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Giant piranha fish pacu caught in college campus pond.
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Go-Go ヶ月 前
Straight Gangster!😂 🐟 poaching in broad daylight with witnesses around. Zach and the New GF rollin like Bonnie and Clyde😂 Good Vid👍🏾
Bob Duffey
Bob Duffey 8 時間 前
Bro I am tired of you taking these fish out their habitats I am looking to throw hands if you want to keep abusing these fish.
XxS.K.YxX 3 日 前
@Jeffrey Hopkins not poaching of it's a invasive species
Julio Castro Camacho
Ike McFree Oakley Jawbreaker
#1 MATMAN 13 日 前
I hear you even if it's not fooking poaching that fish was the only one in there and nobody is going to ever get to experience that situation again. How many college students have sat there and had their day made by seeing that once in a lifetime thing. Loosers
Raell Skys
Raell Skys 14 日 前
It's an invasive species, it's not poaching
mr bezo
mr bezo 3 時間 前
Dude is super hyped.lol....in these virus days it's good to see anyone having fun...go guys🤗🤗🤗🤗
Avantmarya 7 時間 前
In my country, it is a pomfret
jairo Sanchez
jairo Sanchez 7 時間 前
Wtf that’s not a pirrana
Leonardo Saracino
Leonardo Saracino 16 時間 前
I dont think it’s a piranha.
nichole boyd
nichole boyd 18 時間 前
Bunch of turtles
nichole boyd
nichole boyd 18 時間 前
I thought piranha fish are deadly, and they jump
Em 19 時間 前
Not an actual piranha then.
snakeweed1 日 前
what's the point of this? that pacu was living a peaceful life in that campus pond. Hope you brought him back and set him free
Tiffany Jackson
New subscriber lol
Tonya Richellé
Mm These kind 🙄🤢🤣 Wowwwwww Sistahs, y'all know what I'm sayin 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Dio Ghalvani
Dio Ghalvani 日 前
Conceal Carry
Soooo you used clickbait to show us you stole a pacu out of a decent size pond (why he got so big) to put him in a nasty crowded swimming pool?
l lree
l lree 日 前
Why the hell is that woman dressed like that, she’s showing off herself
Neuropsych PA
"We don't need the gym...we just need a big fish!!"
Michael Tenn
Michael Tenn 日 前
For all of u saying that them doing this is wrong, fyi, pacu are invasive to in Florida, it's no different to killing iguanas down in South Florida, so it is neither bad nor illegal
Why u hurt the fish... What if its happen to u... 😓
Great Briton
Great Briton 日 前
Ayan Barua
Ayan Barua 日 前
this is paku not piranha,paku is growing approx 3ft but piranha is too small
seakobold 日 前
Emile Skuce
Emile Skuce 日 前
Why the F does this guy have followers? Such bad content
Doug Antonucci
Oh and your girlfriend has a kick ass body on her. Lol
Doug Antonucci
It's a pacu not a piarrana. Still cool though. Doesn't belong in a college pond ! Lol
Sneaker 日 前
Guys, pretty tough extracting the hook without chain gloves ... that could have easily cost you a finger ... ;-)
R.J. Bama
R.J. Bama 日 前
JPvid is great! It allows stupid people to video and document their own crimes.
Twisted Jig Co.
Not even a piranha. CLICKBAIT ......... I thought you were removing a threat , but what you did was actually kinda messed up for that guy. Might as well go back and grab a couple turtles too
barber the
barber the 日 前
He’s buddy does all the work and he’s trying to take the credit for it lol buddy could do better on his own
Twisted Jig Co.
Should have had the cooler down at the water already lol
Allan 日 前
what fish
meneriza poquiez
You talk too much.Bombay.!!
Maribel Fabro
That is not a piranha ukinnam muno
Jual Musang
Jual Musang 2 日 前
Etamah bawal, lain piranha atuh mang
St Michael's Junction
John Stinson
John Stinson 2 日 前
Dude really. U raised that fish in that pool and then you got a nice snapper in yoga pants you caught while back.to up the views ..nice . Anything to survive pay ur bills n live in Florida
Canopy Breezes Outdoors
Carol Baskin would be so proud of you guys! 😊
diGritz1 2 日 前
"We have to save the fish" The entire worlds collective IQ just dropped several points.
MFcannon cannon
MFcannon cannon 2 日 前
These dudes are dumb. I swear. Guy with white shirt is to worried about camera man looking at his girl.
Teresa Harper
Teresa Harper 2 日 前
That is dig
Teresa Harper
Teresa Harper 2 日 前
prabu wedangjahe
look that da green one.. its awesome fish 😍
Shaifujjaman Shahrukh
It's a crime
Colin Amondson
Colin Amondson 2 日 前
Dam great green booty
///AMG 2 日 前
Click bait
Lety 2 日 前
i knew this was fake from the jump 😅 first off let me just say not a single soul on earth would dare handle a Parana with no metal gloves on unless you want your hands cut off. nor would they ever stuck their hands in front of the fishes mouth in attempt to get the hook out. this isn’t a parana 🤣 2 mill subs and click baits people 🤦🏽‍♂️
Tyronn Fields
Tyronn Fields 2 日 前
Wow....Condo to a signal wide trailer....lol
Julio Romano
Julio Romano 2 日 前
It is a pacu not is piraña ,a pucu is vegetarian fish
ramish rambarran
CLICKBAIT ! Pacu ! The fish was removed from its home to spend the rest of its life in a s..ithole ! .........It is all about the girl !
James Fureyster
James Fureyster 3 日 前
My respect for black dude, i dont know if i could behave normal. With that kind a fish around.
Рамиль Шахпазов
David Weeks
David Weeks 3 日 前
Thats a pacu
RemmingtonRat 3 日 前
I'd rob a bank with these guys
Jayr Gwapo
Jayr Gwapo 3 日 前
If that is a piranha all the fish there is dead
Ryan Gardner
Ryan Gardner 3 日 前
Gross dudes. Seriously poor form.
jason corbilla
jason corbilla 3 日 前
Hey dudes with a chick..you made the fish's life worst as HELL! That pond is the fish best habitat and you ruined it! I dont know what kind of thoughts you have!
Doroteo Trevino
Doroteo Trevino 3 日 前
Click bait really Bro. I'm gone peace out ✌️
daniel casali
daniel casali 3 日 前
Isso é um pacu aqui em brasil no piranha yes pacu ok
azmk k
azmk k 3 日 前
chic is sexy #supersexy
pim1234 3 日 前
Doesn't look very professional... a bit hysterical ...
pim1234 3 日 前
Hot girl friend !
Dave Evans
Dave Evans 3 日 前
The only thing watching was the chick
Ares olympic
Ares olympic 3 日 前
Наши вандалы уже бы всех черепах по домам растащили или на продажу😂
TheClippa1 3 日 前
Logic of this video? Thought you was heading for a lake, but no straight home......wtf And tell "Giggles" to stay at home doing Zumba if she's not gonna help.
cheatham85 3 日 前
I hope some kids from that school come rob their fish back. Peasants
RadRich 4 日 前
Is this the same fish from The History channel video that featured Zak?
John Merchant
John Merchant 4 日 前
You caught a piranha at FIU pond? Cool
Cooper LaDieu
Cooper LaDieu 4 日 前
I like how at 6:51 the girl says "we have to save the fish" Even though he took the fish from its Pond and almost let it die and get very stressed on the grass. That fish could have a family and was providing For a wife and kids and then was abducted Yeah I guess "saving the fish" is that It was still a good vid but next time don't do anything THIS crazy
OliviaNewLeaf 2 日 前
Lol the wife and kids got me 😂
Andrew Bennett
Andrew Bennett 2 日 前
invasive species dude
Joangela Bowen
Joangela Bowen 4 日 前
We have o save the 🐟 priceless
RhumRunner41 4 日 前
Dude, are those sunglasses Oakley Pilots? Are they back in fashion? I had a pair in the late 80’s. They were great for boating.
LilStampBug 4 日 前
No respect for this! 🤬🤬🤬
Hunter Unger
Hunter Unger 4 日 前
That's pacu
monmixer 4 日 前
stupid, let the damn fish go
Wyatt Mendenhall
I can not see them.
Wyatt Mendenhall
Just let it calm down.
Wyatt Mendenhall
That is funny bro what the fish can you Make more videos please bro I wach a lot of your videos bro can you do fishing with a fishing rods please bro I believe in you bro.
hello its me
hello its me 4 日 前
Stop fishing! You don´t care about the Fish and you are making so many mistakes in every video! It seems that you dont even see a living creature in them! Show some respect and lern some Skills! Iam from europe and i can say: because of guys like you, everyone around here thinks that the US is the dumbest and most disrespectful place on earth (wich is really unfair to many other citizens)!!!
Niroshen Gunawardena
no good......
Irfan Patoni
Irfan Patoni 4 日 前
Itu mah ikan bawal bukan piranha...keliatan dari gigi nya yg kecil2
KiD DvS 4 日 前
This dude is so cringy and he always abuse these fish he should be stopped
charles barboza
KiD DvS you’re right. Dude is really annoying as hell!!! He talks WAY TOO MUCH!!!! “Let’s go, let’s go, get under the bridge”, man, why don’t you get under the bridge!!! “Hard work pays off”, the other guy did all the “work”, all he did was TALK TO MUCH!!! 🤣😂🤣😂 CLICKBAIT!!!
-no-panic-zone -
I may be high as a giraffe's balls, but that looks like a Pacu to me, not a Pirana!!!!🤦‍♂️good clickbait to get views though. 👻💨💨💨💨💨💨💨
shane estimada
shane estimada 4 日 前
This is not yours
Pinky 4 日 前
The blue girl is taste
Dexter Rich
Dexter Rich 5 日 前
I got kaloi fish big fish at home..kaloi fish is big fish in asia
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