Hajime showed his strength to his old friends, against the army of demons alone

Broken Anime
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Juan Enrile
Juan Enrile 10 時間 前
Tio and Darkness = same personality
Crimson Heart
Crimson Heart 21 時間 前
Pair this man with Tatsuya and we'll have two Chad's at once
Jan Daniel Alvarez
Jan Daniel Alvarez 23 時間 前
Minecraft youtubers: well, i went in to a 1 hour mining trip. Their loot:
Skullguy 日 前
John Trustworthy
Not broken enough. SHRED IT!
decusq 日 前
Ok Hajime tells Kaori that he's in love with someone else, one of the most straightforward honest things I've ever seen a protagonist do. He shows he has a vampire girlfriend, an adopted daughter and two other fan girls following him... why does she think she has a chance with him now? This is just confusing. Is it just because he became cooler shes finally honest with him? Is it because she thought he died and wants to be with him no matter what even if shes just a tag along with no hope of having a relationship? This girl is crazy, and whats worse is the Samurai girl wants in on the action too eventually!
Michael Wilson
i would love to see the "hero" become the main bad guy that be funny
Erna Wati
Erna Wati 日 前
4:26 yue : uhh
Marcos Anschau
Marcos Anschau 2 日 前
I told you guys 1 thing if you like this anime. Read the manga if you like manga, you're not gonna regret it, the manga is a lote different and much better
Noam Hefetz
Noam Hefetz 2 日 前
Anime name please
BaimanLich 2 日 前
Bro why the cgi worse than Berserk’s was.
aSanaBias 2 日 前
This anime and Shield Hero are the same in way. And I fucking Love it
movie jockey
movie jockey 2 日 前
That car scene rocks!!! and of course papa!!😂
jayde wolf 06
jayde wolf 06 2 日 前
I realy cant this show seriously after seeing those CG monsters
Justin Bautro
Justin Bautro 2 日 前
whats anime name
si t
si t 3 日 前
If only they showed kouki dueling hajime after kaori confessed her love to hajime and tryed to "free hajime's harem" lmfao sucks that got cut from the anime. Kouki is such a giant tool believing hajime to be a murderer jus for killing an enemy in a war, even tho they were told from the moment they were brought there was to fight in the war lmfao so much subtle details is left out in the anime but its still freakin good
termanator2020 Wells
That ending.tho
triono 01
triono 01 3 日 前
Ban Hajime marksman
Redsign 007
Redsign 007 3 日 前
Need.......season..........2........ immediately...............when.....
AlphaStar12 3 日 前
Hhm I can’t wait until season 2 so we can find out why his own classmates fight him like wtf Maybe it’s because of the demons now that I think about it.
juan ramirez
juan ramirez 3 日 前
I can't wait for Hajime to give that fucker the beatdown he deserves.
Ryuu Official
Ryuu Official 3 日 前
This guy can killed someone easily, he should try singing competition. Wait what?
Ulquiorra Cifer
Ulquiorra Cifer 3 日 前
This anime was a biggest disappointment. First 5 episodes are amazing, then halfway through, it slowly devolves into a standard OP Isekai Harem anime.
ミミASTAミ 3 日 前
I was this clip so many times
Mitchell Steeves
I kinda find it funny how the monsters are 3d but everything else is 2d
Bryan Sanchez
Bryan Sanchez 3 日 前
This guy headshot everyone he has aimbot report him.
potato slayer
potato slayer 4 日 前
i've seen hentai wirh better animation than this what the hell is this xD
Alain Jearue
Alain Jearue 5 日 前
Anime name?
Peter Zavragin
Peter Zavragin 5 日 前
2:50 I Swear I've Already Seen That Red Vacuum Sphere... *Oh Yeah From Clockwork Planet*
King BJ
King BJ 5 日 前
“wait what?!! why did she just lick her lips”😂🤣🤣😂
Notorious K.A.J
Notorious K.A.J 6 日 前
For all you wondering in the comment section the name of the anime is Boku no pico You can thank me later
iDoSyNcRaTiC GuY
@I'm Bored what do you think
Chiese The New
Chiese The New 2 日 前
@iDoSyNcRaTiC GuY thats pretty fucking stupid lol
I'm Bored
I'm Bored 2 日 前
@iDoSyNcRaTiC GuY bruhh u seriously believed him?
iDoSyNcRaTiC GuY
man you lied fuck
Chiese The New
Chiese The New 2 日 前
@DIO Brando Dad? Is that you? Where have you been all these years?
Notorious K.A.J
Notorious K.A.J 6 日 前
This guy went back to his virgin ass friends in full on chad mode
10 second animations
what anime ???
10 second animations
@Notorious K.A.J thank ya thank ya
Notorious K.A.J
Notorious K.A.J 6 日 前
KING channel
KING channel 6 日 前
support me jpvid.net/video/%E3%83%93%E3%83%87%E3%82%AA-nMWG5kKVIEI.html
Highsky_ _
Highsky_ _ 6 日 前
I just realized the dragon girl only stays with him because he shoved a pole up her as-
Monster420vibes 69
Jordan The Black Genius thanks 🙏
Jordan The Black Genius
@Monster420vibes 69 Arifureta
Monster420vibes 69
Name? Pls
Jordan The Black Genius
She's technically blackmailing hajime
Lex Luther S
Lex Luther S 7 日 前
Gotta say I enjoy the light novel better. Anime just cant live up to my minds eye making better scenea
Dj Dulguime
Dj Dulguime 7 日 前
The only anime who does not shout their super powers when killing the enemies
月夜風精 7 日 前
Gina Tomas
Gina Tomas 7 日 前
waiting for season 2
Tox1c_v1b3z 7 日 前
What is the name of the anime?
Notorious K.A.J
Notorious K.A.J 6 日 前
-Lost Shadow-
-Lost Shadow- 7 日 前
general Animation is shit as always
Curosity Is furosity
Animation will be better because anime is liked by everyone .
Tobi 8 日 前
This anime is super good but the 3d character make me want to play ps1 game again.
Amf Bad
Amf Bad 8 日 前
I think it would be better if there is not 3d shit in it and only 2d
3:22 *Top 10 Anime Betrayal* 😂
Imanuel Siregar
Imanuel Siregar 8 日 前
7:12 WTF!?!?!?!?!!
what's the anime called???
what is the title of this anime??
アイリス 9 日 前
Ej Marbella
Ej Marbella 9 日 前
Now that was satisfying.
Aztra Anims
Aztra Anims 10 日 前
Guys, the end of season 1 is actually legendary if you read the LN, they literally tampered a lot of scenes and didn't brought up the best scene that is completely satisfying after all of that suffering.
Shiny Dragon
Shiny Dragon 10 日 前
Hajime became flowey for a second there
apollo ace
apollo ace 10 日 前
the last episode's name should be changed to "Crappy Animation and Cringy Poses" Let's hope that season 2 learns from their mistakes
F.B.I Officer
F.B.I Officer 10 日 前
When a lv 100 player enter a lobby full of lv 20 players..
Silently 10 日 前
On 1:25 it should be "Hey, so, what kind of half-assed cg is this?"
Qrow 10 日 前
I love how Yue is just like nono let her try. It’s best if she sees that you could literally give no less shits first hand hun.
ElectroGhozt 12 日 前
The CGI tho... if they continue w/ dat shiet, i'd honestly freakin bringing the whole animation studio to hell personally along w/ me
MiAh The King
MiAh The King 12 日 前
I love this anime but not for its comedy or for its harem nature. I love it because of the main character. He turns from wimpy whiny to a total badass. He negates all the usual anime cliches and instead he just plows through them. 1. Villain giving his last words of triumph speech. Hajime shoots him mid sentence. 2. Friends try to change him back to normal. Hajime threatens to shoot them or get out of his way. 3. Tons of girls of different types surround him. Hajime has already picked his girl and sticks by her. 4. Hajime doesn't react to the ecchi parts of this show...like...at all. 5. His powers are creative and unique and he uses them as we all would lol. I mean...he does things I never thought he'd do in this show due to previous anime tropes. And that's why I love this anime so much. You never know what to expect because they constantly do something different from the norm. The first season was a bit rushed, a bit different from the manga (or so I heard) and the animation is a bit lazy at times. But because of how original and unique this anime is, I can ignore all of that. I cannot WAIT! for the next season. Looking forward to it big time.
No Goat
No Goat 12 日 前
Ok I have an idea but explain why she liked her lips just to be sure
No Goat
No Goat 10 日 前
clintbrew thank u lol 😂
clintbrew 10 日 前
Yue a vampire and wants to suck his blood (and also other stuff)
Venom FANS
Venom FANS 12 日 前
Dante walmart version
AE_ Gaming
AE_ Gaming 12 日 前
Is there any way to read novels online?
Dev X
Dev X 12 日 前
4:31 me:oh no
Rarim Slayer
Rarim Slayer 12 日 前
Hajime: i gonna end this demon girl whole career
Ariel Reyes
Ariel Reyes 12 日 前
Is the manga updating ? Last time I check it was slow slow lol
RyMann88 12 日 前
Just like "In Another World with my Smartphone," the LN is so much fucking better than the show.
SuperSquirrelMan31 Hi
You know what funny Yue basically recruited all the girls. Hajime only wanted yue
OmegaXMaster 13 日 前
Pause it at 7:13 , the three in the back are like wtf, yui has an expression similar to that's my girl, and our protagonist is probably thinking gods how am I going to explain that to her.
Giyuu Tomioka
Giyuu Tomioka 13 日 前
The power of the pinky ring
Yunna ML
Yunna ML 13 日 前
Anime cgi to bruhhh
who am i
who am i 13 日 前
I hope season 2 will have better animation. If not, then I'll still watch it for the plot.
DaksPh 18
DaksPh 18 14 日 前
Whats the name of the anime?
Joesph Joestar
Joesph Joestar 14 日 前
*Sexy neglecting*
vineet srivastava
RRI Gamer
RRI Gamer 14 日 前
If this does not get a season 2 Imma spread corona
RRI Gamer
RRI Gamer 12 日 前
@ANIME MAN when tell me and yes lets go thanks
ANIME MAN 13 日 前
Season 2 is already confirmed
Palof _
Palof _ 14 日 前
Do anyone know what is the name of this anime?
Dr AlphatrixX
Dr AlphatrixX 15 日 前
Whats the name of this anime? And is it on crunchyroll?
Slctr 14 日 前
Arifureta, idk if its on Crunchyroll cause i saw it on Wakanim
tokyowhoxx 15 日 前
I hated this anime. My guy literally only has a gun and thinks he’s badass.
pedroBR games
pedroBR games 15 日 前
Yay, finally found an anime to watch. I'm also gonna be depressed when it ends, yay Jk
Blnd gotrekt
Blnd gotrekt 11 日 前
Bruv gimme name please
monsy 15 日 前
Wait did the anime pass the manga?
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