Giannis Antetokounmpo MURDERS Blake Griffin Then GIVES Him SCARY Death Stare!(Black ZEUS)

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Man on an island
heavy 日 前
The "center" that isn't a "center."
TheYes1210 3 日 前
That was bullying. Is that talent?
Rey Bam Bam Pow
Rey Bam Bam Pow 3 日 前
Pure steroids
Remarkable SeiF
Remarkable SeiF 3 日 前
Lowered his shoulder into Blake's body aka offensive foul. The second play the ball was on its way down, aka goaltending.. Casuals can't tell tho.
CarltonNation 4 日 前
6'11 westbrook
CarltonNation 4 日 前
Atetokumpo plays like a 6`11 russell westbrook
Ironmanmkvi Starks
T'was like Thanos beating the Hulk :(
etuboldon boldon
Muhammet Öztrk
Muhammet Öztrk 5 日 前
Blake > giannis Mario hejonze dunk giannis 🤔
Keith Harris
Keith Harris 5 日 前
Says he won't leave Milwaukee, whats the price $ of won't leave ask Lew Alcindor. Big G quietly makes Lebron James and Magic Johnson's dicks hard.
Keith Harris
Keith Harris 5 日 前
You know what you can talk AD, Kwahi, KD, great players all of them at the top of their game, but you know who might be the baddest boogie man icing on top of all that cake topping......this m'fer right here Big G and the scary part is he's still learning, young and still learning at a phoenomenal pace. Giannis.
Marko Smiljanic
Marko Smiljanic 5 日 前
It was goaltending.
Robinson R.L. Wigfall
He is already 6'9 !!! This was supposed to happen. He posterized State Farm !!!! I want this same dunk over Embid, Zaric, Cousins, and Labron.
Marcel Dwayne
Marcel Dwayne 2 日 前
Well yeah LeBron is smaller in length.
Robinson R.L. Wigfall
From the post, he hung strength over Griffin.
stimulusmaximus •
Blake from State Farm
rob chillin like a villian
Spread the word world! For now on when the greak freak dunks on someone. Start saying you just got greeked on!!!
Mehdi Nadia
Mehdi Nadia 6 日 前
Did I just rode black Zeus!!!! Really dckilla
Wil Robles
Wil Robles 6 日 前
Eye opener for Blake.
Nicholas Anane Frimpong
Oh...let me remembers Kelvin Garnet's ball days at Celtic...
if everybody was playing and training so hard like giannis the nba would be amazing!!! I believe he spends all day in the gym
MikeTube 6 日 前
Oooooh HHhaha
Futbol Ateşi
Futbol Ateşi 6 日 前
Blake griffin > giannis
Gift Zwerg
Gift Zwerg 6 日 前
Die you watch the video hahahaah stupid kid
Μιχαήλ Φούκας
Giannis oooo giannis, wannabe someone dop AF! But if you get slapped in face you gonna cry 😭😭😭😭😭
mighty boomerang
Shayden Stevens
Shayden Stevens 6 日 前
Nba doesnt make sense. How did he murder him? He barely even touched him, that wouldnt have hurt at all???
Jewell Sejour
Jewell Sejour 7 日 前
Giannis is like that one high school bully u just can't get rid of
J_ rop
J_ rop 7 日 前
Giannis got strong af
madebyklizzy 7 日 前
Didn't really see the scary death stare but it was a good dunk
finessin thekid
finessin thekid 7 日 前
That wasn't Shit lol blake barely jumped
Yunjiro Hanma
Yunjiro Hanma 7 日 前
Watda? Can you see how strong this freak is? He just banged his way to griffin
Thai K
Thai K 7 日 前
But this guy made threats when he got dunk on
Raymond Larock
Raymond Larock 7 日 前
That's Miltownz finest, Milwaukee on another level this year
Devin Stancil
Devin Stancil 7 日 前
Bro is a 7 foot athletic small forward what do you expect? If i was 7 foot id be doing the same thing lmao u niggas praise him like hes skilled but he cant shoot for shit, he just drives, 1st or 2nd round exits again :///
Armond Thompson
Armond Thompson 7 日 前
Goddamn blake
Dionell Bumbrey
Dionell Bumbrey 7 日 前
Jay2fiee Jay
Jay2fiee Jay 7 日 前
Giannis should go to the Knicks with kristaps.
Trey 17
Trey 17 7 日 前
Blakes carrier bouta end
Head Matt L.
Head Matt L. 7 日 前
Crazy. Dude be head hunting.
Ryan Semrau
Ryan Semrau 7 日 前
Cool. A guy that scored 15 points and how many times did griffin body him up and make him look stupid? Atleast a few. Griffin had 30 didn’t play the 4th quarter cuz everyone else on the team blew. if he had anyone else to help this video would be totally different. Giannis can suck a dick
nathan jefferds
nathan jefferds 7 日 前
Kenzo Toledo
Kenzo Toledo 7 日 前
It should be matched if the Blake griffin 8years ago
The freak is basically Westbrook in a 6'11 frame
Yeah but, Hezonja scarred him for life, so.. you're never gonna erase that, boy
SabinoMV 7 日 前
mjlv123 7 日 前
Ahí asustan
JJ CA7 7 日 前
Dont make a fuzz about it. He is nowhere near blake. Blake is the beast. Giannis is a westbrook tall version
JJ CA7 7 日 前
Giannisantentokiunmposidoieiskzk lol
Blake is no where near giannis
jim bob
jim bob 7 日 前
I'm over the death stare
Black Mamba
Black Mamba 7 日 前
He pushed off is all I’m saying
marcus guerra
marcus guerra 7 日 前
Imagine if he could shoot 3s. Dude would be unstoppable
Problematic Apparently
Giannis YES!!!!
first name last name
Aye somebody gotta nerf that man
john c
john c 7 日 前
fuck blake griffen. dude is trash
Premios Ray Tico
So normal...thats the Giannis thing. But what a shame there isn't a Big Center as Shaq on this days, for learning the hard way yo get points over a real post.
roll tide
roll tide 7 日 前
Lol Blake getting dunk on and swatted
Ayzoh 7 日 前
This is the year of the Greek freak
Terrence Yallup
Terrence Yallup 7 日 前
straight embarrassing his ass!!
Clinton Walters
Clinton Walters 7 日 前
Ooooh, Blake you almost had it, ya gotta be quicker than that🤣😂🤣😂
dasa5023 7 日 前
Tom Shapiro
Tom Shapiro 7 日 前
99 contact dunk
keyhollywood 7 日 前
Nothing amazing here....You forgot Shaq did that on a nightly
tank johnson
tank johnson 7 日 前
The block was a goalten you can see the ball going down when he blocked it refs mis that call.Not a Blake fan just telling it how it is.The Greek freek is a beast I don't think no one can stop him once he go to the basket hard.If he works on that jump shot ungaurdable reminds me of LeBron when he first came to the league far as athletisisim.Stay healthy big fella.
Rosangzuala Chawngthu
One day a young fella bully him and he won't be able to do anything about it...We all get old😁😁
Loso Hill
Loso Hill 7 日 前
tank johnson
tank johnson 7 日 前
He threw his shoulder knocked Blake off balance and he was right under the rim it was cool but not a head up dunk he shouldered him to get the space by the time he tried to jump he was all ready in the air but he still got dunked on.
Fortune Faded
Fortune Faded 7 日 前
That's it? Lol
RATCHETster 585
RATCHETster 585 7 日 前
Almighty Marv
Almighty Marv 7 日 前
He deserves to be on the 2k19 cover as proven
Lamond Davis
Lamond Davis 7 日 前
Best player in the NBA . Not arguably . Best player hands down. 250 Million dollar contract on the way
Cool Guy
Cool Guy 7 日 前
Giving Blake a taste of his own medicine, live by the sword die by the sword. Pau gasol is sitting somewhere laughing right now.
truth seeker
truth seeker 7 日 前
When Blake gets Blake
Quentin Johnson
Quentin Johnson 7 日 前
Body bag 💼
tony stark
tony stark 7 日 前
Kdog The Legend
Kdog The Legend 7 日 前
Is it just me or do yall see shades of Shaq.....
Jonah Edwards
Jonah Edwards 7 日 前
Ante one of my fav under Curry... Homie serious with his height and uses his ability.. He made Blake look bad then that block .... Like NoNoNo
Zyrus Matol
Zyrus Matol 7 日 前
Artas 73
Artas 73 7 日 前
Giannis,, he got nothing👎
Jerry Horton
Jerry Horton 7 日 前
When he tried to chase down block hezonja and fell and hezonja stepped over giannis like he dunked on him that made him mad he been on superman overload every since he already go hard but since then he been on another level
N.V.G Get.Money.Inc
Dem soon start ban Africans fr NBA lol
Jay Westbrook
Jay Westbrook 7 日 前
Let Russ and Giannis be on the same team you’ll see a real 2.0 of Shaq and kobe
yours truly
yours truly 7 日 前
Blake your career is on the downside from now on
yours truly
yours truly 7 日 前
Hahahahahahahahahahah blake is an embarrassment
Sergio K
Sergio K 7 日 前
Nobodyzonia thinking....*that was a really stupid thing to do and say, i better get some injury before xmas*
Jordan 7 日 前
Giannis literally has 1 move that he does every time and it’s somehow unstoppable, what a beast.
The Goat
The Goat 7 日 前
He’s gonna be the greatest ever , soon as he gets a jump shot it’s all over
krlm2280 7 日 前
Blake getting Blaked and Giannis got Giannis/Lue'ed by a nobody the previous game
Naruto Uzumaki
Naruto Uzumaki 7 日 前
WOW! So Scary!!! 😱
South East Bobby
Dam then he hit the NBA 2k19 face on him
Damian Aguilar
Damian Aguilar 7 日 前
Right back at you griffin how does it feel been dunk on 😂😂😂😂
LionsAllday DETROIT
Atleast blake actually played this game.....every other bum on my bum ass pistons just sat there...reggie jackson is such a damn pathetic waste ....drummond is a cry baby bitch who never plays well against good competition. ..man this team will never be shit that golden state game was a fluke I tried telling people. ..we have no shooters ina shooters league. Smh
Kev INHD 7 日 前
He still mad about the other day white boy step over him like iverson if Blake dunks on him and it will happen it will be memorable I guarantee that 😂
yuchen ma
yuchen ma 7 日 前
He wants to prove something. “Dis will teach the white boy”
陳俊傑 7 日 前
Strahinja 7 日 前
Marcus Lee
Marcus Lee 7 日 前
NBA live mobile my Giannis go brazy and oh yes Griffin ant it no more he sucks😅😂
yong chaus
yong chaus 7 日 前
Confirm nba finals very soon!🏀🏆
the lord
the lord 7 日 前
Bro he is 215 cm -.-
d w3
d w3 7 日 前
The Nigerian freek
karan venkatesh
karan venkatesh 7 日 前
go go giannis
Ghost of a forgotten Weedle
That's it, I'm calling the cops on this man
A. L. Inabinet
A. L. Inabinet 7 日 前
Father time is catching up to Blake
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