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Anime: Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou
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Rayuse 4 ヶ月 前
Hey, guys I just recently started a discord server if you would like to feel free to check it out discord.gg/qrbJP74 and feel free to send me a message. Let us build a great community together! Also, thank you for the amazing support I never expected to get so many views I really appreciate it.
Hatta Zulzila
Hatta Zulzila 23 日 前
Only in Japan. They like lolis a lot but they don't like making lolis. If a Japanese wants to become a parent they just adopt some in an isekai. Those children can easily be found strewn around waiting to be rescued. In Hajime's case, this particular loli comes with an obligatory Mermaid MILF... which he will NEVER bang. Face it, even if he takes that MILF as his wife the author or artist will NEVER show that MILF getting knocked up for the second time. It's an iron clad rule of harem anime; an envious display of an assortment of variable 'delicacies' to the Japanese male protagonist, seemingly ready and willing to be 'consumed'.... Only ending up to not being 'eaten'. Instead, these women are being treated as collectible figurines to be displayed on a glass display case by said male protagonist. The same can be applied for reverse harem as well. Objectifying women/men in the literal sense.
John Doe
John Doe 2 ヶ月 前
All lolicons are pedophiles and will be hunted down as such.
MemeLord DK
MemeLord DK 9 時間 前
0:26 they both look so adorable
Christian Linnemann
Hajime: "Do you think I can be a father?" Every girl: "You're my papa because I said so."
Pk Misku
Pk Misku 日 前
1:19 did Myu try to guilt trip Hajime?
Xochilt precious Hinkey
Whats the anime
Joevannie Garcia
This is giving me flashbacks of Tyler1 when he turned into a super saiyan
osmacar 3 日 前
That burn at the end
J W 3 日 前
In life you're never ready. Being a papa with love in your heart is worth it.
Samurai X
Samurai X 3 日 前
Other male protagonists: I won't kill you because it's not right and also I'm merciful and stuff Hajime: You pissed me off, die!
Assention 5 日 前
Bandits: captures myu Hajime: loads gun with religious intent
Nick Lancial
Nick Lancial 5 日 前
All it took was an adorable little mergirl to start calling the MC papa to get the other girls maternal instincts going lol
Little Howler
Little Howler 6 日 前
Enclavious Firaga
Imagine the inertia from traveling as fast as he does
Raul Rosas
Raul Rosas 7 日 前
if john wick was the MC then myu wouldnt get kidnapped
tHaT FbI dEpArtMeNt
What is the EPISODE????!?!?! TELL MEEEEE
Tua Kevin J.Manullang
Idk but that mc really looks like najenda for me...
Ethical Zyclops
Ethical Zyclops 10 日 前
I MISS MYUU'S CRY.... Although myuu is an assassin/sniper now... (Joke)
radafus link
radafus link 10 日 前
Weeb Online
Weeb Online 10 日 前
Hajime: I'm not your dad Myu: gets hurt in any way Hajime: so you have chosen death
Atomic Mayhem
Atomic Mayhem 12 日 前
Myu a merman maybe your father, but this guy is your daddy. GOTG reference 😂
Jakvai 12 日 前
You've leveled up. You've evolved from Big Brother to Papa.
Gachafary 13 日 前
Real world parents adopt orphans Animes:Orphans adopt parents
svg madness
svg madness 13 日 前
Gabre 14 日 前
So you've hurt the girl I saved thiry minutes ago? Call your collegues because you have just KILLED THEM ALL!
Asriel Dreemurr
Asriel Dreemurr 14 日 前
Dies from cuteness overload*
DiamondDemon935 15 日 前
*Hajime:* Stop calling me papa *Myu:* DID I STUTTER?
khaixin sipa
khaixin sipa 15 日 前
garbage moment i ever seen
Winston King
Winston King 15 日 前
Is the manga further than the anime or ?
Michael Shinigami
How can she cry when she’s in water?
たかぎ 15 日 前
ElectroEel 15 日 前
How did Soul lose an eye?
Raphael Lauf
Raphael Lauf 15 日 前
Hoe can one cry when being hold by the magnificent papel swiss guard
Simon S.
Simon S. 17 日 前
2:36 That sounds like a tongue twister.
Animegirl Angel24
Jesue loves you
Geno Xflame
Geno Xflame 18 日 前
this anime is such fucking degenerate trash
Shadowkey392 18 日 前
This is adorable.
Demarcus Swagger
Demarcus Swagger 18 日 前
How to be a dad without having sex or paying or signing for em
Kaution 18 日 前
John wick to dogs is hajime to myu
Pranz Mesde
Pranz Mesde 19 日 前
Anyone else notice the guards at 1:20 looks exactly like the swiss papal guards
Poly Bear
Poly Bear 19 日 前
lmao the end they all want a baby with him lol i love that
Alanwott 20 日 前
I just wanna know who is gonna be her mama of them 3
Ankit Sherchan
Ankit Sherchan 20 日 前
Hajime from don't call me dad to who hurt my daughter!
Dxspxir 20 日 前
The manga is better
miikael kaup
miikael kaup 21 日 前
i just can't understand you people, why watch the anime, it is literally unbearable to anyone that has read the light novel, go and read it, it is just a stupidly huge amount better.
Soldier 21 日 前
le brain : yo click that s*** me : k me : *Got Caught by my Parents* le brain : *Good night, good luck*
Natalie Cape
Natalie Cape 21 日 前
What episode do they meet Myu? Nvm I found it. Episode 11
KevinJr Walters
KevinJr Walters 21 日 前
Hajime: those are fireworks Me: THE F*** U MEAN THOSE ARE FIREWORKS
brandon bean
brandon bean 21 日 前
Hajame how can you be so senseless Its ovise she doesn't want to back to her old home
Ayato Shirokami
Ayato Shirokami 22 日 前
My god this has so many views
Red Ericson
Red Ericson 24 日 前
You know that moment when you rescue a dying kid and become a dad out of nowhere... Also you're a Mormon because of the extra wives.
Adolf Heichler
Adolf Heichler 24 日 前
2:17 shea white pantsu
Not sure why youtube has to recommend me this trash time and time again. I dont give a fuck about an anime that has the main character forced into having a annoying ass brat as a daughter. He turns from generic overpowered trash into a dude who has a harem plus having to be a protective fuckboi
MelonBot _HD
MelonBot _HD 25 日 前
The show is called arifureta shokugyou de sekai saikyou. Or as i like to call it: "The rising of the edge Hero"
Cherry Man
Cherry Man 25 日 前
4:01 WTF is that sound
Caleb 26 日 前
I love this show
Morioh Radio Station
Hajime gets three girls who wants a baby with him Naofumi Ainz Kazuma Subaru Joins the chat
Jennifer Cismowski
I Just finished watching the series. He is seriously THE MOST ADORABLE DAD EVER. Right up there with Hughes
Crystal Thai
Crystal Thai 27 日 前
I like how Hajime tells Myu that the explosions were fire 😂
laval 09
laval 09 28 日 前
Yue he can be your papa but hes my daddy
I love this anime because the MC is not a *PUSSY*
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