Game Theory: FNAF, The Grave Robber (Five Nights At Freddy's)

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With the release of the new FNAF book, it was time to dive back into the land of FNAF Theory! All FNAF, all the time! In all seriousness, this new set of stories could be a GAME CHANGER for what we know about the animatronics and how they were made. It looks like Purple Guy may have been CRAZIER than we thought - how is that even possible?! Get ready, Theorists! We are making FNAF even SCARIER!
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Writers: Matthew Patrick
Editors: Danial "BanditRants" Keristoufi, Forrest Lee, Tyler Mascola, and Dan "Cybert" Seibert
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman










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frostbite0707 3 時間 前
ha, killer merch.
John Miranda
John Miranda 9 時間 前
I love these theories make my day every day
deathshooter deathmaster
"Isnt realistic" does not apply when you introduce haunted ghost metal.
Cyderns 14 時間 前
dat intro do be spicy tho. Im saying its funny.
Luca Bullock
Luca Bullock 22 時間 前
I'm just gonna say something. Force healing is both part of canonicity and continuity because in episode 3 Anakin went to the dark side to try to learn how to force heal. But it was described as bringing back people from the dead.
Okay who did it.SAY SORRY TO THIS MAN!
Joel Gomez
Joel Gomez 日 前
Who ever worte that comment of u a hater stop watching bc other people have opinions
Emily thi00
Emily thi00 日 前
fnaf 1: yeah it’s kinda sad a bunch of kids got killed and stuffed in suits and now their possessed. fnaf now: THE ANIMATRONICS ARE TAKING OVER
Olegend Slayer25
bro my name is oscar
The Real Venom 08
MATPAT:baby steals the identity of a girl named eleanor me:the girls not eleanor its sarah
"Here's a girl being mauled t-" add: HEY WANNA BUY AN IPHONE
"He Sucks." -AngryHater Anyone wanna go hater hunting with me?
Mark Walker
Mark Walker 日 前
Game Series. Book series. Help Wanted. NEW book series. Oh come on! Fine. Phone guy. Phone dude. PURPLE guy. Orange dude. Didn’t you just-EUERRRGHHHH. Fine. Wild card, change the category, Timeline. Bite of 87’. Chomp of 83’. Party of 85’. Wait, but- Time traveling ball pit. You can’t just- Reverse. Reverse. Reverse. Reverse. *REVERSE REVERSE* *REVERSE REVERSE* *ERNGAHHHHH!*
Wow My name
Wow My name 日 前
The plushtrap was just a prototype for the Bonnie Puppet, using felt and fur and not plastic or metals so it would be cheaper (also testing out the voice software in the process)
Jenna Tamayo
Jenna Tamayo 日 前
12:37 Ew
《 Just Bry 》
7:55 totally not scared because I live near there
L. 2 日 前
6:38 What Matpat doesn't know is that he... now is actually part of the series... Not the way he possibly expected it though
Matthew Clayville
I hate plushtrap too!
Trynson Homan
Trynson Homan 2 日 前
I find these theories amazing and uplifting,if they weren't here,I'd might go insane via finding the lore
Fran Istvanovic
Fran Istvanovic 2 日 前
No vitreth fredy is damegd that is clue why he dont have butons
Angelica Estepa
Angelica Estepa 2 日 前
Binging these fnaf theories, it's like a research paper revised over and over again
Jalen Parker
Jalen Parker 3 日 前
12:58 I I'm fully aware that Nightmare has a brain. Dreadbear, in his Frankenstein-like level, also has a brain for us to color-coordinate and place it into his head. That does sound like a fun experiment at first, but it's also a fact about Nightmare that threw me way off my guard. This video shows that he's more than just the series' grim reaper as evidenced by one of his death quotes in UCN. Like the other Nightmares before him, he's another one of William Afton's creations. And is one of the most mysterious animatronics in the series other than golden Freddy, until this video was uploaded. Therefore, in my book, Nightmare has been decoded! (months before I subscribed to this channel!) :-)
Saw Poe
Saw Poe 3 日 前
noooooo you are the person that made me like fnaf and other horr games and yes i am a typo
Killer Pengu
Killer Pengu 3 日 前
Dude this is Scotts future plans and it will happen this is just a trailer, but hey it is just a theory a Game theory
Life Of Improv
Life Of Improv 3 日 前
On the topic of force healing from Star Wars, when discussing with others whether or not it's canon, I often bring up Darth Plageus. It seems to often be the case that people forget he and his ability to heal (or at very least, the mention of it to Anakin) is part of a movie that Lucas wrote. It makes sense, upon revealing that, for it to not be used much. It's a sith practice that the Jedi Order most likely denounced since it's reversing the natural order of things, so it makes sense for Rey (who wasn't exposed to neither Plageus nor the fall of the Jedi and therefore would have no knowledge or recognition of the skill) to just stumble into the ability as she progresses as a Jedi. Now, this is often countered with "well the Jedi could've called out to her and told her not to use it and why". At the time of her using it she had no connection to the Jedi yet. Alternatively, if she did have that connection I can easily think of a handful of Jedi who could've been helped or saved by that ability and would happily advocate for Rey to use it
My dada says i cant watch this because its "too adult" but he literally lets me watch horror movies, sooooo...
Cristobal Garcia-Moyoral
Well, I'm pretty sure Force healing is HARD. keep it up love the work
Nikoru_Pastel 3 日 前
The fact that Mat read it the way it is, just made me laugh like whoever commented that is probably embarrassed as hell for their way of spelling XD (And I also slightly hate the comment because Scott said that some parts of the books may have some threads connected together, like how he used the book to find out William Afton as purple guy, and will be one of the characters mentioned in Sister Location, so at this point, people shouldn't be surprised with coincidences sprinkled in the canon universe Scott created whether book or game or anything else related to this franchise and MatPat's use of this because is still in the canon universe, Mat wouldn't be using it then if Scott said it himself that the books aren't canon to the whole series, so please cut the guy some slack, he loves this franchise and we're the reasons he's started to cover this franchise and continues to do so, if your a real fan, you have to atleast appreciate all the work he has thought to come up with these theories)
Donovan Jones-Ragland
i will stuff the haters in spring lock suits >:)
Christopher Rogers
The game series is the best I know every single bit about it
the Pokemon master the poke
What if MatPat is trying to mislead us because he is part of the lore
veronix_ gaming
veronix_ gaming 4 日 前
i already ranted about this in matts last video but god dang just leave the man alone hes trying so hard to figure everything out. Hes a theroist himself we don't need mini theorist picking apart his video trying to say things like "but wait its not CaNoN" or things like " But WaIT MaTT pAtT iTs NoT..." Just Shut "but" SHUT AND ENJOY THE VIDEO. If you dont like it then whatch somthing else but dont sit here leaving a comment so hateful he has to explain his goal and what hes accually doing just to clear the consince of someone with the thinking capabillitys of an infinant. "buT.." WHAT DID I SAY? HUH? WHAT.... DID.... I... SAY? "Shut." THEN DO IT! JUST SHUT UP!
Gabryella Mari
Gabryella Mari 4 日 前
Time ball pit bro
Eclipzz 5 日 前
Who is better Like:Matpat Dislike:angry comment man Oh look there are no dislikes
Brawl Star
Brawl Star 5 日 前
Who voices Scott in the into
yousudm and henry
me a follower any haters deserve to die
Jackson Welch - HES 2028
the pins on circus baby could also be to hold in the mechanics for the claw that elizabith afton went in and then possesses baby and the pins could also squish down the human ( elizabith) so if a murder reported they could not open circus baby if so henry would get the blame cause in fnaf 3 we see that william is springtrap if not correct maybe tthe books could fit in could fit in the game contact me for more info and i will try and get back and explain discord user : Jack attack #0056
Danielle Larkin
Danielle Larkin 5 日 前
Matpat is an amazing dude. He takes a lot of time in his days and his theorys. He does a lot of research to make the theroys. This is something that I would not have time for. Continue your work Matpat....you are a amazing man.
dont worry i dont hate you and i axuley love your chanle AND I WAS SO MUCH STRUGLE but lissen FNAF is a dream fnaf is the purple guys dreams well nightmares but its not him dreaming it its THE ONE YOU SHOULD NOT HAVE KILLED hope this heleps (;
Reagan Wiedenfeld
I cant wait till Matpat has to read the mpreg he's gonna loose it omg
Chris The Pirate
When I first play fnaf I thought the timeline was chronological you cleared my vision thank you
Ramen Weeb
Ramen Weeb 5 日 前
Matpat: The dog goes on to Fetch what Greg wants Show Uncle's Finger *Hol' up*
Aaron Kuykendall
@wolfy gamer he wanted to know how to use his lucky finger.
wolfy gamer
wolfy gamer 5 日 前
I wonder want Greg wanted 😏😂
Jabari Chalas
Jabari Chalas 5 日 前
All the hater I dare you try to make a theory I will like to see you try
Jabari Chalas
Jabari Chalas 5 日 前
I’m a follow and the hater suck
Aaaa A
Aaaa A 5 日 前
I’m one of your followers
Aidan Allott
Aidan Allott 5 日 前
Im Game theory fnaf follower
Trap Logic
Trap Logic 6 日 前
Making way too much cash off kiddos matpat.
Luna & Ginny 23
Luna & Ginny 23 6 日 前
Some thing bother me about your theories but mostly they help me understand the books and games even better
Vinnie Kleiner
Vinnie Kleiner 6 日 前
I learn all of the subjects from You Not a joke
AceTeen11 Studios
The angry comment guy said that time travel is unrealistic in fnaf but this is a franchise that has animatronics being possessed by dead spirits and that supposedly makes more sense
Croackyclamp22 22
I'm a big fan I wouldn't leave mean comments
Oscar Mendoza
Oscar Mendoza 7 日 前
Keep doing what you are doing this is so interesting
Avocado man
Avocado man 7 日 前
You are the smartest person on earth matpat
Moses Oveo
Moses Oveo 7 日 前
Heu matpat, mini theory. I think fetch is a mediocre melody. Notice how Fetch has a battery pack. Who else has one in the games? In fnaf 6, if you look behind the melodies on stage, there it is. A battery pack. I hope im the next "Inky Ink" who solved the logbook/golden freddy, 2 souls mystery
Kimberlie Girl
Kimberlie Girl 7 日 前
you are the reason i started reading the fnaf books thanks!
•Keiji Akaashi•
Hassan Sadeeq
Hassan Sadeeq 8 日 前
the toy*
Hassan Sadeeq
Hassan Sadeeq 8 日 前
Hassan Sadeeq
Hassan Sadeeq 8 日 前
im a follower maybe a follower that corrects mistakes as soon as i logged in
asadel fadillah
asadel fadillah 8 日 前
MatPat: *Exists* Scott Cawthon: "Finally! A worthy opponent! Our battle will be LEGENDARY!!!"
Eclipse Highroller
Hey! Olympia, Washington! I live there!
d3adshotwahid 8 日 前
so we know that they both not the same person they are two person not one person
EvanNebula 8 日 前
i mean... he's at least right about them not making any sense
Julian Ward
Julian Ward 9 日 前
I hate haters
Janine Raybould
Janine Raybould 9 日 前
Parker Roberts
Parker Roberts 7 日 前
Wth why are you watching then
Parker Roberts
Parker Roberts 7 日 前
Dr hydration
Dr hydration 9 日 前
Send the haters to gulag forever
Frost Queen
Frost Queen 9 日 前
Game Theory: Baby steals the identity of a girl named Eleanor Me: Did he mean Sarah?
xBakerx 9 日 前
you know plush trap could've been another mini bonnie like bon bon and bonnet like a nightmare version
Bun Bun
Bun Bun 9 日 前
I'm still watching the video but when I read into the pit (comic version) I thought I saw fetch- well his head on one of the pages were a police officer was, he was in a bin with alot of other animatronic head and bits So if fetch was in the making at that time and Dave died....who made fetch?
Gilbert Alterado
'Greg' as in 'Gregory' from fnaf security breach 😱😱😱😱😱😱
bonbon 10 日 前
I love your vids
Mr. Wafflehead
Mr. Wafflehead 10 日 前
Who could forget the infamous chomp of 83
Rose garden Gacha
And don't listen to the haters I just want to tell you that they are jealous of you because they're not as smart as you and they don't know how to make their own theories because why would they watch it series if they don't like them hmm? just don't listen to them okay bye
Rose garden Gacha
I love how your intro with you and the editor fighting over who wins in Uno but it's categories
Alex Bowlin
Alex Bowlin 10 日 前
I'm glad the intro showed you and Scott "bonding"
Scott cartoon is basically cassidy and just keeps stabbing Mat with “SWORD OF CONTENT” Literally just mad. SERIOUSLY SCOTT!! HE IS GOING NUTTS
Edge-Jus10 10 日 前
Milos Zivkovic
Milos Zivkovic 10 日 前
Thats not true!!!!!!!! Your viddeos are great! 😁😁😁
Camila Santiago
Camila Santiago 11 日 前
Love that intro 😂😂😂
The FloppyNoodle
The FloppyNoodle 11 日 前
"Time travel isn't realistic." but a sentient paper plate is?
Emmanuel Obode
Emmanuel Obode 11 日 前
I'm getting confused now Matt Pat
Marianne Genest
Marianne Genest 11 日 前
I learn so much about my favorite frandchise with game theory! Thank you so much
Chase Duffy
Chase Duffy 11 日 前
ok so i know this is a fnaf video but to the starwars point, i think it was lost, and only rediscovered by luke and baby yoda
lilly lees
lilly lees 11 日 前
please make more DEATH NOTE vids!!!!!!!!!!
Franziel Vaughn Lacuata
dino snoppy
dino snoppy 12 日 前
That was intense game of funo
Rayne Lacatan
Rayne Lacatan 12 日 前
Wait... matpat, you hav a mustache?
lina Ospina
lina Ospina 12 日 前
I love it when you like it psychic friend Fred bear
Zoey Stewart
Zoey Stewart 12 日 前
okay but who actually is the phone guy i don’t get that
Elizabeth Marte
Elizabeth Marte 12 日 前
At least that’s what I think
Elizabeth Marte
Elizabeth Marte 12 日 前
The phone guy is a person who worked at the FNAF and giving you instructions since he didn’t know what to do
Zoey Stewart
Zoey Stewart 12 日 前
it’s actually just tapes right
lapis bros12
lapis bros12 12 日 前
The pins are springlocks
Doge 12 日 前
did you actually get scott to voice act
iYoungFox 12 日 前
Can someone actually make that card game at the beginning a reality
Carter Kruse
Carter Kruse 12 日 前
I hope so
Christian Price
Christian Price 12 日 前
Am I the only one that think Suzy, aka Chica, her dog wasn’t hit by a car but was killed by Fetch instead? I mean by looking at the dog’s sprite from FNaF 6 doesn’t look like it was hit by a car to me. It kinda looks like it was attacked. Am I the only FNaF fan that thinks this?
Christian Price
Christian Price 13 日 前
5:32 From what I understand right now, is that the books and games are in the same universe, they’re just all different angles of that universe. Am I correct for thinking that?
Christian Price
Christian Price 13 日 前
Chomp of ‘83, Party of ‘85, and Bite of ‘87 all have really good rings to them lol.
Ramzuzaman Ismail
Lach Star
Lach Star 13 日 前
Reverse reverse reverse reverse
OctoFlower Reduxx
I like how stupid AngryCommentMan is
Melissa dedeaux
Melissa dedeaux 13 日 前
U haters are idiots they are just theories not cannon
Roland Garcia
Roland Garcia 14 日 前
after i watched this video im now smarter than Albert Einstein😂
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