Hamilton's Confusion, Alonso's Determination And The Best Team Radio | 2021 Portuguese Grand Prix

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The airwaves were a hive of action in Portimao, as our 2021 season continued to rev up!

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Shraboni Pal
Shraboni Pal 日 前
*Bottas is a unsung hero... he's one heck of a driver!*
vfg njk
vfg njk 5 日 前
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Dylan Harvey
Dylan Harvey 5 日 前
has nobody noticed how much max swears?
Ryan Peters
Ryan Peters 9 日 前
Has anyone else realized that if Max isnt like podium finish he spun. Because I have
CloakedPredator 11 日 前
Oh man, Kimi... what a legend. Such sportsmanship is rare these days.
Sm17e Carats!
Sm17e Carats! 11 日 前
Wow is yuki some veteran or what. Why is he not showing any respect to his seniors duh
RICCS 11 日 前
george russell always complaining just drive mate, your getting millions to drive not complain ya donkey
Yuvraj Dudhal
Yuvraj Dudhal 20 日 前
I want to see seb laugh again and again
Kris Grayson
Kris Grayson 25 日 前
Eddy Yang
Eddy Yang 25 日 前
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J W 27 日 前
Why did Vettel stop at McLaren tho
Сергей Усков
Where is Lewis overtaking Max for p2?
[KPG] ヶ月 前
Russell seems a bit more bratty this year.
Kareem Eldeeb
Kareem Eldeeb ヶ月 前
Why on earth is Yuki so angry all the time??
BOUL ヶ月 前
I love how fast kimi apologized and admited his mistake.
Billa_Daaku_79 ヶ月 前
Yeah boi - the best line 😂😂😂
Handy Andy
Handy Andy ヶ月 前
Lewis thought Perez was a lap down 😂 shows how much faith he has in him
Hoten Hitonokoe
Hoten Hitonokoe ヶ月 前
Go Hamilton
walkwithme ヶ月 前
The more I see of these the more I really really dislike Tsunoda. He is a crying little rude diva with no respect for the other drivers nor his engineer. It's becoming pathetic. Is there any world champ who he hasn't referred to as "f^%$ ___________." That's a 4 time champ rookie, and you've done nothing yet.
Damar Fadlan
Damar Fadlan ヶ月 前
Quark Hammer
Quark Hammer ヶ月 前
i love that background music. where can i find it?
EBroat Channel
EBroat Channel ヶ月 前
1:25 Jorge Lorenzo 😂
PizaCrusT ヶ月 前
cant wait for the F1 2021 games
Ali Ansari
Ali Ansari ヶ月 前
George Russell got into that Merc and just showed us Hamilton is nothing special. So give me a break with "get in there Lewis" .
Amitabh Mishra
Amitabh Mishra ヶ月 前
Yuki & Alonso are 🔥
GamingCars 4K
GamingCars 4K ヶ月 前
Vlad TheSour
Vlad TheSour ヶ月 前
estoril's better :)
Yusuf or Joseph
Yusuf or Joseph ヶ月 前
Hope Fernando keeps up this mentality so that he can beat Ocon.
Cos ヶ月 前
2:10 Engineer: yea goo... Zzz Sainz: thank... Zzz Engineer: Zzz
Mattia Colombo
Mattia Colombo ヶ月 前
Matti2609 ヶ月 前
3:55 Norris channelling his inner Raikkonen there? :D
Blacktooth Fox
Blacktooth Fox ヶ月 前
Something beautiful about Alonso ripping past a Papaya car driven by a chap that Renault feels betrayed them a little...
Blacktooth Fox
Blacktooth Fox ヶ月 前
...He shoulda shouted at Danny as he went past - "GP2 engine!"
Pol ヶ月 前
0:50 jajajaajajajaajajajajaja big Yuki!
Shiro Yasha
Shiro Yasha ヶ月 前
vettel sounds happy in that AM really glad to see our boi getting his mojo back
Anon RM
Anon RM ヶ月 前
Why does the comentator sound so sad when Alonso overtakes lol
Todd Mason
Todd Mason ヶ月 前
Bottas gets to the rental car post-race before Lewis...."Valterri it's James..."
Joaquin Manciana
Joaquin Manciana ヶ月 前
¿El titulo esta en español o estoy drogado?
Joaquin Manciana
Joaquin Manciana ヶ月 前
@Lloseba Zilarte Juro que lo vi en español. Debe haber sido la traduccion automática o algo.
Derkie Alfonso
Derkie Alfonso ヶ月 前
when the P3 guy is frustrated while the P6 guy is ecstatic, tells you how much gap there is between teams.
Varun Krishnan
Varun Krishnan ヶ月 前
Renault is a beast in a straight line, better top speed than Mercedes. But somehow the Williams tops the speed trap in the most circuits.
Mateusz Tomaszewski
Hamilton you have got biutifole helmed
Sean Govaerts
Sean Govaerts ヶ月 前
""ah no he dont let he not let me pass me" yuki tsunoda 2021
ADCF Productions
ADCF Productions ヶ月 前
Vettel thought he was Ricciardo for a second xD
V E N E M ヶ月 前
trackmania on redux
CITY People
CITY People ヶ月 前
Kimi Martinez
Kimi Martinez ヶ月 前
4:12 What an idiot! That was unneccesary, you should know who you're racing!! Like, Bono should tell him "Checo ahead 3.4, he's yet to stop, so you're racing him", for example
Lee Fall
Lee Fall ヶ月 前
I hate Lewis with a passion.. Was once my fav driver... Now he is just a narcissistic delusional man child with a chip on his shoulder.... The guys a joke
Ian Lu
Ian Lu ヶ月 前
Raikkonen fell asleep..
Purwanti Allan
Purwanti Allan ヶ月 前
All of these team radios are epic.
Abdaal Zeb
Abdaal Zeb ヶ月 前
I love how Kimi cares about giovanaze's tire
Mr Mando
Mr Mando ヶ月 前
My name is FACTS and I speak Anti Bullshit
Why does george sounds like he's about to cry?
zororosario ヶ月 前
Who is néxt that is Alonso! As he fights for a better position I can feel his Power.
Something Intheway
I predict Yuki getting the VER vs. OCO treatment if he keeps that attitude up. Nobody likes a tempermental loudmouth.
YoungbaeMadness ヶ月 前
I just recently got into F1, could someone explain what that blue flag comment was about? I’m confused 😅
YoungbaeMadness ヶ月 前
@Lucas Hiscocks Ah okay makes sense, thank you 🙏🏻☺️
Lucas Hiscocks
Lucas Hiscocks ヶ月 前
Usually the car you're passing is shown blue flags if you're lapping them as a sign to let the car trying to pass through, so Lewis thought that he was lapping Checo and was confused when Checo wasn't shown blue flags, when in reality Lewis was really behind him the whole time.
Rui Pinto
Rui Pinto ヶ月 前
Bem vindos a ( aia ) autódromo internacional do Algarve 📈💯📉🥇🥈🥉🪔🧨💉🧬🧲🧯🌏🌎🌍
Kushal Das
Kushal Das ヶ月 前
Verstappen is frustrated for being P3. Saw some hunger in after long time!! I don't like him as a person though, but he is amazing as a driver!
Or1on ヶ月 前
YUKI is Spoiled Brat... Dont even respect older drivers, he's lucky Japan produces their engines.. If this was Mercedes I dont know if he's driving F1 cars right now
Ben 8473
Ben 8473 ヶ月 前
Mercedes has ruined thousands of people's careers at this point. This includes the staff of other teams such as Manor, Sauber, Renault, Haas, and Force India who pour their lives into this sport and get nothing in return. Mercedes needs to be banned from this sport now!
Lathrop L. d S T
Lathrop L. d S T ヶ月 前
Who else wants Kimi as a team advisor when he retires?
Goncalo Borges
Goncalo Borges ヶ月 前
Now they complain about the smallest of things. Imagine in the 70's the amount of vibration there was
Quinny ヶ月 前
Why is max so angry with p3??
niels schouten
niels schouten ヶ月 前
Where is the board radio from gunter to mazespin shut up its enough
mnbkpoerqaxas 0
mnbkpoerqaxas 0 ヶ月 前
I really enjoy these moments but the races overall are getting pretty boring
Domrane Sofiane
Domrane Sofiane ヶ月 前
Blue flag 😂😂😂
P4F Elton
P4F Elton ヶ月 前
well... some dentist got a paycheck xD
Duncan 1
Duncan 1 ヶ月 前
Yuki is literally mini Raikonen
JordenHeroNL ヶ月 前
On 3:46 it sounds like George is crying🤔
Kevin Liu
Kevin Liu ヶ月 前
Why Pirelli?
Juan Saavedra
Juan Saavedra ヶ月 前
Missed a key one (Hamilton and radio on final lap) Radio: "Lewis ,Valterri and Verstappen pitted to softs to work on fastest lap" Lewis: "(Excited) Wait should we do the same?" Radio: "........ its a always a possibility Lewis" (Just passed pits on final Lap)
Ralph Wessels
Ralph Wessels ヶ月 前
Is Hamilton giving someone the finger?? (5.10min)
I like Yuki, but now he's really annoying
Boss Coins
Boss Coins ヶ月 前
Sainz is still funny even after he left McLaren
QuarteZZZ ヶ月 前
get in there lewis
Oogly Sproggs
Oogly Sproggs ヶ月 前
I still can't understand Kimi's move on Antonio - what even was that? Getting too old methinks
Lucas Hiscocks
Lucas Hiscocks ヶ月 前
He was changing settings and got caught in the slipstream
Timotius Fabian
Timotius Fabian ヶ月 前
if hamilton talked like tsunoda he would've been crucified by "f1 fans" already.
Nigel ヶ月 前
If Yuki is as angry as Steiner, does that mean he is gonna wok smash a door at some point?
Christian ヶ月 前
woho^^ yes iam fist every race! Why? I have the best car, and bottas who cant drive^^ are always a half minute behind me.. huha huha..juhu wow...
Vladislav Georgiev
This race proved Alonso still got the pace in a competitive car!
boombox ヶ月 前
More of the Funniest stuff from the drivers
Alexandar Narayan
Riccardo is such a tool. A frat boy tool
silva livinus
silva livinus ヶ月 前
It wasn't Hamilton that got confused. It was Vettel.
nowalove ヶ月 前
Ham-Ver-Bot again
Ilja Wildeboer
Ilja Wildeboer ヶ月 前
For me it kind of looked like Russell was driving an F2 with a Williams livery on
wabaki4 ヶ月 前
can u guys do a uncensored version lol i think the audience will appricitae it more
szewei1985 ヶ月 前
Haha only Drive to Survive uncensored. Cuz its rating is 18+ for language. F1 staying family friendly sports.
Outremer ヶ月 前
What the **** was Vettel doing?
anudeep pendyala
anudeep pendyala ヶ月 前
Just love max audio 😂
UnS1mpleMortal ヶ月 前
Checo aguantando la P1 con unos neumáticos de 51 o 52 vueltas es impresionante
parth mache
parth mache ヶ月 前
Mercedes winning is seriously getting boring
Tamires Alves
Tamires Alves ヶ月 前
Ganhou e aindavqueria faze a volta mais rapida ele eo cara mesmo
Tamires Alves
Tamires Alves ヶ月 前
Sou fan do hemilton quem e max carim de rolema
Museck Lona
Museck Lona ヶ月 前
Where’s checo ?
ONLY F1 ヶ月 前
Thats I happiest I have heard see since 2019 Singapore
Mauricio Harold GV
Sainz's enginner sounds very tire...ZzZz
Wjs Sid
Wjs Sid ヶ月 前
you got to love kimi, first time in ages that you hear someone not complaining after a mistake.
CL ヶ月 前
Yuki seems quiet but when he races he turns to a beast!!!😂😂😂
Supermonty83 ヶ月 前
Where's Palmer ?
Lantern Matt
Lantern Matt ヶ月 前
*Hamilton qualifies in 20th* Hamilton: "every car I overtake should be shown a blue flag"
junilog ヶ月 前
Hamilton thought a Red Bull was in last place tf?
Colonel Kush
Colonel Kush ヶ月 前
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