Game Theory: The SCARY Crimes of the Minecraft Illagers

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Welcome back to Minecraft Theory, where we do deep dives into anything and everything Minecraft! Honestly Theorists, there is SO MUCH to explore in this game. In my search for theory fodder on Creepers, Endermen, and all other manner of creatures, one thing stood out. The Illagers. You know, the exiled magic folk who seem to be up to some rather... interesting experiments. What are they doing and how might it change Minecraft FOREVER if they succeed in their plot? Let's find out!
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Writers: Matthew Patrick and Zach Stewart
Editors: Tyler Mascola and Danial "BanditRants" Keristoufi
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman










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bean 3 時間 前
they're trying to recreate the master builders....
Misty Beanbug
Misty Beanbug 7 時間 前
Im pretty sure if he solves the lore before mojang makes it theyre gonna have to pull a scott and 360 everthing
J G 11 時間 前
yay pixlriffs gameplay included
KK Cartoons
KK Cartoons 12 時間 前
Omg! Really? Every time I spawn a world I ALWAYS get a woodland mansion! And I be like: Uhg, not this again...
Aiden Lucas
Aiden Lucas 13 時間 前
And wanted to make more of him to recreate his race
Aiden Lucas
Aiden Lucas 13 時間 前
I think they worship steve
skunk craftRL
skunk craftRL 14 時間 前
I have just came to thinking the structures made from wool, What if the illegers are the ancient builders that stayed in the overworld?
skunk craftRL
skunk craftRL 14 時間 前
I am sorry but illergers are just misunderstood villagers.
xocavegirlox 1
xocavegirlox 1 16 時間 前
I swamp rigth next to one 5 time
kandykaneminecraft tutorials
I cant play single player minecraft because it will be to laggy so u have to play on a survival server and that means... GRIEFING
Boris Arturo B
Jam fry Pan
Jam fry Pan 日 前
soul sand valley?
Manuel Pol Costa Orvalho
if the woodland manssion is rare to fid i am super luky. because once i created to worlds. and i spawned next to a mansion the two times in a row.
Jason Best
Jason Best 日 前
Or instead of zombies, the made herobrine who then made all the undead and made YOU. Yes, steve to help him rid the place of the non undeads, and the ender men are failed steves
That Mario Guy TMG
i got a mansion on my first mineraft world it spwaned like 200 blocks away from me
That Mario Guy TMG
i kicked out all the illagers and made it my home
That Mario Guy TMG
sadly the ipad my world was on stoped being ableto charge :(
"Low spawn rate" huh? L O O K A T M I N E C R A F T W I I U E D I T I O N Sometimes four spawn in one world. The rarest in Wii U edition for me..probably either jungle temples, or ocean monuments
Reagan Phillips
who else is here from jpvid.net/video/%E3%83%93%E3%83%87%E3%82%AA-lst7wEBdNnM.html
DavePlaze 日 前
You should dos video on the new ancient debris and netherite since it must be tied to the ancient builders. Maybe the builders were at war with the piglins and created an indestructible alloy to win it?
John Morgan
John Morgan 日 前
Ok this is important matpat! I may have found something important about the end, all over the end there is a a single structure that presents multiple questions, the end ships, why did they want to build ships at all? And most importantly, on every single ship, there rests a dragon head! Leading me to believe that the ancient builders massacred hundreds, if not thousands of dragons, so why weren't they able to defeat the ender dragon that we eventually slay, is it because of the healing crystals? If so, who built these crystals for the ender dragon and why? Why did they make ships in the first place???
Stacey Thompson
Wait... doesn't this theory go against the whole "Advanced builders being killed off in masses" theory that you started out with? Or did the illiger's make the zombies, and the skeletons are the ancient civilization? But, I always thought that skeletons were just decayed zombies that kind of evolved over years of being dead. Also, where did creepers come from? Maybe the Illigar's made them as a defence mechanism and that's why creepers don't attack them.
HamsterC6 日 前
4:24: wait I thought witches are also illagers?
Ritvik Sadhotra
But illagers cannot build, then who built the mansion they live in.
Ritvik Sadhotra
Did anyone notice that totem of undying has the green eyes and nose of a villager? Coinsidence? I think not
The Game Theorists Why did you write "Ruining your childhood since 2011"?!
katclow 日 前
1:23 hola muy buen video deseo que prosigan haciendo este metarial... Voy a seguir mirando sus creaciones. Les envio un abrazo nos vemos luego ❤️👍🏽
Domenic Linnell
They probably started the flood that killed the drowneds because they were also trying to harness extremes power(that of the gods)
​​​ ​​​​​​ ​ ​​​ ​​​​​​
Laz-You-Lie - læzjʊlaɪ Not La-zoo-lee
Oliver Downing
Oliver Downing 2 日 前
I think your idea about the ravagers being made of villagers makes sense as they are the only “villager outcasts” that don’t look like villagers very closely
Oliver Downing
Oliver Downing 2 日 前
We also know the illagers were booted out from the lore in Minecraft dungeons
Hanni chan
Hanni chan 2 日 前
illagers, more like evillagers *badumz*
Woosh Karen
Woosh Karen 2 日 前
I like how you said the mansion are a rare even I find one in almost everyone of saves 😂
The One True Donut
They are collecting Villagers in Minecraft Dungeons
Eric el Nomada
Eric el Nomada 3 日 前
Microsoft owns this game
Tony995 3 日 前
Ravengers: *not scared of rabbits* Matpat: VILLAGER
Eilaf Abu Laban
Eilaf Abu Laban 3 日 前
I have a theorie : What if Jessie in minecraft story mode had a totem of undying and used it and it duplicated jessie and the clone appeared in the woodland mansion and then they put iron or quartz like what they did to the villagers and accidentally created herobrine. Another theory: What if the illigers saw the order of the stone come out of the end....and after time Ivor created the wither storm they hid in the end and somehow the ender dragon respawned and they were stuck. And another thing: Illigers, pilligers, villigers.
ShadowSear 日 前
You deserve more likes than what you have....
Noah J
Noah J 3 日 前
0:46 that jumpscared me
Michael Newell
Michael Newell 3 日 前
MatPat. The nether update has come out. Just a point out!! Aincent debrie is found in the nether and used to make netherite. Google definition of 'debrie' scattered pieces of rubbish or remains. Remains from the ruined portal structures across both the nether and overworld!
learner1976 learner1976
Bruh I have like 4 woodland mansions
Electrocaruzo - karpada2 - the best frogger
But how do villagers know where is the mansion?
Caleb Gibson
Caleb Gibson 3 日 前
If they made a update of villagers being scared of lapis I'm pretty sure dis is happening. I'm going be more protective of my villagers now
ETPS 3 日 前
I didn't know about the Illagers until just recently because because I haven't played Minecraft in years and just got it again a couple weeks ago, and I accidentally triggered a raid when they came to my village one day. One of the scariest things I ever encountered in a video game. Made me switch to peaceful mode, lol. 😂
mrsjqualls 3 日 前
In the woodland mansion, there's a 50 50 chance the wool cat has lapis block where the brain is. Not weird at all...
Ender's fedora
Ender's fedora 4 日 前
Game theory: why does Steve exist after the ancient builders died out?
Sir Platypus
Sir Platypus 4 日 前
illager boss when
SilkenEmporer Hartley
11:39. I think they're trying to make illager giants.
Cayla J
Cayla J 4 日 前
Was anyone else upset when he didn’t bring up unibrow mat pat and make a joke about how he’s a villager 😡🤣
Katie Vents
Katie Vents 4 日 前
I think the lapis in their head is like lapis is on their mind.
viva chennai
viva chennai 4 日 前
jpvid.net/show-UCOzbG7ShIK0AYDu7SYErKgw?view_as=subscriber pls support
Hesti Saptirini
Hesti Saptirini 4 日 前
Who is whatching this during quarantine
Malathi Garlapati
but why would villagers give the player a map to the woodland mansion
Jackson Worthman
Alright, you guys get, headcanon. As the Wither Apocalypse began, those that would become the Illagers started to test out dark magic, with the future evokers creating the ravagers, they also tested out their powers amongst some precursor humans, so that they could make a new man, to create something that could beat the Withers, but it failed, creating the undead, and alerting the normal villagers to the evil deeds. These deeds made the normal villagers banish the Illagers, from their city, along with their freakish ravagers. As the first Illagers traveled, they came across many cities, towns, and villages, gaining more followers from the dregs of villager society. As years passed, the Illagers, now vengeful and angry, had settled into the Dark Oak Forests, building the Woodland Mansions that would serve as their homes and command strongholds. As more time passed, and the Withers passed away from a lack of souls consumed, the Illagers had continued their experiments of life and death, creating the totems of undying. In the Illager society, castes developed, the Evokers, the first dark magicians, served as leaders, vindicators served as the main soldier and working castes, pillagers and the ravagers served as raiders, collecting resources that were sent back to the Woodland Mansions they hailed from. Now they live in peace with the undead, serving alongside them as they reign destruction upon villager kind.
Roland LaBo
Roland LaBo 4 日 前
the ravager get the joke here lol
Orange Porange
Orange Porange 4 日 前
Ruining your childhood since 2011 Me: OWO
The sand King
The sand King 5 日 前
I really want you to explain the wich’s lore
carl jeroldson
carl jeroldson 5 日 前
My friend and I walked 25000 blocks and I’m pretty sure it took us 3 hours to find the woodland mansion from a villager map
Cillian Ó Mír
Cillian Ó Mír 5 日 前
I once spawned in a woodland mansion with all of its walls perfectly removed. Beside it was another woodland mansion. How rate is that?
Cillian Ó Mír
Cillian Ó Mír 5 日 前
Illager: tries to conduct the most incredible experiment in history in his mansion. Me: pulls out flint and steel.
Rolando Duran
Rolando Duran 5 日 前
Minor detail there are times when the iron golems are trapped by the pillagers post......idk if spelled that right..." that could explain why or how they may have gotten kidnapped and taken to the mansions and used for experiments.... idk that’s what I think after hearing this they have no form of protection from the illigers
Jessica Campbell
Can we do a theory on what a "Shulker" actually is.
Gamer Noko
Gamer Noko 2 日 前
@Jessica Campbell MATPAT PLEASE DO ONE!!!
Frost Fire
Frost Fire 5 日 前
I spawned next to a mansion in Minecraft but got immediately scared and left my game-
shadow xxx gacha
"Stuck inside with nothing else to do" HOW DID HE KNOW!?
Mathias S.
Mathias S. 5 日 前
What about the ghosts inside mansions
shadow xxx gacha
Seangamer tv
Seangamer tv 5 日 前
I thought they were called Pillagers
shadow xxx gacha
4:25 nevermind they are different mobs
shadow xxx gacha
Or its name before its full name illager
shadow xxx gacha
Thats the other i think
chris carney
chris carney 5 日 前
Don't think so deep into Minecraft cuz it does not really have a story line
MrFourEyes •-•
Shuwo HD
Shuwo HD 6 日 前
But the zombies were not created when the humans were attacked by the wither and they started to decay?
Haikal Hensem
Haikal Hensem 7 日 前
Here is my theory:The ancient Race of builders were people who exiled the pillagers because of what the evoker was doing and heres one thing to justify your theory,MatPat.The pillagers attack you which is also a builder.And the zombie villagers have no counterpart,Zombie Pillagers
Phil Kiril
Phil Kiril 7 日 前
Nobudy gamer / Ethanfan922
*D A N K* *M A N S I O N*
Shankhasubhra Dutta
You are the best
Laura Melnic
Laura Melnic 7 日 前
What if instead of Steve, they want to recreate the ancient civilization the enderman defended from? We already know that villagers know about enderman because they sometimes sell endereyes, and illigers construct fake endportals.
Yellow Burton
Yellow Burton 7 日 前
This is so scary I peed my pants
caleb Baker
caleb Baker 7 日 前
Can u do a theory on ARK survival evolved
OJ Magaoay
OJ Magaoay 7 日 前
Then you hear: FBI OPEN UP!!
Mushu the Dragon
"The odds are in your favor" Whistles Hunger games theme
Coloring Sauce95
What if jeb watches this
Tyrel Hansen
Tyrel Hansen 7 日 前
This might link with the Drowned theory! When the Drowned civilization started to wash under, the remaining population of villagers had to move to higher ground, and some villagers started mining, finding all sorts of ores, but the lapis lazuli stood out to them. They felt its power and knew that they could use it to create Steves to save the Drowned civilization. Then, the rest was explained here, and the two are very much connected.
lil uzi fan
lil uzi fan 7 日 前
I ᖴᗴᗴᒪ ᒪIKᗴ Tᕼᗴ ᘔOᗰᗷIᗴՏ ᗯᗩՏ ᗩ ᗰIՏTᗩKᗴ ᗩᑎT TᕼᗩT TᕼᗴYᖇᗴ ᖇᗴᗩᒪᒪY TᖇYᑎᗩ ᗰᗩKᗴ ᕼᗴᖇOᗷᖇIᑎᗴ
zrly 8 日 前
what if the illagers existed since ancient times and they were the ones behind the strongholds and the newer illagers were trying to find them? hence the really bad replica of the stronghold to get to the end.
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