Google gave the Shweeb $1,000,000.

Tom Scott
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At Velocity Valley in Rotorua, New Zealand, there's the Shweeb: a pedal-powered monorail. It's a fun ride: but in 2010, Google gave it a million dollars as a potential "future of transit". ▪ Thanks to Velocity Valley: velocityvalley.co.nz/


Camera: Rakaea Te Rangi-Trotman
Producer: Virginia Wickham at Kevin & Co www.kevinandco.co.nz/

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Tom Scott
Tom Scott ヶ月 前
Thanks to everyone at Velocity Valley! And also thanks to the perfectly-timed screaming people on the Giant Swing.
Roland _
Roland _ ヶ月 前
What are your testosterone levels at they gotta be really low
Jimbob Robob
Jimbob Robob ヶ月 前
This is like a bad dream about the Sinclair C5 meeting the Simpson's "Monorail" Guy...a fun park is about right for this...
Bimmer Fan
Bimmer Fan ヶ月 前
the idea could still work ala a scsi scheduling app and all electric motors and robotic switching
D7x8 ヶ月 前
@nevan o'connell looks like I’m not the only one
nevan o'connell
nevan o'connell ヶ月 前
This may sound creepy but my brother spotted what we both thought was you in town and we waited for an NZ video to confirm
Mateo Gg
Mateo Gg ヶ月 前
There's two kinds of "revolutionary transport systems": "Bikes but worse", and "Trains but worse". The Shweeb has the dubious honor of being both.
Tom Delvetto
Tom Delvetto 16 時間 前
The sweet is still fun though
Cameron McAllister
You can't forget "Cars, but literally no improvement"
Pax 12 日 前
There is an inane obsession of tech bros with pods. They watched too mutch jetsons or something.
MxBirdnose 13 日 前
@Bane That's a fair point, but none of the cities I've lived in have had good enough transit that going car-free was practical. Not to mention the problem of how to evacuate if there's a natural disaster.
Bane 13 日 前
@MxBirdnose If you live near work, you'll probably pay more, but if you don't own a car it'll balance out. An average payment for a used car seems to be around $500/month. Say I got a cheaper one but then added insurance and upkeep, it'd be ~$600. In my area (suburb kinda far out from Washington D.C.), a 1 bed/1 bath apartment costs ~$1800/month. If I moved to an area where many tech employers are, it'd be around ~$2050/month. So, even after adding $150/month of bus or Metro fees, it'd be cheaper to live close to work as long as I don't own a car.
Cory Calhoun
Cory Calhoun ヶ月 前
I feel like this is low-key the most skeptical/negative opinion of something I've heard Tom provide, and I'm here for it
Gerhard Smith
Gerhard Smith 2 日 前
@Derva Kommt von hinten People hear cool words and will just repeat them before checking what they mean
Derva Kommt von hinten
how is it low-key? he very explicity said that this invention was garbage xD
The Tactician
The Tactician ヶ月 前
Thing got a million dollars when it literally has the worst cons of both bikes and trains and clearly wasn't the future of transport. I'd be angry too
xellent ヶ月 前
@mvwilHe wouldn’t have to hate them if they weren’t pointless and obstructive
Anthony Flack
Anthony Flack ヶ月 前
I live in New Zealand and I have never, ever heard of the Shweeb. "A strange novelty ride for tourists" is actually a great outcome for a gadgetbahn.
Unkown Hacker
Unkown Hacker 22 日 前
You don't hear about it, you just wander around and it finds you. Or you can just follow the distant screams
Jegger 29 日 前
Maybe it's cause it's so close to Rotorua?
Rhys Williams
Rhys Williams 29 日 前
Same but like now I wanna go on it.
Rockin' Rocketman
You gotta give it a shot mate
EZMoney ヶ月 前
The Swheeb inventor really said he’ll fix the problems in post when he submitted the design and got a $1 million grant. Incredible.
Miles Mojave
Miles Mojave ヶ月 前
Tom Scott's videos are always interesting but have a certain down to earth quality about them. Then to top it off, he comes across as genuinely thoughtful, considering others and being aware that his own actions have the ability to cause others to act without his say-so. As usual, he's a likeable person making likeable videos. Well done on another great one, Tom.
hoseja ヶ月 前
Just... don't meet him off camera.
Miles Mojave
Miles Mojave ヶ月 前
@AaaaNinja These days, it often is.
AaaaNinja ヶ月 前
You make it sound like it's a great accomplishment for people to be people.
Hisyam ヶ月 前
that's just any british narrator
Matt W
Matt W ヶ月 前
Oh wow you should be a critic.
Sekiberius Welkesh
It's actually not a bad idea, perhaps not as a serious mode of transportation but it think it'd be a great thing for sightseeing, going over area's at your own speed and leisure whilst getting a nice view. It'd be great in a Zoo, Museum or something like an immersive theme park ride.
dogmaticka 15 日 前
Walking or having a zoo with bikes/high platforms would be way easier
Unca Alby
Unca Alby 15 日 前
Going over an area at your own speed and leisure whilst getting a nice view ... GOLF CART!
definitely not obama
*Jurassic Park theme plays in the distance*
AbyssEyes 27 日 前
@Tyiriel i was thinking of people trying to go across a cliff or over streams and stuff
Tyiriel 27 日 前
@AbyssEyes Bigger brain idea: Build a high walkway and let people walk to sightsee what they want on a path.
Balaam _
Balaam _ ヶ月 前
I admire the ‘ram the slow person in front of you to get them to go faster’ mentality of the Schweeb. That’s thinking I can get behind 100%
"RAMMING SPEED!" About a day later "we gather here to mourn the loss of John Arthur Scott, who died at 36 in a tragic Schweeb accident."
Safe-Keeper 27 日 前
Wish we could do this with bikes. And people.
PhysicsGamer ヶ月 前
@tommy karrick It really is such a wild idea that I wish Scott had remarked on more. Imagine the cries of "Ramming speed!"
PanzerKampfWagen VI Ausführung B "KönigsTiger"
Now if only i could do that to slow walkers in front of me
Adam Cozens
Adam Cozens ヶ月 前
In New Zealand there a road signs telling you to get out the way and pull over if a faster car is behind you. Fantastic imho
Brooke Garbarini
Brooke Garbarini ヶ月 前
Reading the marketing material linked in the description, Tom really should have included the line from it: "If you can walk, you can Shweeb!"
PhysicsGamer ヶ月 前
@Alex From Google? Probably found the one suit there who still had an idea of "fun" and said "Ramming speed!"
Alex ヶ月 前
@Winjin still fetched a million...i wonder how
Eoin Doyle
Eoin Doyle ヶ月 前
No! walking is one of your main competitors, Shweeb! and it's got you hard beat with overtaking alone! Why draw attention to the possibility of just walking to wherever the Shweeb station is?
Winjin ヶ月 前
"Stop making Shweeb happen; its' not going to happen"
Nicholas Richards
Not enough people are talking about how well you stabilized the shots from inside the Shweeb! No matter how you did it, such a great job.
soundscape26 ヶ月 前
GoPro's (or a similar competitor) have ever so more awesome stabilisation.
rio425ee ヶ月 前
This would actually be very good for a hybrid ride/transport system for amusement parks. It would serve as a decent enough means of getting from one section of the park to another while being fun and providing decent views of the park. And parks are already in the business of managing and maintaining similar equipment. It would be awful for cities, but amusement parks could actually benefit from this oddball implementation.
Lord Sandwich
Lord Sandwich ヶ月 前
@xxxtensioncord There are plenty of other rider-controlled attractions that work just fine and don't have that problem. You just have to time the releases, so that people don't bump into each other much.
Lord Sandwich
Lord Sandwich ヶ月 前
@Pierce Johnson Wow! I bet you're fun at parties...
rio425ee ヶ月 前
Yes, but it takes longer and is limited to certain design requirements of foot paths, whereas this would be more for riding over sections of the park that would work well for footpaths, or driving around park features to show them off in a more integrated and interesting way. This would be more of a hybrid ride/single person transit, like gondolas between park sections, but able to move much faster with more curves more like a pedal powered roller coaster.
Pierce Johnson
Pierce Johnson ヶ月 前
Feet work great too for those who are able
M M ヶ月 前
@xxxtensioncord On this note, I'm curious how hard the proposed physical impact on slower pods would be when faster pods ram into them. Would Granny be okay if someone ran into her pod?
I could see this working well at nature tourism destinations. It could allow visitors to transition through sections of a nature area quickly and easily without disturbing local wildlife while feeling fun and exciting. Add in some stops for guided tours of sections of the park and it all starts to come together quite nicely.
Unca Alby
Unca Alby 15 日 前
@Дмитрий П. Folks in Africa wouldn't want to spend the money constructing the monorail railway when they could just pave a road and use it for bicycles, motorbikes, golf carts, and the occasional automobile. The road would be less money and have more uses.
azuki andkoro
azuki andkoro 19 日 前
Look, its a monorail Doesnt matter how cheap it would be, its a linear line. Its like bike but now its hanging and you could get stuck in traffic. At best it would be like a sliding hanger
Дмитрий П.
@Abi Gail monorails, gondolas, elevated tram ways === price. price and price. you can put this (steel rails + cabin at 1/10 of any high tech) it's like "i do not need a bicycle cause we have car", yes, sure... you do not need but some people in Africa/Arabs/India do want to have cheap bicycles
Blucksy ヶ月 前
@Abi Gail monorails, gondolas and elevated tram ways all have higher construction costs and running costs, for a cheap local wildlife exploring solution these could fill that gap
Tom Patterson
Tom Patterson ヶ月 前
@Abi Gail That's not as fun. And more boring for kids since they can't race one another.
Connor Ubetcha
Connor Ubetcha ヶ月 前
I love how he tries his best not to smile or laugh when the people are screaming, he also politely apologized when he smirked.
paul ヶ月 前
i have a great idea: perhaps you could invert the rail so there are less points of failure, and enlargen the pod so many people can fit in at once, and then of course to address the whole issue of moving it, a powered pod at the front could pull the others behind it! oh.. wait.
Rebypox 19 日 前
@SharienGaming lmao. Someones never heard of induced demand
MarlonBitoy 19 日 前
@Hubris Inc Adam something really thinks that putting some fuckin Choo choos in the city will make us a type II civilization
Mr. Seemingly Expected
@Patrick O "Oh no, car traffic and car deaths, who could've seen this coming? Wait, what's global warming?"
Homebrew Horsepower
@Rob Schellinger that's a perfectly cromulent word.
damn it, invented the train again
kineticdeath ヶ月 前
i mean it may fail as a public transport system, but it could be a big thing for an amusement park ride, and theres nothing wrong with having those. Getting families out of the house doing things together is a great idea especially in this day and age where staying home playing games or streaming seems to be the "in thing". Need more amusement parks, and more innovative ideas like this that also have a minimal amount of actual exercise and effort
Lord Sandwich
Lord Sandwich ヶ月 前
@Mister Dayne Oh my gosh that gave me an idea! Remember the Tom Scott video of the aerial bucket way? When they decommission it, they should put a modified Schweeb where the people going down assist the people going up. It's brilliant!
Mister Dayne
Mister Dayne ヶ月 前
It could be a simple way of getting from A to B between points in a massive wooded area or something. Rather than wandering through nature, why not get there 12 times faster and glide through the trees, slalom style
Lord Sandwich
Lord Sandwich ヶ月 前
I've been on it before, and I can assure you that it is not a "minimal amount of exercise"!
Winjin ヶ月 前
Family ones need multiple race tracks, like the kids RC cars. Like four parallels to race each other. Except I'm not sure how corners would work, as the shoulders will be wildly different in length.
Tiavor Kuroma
Tiavor Kuroma ヶ月 前
I can definitely see this happening in a small scale, around a campus or convention center. but nothing larger than that.
stab 20 日 前
imagine these high in the air around like a mountain or a body of water
Place holder name is place holder
@Safe-Keeper That isn't impossible. If you can do that, you would qualify for the tour de' france but not necessarily win. n
Safe-Keeper 27 日 前
@Cornelius the Crow Tamer try going 60 kmh on a regular bike. But you can deliberately not get it if you want to, of course.
Sotanaht01 ヶ月 前
​@Eoin Doyle Have them run partially electric so that there is never more than a small speed difference between pods, when they collide the rear pod should only be going maybe 5mph faster than the front one. being able to form trains on the fly but still run individually as needed is by far the best unique feature here, something that cannot be accomplished with cars, bikes, or actual trains. since everything is moving together, there should never be a rush hour/traffic jam situation unless the system is malfunctioning.
Lord Sandwich
Lord Sandwich ヶ月 前
@AStupidlyLongNameThatsLongerThanMyPreviousNameLolz Unless you've been on it, you don't know... ;)
I had the opportunity to go on the shweeb once, but didn't know about this history! I'm glad they turned it into an amusement ride though, it was quite a lot of fun to control the speed of your own coaster
Lord Sandwich
Lord Sandwich ヶ月 前
I've been on this as a kid. It's really fun! I remember thinking it probably wouldn't work as a transit system, even though it would be a really fun way to get around!
Squimbles ヶ月 前
idk why but the parts where Tom is zooming around as the camera follows him and he's speaking is so funny to me, he's just nonchalantly telling us information as he zooms round in a floating bicycle
Meris ヶ月 前
Fun fact: both the train and the bicycle, the two things techbros hate, are the result of decades of incremental progress, not "one radical idea." Fixing our transit problems comes by building what works and incrementing upon it, not looking for the magic bullet that will save everyone.
tin2001 14 日 前
@Udi Shomer For larger cities, yes. But for smaller cities, towns and villages, liquid fueled cars are the only practical option. You're not going to get on your ebike and ride it 100km at 25km/h. Especially if your ebike battery can only do about 50km range anyway. I have an electric car, and I have just upgraded my bike to an ebike... And while these are great for my smaller trips, and have saved thousands of dollars in fuel, they're not a one-size-fits-all solution.
Levin 16 日 前
@Udi Shomer not to mention how comfortable long distsnce trains are. Id much rathsr be in a diner csr than esting mcdonalds in an suv
Udi Shomer
Udi Shomer 16 日 前
@Zynel cars are the most inefficient form of ground transport, both in terms of cost per km/mile, and in term of externalities (pollution, noise, danger to other road users, co2 emissions, use of public space). Buses, Metro systems, trams, bicycles, e-bikes, trains and walking are all much more efficient.
Zynel 17 日 前
@Levin how so? Not attacking you, just want to hear your take.
Levin 29 日 前
@Seph Reed cars are objectively poor forms of transport
A Freymann
A Freymann ヶ月 前
I feel like this would work at places like a ski-resort or some kind of large park, I feel like that would be a really cool ride atop the trees, like zip-lining but with more control I suppose and maybe a little more comfortable.
Brian & Sarah Gillespie
Thanks, Tom, for asking viewers not to reach out. I love how you care for someone you haven't met but could use some space.
soulseptem 52
soulseptem 52 ヶ月 前
It's so cool seeing him go somewhere and doing something I have done before. Its actually a lot of fun. Its like a roller-coaster and its not hard to pedal at all. Much easier than a bike.
Tina Kerr
Tina Kerr ヶ月 前
I think they would be great for holiday complexes (like centre parcs) great views, protected from weather and other traffic, plus not having to worry about taking your own bikes finding parking and locking them securely.
Jackeea ヶ月 前
The bad parts of monorails with the bad parts of bikes - genius!
Sigsten Bockgård
@Chaosvolt there are nation states other than the USA, bike lanes exist
Tom Patterson
Tom Patterson ヶ月 前
@John Roach He turned millions into more than a hundred billion..
MysticHero ヶ月 前
@Vera Tabbynx Ah but the self driving disables itself shorty before an accident so all issues are down to the driver /s
Pierce Johnson
Pierce Johnson ヶ月 前
@Alucard maybe Elon could buy the Schweeb and waterproof it and provide it as an unsolicited craft for underwater rescue and insinuate that actual professional rescuers are pedophiles when he doesn't get his way for something he wasn't asked to participate in
Jorge Manuel De León Pinelo
@KasimirFreeman Those sound like great policies! He should also legalize murder while he's at it. (He might as well)
Strange Machines
Strange Machines ヶ月 前
I love how they invited him in to test their invention out and he literally explains to us all how ineffective and ridiculous it is.
R3sistance ヶ月 前
This definitely has potential... as an amusement park ride, it just needs something to enforce a minimum speed. My idea would be to have two stations, start station at the top and end station at the bottom, with an elevator system to shift pods back up to the top. Gravity can do most of the work, in cases where there is up hills or long horizontal sections, just install a few electromagnets to force them forwards and install an air pressure break at the end so riders are forced to slow down.
Danielle ヶ月 前
It might have a possibility as a small transit system on something of similar size to a college campus, but you'd need a way to put a bunch of people in one car, along the single cab rides. I think this is one of those things that's fun to think about but not terribly practical
Hibryd 7
Hibryd 7 ヶ月 前
Just from listening to Simon for a minute gives me the strong impression that Velocity Valley is run like a ship in the royal navy.
Window Licker
Window Licker ヶ月 前
Imagine waking up in the morning and saying “Honey, I’m going to take the Shweeb to work!” 💀💀💀
P'Lay C. Holder
P'Lay C. Holder ヶ月 前
Not the infrastructure project we want, but the one we Shweeb.
Tams80 ヶ月 前
I'm absolutely Shweebing about this!
Jappa ヶ月 前
Peak comedy.
ano nym
Shweeb, formerly Chuck.
Captain Ducky
Captain Ducky ヶ月 前
*grunts* Take my like, damnit. XDD
Alex .G
Alex .G ヶ月 前
Time to get Shweebty! - rick
Gary V
Gary V ヶ月 前
That looks fun, and it seems like the kind of thing that should end up in a place where people go to have fun.
73caddydaddy93 ヶ月 前
I think a system along these lines that allowed someone to use their bicycle in it would be a good way to connect bike lanes and paths across difficult areas
Chris Anderson
Chris Anderson ヶ月 前
I went on what was probably the original version of the Shweeb back in 2008. It was heaps of fun as a ride, but with all the good will in the world, it was never going to work as a mass transit system.
Hannah K
Hannah K ヶ月 前
I like the idea of shared effort (assuming it works in practice), but I think the biggest downside of this as a mode of transport - other than the obvious infrastructure and cost issues you mentioned - is that there's no room for even a small amount of luggage. Where are you supposed to put your bag - on top of you?
Sphenix ヶ月 前
This could be really cool in big facilities that have multiple separated facilities (ex colleges), in the rain especially. And as noted, Google’s campuses or Apples giant dome place, definitely a cool idea.
Boneless Watermelon
The monorail enthusiasts have gotten to Tom and they can no longer be stopped
Felix Kütt
Felix Kütt ヶ月 前
@Pierce Johnson If it's not up to spec, sure I guess.
Pierce Johnson
Pierce Johnson ヶ月 前
Is there a chance the track could bend?
Felix Kütt
Felix Kütt ヶ月 前
'e be one o' us now!
Vigilant Cosmic Penguin
That, and the rollercoaster kick.
Nestor Makhno
Nestor Makhno ヶ月 前
@Vitor de LimaIt’s just such a shame that they’re pretending it’s a form of transport.
A guy from internet
Can we just appreciate the effort Tom puts in these videos? They even have captions!
Amy Mason
Amy Mason ヶ月 前
Now I'm wondering if you could do this the other way, and make a transport system that's like a log flume ride at an amusement park, but with paddleboats.
alphamoonman ヶ月 前
The biggest problem about this being in the hands of public, especially if the things are made to push each other, is that people ahead might get lazy and pedal less, expecting those behind to push them.
Дмитрий П.
@PhysicsGamer it's just small problem and it's solvable. like trains work (they also can not "hit each other"), same here: some electrofield -> if cab in 5 metres from another -> it triggers brakes. the question is price: if you do it "perfect" how much cheaper it will than monorails or other solutions.
PhysicsGamer ヶ月 前
There's also the rather glaringly unsolved problem of what happens if you slam into someone at speed. Bike collisions can _hurt_ and this thing is meant to go faster than most people on bikes...
Shaun and Squeak
Shaun and Squeak ヶ月 前
Thats so cool to see you in NZ I hope you have had an awesome trip here! plenty for you to see and enjoy I'm sure! I hope we Kiwis treated you well! Ive been to that park but didnt try the sweeb but did do the Jetboat and the sky dive both good fun! All the best for 2023!!
Battadia ヶ月 前
This is exactly the kind of idea I'd expect to come out of Rotorua.
Jona ヶ月 前
Google just wanted to have some fun on their campus and needed a fancy way of going around - That's why they spend $1,000,000 on this!
velox ヶ月 前
@M M 1. Bike lanes keep bikes safe from cars. 2. As for not worrying about maintenance, a normal utility bike needs literally 0 (not exaggerated) maintanance (except for flat tires) so there's nothing to worry about. With the Shweeb however, since a single broken unit causes the entire line to jam, you need to worry about the maintenance of every single unit on the line. Not being able to overtake makes other unit's failure YOUR problem too. Not so for bikes. 3. As for worrying about the weather when riding a bicycle, well, as my mom used to say, you're not made of sugar, you won't melt in the rain :) 4. The 'not worrying about your bike being stolen' is a fair point, altough I would worry a Shweeb would become target of vandalism, since it'd be relatively easy to disable the entire line
M M ヶ月 前
@velox Keeps riders safe from cars, protects riders from inclement weather and poor road conditions, and allows riders to not have to worry about maintenance or their bike breaking down (tires, gears, etc) or their bike being stolen. I think university campuses would be a great place for something like this. My biggest concern is how safe is it from someone actively trying to open it from the inside in a dangerous place and conversely how easy is it for someone to exit in the case of an emergency?
Sam A
Sam A ヶ月 前
And reckless spending like that is why they have to fire tens of thousands of people (also their core product is now garbage)
Vigilant Cosmic Penguin
Turns out they were just looking for the future of amusement park rides. With that much money to spare, it's worth it.
pyrioncelendil ヶ月 前
That or it's a corporate income tax writeoff.
patu8010 ヶ月 前
This reminds me of a thing in an amusement park in Finland. It's like a pedal roller coaster that goes around the whole park, but there are no uphills or downhills, and you can get on and off at multiple spots. Not really a transit system, more for taking in the view.
Mr Bing
Mr Bing ヶ月 前
I rode this as a child, was very fun, had no idea it was designed to replace transport
Philosophia ヶ月 前
For personal, individual transport, I've never figured out the reason that the cannon didn't become more mainstream.
Bort of the Boreal Valley
It worked in Secret of Mana, it worked in Super Mario 64, how much more proof do we need?
FeeshUnofficial ヶ月 前
Mostly because it tears your skin off but people that make a big deal out of that just hate fun
Butch Wilson
Butch Wilson ヶ月 前
You've got a lot of heart and integrity, Mr. Scott. Thank you.
In Jest
In Jest ヶ月 前
The idea you should bump into the one in front if it's going too slow is hilarious 😂
Zack ヶ月 前
I definitely don’t think it’s made for transportation but I’d definitely pay to ride one at like an amusement park or something it looks so much fun
Axion ヶ月 前
@Marten different cultures sadly, and if it prevented even one fatal accident a year it'd be worth it with how much people try to get over on businesses and government
Marten ヶ月 前
@Axion I agree that the whole traffic situation needs to be taken into consideration. But that's definitely possible. Here in The Netherlands we quite a few university campuses where thousands of students cycle on any given day and site traffic is extremely minimal and mostly seperated and at slow speeds. Risks for cyclists is very minimal, while throughput is huge and the costs for the university are also very low.
Axion ヶ月 前
@Marten it's safer than a bike and removes the getting hit by site traffic equation
Marten ヶ月 前
Hmm, Still doubt it. Like Tom said in the video: it doesn't really have any benefits over a regular bike path. In theory it might go a bit faster than a bike, but not by a whole lot (modern e-bikes can go 40 km/h) and I doubt it will be beneficial when you count the time you need to get to a station, wait for a pod, get on and off, etc
jam9297 ヶ月 前
@littlejack Ramming speed!
funguy ヶ月 前
I feel like this would be cool for like sight seeing safari type situations. Like a protected wildlife preserve you can have rails of these for people to peddle around in and look at the sights. would be safer for sightseers and animals as it would elevate them from the ground unlike a car. Of course overtaking is still an issue
Troy ヶ月 前
Have to be highly elevated so that the animals can't reach it. Trying to pedal away with little human noodle legs won't cut it when an elephant decides to reach up and investigate the cab.
SpaceGladiator ヶ月 前
This looks so much fun. :D Would love to run that track too.
Severinsen ヶ月 前
That looks REALLY fun though! Imagine using that at really big parks or campuses!
plazasta ヶ月 前
reminds me a lot of Arrow's old Suspended Coaster model. A while back, I remember seeing people wonder how it would look like if we used roller coasters as a mode of transportation. Well, this is as close as I've seen up to now!
KamoGaming [ かも]
2:47 recently I went to Sweden and I noticed that every single road we drove on had a dedicated bike lane off to the side. as a brit, it made me jealous. over here we share the road with them, which makes it quite unsafe for them, and to try increasing bike usage, bike lanes just get painted onto roads which eats up road space, and then add to that that cars park on top of those lanes and it makes no difference if there is a bike lane or not.
Michael Cort
Michael Cort ヶ月 前
So it's a bike that's really expensive to operate, has a set route it can operate on, is not easy to exit in an emergency, can't overtake and can't go up prolonged inclines. Perfect.
Falcodrin ヶ月 前
@P00p00face1234 Yes but the idea is that dedicated bike infrastructure while increasing safety would also be cheaper to build and maintain and would be just more accessible to everyone.
David Aspinall
David Aspinall ヶ月 前
So, like a train you pedal.
Doktor McNasty
Doktor McNasty ヶ月 前
@ano nym For a sea-faring creature, maybe. Terrestrial folk with any shred of dignity should dissolve back into the ground again.
Stephen ヶ月 前
@P00p00face1234 If a city has actual infrastructure for biking - i.e. Dedicated bike lanes which are physically separated from traffic - on the other hand...
Mark Johnson
Mark Johnson ヶ月 前
I can actually see how this would work in some areas where it would be in a loop from nearby (2-5Km) apartments to a central business hub.
guy with C in name
Wow, I was just there a few weeks ago and saw the shweeb ride on the side, it was real cool. Didn't have the chance to try it though(maybe next time). Did you see the big ostrich on the right hand side of the entrance?
Rico Sanchez
Rico Sanchez ヶ月 前
The Shweeb getting that grant almost feels like a Buttle / Tuttle situation.
Scarekrow ヶ月 前
thats actually a super nice thing for bigger companies! you could use this even indoor. u just need like switches to your specific workplace. just 2 rules - 1. everyone has to drive it back himself at the end. and 2. just people who brought one can also ride it back.
Last Name First Name
it didn't turn out the way it probably was envisioned initially, but at least it's a fun idea and probably also a fun ride while also a decent exercise and transport ride system that looks a bit safer than traditional bike riding, i guess.
csxfan ヶ月 前
This looks incredibly fun. Being an amusement park ride feels like the proper niche for this. Especially if you had it over some place that has a nice view.
An Interesting Name
@DarkIzo Going to my lectures on that thing would be incredibly fun
Laurence Fraser
Laurence Fraser ヶ月 前
@Vitor de Lima The thing about this sort of project is that as you fix the problems with it, in short order you end up with either a bike or a train. Maybe a gondela/cable car if you intend to use it in certain Very specific niches.
Shannon Gerry
Shannon Gerry ヶ月 前
Near where I grew up there is a small theme park that has a small, two person per car, pedal monorail. It's geared down a long way so it's very slow, but suitable for children. It goes out over some of the theme park and then returns.
Justin Cronkright
@Mileyard Gigahertz But that's where slow and quick lanes would come in. Setting up a combined 4 lane (2 quick & 2 slow - 1 of each going in both directions) rail would even allow you to swerve people into the other lane if something breaks down somewhere on a track. Just have contingencies mostly. It's nice and fun to talk to about biking - but if nobody is going to do it, this is the next best thing we can reliably PUSH on people. Being rural sucks when you get neither though of course too!
DarkIzo ヶ月 前
or for getting around medium to large sizes campus
Leo ヶ月 前
yes tom, we need more dedicated and separate bike lanes and just more trains in general.
rbland ヶ月 前
I hope you're having a great time in New Zealand. Hopefully you missed all the crazy weather
Katharine Osborne
That looks like an absolute blast. They should set up parallel and intertwining tracks with a different coloured cars so you can race your friends.
Rhys Williams
Rhys Williams 29 日 前
Looks like there's two lines next to each other.
redpandamaniacal ヶ月 前
Appreciate how Tom mentions that this is actually a terrible idea for public transit. As an amusement part ride, it does look fun though. I do have doubts about anyone being able to ride one considering you need to both use feet to petal and be able to fit in the pod itself.
nullFoo ヶ月 前
As a New Zealander, I never realised how strong the Kiwi accent until I saw it juxtaposed to a British one here
Shipwright1918 ヶ月 前
As a gadgetbahn, it's got so many problems, but as a novelty for sheer fun, it's awesome.
PhysicsGamer ヶ月 前
@Jons LG "Subways but above roads" is just streetcars.
b ヶ月 前
@jonslg240 You literally described public transport... just use the train goofy
Motorata ヶ月 前
I could see it on a zoo or a national park, a long ride with a tour in front and the end. Sure Chairlifts exist and are probably a more calm option but this could be fun.
Kyle Oates
Kyle Oates ヶ月 前
@Jons LG Did you even watch the video. This, and ALL systems even remotely similar to it where you have "individual pods", literally WILL NOT WORK. Imagine being in rush hour traffic, but it is physically impossible to change lanes. That's what systems like this would boil down to if it were to "replace cars" as you think this would do. Working from home is doing more for replacing cars than these "revolutions to transportation" ever will.
cattleNhay (aka Eggman)
These would be nice in the alps as a ride..without peddling.
marcoscolga24 ヶ月 前
I've been to this park actually, it's incredible. Very modest compared to other places you might find the sorts of attractions there, but truly a definite if you're in the area. The Shweeb was definitely not practical for everyday use, but a blast to try out.
Mari_023 ヶ月 前
honestly, it looks awesome as a fun park ride
John Dewey
John Dewey ヶ月 前
What a cool idea, for many applications like college and university Campuses or rainy climates when people want to go a short distance and not wait for the bus.. I would work for this company.
sheep Dalton
sheep Dalton ヶ月 前
This is brilliant. I can't wait to see one in a city.
Andrew Gwilt
Andrew Gwilt ヶ月 前
This could still be the future of going from one place to another. Very interesting.
Sollow ヶ月 前
So, how many videos is Tom gonna make about monorials? We're up to like 4 now aren't we?
pudlyJon gearhead
James F
James F ヶ月 前
@Tjena Donn *golf claps admirably*
Dylan Z
Dylan Z ヶ月 前
This one in particular had been there twice
Brunhilde Valkyrie
@Ozma It glides as softly as a cloud
Brunhilde Valkyrie
I think like 6
mafiacat88 ヶ月 前
Honestly I could see this being a fun transport system for those rare cases where they've got money to spend, and the ridership won't be *too* high. Thing like, well, the google campus or certain universities or something. Never the main route of transport but...a fun thing, and maybe something to get over high-traffic pedestrian zones for medium distances. Again, the use cases for this are the most niche imaginable but...I don't hate it.
Lixy O’Rorke
Lixy O’Rorke 27 日 前
I remember riding this way back when! I don't remember it being all that fantastic, but as a kid you don't really see that lmao
Kepler186F ヶ月 前
Tom... taking us places we would otherwise not ever see. It would have been nice to see the power train of the vehicle... perhaps the buffering system... but, I'll for the "bullet" pods... or the transporter pads.
Cyranek ヶ月 前
it'd be hard for me to not give a million dollars to something called the schweeb
TheMilitantHorse 24 日 前
This is absolutely something I'd be delighted to take every day to work but hate my life for every aspect of it.
Darkwolf 3745
Darkwolf 3745 ヶ月 前
Loving the calming screams of the damned when the Shweeb Generation 3 was being discussed following up from 1:22 to 1:31. Really provides and gives a comforting feeling of safety and the idea that ones well-being is of most importance!
NomadSoul76 ヶ月 前
I'm glad they didn't do another take.
Rocketplumber ヶ月 前
@Ryan Payne At XCOR I put serious design effort into how I would skydive from the Lynx rocket plane from 100 km up, including subscale drop tests of spacesuited models with a wingsuit and "unicorn horn" shock spike on the helmet. Damn shame we went out of business before we got it flying.
OrangeC7 ヶ月 前
@Ryan Payne I would ride that
Richard Moore
Richard Moore ヶ月 前
@tinwatchman "Sauntered vaguely downward."
Some Guy
Some Guy ヶ月 前
If anything, that makes it stand out for me as a brilliant and cheap carnival ride. No one would stop the clock for an actual transit system like this, but it literally screams amusement park to me.
Sam's Stuff
Sam's Stuff ヶ月 前
I’m so proud to have rode this exact track!
GearedInsanity ヶ月 前
Honestly i think this could work if its installed in places where you need to traverse between cliffs and mountains. A bike lane would be impractical in there because you would need to spiral upwards and downwards but with this you could make a straight line system between them.
Gravity is a conspiracy
Good to see you back in NZ tom! Theres plenty of interesting stuff here. Heard of the Cracroft Caverns?
Wackeroni 15 日 前
Im just overwhelmed by the entire thumbnail thats perfectly captioned with "i have no idea why". Truly a tom scott classic
Felix Morgan
Felix Morgan ヶ月 前
oh hey i've been on this! it was fun and i raced a classmate on a schooltrip in 2011, very tough on the thighs when going fast/being competitive, even though I'm a cyclist. Probably something to do with the different angle it was fun though
20quid ヶ月 前
It's amazing how many times the answer to a transport-related problem is "just build more bike lanes".
Slartibartfast tynsol
@N T Yep, I see what you did there 😁 Thing is, a trolley bus (or any bus really) runs on it's own schedule... or, in my area at least, doesn't run on the schedule that it claims to. The personal pod idea means no waiting in the rain for a bus that's full, or late, or never turns up at all.
soundscape26 ヶ月 前
Well no because not everybody likes to ride bikes... far from it.
N T ヶ月 前
@Slartibartfast tynsol And then because an individual pod is not very efficient, let's put more people in it. It would need to run along a set series of stations, or just stops, that would be distributed around the city, and it would have to have accommodations for people who need to go elsewhere, so let's have a few lines of them. Oh wait, that's a trolley bus.
Slartibartfast tynsol
Where I live there are bike lanes. I have a bike. It even has electric pedal assist. My office is less than 10km from my front door. Even so, I drive most of the time. Am I just a lazy person? Possibly, but in my defense I did try it. Arriving for a day in the office dripping sweat is not great. There are showers, but not many, and no lockers so even if I get de-stinked I'll have a pongy bag under my desk. Even leaving that to one side, most people will jump in the car when the clouds leak. The idea of a personal pod for commuting - cheap and simple and weather proof - has appeal. Something like this but on wheels (probably 3 or 4), not rails, and powered externally (tram style pickups?) could be a winner. Could be arranged so there are powered sections that give you height, then you coast to the next one. Just a thought...
ZimZimph ヶ月 前
@PenguinSushi you can definitely have a ton of bike lanes that don't connect. And it wouldn't work
Toasted Choom
Toasted Choom ヶ月 前
I can honestly see something like this working on a small scale, perhaps around huge compounds or parks where you're not dealing with thousands of commuters on any given route.
Lukas Knöfler
Lukas Knöfler ヶ月 前
Looks like it's lots of fun to try in an amusement park. But I'll keep using my normal bike for actual transport.
XaleManix ヶ月 前
I want a go on this. I'm probably too big to fit, like every other ride I actually want to try, but I want a go on this.
MrMxffin ヶ月 前
this could be one of these fun things they put in attraction parks
MDGLee ヶ月 前
Respect to everyone keeping the take with the screaming riders. It added lovely comedy to the video.
Chex ヶ月 前
Isn't it crazy to think how absolutley terrified he was of a little kids roller coasters now hes riding this with no fear while talking to the camera.
Patrik333 ヶ月 前
As well as being in control, it also probably helps that he's in a supine position and the down slopes never exceed 10-20 degrees. Apart from Alpine coasters, the closest "proper" roller coaster I can think of like this is Air/Galactica at Alton Towers.
Nick Dahl
Nick Dahl ヶ月 前
@pyropulse and thats why he probly gives great hugs
Brandon ヶ月 前
I'd say a big part of it is he knows he's in control of that, in a coaster you just sit down and strap in.
John Martinez
John Martinez ヶ月 前
Monorail vs roller coaster? Hardly the same thing.
MrCh0o ヶ月 前
@Christa Nice On that wildly swinging thing in the video, I'd be quite worried about eating one of the posts supporting the rails if I'm honest
btcharlie ヶ月 前
The thing about failures is you don't see them 😅 I bet there's been so, so, so much more money spent on projects that failed than on those that proved practical. It's just that you only get to see the successes, and the things that went nowhere, well, they stayed nowhere. Out of sight, out of mind.
Vigilant Cosmic Penguin
I loved the moment when the interviewee just brushed off some intense screams in the background. I guess that's part of the job one would just get used to.
The Løzer
The Løzer ヶ月 前
you don't know how happy I get when New Zealand is mentioned in a video, let alone where I live.
Bruman ヶ月 前
As someone who has lived new Rotorua my entire life I had no idea this place existed.
Nathan King
Nathan King ヶ月 前
I have been to that same park in NZ and done th swoop swing, free fall experience, zorbing and speedboats.. loads of fun!
Dave Kendall
Dave Kendall ヶ月 前
Some google guy just thought it looked fun and wanted to get an operational version to play with. As a cyclist, this looks like a blast, so I totally get where that dude was coming from.
Peter Slegers
Peter Slegers ヶ月 前
Why didn't they buy a few hundred velomobiles, and worked with local governments to build a fast bicycle network? Velomobiles go fast, can go anywhere, make your employees healthier, and it could turn the disasterous money pit of US urban planning into something maintainable. All the money saved, compared to company cars and fuel, could finance facilities like parkings and repair shops.
jman1948 ヶ月 前
@Matthew C Thats like 4-5 google engineer's yearly salary.
Julian Eveans
Julian Eveans ヶ月 前
At its completion at a cost of $83 million in January 1943, the Pentagon was the world's largest office building, covering 29 acres (12 hectares)-including a 5-acre (2-hectare) central court-and Chief of staff "God dam it where's the president gone again" Aid- "he doing another lab of the 7 floor"
Hamish D
Hamish D ヶ月 前
I'm not sure if they have kept this since the addition of electric pedal assist, but they kept a weekly and all time leaderboard of lap times here. Being based in Rotorua, a mecca for mountain bikers, you'd often see big names in the sport fighting for top spot after visiting the town for races/events
SandrA ヶ月 前
Probably wanted a track at the office to ride around in. Could you imagine the Apple building encircled by these tracks?
boltonky ヶ月 前
Glad to see you down in kiwi land you do get around, and NZ is one look at how not to do bike lanes but waste lots of money & make some of them more dangerous than just riding on the road..yes open the door to the bike lane haha
GoodoDarco ヶ月 前
“Google gave the Schweeb $10,000,000” put me into hysterics
plixplop ヶ月 前
Not at all practical for public transport but it looks like a fun ride. It would be great to race them on side by side rails. They would also be soo cool in a scenic area, imagine cruising along the ground in a forest and then "flying" over a gorge on an elevated section!
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