前
im crying. This takes me back to the old days on youtube. My mom gave me a buggy computer in middle school and that was my access to the internet. I would watch hatsune miku all day. all her videos. even practiced some her dance moves. I didnt have much to worry about around that time besides homework...good days.
Kandelai Arts
Kandelai Arts 18 日 前
this hit the FREAKING SPOT
WillyAm 18 日 前
Wow I forgot about most of these songs. Damn it hurts growing up I wanna go back to being carefree.
QuickBoi 18 日 前
first time listening to vocaloid and it pretty good and catchy please if you see this can you reply with some suggestions!
Kathryn Tremaine
Kathryn Tremaine 19 日 前
I wasn't expecting to be hurt so good like this today
sanrio plushie
sanrio plushie 19 日 前
i dont feel accepted into the miku fandom, and my gues is because im not og and i{ve only listened to hatsune miku for a year and a half :(((
beat them
beat them 19 日 前
Alejandra Pedroza
I need this type of playlist but a little later, more like 2009-2014 (basically all my elementary and beginning of middle school years haha) anyone else?
zGast 19 日 前
Starseed-bb 19 日 前
A lot of these songs I haven't heard since I was 16!! Now I'm 23, and going on exchange to Japan in the fall this year to study robot technology and AI (fitting, right???)
Alex 19 日 前
the art is so pretty
bari bari
bari bari 19 日 前
What vocaloid songs/producers are popular today? I was super into vocaloid from about 2010-2013 but then lost touch with the fandom for the most part. I'd love to catch up on what I missed the past eight years!
Xiao Simp
Xiao Simp 19 日 前
Even though I didn’t listen to these song in 2007-2011 these are all so nostalgic to me :,) The reason is mainly because these are my favorite project diva songs though :D
Giro 19 日 前
13 years. I know some of this musics thanks to osu!. And I played this game the 1st time 9 years ago ! T.T I fell so old :'(
ZhongLi Simp
ZhongLi Simp 19 日 前
I want my best friend to see each other and dance to these songs again. I miss here uwu we were like 12-13 when we heard vocaloid and now we're on our 20s aaaaa time flies so fast she introduced me to anime and Vocaloid and I'm super thankful T_T
Carrieanna Blanchette
When I say my childhood I mean it bad. I discovered miku hatsune in 4th grade in a kids magazine and she's a character who will always be with me. This brings so many familarities of nostalgia. Thank you for the playlist! I appreciate it. Picture playing this laying in the grass next to your childhood home on a sunny morning with a nice breeze.
Tahsin Tausif
Tahsin Tausif 19 日 前
thank you !
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