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Anime - Arifureta - From commonplace to worlds strongest
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Christian Ramirez
Christian Ramirez 3 ヶ月 前
Honestly they kinda botched Hajime’s psychological transformation, which is, ya know, kinda important but whatever...
lumberluc 11 ヶ月 前
"How did you get your power-up?" "I ate monsters." "Oh? Monster Hunter Universe has sometime to say about that." Eating a monster raw is better than eating burnt monster.
Z80Man 5 ヶ月 前
In this world, monster are atavists, meaning they can use mana directly without chanting spells. Of course, lacking intelligence, they can unly use their innate skills by instinct, so chanting would be absurd anyway. The reason for them being able to use magic is their whole body, especially their blood system, is full of microscopic mana crystals. These crystals are lethal for anybody eating their meat (except for other monsters). Hajime wen mad because the ambrosia leaking from the 2000+ years old giant mana crystal (divine crystal) clinging from the cave ceiling does heal wounds by rebuilding existing damaged organs, but, not only it's unable to rebuild a totally missing one (his left harm, then later his right eye after he gets disintegrated by the hydra, all of his right side burnt and bones protrudring, which is not shown in the anime nor manga), it's also unable to quench his thirst nor satisfy his hunger. That's why, out of ppure animal survival instinct, he decided to hunt and eat monsters (starting with the weakest ones, i.e. the twin tailed electric wolves), and got killed by being horribly torn apart internally, all his bones and organs. However, falling face down into the pool of ambrosia on the floor, he got rebuilt, then torn again, then rebuilt again, etc. 150 times before finally stabilizing rebuilt as a monster himself, gaining the "iron stomach" ability as a bonus...
ColorX 年 前
this anime feels really generic for me
Z80Man 3 ヶ月 前
@Awakened Garou It's only then end of volume #1 of the novel. So it's natural it feels like an end of sorts... But it's just the beginning of lots of a breathtaking and hilarious journey all at once. Just ignore the shitty CGI and read the light novel. Lots of events and characters were skimmed from both the anime and the manga. They go through the main story in a more straightforward and condensed way, but the light novel is excessively well written and jubilant. It contains a lot of addition to the original web novel (which is mostly a draft), to the point each of the last two adaptated WN volumes were both split into two full LN volumes each, adding full coverage of events regarding some of the main characters that had been ignored in the WN, further developping them. And with nothing feeling lengthy nor boring at all. The light novel is truly the genuine Arifureta experience to live. Oh, and check for the Arifureta Zero light novel and manga as well, to know all about the Liberators both tragic and comical (you can count on Miledi Reisen to enlighten your mood, at least after her mentor's death and she revolted against the gods) 2,000 ago...
Awakened Garou
Awakened Garou 3 ヶ月 前
For me the anime ended at ep 11-12 when they went to the surface
Z80Man 5 ヶ月 前
Yes, fuck the anime, though it's good for the (rushed) story anyway. The story is the best ever. Just read the light novel (the manga is hardly more detailed than the anime anyway and lots of important events are skipped as well).
w1ndy 6 ヶ月 前
Read the manga. It's so much better than the anime
Matthew Villanueva
Matthew Villanueva 10 ヶ月 前
I came back
Someone should LITERALLY put the unravel music while he’s transforming
King Vyizi
King Vyizi 年 前
A new contender has come to fight Kirito for the title of “Edge Lord” Woah! What’s this? He just pulled of the white hair and personality transformation, a possible nod to Kaneki from Tokyo Ghoul, last seasons runner up.
Z80Man 5 ヶ月 前
The hair came after he died 150 times in a row getting utterly destroyed and twisted, then got rebuilt drinking ambrosia (litterally face-planting into the pool). It didn't come right away. Funny fact : the divine crystal was actually dropped into the pit Miledi Reisen drilled with gravity magic after she came to help Oscar Orcus saving the orphans from the church. Meaning her damn pit was 101 floors deep with its bottom going to serve as the 1st stage of future the true Orcus Grand Labyrinth, while the other 100 first stages will be added as a decoy around the pit (at least the pit communicates with the 65th floor, where the bridge with the behemoth will be in the future). The mound where Hajime hid to escape death from the bear monster was probably originally a pile of rubble from the pit being drilled then. 2000 years later, the divine crystal has grown into this huge one clinging from the ceiling... So in the end, Miledi Reisen's goof saved the next atavist synergist after Oscar Orcus to allow him to survive and convey they mission to save the world by killing the gods, 2000 years after all the Liberators died (except for Miledi Reisen who transfered her soul into a golem and Laus Barn's ghost waiting at the entrance of the Divine Mountain Labyrinth, burried under the cathedral (but it probably can't count as living, though ^-^). And then, Hajime encounters the last queen of the vampires (only survivor if we except her uncle's body being posessed by the god Alv), burried down in the abyss to prevent the god Ehit from coming to the physical realm by posessing her body, then a beastwoman born as an atavist, first of her species to have ever been able to use magic (necessary condition to allow entrance to the Haltina Great Tree labyrinth), then the last queen of the dragonmen whose survivors hid on a faraway island so the chruch (and the gods) would think they had successfully killed their whole species, because they had successfully brought peace among all the races through diplomacy, preventing the gods from going on using people as pawns for their wargame . Tell me about fate, but considering it was what the 7 Liberators had planned all along, it was bound to happen some day. Even if it had to take 2000 years (and 500 years for the dragonmen who sought the same goal) to achieve.
Little Eimi
Little Eimi 11 ヶ月 前
So, who's the next "Edge Lord"?
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