Halo Infinite Is Underwhelming & Disappointing... (Part 1/2)

The Act Man
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Halo Infinite has officially launched but even though it has been 6 years since the release of Halo 5: Guardians, Infinite is STILL making the same mistakes. It is mind-boggling how I even have to talk about and discuss this stuff.

I saw a post on reddit that did a great job of explaining why there aren’t more modes in Halo Infinite and why you can’t choose what modes you play. If you have an Oddball challenge, then you have to queue and wait until you get an Oddball match to try and complete. It could be argued that the lack of modes/playlists is by design to FURTHER lengthen the time it takes to complete challenges.

Halo 5 launched with so little content because (in my opinion) it encouraged people to play Warzone, the game mode designed around loot boxes and overpowered weapons.

So again, the fucking monetization is responsible for yet ANOTHER Halo games abysmal variety of content at release

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Introduction - 0:00
Disappointing News - 4:03
Lack of Content - 7:23
Game Modes & Playlists - 11:08
Custom Games are Broken - 20:05
Final Thoughts - 28:33

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Critical Nobody
So many people are excusing the current progression and battle pass because 343 will “fix it later after hearing feedback”.
Stumblin Skipper
"You were supposed to destroy the sith not join them..." This is what exactly ran through my mind when I saw Infinite's store, ridiculous prices, and available Spartan customizations.
sam seetin
“If I can pay you money, then it’s not a beta”
Just more proof these "live service games" are unfinished piles or crap.. miss the good old days where you go to the store, buy the whole finshed game, and even purchase dlc which is COMPLETE..
Blitzkrieg Bear
The Stockholm syndrome of people justifying this freemium skin system.
I think the lack of playlist options is all tied to the battle pass. They are purposely slowing down player progression. Some of the challenges to level up can easily be accomplished with the right game mode. 343 nipped it in the butt before it became a possibility.
Thank you for bringing attention to these issues Act Man, especially while progression & customisation have been the big topics of discussion right now. It's incredibly disappointing to see so many features outside of the online matchmaking and academy broken or simply lacking in content. I am glad Forge isn't out yet because it would of been a trainwreck in the games current state. I hope somebody at 343 sees this because it is a great video.
I would love to see a breakdown of what the MP team have been doing the last 6 years. I cant figure it out, I'd be embarrassed to be part of this development team honestly, imagine being given thst much time and money and the best you can do isn't even a quarter of the content Halo 3 and Reach had.
Capello Zapellini
This video perfectly says what needs to be said, so many aspects are underwhelming, but the gameplay feels SO good, I really hope these issues get ironed out but In saying that it goes to show the real issue
Colby Kinggard
I’m gonna go ahead and say Act Man probably didn’t get advance access to the campaign from 343 because of his honest takes like this. I’m sure the last thing they want right before launch is a content creator doing anything but worshiping their product
Carl Murphy
Carl Murphy 日 前
I've been out of gaming for at least 7 years, nothing has changed it's getting worse. Why people clamour to get a game on day 1 I'll never know, it's guaranteed to be unfinished. For any new game you're excited about, you should probably add at least 1 year on to the release date in your own mind since that is when all the features and bugs will be sorted out. If everyone did this instead of wanting early access to beta test games for companies, the developers would sort themselves out.
I fucking love the way Act Man talks. He says what we’re all thinking but can say it in a way that is intelligent and easy to understand.
weasel batches
I don’t mind paying for the battle pass when the game is free but I hate that 343 is allowing players to purchase their armor. While Halo 4’s multiplayer wasn’t enjoyable it at least had a sense of accomplishment when players earned their armor like Venator.
Hip hop Herbytown
Imagine if they didn’t delay the game.
Chicken Mother
Your videos are always so funny, keep it up bro! I feel like armor customization is totally pointless now with Infinite’s micro transactions. It seems like everything is locked behind pay walls. But at least the gameplay is fun.
Robert Acierno
You’re so Fucking right. I literally haven’t played in over a week, and I think the game plays well. But these glaring problems are too detrimental for me to continue with it. Fix it now, 343.
remember when there was no battlepass in any games? it was just.. the game, and whatever dlc came out later down the road... remember enjoying the game itself and not the shitty unlocks each battlepass gives, well I do..
Eric Delvin
Honestly, the customization is where I shake my head. I loved Reach's customization and I was happy to see it back in MCC. It's just overall really well done.
Infinity Hand
The core gameplay and mechanics are utterly amazing. They nailed the hard part, but they're utterly flopping with such simple concepts like progression and customization
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