Game Theory: FNAF, The Grave Robber (Five Nights At Freddy's)

The Game Theorists
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With the release of the new FNAF book, it was time to dive back into the land of FNAF Theory! All FNAF, all the time! In all seriousness, this new set of stories could be a GAME CHANGER for what we know about the animatronics and how they were made. It looks like Purple Guy may have been CRAZIER than we thought - how is that even possible?! Get ready, Theorists! We are making FNAF even SCARIER!
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Writers: Matthew Patrick
Editors: Danial "BanditRants" Keristoufi, Forrest Lee, Tyler Mascola, and Dan "Cybert" Seibert
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman









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Hi bye N
Hi bye N 4 時間 前
What happened to the story honestly I like it more without the books it’s to complicated.
Adam Sando
Adam Sando 4 時間 前
Mat I think I found the timeline for the games fnaf 5 before it shut because why would Nightmare fredbear have a claw in his body where is the nightmare from Elizabeth dying to circus baby then fnaf 4and fnaf 5 after it shut down I found this out by the games thanks Scott for telling us then fnaf 2 and then fnaf 1 then fnaf 3 finally fnaf 6
TresahCakes Animation
Matt:*just talking about fnaf* Me: I haven’t a clue what’s going on here, but I’ll act like I do
Kat_kit 6 時間 前
Listen closer to mangels scream
_L u n a P l a y z_
_L u n a P l a y z_ 8 時間 前
What is Alec was psychic friend Fred bear?? And the plush he got stuck into was a Fred bear plush???
Viktor Verberckmoes
Viktor Verberckmoes 9 時間 前
Bonnie plays BASS???? OmG
Chacha Cullen
Chacha Cullen 10 時間 前
I believe ur therys
Sevinc Bicer
Sevinc Bicer 10 時間 前
the game theorist need toe watch de next fnaf
Sleepy_Cat 10 時間 前
L just wanna say that william was controlled by glitchtrap has purple eyes and william brown so he was controlled so yeah...
Никола Вътев
Imagine if every matpat theory was wrong
blue rat hater69
blue rat hater69 13 時間 前
heh plushtrap more likely pushytrap. proud of being 12
Stephanie Chavez
Stephanie Chavez 14 時間 前
G man070414
G man070414 16 時間 前
I wonder if who ever commented that understands the definition of THEORY
Kamilo Muliaga
Kamilo Muliaga 16 時間 前
Oh so that wit cannon means I thought it meant something else ;-;' Ps if ur saying oh nah that what it means and google it trust me I tried and they all failed me so dont go blaming me for not knowing
Cameron Omaa
Cameron Omaa 17 時間 前
Matpat when asked how he feels mentally and emtionally about anyhting other than FNAF: I'm totally fine guys no need to worry Matpat when asked about Scott Cawthon and Fnaf: YES
myrgene 19 時間 前
in 1987 Disney made animated film five nights at Freddy's 4. remember the bite of 87 the film was made in 1987 at the end 87 what does this mean
That one awkward guy
That one awkward guy 19 時間 前
The Fnaf series is basically is just a war against matpat and scott at this point. Also don’t mind those haters, there are more people who support you than there are who don’t!
boy bands destroyed my life
7:53 it's pronounced "Hat-ie" though i don't know the spelling, i can assume it's the same as someone i know, and that's how she pronounces it.
Vortex does things
Why are you haters you should not be haters do you love me why are you hating on my text movies do you only if you eat it doesn’t mean that you stopped asking sis do you do you do you know have any right to choose or yell at him
Golden Freddy
Don't you ever learn, MatPat?
To Love Booze
I was loving the video, but who in their right mind would buy papa johns. It must be all those body swapped fred bears used to awful pizza from chuck e chee... i mean freddy fazbears
Adam Cąber
Adam Cąber 日 前
I just now realized, it just clicked when you said "animatronic" and "smartphone", and mostly dismissed as fan service by fnaf fans special delivery game, don't have a theory 'bout it tho, hope it will help!
Villager #5
Villager #5 日 前
Imagine if Scott was just using game theory to write the lore as matt patt makes one up
StonePlayer59 -Gamer of 2020
Maybe the books and the games are two separate canons. As Matthew (MatPat) said before, he told us that Scott said that the Silver Eyes novel was a reimagination of with Five Nights at Freddy's could have been. But if we rewind, they are probably canon because, -cough- CONTINUITY EXISTS. The books and the games could be canon, just in two different continuities/universes, and only some of the events are the same. Or maybe they are the same canon and continuity and that the books tell us something the animatronics can do besides the games who are too drunk to tell us what supernatural abilities the animatronics can do.
5:50 The reason buttons are on withered Freddy but not the original one is because the withered aren’t the originals. They are the prototypes from fredbears.
Nya Samurai
Nya Samurai 日 前
That rude comment person can’t even spell right
Erin Elliott
Erin Elliott 日 前
I wouldn’t want to play uno with scott
LoneBucket 日 前
war on freddys new human terminating movie
WolvesOfAsh 日 前
I believe your theories.. but then I am SUPER naive...
Mayo Nezo
Mayo Nezo 日 前
Hello, apology for bad english Can someone explain me timeline: i am big fan of fnaf and MatPat but i am confused, how does timeline happened, what happened to fnaf 1 2 and others, i am confused, can someone explain Thanks beforehand How this enter timeline
UGM_YT 日 前
To the one who posted that comment, I will say that time travel isn't real... yet.
The Royal Pug
Different people have different force powers
Jared Palin
Jared Palin 日 前
This also explains why we have a time limit in fnaf 4 because in the book he would have had to make it to the railroad in time so he doesn't have to wait too long for the train and having the flashlight off for too long would allow it to bite you or jumpscare you so there had to be a perfect balance
Averie Doran
Averie Doran 日 前
People really go "time travel is unrealistic!" but don't bat an eye at the fact that robots can turn into human disguises
Randal 日 前
ah yes *boks*
Randal 日 前
ah yes *boks*
Espsiongold2 日 前
You missed a trick, Jeremy did not slice off his own face, he got possessed and killed another employee, "" there's a lawsuit there has to be a lawsuit I think it's made worse because Jeremy tried to warn us something was wrong"", Scott threw you a curve ball
Matthew Reyes
Can you make a new finaf theory on the new book
Hailey Medlin
You Know, MatPat is an AMAZING Theorist! And it hurts my Soul seeing All the Hate so- Leave MatPat alone, He's just doing whats he's Best at.
WolfieSFM 2 日 前
That is not a brain insides nightmare head is an endo skeleton head for god shake
TheWIDE013 2 日 前
Thing is the lore can be solved yet it can’t be solved at the same time because Scott is like that really smart kid in school who does something the doesn’t make sense
Sullivan Tait
Sullivan Tait 2 日 前
Marvin Gonzalez
Marvin Gonzalez 2 日 前
Plushtrap is probably a prototype of bonbon
Aidan Jorge
Aidan Jorge 2 日 前
10:18 squeak :v
TheCursed Umbreon
They literally put him in the charity game, he is a big part this series
Wow My name
Wow My name 2 日 前
The intro was kinda confusing so imma break it down: Basically the books are taking stuff we know from the games (Like the bite of 87 or Charlotte getting scooped) and turning them upside down, like with new characters and slight changes even thought they both have the same general theme (usually murder) This was as much for you as it was for me
NeuraxWolfTypeX 2 日 前
doctor strange: i see a million endings scott: I'LL TAKE THEM ALL
Ena Savovska
Ena Savovska 2 日 前
When ever I watch something related with FNAF 1 I remember William Afton tricked Suisie, Frits, Jeramy, and the other one, and killing them. 😞😞😞 and that's how Freddy, Chica, Foxy, and Bonnie were made (just for ppl who don't know)
Francisco Lozano
Ol' Mc Fredie had a farm, hia hia ioh
Sayori's Lasso
Sayori's Lasso 2 日 前
Wait force heal was already a canon thing, it’s just ya need to be trained to do it
Kevin Vu
Kevin Vu 2 日 前
By the time the story is solved is when they fix star wars
Stop sending hate comments on how stupid he is. Send comments on how he was able to stretch all of this up withen tiny details no one else would have never noticed.
Nathen Wilhelm
Nathen Wilhelm 2 日 前
You can tell the hate comment was most likely a kid under 5th grade 😂
Nathen Wilhelm
Nathen Wilhelm 2 日 前
You can tell the hate comment was most likely a kid under 5th grade 😂
Josie Violett
Josie Violett 2 日 前
Man, I really wish the "hardcare" people "would just stooooooop." Like dude, we're all enjoying the video here. If you can't handle videos that make a lot of sense to a lot of people, are fun to enjoy, and (unless you believe it's canon like I do), are THEORIES (like seriously how do you forget that fact)? ...Feels bad man. Get a clue and take a chill pill. Lmao. In short, just enjoy the videos if you wanna stick around to watch em. They're fun, they're positive, they give us answers (even confirmed ones) and something nice to enjoy during the virus, or any time really. They also get us to start asking questions. Maybe instead of being so negative (cuz it kinda makes you seem stupid and easy to ignore), come up with your own theories and ask questions like he wants. Get people thinking. Be productive. Hope this little rant helped. If not, *shrug.* Stay safe all :3 PS. I know I said "Theories" and not "Thories." Please forgive me. Hopefully this was comedic enough for those of you passing through the timelines of comments, staying inside for the virus and people dealing with it, and also spreading less negativity (and stupidity) over someone's youtube video that is literally not hurting anybody or being negative at all.
Rosa Rinzema
Rosa Rinzema 2 日 前
A C E 2 日 前
Matpat , pls answer me . Is joy of creation canon????(or how you explained it)? Because thats an interesting story.pls explain
Sue McCashland
Sue McCashland 2 日 前
matpat vs scott cauthon FOIGHT
Ansh kumar Aka sgt GARORO
Story 1 of books is children having a connection to Freddy's. Story 2 are about being replaced by a robot, Story 3, i cannot find a proper connection. Although it seems like it's attempted murder(the first one is successful the second one not so much) . So basically what I am saying is that all stories in the book seem to be following a pattern. Story 1 - link to pizzeria , 2- being replaced 3- murder.
Bree Berry
Bree Berry 2 日 前
Seriously I think fanf uno should be a thing
juan alvarez
juan alvarez 2 日 前
9:27 does fetch connect by Bluetooth 😂
Hynist 2 日 前
U or mak ing me made your stopid thyriesnios mak mer made
NoDaez 2 日 前
10:03 is it just me or did voice crack
Minjae Davis
Minjae Davis 2 日 前
Bokbokbok pizza PIZZA
Fredy Martinez-soto
I love u videos
animie Is life
animie Is life 2 日 前
I love how matpat politely just roasts his haters, even when they are being jerks.
dark wolf
dark wolf 3 日 前
Please do more FNAF i love your theories
Sebas Diaz
Sebas Diaz 3 日 前
How dare he insult me i was rite becos he does us the BOOKS to prove his stupid THEORIES im not angry comment man im rite (yes its me who put that coment
Gidwaffe 3 日 前
This is how many times he said canon I I V
Tj Lanc
Tj Lanc 3 日 前
I think he was the rogue indie developer
Tj Lanc
Tj Lanc 3 日 前
The Easter egg was the face of a child
Tj Lanc
Tj Lanc 3 日 前
I was playing ucn and I found an Easter egg no one else had seen
Lionheartxion 3 日 前
Dude stop i live near Olypmia, Washington. No joke i dont wanna get eaten by a rabid rabies animitronic dog.
pug gaming lololol
your the best
Jane Doe
Jane Doe 3 日 前
Great intro. Hope that was Scott
Itz H
Itz H 3 日 前
Golden Bonnie is springtrap :p
mogaku 3 日 前
b o c c
Ryan Martell
Ryan Martell 3 日 前
And well meenning
Ryan Martell
Ryan Martell 3 日 前
Matpat is nice
Ryan Martell
Ryan Martell 3 日 前
Angry comment man is so meen i like fnaf I think the theories make sence reply if u agree
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