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New Caledonia March 2009: quite simply, the world's biggest GIANT TREVALLY on poppers. Featuring Australian's Brendan Wing and Rock Wyrsta. Includes spectacular scenery and musical score, in depth gear breakdown, aerial shots and world class GT action of fish to 50kgs+ as good as it gets. This is an entire episode of YouFishTV Australia, and part one of a two part special. Part 2 is totally epic.






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Steven Mcfarland
Steven Mcfarland 4 ヶ月 前
Nice One, What kind of fishing pole would be good for GTs. We live in Hawaii Mahalo
Made Suparta
Made Suparta 9 ヶ月 前
What the rod you using sir?(red collor )
عدنان محمد عارف
من وين اشتري هذي القصبة ؟
David williams
What sort of line are you using with the poppers
Gongfah Nakornping
Excuse me, I'd like to know about Rod's spec& what's the number of Stella? Thanks.God bless.
nice jop
Banlang datchkun
Victor Franqui
Victor Franqui 2 年 前
I catch Jack's crevalle on 15pounds line so it's pretty much the same,nice video mate's
Santhosh Kumar
Santhosh Kumar 2 年 前
Hi bro can u help me to catch fish from sea shore and what lure should i use if u can send me one lure for fishing if yes my mail id is santhoshkumar20071983@yahoo.com and my whatsapp num is 8807074655 pls msg me bro
Kyle Stevens
Kyle Stevens 2 年 前
I subscribe😃😃
Doondah 2 年 前
What line, rods and reels were you guys using?
RedxSilver 001
RedxSilver 001 2 年 前
few years later i watched this, still has its charm !! btw what the music? is it copyright? thnks
Juliant yt
Juliant yt 2 年 前
EbbTideTackle 2 年 前
The good old Heru Cubera
BRADA Shane 2 年 前
Com fishing on Kauai for GT
lacrymal1 2 年 前
That's the biggest popper I've ever seen! Then again I've never fished the ocean.
Rave Dropz
Rave Dropz 2 年 前
Lol, when your intro is nearly 1 minute long.
adnan nuhanovic
adnan nuhanovic 2 年 前
James grant
James grant 2 年 前
Hell of a 🎏 fight
Evan Goldberg
Evan Goldberg 2 年 前
What's a gt
sambo 2 年 前
Fat boy
Rarw xD
Rarw xD 2 年 前
2:17 anyone see the fish
Jonathan Dual
Jonathan Dual 2 年 前
precioso video amigo ¡¡ saludos desde españa ¡¡
Bo Hylan
Bo Hylan 2 年 前
Jonathan Dual yea
Oscar Mejía
Oscar Mejía 2 年 前
what knot did you use to uni line with leader?
By The Gills
By The Gills 3 年 前
Sickkkkkkkk vid lads yewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!! "so so" :)
MikaelJazsen 3 年 前
hey guys, how big is ur reel size? 7000
J.r Damasceno da Cunha
D +++++++
Armin Chickadee
Armin Chickadee 3 年 前
with barbless single hooks you save your lure AND the fish.....if line cuts on the reef. Try it...works fine.
Goran Ovčar
Goran Ovčar 3 年 前
Hi...I have 8 pcs old yo zuri Bull Gt popper 8" and 3.5 oz in perfect condition. If you are interesting for them email me on gogulence@gmail.com
Dhofar sam
Dhofar sam 3 年 前
Surely not the best on the planet but they r ok . Here we usually have them over 70kg and we do fish them without a breath for the fish .
Dhofar sam
Dhofar sam 3 年 前
Umair Ahmed many places actually but the best are sodda island n hallanyat ( southern region /oman ) .
Umair Ahmed
Umair Ahmed 3 年 前
where do you have them above 70 kg sam ? i heard there i some great GT fishing off the coast of Mussandam in Oman.
lonewizzard 3 年 前
I hope that this is not a redundant question but why the spinning reel instead of a level wind? Better action on the popper? More efficient? Fantastic catch btw.
Hervey Bay Rubbish Removal
redshaftedflicker level wind lol because level winds are crap
middle first
middle first 3 年 前
I do the same with my dogfight to me Stella is way to overrated for what it is
Gerald Velasco
Gerald Velasco 3 年 前
Absolutely amazing video Guys!!!
phanhoanghuy Phanhoanghuy
pioneer what?
kat eldiablo
kat eldiablo 3 年 前
hi can you tell me the reel,braid line(lbs?) and rod details please... :) cheers awesome video mate
Salvador Absalon
Hi what line did u use?? Regards
Shaun Loppnessmonsta
Yeah that Stella Price tag. I fish Saragossa.
Hmoob Vaj
Hmoob Vaj 4 年 前
u guy's are the GT kings awsome vid u should do a vid of how u how to use a popper n stick bait the proper way for people who don't know how to work it
Cubensis khafir
Cubensis khafir 4 年 前
5tonyvvvv 4 年 前
who gets to do this shit??? Just Rich people.
what happens at school
5tonyvvvv me
Kyle Murphy
Kyle Murphy 2 年 前
5tonyvvvv no just smart people that know how to make money opposed to people who complain about the people that know how to make money
middle first
middle first 2 年 前
5tonyvvvv nah I'm poor as fuck and still get to bring up 30-60lb gt from land
Umair Ahmed
Umair Ahmed 3 年 前
dont leave me behind.... ;)
enilyksnor 3 年 前
I'm in too mate!
Michael Amador
Michael Amador 4 年 前
How many lbs was the test line used on the last fish caught..
Kev L
Kev L 4 年 前
Stella for the win
Coltrane Williams
What was your tackle of choice
ellison torres
ellison torres 5 年 前
"That is maaseeev." Lol
tamati rakena
tamati rakena 5 年 前
Guy's need a GoPro Hero4
Hey Daddy
Hey Daddy 5 年 前
What type of Rod is that Red one ?
Andy's Fishing Wild Cook
I've so got to catch me some BIG GT. Nice video guys. Andysfishing
Victor Franqui
Victor Franqui 2 年 前
Hey Andy they got nothing on you mate your videos are better quality and the content is of the charts
I A 4 年 前
Your videos made me come here.
Reid McKinstry
Reid McKinstry 5 年 前
Awesome fish What hooks are you using??
Terry Lynn Aguon
What kind of Rod is he using ?
hawaii_exposure 5 年 前
What kind of rod or pole is this??
Mohammed Yaseen Seedat
hi branden sorry for that one buddy, I know the feeling
bkuni 5 年 前
Rod is a Fisherman GT Monster...nice way to spend $1K.
Santos Anthony Lawrence Unas
Wow! What a huge fish!!!!
Jared Castaneda
Jared Castaneda 5 年 前
They way they gaffes it allows it to still eat and swim fine. They gaff it right inside the gill plate. If you were to gaff it in the flesh or gaff into the bone of the mouth, then that would be a different story...
Lenny Linham
Lenny Linham 5 年 前
Be better in HD
kkbibam kkbibam
kkbibam kkbibam 5 年 前
zolwokruszek25 5 年 前
Hi I have one question What type of real do You use ?
Tim Schneider
Tim Schneider 5 年 前
There like $1400
zolwokruszek25 5 年 前
Thanks :)
iggywow 5 年 前
Big Shimano Stella reels 20000 size
meze maccalman
meze maccalman 6 年 前
fishing for the nascar/warlmart shopper crowd
quadzilla26b 6 年 前
i didint go to the bottom you just dont know how too control a rod properly
quadzilla26b 6 年 前
fat boy dont know how to fish
Ben Williamson
Ben Williamson 2 年 前
quadzilla? ayyyy lmao! . most likely a basement dweller lololol
mitch hoihjelle
mitch hoihjelle 6 年 前
Were do u get those top water plugs, i would like to try them on muskie in the states
Captain Cocoa Puffs
The answer to if the fish will be okay after mouth gaffing is no. Sure they might survive, but when they suck their prey in, a giant hole in their mouth ruins the pressure difference making them sometimes unable to feed.
Tane Hickey
Tane Hickey 2 年 前
Captain Cocoa Puffs its actually really hard to see the whole
Tane Hickey
Tane Hickey 2 年 前
Captain Cocoa Puffs its actually a small hole it leaves
Brooks Steff
Brooks Steff 5 年 前
no it wont. that hole is so small, when the gaff is taken out it would all most close. and there in water.. not air.. the pressure difference would be so minimal almost unchanged that's even if it changed at all. pressure dynamics lol your one of them special kind of people i here about on youtube.
dillberry99 5 年 前
@Captain Cocoa Puffs he doesn't, i know exactly what you are talking about.
Captain Cocoa Puffs
@Mike Murphy Do you not understand simple pressure dynamics?
AllWaterLife 6 年 前
not exactly finesse fishing lol
amber J
amber J 6 年 前
Its like getting a piercing....
Eko Istiko
Eko Istiko 6 年 前
C&R is good, but are you sure that fish will be okay after you stab its mouth ?????
Ken G
Ken G 6 年 前
11:30 ...but they don't say what type do rod it is. Is the 20k fast enough to pop with?
jreynolds21 6 年 前
watch video to find out
jreynolds21 6 年 前
watch the video, it is explained
jreynolds21 6 年 前
Why do people ask this when it is covered in the video?
Migue 6 年 前
Increible lo que soportan esas lineas!! Que lineas utilizan,que marca?
lee winters
lee winters 6 年 前
I know gts aren't good eating, but would it still be likely to have cigautera?
Jake Tyson Clark
what reel and rood where you using and tackle ?
Torres Chow
Torres Chow 6 年 前
i wish i could fish with you guys
Tailslap explore
Wish i was the one fighting that GT,dude that was awesome.cheers mate
Nice fishing trip in my home country. I just went back to fishing recently in Oz and am looking forward to fish again in NC! Well done guys.
Christy Chadwick
hello ur so expert : can u please tell mee what reel ,rod and line u have : thankss a lott
sarab201000 6 年 前
u mast kame to the red see in K.s.a it's big big fish u cane faind
darren baker
darren baker 7 年 前
hello mate, may i know the rods that are being used? many thanks.
tunatataki77 10 ヶ月 前
i believe it's Fisherman rods but not sure which series it is. Brendan said it the length rod was 7'8" .
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