german girl gets DNA tested *SHOCKING*

MJ xoxo
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So what are your thoughts on my results 🙈 I really wanna know what you guys think!
Love u so much!
MJ :,)









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Lorrie Miller
Lorrie Miller 2 時間 前
You get 50 percent from both parents and you do not get to pick which ethnicities you get from theirs and it can vary between siblings too. If you upload your results from the raw data at ged net you can get even more breakdowns and matches from your data there is also the fact that people migrate and they can be the results of centuries and at one point in history China was a very small province and there were a lot of people who have Mongolian that probably do not realize it because Genghis Kahn was prolific at siring children and having a lot of descendants like 1 in 4 men are direct descendants of Genghis Kahn. Not everyone in what became mainland China is Han Chinese a lot are of different ethnicities including Mongolian.
tiluriso 12 時間 前
Not 'Dalai Lama', but 'Ghengis Khan'.
Madison Shaw
Madison Shaw 日 前
You should do 23andme, they are much more accurate
Don M
Don M 2 日 前
Korea has had Chinese immigration for a long time. That could explain your results or maybe more likely is tha your dad is 1/2 North Korean near the boarder of China. Even some modern day South Koreans have North Korean heritage from immigration South during the Korean War.
Mr. T Mr. T
Mr. T Mr. T 2 日 前
Come on did u really thought u were German
DJ Trevi
DJ Trevi 3 日 前
Where are you really from? JaJa,
MrSloika 4 日 前
During WWII the Russians used a lot of Asian troops. The Soviet troops engaged in mass rape when they got to Germany. Your father is likely the result of rape.
Vince Loves Asia
Vince Loves Asia 4 日 前
How fascinating to see your DNA analysis... yes you are a mix but it’s a beautiful mix!! I’d love to do one too including the food and fitness one too... will have a look at the same company do we get discount using an MJ code? Take care lots of love and safe travels
Robert x
Robert x 5 日 前
1 you fater ist South + West European and moter ist Est European. 2 you moter ist South + West European and fater ist Est European. You Est European from Krym ( Tatar, Tataren: Mongolian, Est Asien ) + Balkan ( Macedonian, Montenegro and rest Balkan ) and Ukrainien.
Eldar Franke
Eldar Franke 6 日 前
Your Mongolian? im half khazak my sister lets be friends
Corinne Delanchy
Corinne Delanchy 6 日 前
Quel est ton groupe sanguin ? Cela peut conforter les résultats de ton test ADN.
Usman Siddiq
Usman Siddiq 7 日 前
Gengis Khan army have a lot of fun with your ancestors..
FoolOfATook 7 日 前
You look so beautiful with no makeup
sad souls
sad souls 8 日 前
You look Asian anyway
ShayPink 40
ShayPink 40 8 日 前
Hi, for woman they only give U your mom side of the family results, you will have to test a man in your family for your father side🤷‍♀️
Lil Krk
Lil Krk 8 日 前
Not shook at all. The fact that someone was born in a country formed at some point with some agreed borders, does not mean that there was no race mixing between countries or regions rather. Korea was probably invaded in the past by some Mongolian tribes... also Europe is not homogeneous in term of ethnicity... I saw lots of Spanish people surprised by having Irish and British genes... while Visigoths , one of the barbarian tribes, invaded Spain before the Arabs... do Mongolia is not a surprise... Also, the combination of genes can be slightly different between siblings, so you might have Mongolian and she may not. You are a nice and cute woman, with interesting ethnicity and this is the only important thing :)
Alex Stewart
Alex Stewart 8 日 前
Over ten minutes to get to the results good lord
BlueTinsel 8 日 前
When I saw this I immediately thought you looked Mongolian, Korean, Chinese and I thought British and Scandinavian. So when you said Mongolian I expected that.
Victoria Sviatetska
Victoria Sviatetska 10 日 前
Youre just super fun! Thank you for the good mood! 🥰
Charly Maher
Charly Maher 12 日 前
Too many ads, MJ.
Netflix Lover
Netflix Lover 14 日 前
I'm 20% mongolian and i'm from Afghanistan
El Sucio Federali
El Sucio Federali 17 日 前
Silk Road might explain all the various influences...West Europe - Russia / Mongolia and China was the Northern route ?
Tarek D
Tarek D 18 日 前
So annoying
Gabrielė Briedytė
Gabrielė Briedytė 19 日 前
video starts at 10:16
Keith Newton
Keith Newton 20 日 前
Are you stupid the Mongolian empire cover a high are of Asia middle East and Europe Russia Baltic state so Mongolian is quite normal
Alexander Dimitrov
Alexander Dimitrov 20 日 前
Actually you look eurasian like 60-40 perc. european chinese.
Mrs. Oreo
Mrs. Oreo 23 日 前
I found out I have 234 Neanderthal ancestors,ok. I also found my dna isn't much like other Afrikaans people who are dutch,german and 5% - 7% non white. My grandfather nobody knows where here he is from because under the apartheid law coloureds didn't have as many rights as white people so he left his home and took advantage of the fact that his skin is very very white and I still don't know my family on his side. He met my grandmother who is very white and they had my mom. As for my father,he came from just a white background. All the family members I know are white. So my father bought me,my sister and my mom a dna test when she went over seas for business. I found out my mom is : 47% European ??? I thought it would be way more. 29% Dutch 17% German 1% Britain 23% Eastern Asian 18% Khoisan 12% Zulu These are both african tribes and this shocked me because my mother looks roughly 70% European at least. My sister is : 72% European 32% Dutch 4% Greek 6% Balkan 16% German 14% English 18% Eastern Asian 4% Zulu 6% Khoisan I'm : 89% European !? Where did everything else go? I'm guessing I get alot of dna from my dad and mixed with my mom's dna will get alot of white. My father also has mix of European countries so that explains a little. 29% Dutch 20% German 9% greek 2% Balkan 28.8% S 8% Khoisan. 3% Eastern Asian. 3% Japanese
Mrs. Oreo
Mrs. Oreo 23 日 前
Siblings won't have the same dna mj,they will generally be the same but not exactly even if they're identical twins.
TheTheoristx3 25 日 前
you look kinda asian so i could tell from your eyes and face shape haha :) so schwer fand ich das jetzt nicht! :)
Samantha Alberati
Samantha Alberati 25 日 前
My dad is half Japanese and half Italian. I'm so happy to find someone else that is 1/4 Asian 😊 we're a rare breed haha.
szs voc
szs voc 27 日 前
instead of saying no, just walk away. environment aint no excuse
Sunny Summer
Sunny Summer 29 日 前
Tbh when i first saw you, you look very asian (specifically mongolian, vietnamese) to me but i already thought maybe you're a mixed race because of your complexion.
Marko Teskera
Marko Teskera ヶ月 前
korea and mongolia are very close to each other, i don't understand why are you so shocked? it would be weird if you found out that you have west african blood in you :)
Koala Bear
Koala Bear ヶ月 前
HH Dalai Lama is not mongolian! 😂😂😂
Talia Morstead
Talia Morstead ヶ月 前
The Centre for Health and Coping Studies at the University of British Columbia is seeking individuals to participate in a study on the impact of genetic testing: delongis.psych.ubc.ca/ubc-genetic-connections-study/ Click the link if you are interested in learning more about the study!
Volebien ヶ月 前
why is she so shocked about being Mongolian? Mongolian used to rule the fucking asian and european continent and 1 in every 3 something person on earth have Mongolian descendants specially the males. She is so dumb lol. What i am most surprised is her 0.8 Native American, can't she see that? It means that someone in her ancestry has gone to North America, married a Native American woman and brought her back to France maybe in the 1600-1700, this is the only plausible deduction i can say here. This was common like in the New Orleans part of America where French used to bring slave, like in the early days of settlement and it is possible they interacted with Native American.
Ria Angalini
Ria Angalini ヶ月 前
Xaxaxaxaxaxa you are so niceee
blue G
blue G ヶ月 前
Chinese officials have DNA data from the Dalai Lama. He is 90% Chinese. This is Nepalese beauty DNA, she is 100% Chinese.jpvid.net/video/%E3%83%93%E3%83%87%E3%82%AA-lwwxpdIyids.html
Joseph Eberhardt
Joseph Eberhardt ヶ月 前
My dna was 52 North western European and 22% German is 52 german? My family is German and English?
مكرم الجنابي
حلو متابعك من العراق⁦🇮🇶⁩
Raj Subba
Raj Subba ヶ月 前
r u emirates crew ???? 👍👍👍
Well Mongolia makes sense actually cuz there was a Mongolian empire that invaded Germany in the Middle Ages when Germany was individual states/ countries. My dad’s mum told me, she’s German+Romani (Sinti+Balkan Rom) :)~.
mt nguyen
mt nguyen ヶ月 前
Mongolian makes totaly sense, back in the days mongolia dominated the whole nothern part of asia.
Paula Pardun
Paula Pardun ヶ月 前
Happy birthday 😄😄😄
Francisco álvaro
Francisco álvaro ヶ月 前
You are 10 % portuguese 😍
Official.Yandel On IG
Official.Yandel On IG ヶ月 前
Everyone Singing Happy Birthday: HAPPY BIRTHDAY-“ MJ: *confused* 😯 Me?
Ruth Seema
Ruth Seema ヶ月 前
Mj_ minus on the floor_ ek...I died
Dimple Yinni
Dimple Yinni ヶ月 前
Her attitude when people ask where she’s from is my attitude😂
스민 ヶ月 前
It is so true that Mongolian and Korean share DNA and look so alike. So please do not be shocked :)
Ho SC ヶ月 前
The Mongoloid race is used for Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Inuit aka Eskimo, anyone with that small slanted eye, flat nose, big face, black hair, others. You have a discrimination against a small part of your genetic heritage. You can go to South Korea to have a cosmetic surgery. That way you will look even more prettier and more people will love you for it.
Sabia S
Sabia S ヶ月 前
I’m 27 too! Girl I thought you were forever 25 😂
In Da
In Da ヶ月 前
Hello from Mongolia 🇲🇳 ✌🏻😬 /fyi Mongol Empire has conquered a half of the world in the ancient days, thats why lots of people has mongolian blood/
Damoce kay
Damoce kay ヶ月 前
Test a second time and you will get a different result.....I have tried 3 times, with different results.
Nelugia ヶ月 前
Why you don’t talk to your dad?
Ho SC ヶ月 前
Because he is not white ?
InspiredBlush ヶ月 前
I love MJ attitude. People constantly question me if I'm really Mexican. And I always say no, I will not speak Spanish to you.
Luiza ヶ月 前
It always depends on the person that’s is looking ! Dending on where they are coming from they think that’s what you are. Your lucky 🍀 asians age so well!
Farah Abd
Farah Abd ヶ月 前
I love you sooooooo much .. I'm from Kurdistan .. you just mentioned the name
Fazeena Omar
Fazeena Omar ヶ月 前
Mj can you check your dms I messaged you!
armies b fam
armies b fam ヶ月 前
hii im neww heree woohoo..but umm does emirates accept hijabis??
Nana Marliana
Nana Marliana ヶ月 前
Sory to tell. No they don't accept hijabis as u have u wear past knee lenght skirt as their uniform.. maybe u can try other airline..good luck ❤
shaheer shujaat
shaheer shujaat ヶ月 前
Amazing video MJ well done 😊😊❤️❤️
Theysee Jacobs
Theysee Jacobs ヶ月 前
Gurl what you are is precious..no matter what others think. Our TRUTH comes from the WORD of GOD we are wonderfully made. No one is like US because we are mixture of a lot of races. My children 2 young adults I always reiterate they are East meets West I am from the Philippines which Iam proud of what GOD made me never even image too I have some Chinese, also latin ancestry which I learned later in life. My hubby of 36 years is Caucasian 3rd generation German, Danish. We thank Our CREATOR for making US each one of US special in His eyes.
Ho SC ヶ月 前
Well, in this imperfect world we live in, people go by the looks. South Koreans value beauty and handsomeness. North Koreans value their own country. We mustn't forget these two long lost brothers or sisters. We are influenced heavily by the internet. What is promoted is perfectness. Perfectness in physical beauty. For Westerners, beauty or handsome is also the in thing. Man muscular and strong. Women sexy and attractive. That is why some people are shooked when they read their DNA results and they don't want to believe in it. May be the ancestors were up to something naughty. That is why you wonder where your gene come from.
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