Game of Thrones - Season 8 Review

Chris Stuckmann
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Chris Stuckmann reviews Game of Thrones Season 8.










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Sam Loomis
Sam Loomis 日 前
My only true gripe was that I wanted MORE. They never should have skipped out on season 7 and 8. Each should have been 10 episodes at least.
Mark Micco
Mark Micco 日 前
I don't think anyone would disagree with you about Brand. He sucks....
Mark Micco
Mark Micco 日 前
Was Carnivale one of those shows that got cancelled when you were into it????? Maybe Firefly or Rome too???
Game Caesar
Game Caesar 2 日 前
Review the whole series plzzzz
Orion Watson
Orion Watson 2 日 前
Am I the only one who disliked Battle of the Bastards
Ethan Thompson
Ethan Thompson 2 日 前
I understand what he’s trying to say with brand but that wouldn’t be possible anyway because is marked by the night king, thats how they can get past the magical barrier of the wall in the first place. He would know somethings off.
Steven Kutsenkow
Steven Kutsenkow 2 日 前
Exactly how I felt about it. Super rushed....
Super Friends83
Super Friends83 3 日 前
I never understood why benioff stated that he "envisioned" this series as a 73 hour series. Clearly 80 hours (10 eps a season) would have allowed the issues raised to be fixed. Instead s7 and s8 were condensed to the point where time/geography were irrelevant and we had a rushed and empty conclusion. Rewatching and future marathons will be difficult knowing there is little pay off.
d x
d x 3 日 前
Dan and Dave totally sold out their audiance in season 8. They latched onto sick male hollywood where bros come before 'crazy bitches'. Danerys deserved better. Shameful Yes, Battle of the Bastards....I thought I was going to suffocate with John, excruciating.
Bekim Hasani
Bekim Hasani 3 日 前
If your gonna arch a character over a whole series you have to write it in a way that is right for the character and that’s why people were shocked that Bran became king because he really didn’t have the best story...
Gryffix 4 日 前
It wasn't just season 8. Once they ran out of books to adapt it got shitter and shitter.
ShortBus -
ShortBus - 4 日 前
“And the excuse was” Ding the flue sucks...... (I hate adds lol)
Leviko 4 日 前
Your idea that Arya kills Bran and takes his face is not possible I think Bran is marked by the Night King but Arya only takes his face not the mark And if she kills Bran she does exactly what the Night King wants, because she also wouldn't get the ability of the three eyed raven Please don't see this as a hate comment, just wanted to say why this idea makes no sense in my opinion (pls tell me if I have any wrong thoughts xD)
Sanghoon Lee
Sanghoon Lee 4 日 前
If you spent your whole high school and college years watching this show... man, you'd be pissed.
Jason Goodacre
Jason Goodacre 4 日 前
I'm still not over the ending of Lost. Screw you JJ Abrams, I hope Episode IX tanks!!
Oberyn Martell
Oberyn Martell 5 日 前
Hodor should've been King😝
Jonathan Yates
Jonathan Yates 5 日 前
Just think how cool the kingslanding massacre would have been if they built Dany throughout the whole season to become envious and bitter to all the people there, by slowly becoming mad and blaming them for the loss of her family and all the pain she's had to endure for to past seasons
cub 5 日 前
BrBa should've ended with Hank on the toilet.
Rex Longfellow
Rex Longfellow 5 日 前
That petition was better than season 8, Chris. Edit: The saddest part is many people, including me, will never rewatch this show because the previous seasons have no payoff at all. Edit 2: I had to watch this on full brightness when you cut to the scenes in 'The Long Night' lol😂 Edit 3: Everyone except the writers deserve the praise they get.
Geektalker 5 日 前
I did something similar leading up to the final season. It was the best and worst thing I could've done. Binging GOT had me enthralled, even through season 7 which I feel was rushed. But season 8 made my week long binge pointless. I used to think GOT fans were silly for being so into it. My binge proved me wrong and then season 8 proved me right.
Maria 6 日 前
Daenerys' kindness died when Jorah and Missandei died. She had no real friends left. But I wish they had more episodes to show that.
Justforviews 6 日 前
Garbage .. Breaking Bad was way better than this
Milos Reljic
Milos Reljic 5 日 前
You ok mate???
Joel Perlstein
Joel Perlstein 6 日 前
I think that bad experience he's talking about is the same as mine.. We're you on fan theory sites? Did youbfeel like you wasted a large section of your life after the last season? Is that show LOST?
Joseph O'Brien
Joseph O'Brien 7 日 前
Bran being king is Martin's ending
Joseph O'Brien
Joseph O'Brien 7 日 前
Got deserves more than 1 viewing. You catch so much shit the 2nd time in a row.
Knona Akumia
Knona Akumia 8 日 前
I also binged the entire show in two and a half weeks and still HATED season 8 (after its third episode) However, I think the white walkers and the night king were background characters for a very good reason because the conflict would be more dramatic and just better if it didn't come from them.
Brian Hartman
Brian Hartman 8 日 前
The problem with, I would say, the last two seasons at least, is that the writers knew exactly where they wanted the characters to go, but gave zero shits how they got there.
A Coop
A Coop 8 日 前
Cried when she got knighted? You are a prick
Daniel 8 日 前
Lol @ complaining that season 8 was rushed and then complaining that the finale "dragged too long". Cant win for losing 🤦‍♂️
Daniel 8 日 前
Horrible sponsor/ad shill in the beginning.
Yep, with the internet now, I don't watch TV series because I would prefer it to finally end before I watch it, especially those that are not episodic but have big story arcs. As a GenXer, it was okay to follow a TV show in the past because an episode could basically stand alone and more or less have a finished touch and you waited for the next adventure of the characters.
ThatOneNerd 9 日 前
i can’t even watch game of thrones lol but it’s a chris stuckmann review
Jim Walker
Jim Walker 10 日 前
K so in order to stop the night king killing bran you're saying they should kill Bran? And BOB is your favourite episode? I used to think you had a clue what you talked about at one point in time. Clearly you haven't.
Mushroom Classic
Mushroom Classic 10 日 前
The truth will come out once the books, if the books are released. But the story is VERY George R R Martin.
ANKUR 10 日 前
Review dark tv series
SecretSickle89 10 日 前
Chris not having seen the show until this year and being a neutral outsider objectively validating everything fans have hated about this season is almost therapeutic, lol.
jayyTeęe s
jayyTeęe s 11 日 前
Same Chris, I also was one that never got into GoT all the years my family and friends try to get me into it, but I finally decided to sit down and watch cuz I wanted to join the discussion for season 8
Friedrich Nietzsche
Friedrich Nietzsche 11 日 前
Dear Raid: Shadow Legends, No matter how many times you plaster yourself over my favorite youtuber’s videos I will never play your game.
cullermann2 11 日 前
Imagine having this big bad guy with an undead dragon and killing him off showing only 10 minutes of him essentially and never even showing what kinds of fighting powers he actually has
C h a r l y L i v e s
C h a r l y L i v e s 11 日 前
Dani finally lost her way when she realized she was not the true heir to the throne. She never got over that, and the attention and love Jon was getting. Her anger over that continued as her true character came out when she mimicked exactly what her father did. Earlier she had shown signs of losing it when she executed people for not bending a knee. She had shown signs of insanity early on, if you were paying attention. Jon did what he had to do because he knew Dani would murder his sisters because they would never accept Dani as queen. I was team Stark all the way and am okay with the three Starks ( Jon was a Stark because his mother was a Stark.)who ending up where they did. Bran wasn't the most exciting character to watch, but he was important in his understanding and knowledge of everyone and what all that had happened. The only real disappointment I have is the latter parts of the series was not written by George R.R. Martin , so who knows how he would have ended it if his last two books had been finished. It that respect, it might have ended differently. It is still the best series ever on television. Right up there with Breaking Bad.
jeremy hulbert
jeremy hulbert 11 日 前
The ultimate issue was that D&D were genius at adapting written works into a show....but terrible at creating new derivative work on their own. Once the timeline of the show surpassed the books it became a slippery slope of formulaic storytelling.
i SkyWalKing
i SkyWalKing 11 日 前
Seasons 1-5 Golden Era .... Season 6 was trash, Season 8 was trash, but Season 7 hands down is the worst season of TV I've ever seen. (I don't watch too much TV...only shows that are worth my time)
Max 12 日 前
Battle of the Bastards really doesn't hold up on repeat viewings Jon has a plot armor thicker than Han Solo and the ending is extremely anticlimactic and doesn't really make sense cause Sansa would've told Jon about the Veil
Chris "I watched this show in a couple weeks" stuckman
jose segovia
jose segovia 12 日 前
I love the ending , I could ask anyone to raise their hands for ned to be king , well now we have his son , the warden of the north how many people felt bad in the first seasons? And all she wanted was to be someone in power. And for the dragon queen well many have forgotten to say about how she was all about changing the system and indeed she could never have been queen of Kings landing her character is all about destroying the corrupt system . And only way for her to rule was through domination, and well John snow is the leader and the most humane character to be king but he would have been kill by the chess players that's how ned Stark was defeated , all and all the show has never been about the characters but who is the best players, John and deanerys are so outside of the game that I believe we will have a season 9 dragon took his mother John is safe at the north watch and we have someone in the throne that can see beyond the smiles and the treacherous moves , I believe is not over maybe something has to happen for us to see the real king. And maybe see John and daenarys back I mean John survive a blade to the heart too. And I can go on and explain why things happen but all is in the early seasons . 8 is the closing for all the major characters some got their wishes some die in peace. Later.
Olivia Williams
Olivia Williams 12 日 前
Seriously, the writing of that show was very week as soon as they get away from Martin materials, and that happened very early in the show. The Show Runners are massive incompetent who had no clue what they where doing, like ever, there was a reason the original pilot was a disaster
Smurf Masher
Smurf Masher 13 日 前
Chris watches the show for two weeks.. Comes up with a better ending arc for Bran and Aria than the writers could in 8 years...
Magic Steve
Magic Steve 13 日 前
It’s only 2 seasons in right now and isnt finished but I have to highly recommend tin star, it’s a brilliant show!
Magic Steve
Magic Steve 13 日 前
Wasn’t my favourite season but it’s still not as bad as season 5, you could watch 2 episodes of season 5 and be able to get season 6
Magic Steve
Magic Steve 13 日 前
My friend actually predicted that Bran would be king by overanalysing the shit in the books
Jeremy 14 日 前
If any of your favorite episodes of GoT are battle episodes then you didn't get the show.
Google made me do it
Google made me do it 14 日 前
This series was meant to be doomed. It just became too big, like Lost. And no one talks about that anymore except to mention no one understands how it ended.
Matthew Forstner
Matthew Forstner 14 日 前
It’s be awesome if you’d watch and review Peaky Blinders.
Noah Fogle
Noah Fogle 15 日 前
I feel that the last season was horrible but I did feel that Danny’s arc was completed. After hearing the bells and realizing she had achieved what she has wanted her whole life she felt empty. Emily Clarke conveyed that emotion so well. She had lost everyone up to that point. Everyone she was trying to reclaim her home for. So in those last moment before raging she had to feel all of those loses and decided that she wasn’t going to get what she truly wanted. Which was her home back. She would have ruled over a kingdom with no one by her side. She had been betrayed all through the last couple seasons. Her last act was to take out her pain and frustration on the very people who let her tragedy happen. After committing this act she went mad. Everyone is right that up to that point she made an effort to help innocent people. We saw that growth. Hearing those bells was a moment of breaking.
Scott Baldwin
Scott Baldwin 16 日 前
"Why do you think I came all this way" FUCK that line pissed me off so much.
Ben Z
Ben Z 16 日 前
I don't know what's worse... Bran having probably seen what Dany was going to do without saying anything or Dany and her killing spree.
jude steiner-hall
jude steiner-hall 16 日 前
20:20 Did anyone on Earth like the ending?
JET 16 日 前
The most disappointing thing in television history. I can't look at game of thrones the same way anymore. So fucking pissed lmao
Sara M.
Sara M. 17 日 前
I gave up on this show in season 5. Thought it was good for about 2 seasons. After that I just wanted to see what will happen. Nothing did so I quit.
Maverick 18 日 前
Hilarosity review.
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