Growing up Without Cable

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Thanks for the memories PBS. You were there even though I had no money.
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Megh Tandel
Megh Tandel 時間 前
I have that in 2021
Tony Gonza
Tony Gonza 2 時間 前
📺 tv
mario ma
mario ma 4 時間 前
I have a cool tv
Vulplix811 2
Vulplix811 2 5 時間 前
This is my favorite video
Reuben Owen
Reuben Owen 6 時間 前
7:37 Modern Disney Channel in a Nutshell
Isabel Butler
Isabel Butler 6 時間 前
Omg I laughed when he said random words like uhygbbgytuvtgyyuygh 5:08
Gabby Horan
Gabby Horan 7 時間 前
ima just sop cometing i just aggree with evrything
Gabby Horan
Gabby Horan 7 時間 前
i rember when cauis mom said that
Gabby Horan
Gabby Horan 7 時間 前
Gabby Horan
Gabby Horan 8 時間 前
/*Raptor-Rex*\ 8 時間 前
I would be watching pluto tv channal cops
Gabby Horan
Gabby Horan 8 時間 前
Dino Nefi creatures magic island
I hate Dragon tales 😡😠 0/10. I hate Arthur 😡😠 0/10. I hate cyberchase 😡😠 0/10. I hate Caillou 😡😠 0/10
ElJunior504 9 時間 前
When I was a child, most of the time I had to watch local television channels (mostly the Televicentro channels). Fortunately, They had very good series that kept me entertained all day. They had, because it is no longer like that (especially Televicentro... I don't know what the frick happened to them).
John K
John K 10 時間 前
im depressed so me watching PBS will just make me want to go to hell
sofia 10 時間 前
“where a kid can be a kid!” **war flashbacks**
Kayden Drawn
Kayden Drawn 10 時間 前
That why chihuahuas are demons
Hailey Fandroidfan11
Hailey Fandroidfan11 10 時間 前
James: CAILLOU NEVER GETS GROUNDED goanimate youtubers: *am I a joke to you?*
Luis Castro
Luis Castro 12 時間 前
Facet LaZy
Facet LaZy 12 時間 前
Just noticed he put in saitama as cailou
CAPPY CAP gaming and object show
Ur in smg4 too!!!
CAPPY CAP gaming and object show
Alicia Gayle
Alicia Gayle 16 時間 前
Do part 2
TR39 18 時間 前
6:15 The answer is One Piece (I mean, is longer than Cyber chase, and I think the creator of One Piece said that it will end like in 2024 or 2025).
Paprika Devil
Paprika Devil 20 時間 前
8:29 me seeing my cousin for the first time in a while
Ellen megannety
Ellen megannety 20 時間 前
3:24 5:39
HeyaItsMeFuntimeFoxy 20 時間 前
I still have an original Clifford book actually! I think it’s the one where Clifford saved people from a fire.
Alyana Valieant
My mom also hates Caillou
Kingsley Daniel Liong
Kingsley Daniel Liong
Molly Fogs
Molly Fogs 日 前
James:What would you watch if netflix, youtube and hulu didnt exist Me: Uhm... STAN
demon gaming
demon gaming 日 前
The funny thing is is that I was born in 2009 and yet I still love to try and Tails
So we aint gonna talk about that ending?
DJ Selles
DJ Selles 日 前
I like how you made the dragon in the wheelchair nicol bolas
Sean Kerwick
Sean Kerwick 日 前
Juicy juice and where a kid can be a kid
Maria Joby Zulueta
Those are Teletubies
MOMBOY1976 日 前
No I'd be watching Disney plus
Lloyd FS
Lloyd FS 日 前
0:36 For a sec I thought that was real-
jaydee 日 前
Whyatt School
Please do a Super Why review, James!
*-Someone on the internet-*
Theodd1sout talking about PBS kids Qubo kids:Hey what about us?!
Your local Gymnast who love games
Omg cyber chase and courage the cowardly dog my fav
godzilla 日 前
Henryhenrp 日 前
That’s not what don’t make I can’t say it rude
Page Page
Page Page 日 前
I grew up without a computer and without cable or satellite. Basic. Looks at the clinical insanity unfolding around me in Ocala, Fl. Looks at clinical insanity unfolding worldwide. Looks at kessler effect as a reality and diseases running rampant. Looks at psychopaths hiding in bunkers after causing problems.
hammoh balls
hammoh balls 2 日 前
is there was no youtube i will be dead rn xD
Rae gamer
Rae gamer 2 日 前
when you say "dont tell me hfjsdfshjgbdfhbghjsdbjh". its actually "dont tell me that hes trying to hack the motherboard"
Kassie Agreste
Kassie Agreste 2 日 前
7:04 I know that reference
Tundraman 2 日 前
Bruh, the dog. I remember that
Maximo Vasquez
Maximo Vasquez 2 日 前
Furret 2 日 前
*_-mudda board-_* *_-mudda board-_*
Liz Monteiro
Liz Monteiro 2 日 前
James: i waited years for that cross over and it never happened..... also james: at least a have fanfiction
YY STATS 2 日 前
the ad thing was lol
Alicia Denen
Alicia Denen 2 日 前
Was there a show about a talking dog who ate soup to gain that ability
Peyton Thompson
Peyton Thompson 2 日 前
The only reason I watch him again is because I got his book at a garage slab
Barry the Dog
Barry the Dog 2 日 前
I would watch prjme
idkice 2 日 前
The weird red and purple is actrally teletubbys
audrey marrero
audrey marrero 2 日 前
I grew up on games. Super Mario 64 was the only good game I have
jason toons9458
jason toons9458 2 日 前
The ending hahahaha
Stella Byrnes
Stella Byrnes 2 日 前
I bet past James would be glad to know that Caillou was canceled.
Gryffindor Studios
Gryffindor Studios 18 時間 前
Karol Wierzbicki
Archie Bertram
Archie Bertram 2 日 前
'You see it's funny because it's a kids show.' Yeah... funny...
Louise Jacinta
Louise Jacinta 2 日 前
thought it was a real ad
Hannah Bittner
Hannah Bittner 2 日 前
May is my birthday month that's just weird, and I watched all of these btw I'm 10
Player the Payer
theres a new one and init he is rarely a brat in it
Player the Payer
Luriz Pangilinan
Luriz Pangilinan
russety265 stella
6:41 I find this moment pure comedy gold
memeland 3 日 前
Scream it out loud night qubo people ARTZOKA
Lucy Rubel
Lucy Rubel 3 日 前
When you grew up with cable and know all of these shows anyways....I completely forgot about cyber chase though lol
Kathryn M
Kathryn M 3 日 前
I think you left out wild krats
simply zackary
simply zackary 3 日 前
I’d whoch pbs
Theresa Marchela Pahun
James: and whatever this is Me: those are Teletubbies jamea
Hailey Stanton
Hailey Stanton 3 日 前
but i really liked dragon tails when i was little
Hailey Stanton
Hailey Stanton 3 日 前
i grew up on these even though i was born in 2009 but i also watched red wall i don't see that a lot
Angel Perez
Angel Perez 3 日 前
James: imagine if JPvid Netflix and Hulu never existed, what you you be watching right now? Me: Disney +
Daniel Weisbord
Daniel Weisbord 3 日 前
Look at the background when he is rateing ciu
Sonia Collier
Sonia Collier 3 日 前
A thing about Arthur after lunch in my school when they would tell the kids they were going to play it they all yelled NO it was so funny🤣
Catto Gaming
Catto Gaming 3 日 前
Did you watch Reading Rainbow 🌈
Byg Fireboy
Byg Fireboy 3 日 前
We would have block buster
Eduardo Prikic
Eduardo Prikic 3 日 前
I looovvveedd Cailou😅
Sarah Gardner
Sarah Gardner 3 日 前
I'm getting childhood flashbacks
crystel cat
crystel cat 3 日 前
What I would be watching if I do not have cable with Tom and Jerry
Gamer Peace
Gamer Peace 3 日 前
I’ve always been thinking Arthur was a mouse… * lolz *
Antonio Dueñas
Antonio Dueñas 3 日 前
im a g person and i grew up watching tv
I Love Waffles
I Love Waffles 3 日 前
Me accidentally pausing at exactly 5:00 minutes when he was about to introduce his favorite show on PBS kids: how did I do this
NamiNeoGirl 3 日 前
James:there was pbs kids and... these things Me: I lIkE Po
0:35 You really got me with that, am I the only one?
kelsey stramel
kelsey stramel 3 日 前
you know caillou is dead he had caser thos were just his memeris so feel gulity
Veronika Marjanovic
Clifford the Big Red Dog is now a movie.
Shadow Cloak
Shadow Cloak 3 日 前
0:36 lol i actually thought that was there and tried to close it
Kokonut Kitty
Kokonut Kitty 3 日 前
I remember dragon tales and I was literally just searching "Where do I watch dragon tales" because I wanna watch it for nostalgia. The one episode I remember is the twin dragons having to sing something and the boy wanted to do a lullaby but the girl wanted to do a louder song, so they comprimised and did a lullaby but in the form of a louder song.
Baldimerl 3 日 前
I'm not familiar with Dragon Tales, but I heard that Nature Cat and Wild Kratts is getting a Crossover episode, here's the news copied and pasted New PBS KIDS programming will also include a first-ever crossover episode of NATURE CAT that includes a guest appearance from Chris and Martin Kratt of WILD KRATTS. ... Nature Cat and his pals come to the rescue, and build Chris and Martin a brand new home.Apr 2, 2019
✨Andromedea Black ✨
Everything Totally Random
Viewers like you…thank you!!! These words are also engrained in my brain
Blake Moreno
Blake Moreno 4 日 前
remember back when netflix was dvd rentals?
Vivian Mariano
Vivian Mariano 4 日 前
1:21 Those are *TELITUBIES* Odd or....should i say....JAMES?????
Katie Carlson
Katie Carlson 4 日 前
“What kind of show makes you wait 16 years for a conclusion” Laughs in Greys Anatomy
Yellowcat Fat
Yellowcat Fat 2 日 前
lowkeys custom cars
1. I thought caillou was saying "It sucks when i had enough" not what james said 2. There IS a pbskids crossover. nature cat, and wild kratts. In one episode, nature cat (lets call him nc) find 2 bats called 'the bat brothers' instead of 'the kratt brothers'. The bats are of course, voiced by Chris kratt and Martin Kratt.
Irene Stephens
Irene Stephens 4 日 前
The windy kenneth bareilly chew because avenue rarely judge despite a cooperative kettle. scientific, flawless pressure
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