Game of Thrones - Season 8 Review

Chris Stuckmann
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Chris Stuckmann reviews Game of Thrones Season 8.





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Mike Goudy
Mike Goudy 16 分 前
New to your channel. EXCELLENT!!
Mister Quince
Mister Quince 時間 前
Starts at 1:52
Mark Parkinson
Mark Parkinson 8 時間 前
They probably shouldn’t have put the Night King into the story in the first place.
Chris topher
Chris topher 19 時間 前
9:15 year that would have been awesome if she killed the night king and we learned she killed bran at the same time.
futt bucker
futt bucker 21 時間 前
I feel exactly how you do about tv shows. Either bad ending or cancellation. I didnt watch breaking bads last season for years and wouldnt let anyone tell me the ending lol. But thank god i was pleasantly surprised. Stargate universe canceled :(
pgurl1971 日 前
I was so invested and so obsessed with GOT and now I’m free. They didn’t stick the landing # jonsnowgotscrewed
pgurl1971 日 前
You need to watch LOST & see how you feel about that ending. It’s awesome.
Mary Hurt
Mary Hurt 日 前
I know this is late but please review Sorry to Bother You! Favorite movie of 2018.
Quadira Holden
Quadira Holden 日 前
I emphasize with your reluctance to watch TV. I myself didn't watch the show until it's sixth season. (I binged the previous five before the premiere.) As a result, I feel I was better prepared for the disappointing final season. I feel bad for those who dedicated almost a decade to it just to receive a slap to the face.
Maneh Qocharyan
Maneh Qocharyan 2 日 前
I have so many things as a response to you. First of all, Danny was mad to begin with, starting from destroying her brother to be the only Targaryen to claim the throne. Her speech was just the culmination of her madness, and it finally revealed her true nature. Jon being sent to where he was his most happiest is another logical solution, coz he had found love there, he had found friends there and his true self there. Being the king of Seven kingdoms wouldn't give him the deserved happiness. Jaime is a true knight and he always owns up to his duties. He knew that Cersei was gonna die there and he just didn't want her to die alone. He gave his all to be next to the woman that would've destroyed the whole kingdom for him, who was the mother of his children. At the beginning, childish Sansa wanted just one thing, to go the King's Landing and be a lady there, but having lived though that vicious experience there she ended up appreciating her home more. Arya gave away her vindictive nature and learned how to see the good and the bad, and not just be a killing machine. Most importantly, Tyrion's only dream throughout his life was to be appreciated as a person, to be seen more than just a mother-killing dwarf that is useless in fight and in family. He got to be the actual hand of the actual king. I agree that it was all rushed and we didn't get to see the development in the characters, but I truly enjoyed every bit of the storyline.
R Moriarty
R Moriarty 2 日 前
All 3 seasons of Hannibal. Please review.
Leopold 2 日 前
Overuse of shock value and cutting away from scenes got real annoying.
Zariah 2 日 前
Nobody: Chris: i watched it in 2 weeks
Sandra Kofowo
Sandra Kofowo 2 日 前
You should try Law & Order:SVU Supernatural YOU
Joshua 3 日 前
All I wanted was the last episode battle against the night king john maybe has at least a huge sword fight with him and kills him or if they must........arya comes in and saves john before he gets taken out after a sword duel with the knight king. Then danny dies protecting john or something. I just think it was against johns character to kill her and even though they hinted at mad queen at times way too fucking rushed and my boy varys 😭 why did he have to die
Miscellaneous Mind
Miscellaneous Mind 3 日 前
I too just started and just finished. I have the same mindset as you in regards to not jumping on the hype train so soon (did the same with Breaking Bad), having a bit of sympathy for those who have been fans for years and seeing from their POV and also not being totally pissed off at the behind-the-scenes guys. It came to a disappointing close but i loved the show regardless and am thankful.
1000000man1 3 日 前
Jamie Lannister's arc sums it up. 5 seasons of redemption thrown away in a minute and then he dies an episode later. What a huge middle finger to the audience. How much better would it have been if they just made it so he went to King's Landing to KILL Cercie
Quixilver13 4 日 前
I spent years of my life talking about GOT. Even tried to get my girlfriend into. But the last season completely ruined it. Well the first three was okay. Pretty much same with how you felt.
Derek Savage
Derek Savage 4 日 前
12:28 Daenerys did NOT make a choice!!! It’s mental sickness from her families incest. Why does everyone get this wrong?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
Bryson Montera
Bryson Montera 5 日 前
Please review Deadwood. The movie that released was the long awaited finale for the TV show after so long.
nondu Dlamini
nondu Dlamini 5 日 前
When you read the books I hope you'll appreciate the importance of Bran's character 😫😫😫
E K 6 日 前
I wanted an entire season of Dani being the mad queen! Emilia played it sooo good for the like half episode she was given.
Maximilian Trauner
Maximilian Trauner 6 日 前
Just make a new season and let this all be a dream of jon. And he wakes up and season 8 starts again and better
Pablo García
Pablo García 7 日 前
Breaking bad last season rapes GOT last season.
Hanna Sandy
Hanna Sandy 7 日 前
i gave up on this show after s3, i just forgot about it. im the same as you, i dont like watching tv shows much. it's a lot to invest in.
a 7 日 前
I recommend Hannibal, that show has 3 seasons and it is amazing. They did canceled it but it is still great to binge watch
Nathalia 7 日 前
I cried when Briane was knighted too❤️
Nathalia 7 日 前
I watched the show after it ended and I liked it, I think like a lot of people that it could have more seasons but I liked the show. I’m reading the books now.
Nathalia 7 日 前
I wished the battle with the night king were longer. I wished they had explained more about the tree eyed haven and the children of the forest and the gods.
Mark Engel
Mark Engel 8 日 前
What a disappointment, just caught up with the finale. It is so disjointed both in timeline and character as to be laughable. Read the books long before HBO put it to film. I loved the books and what HBO initially did with "A Song of Ice and Fire" but to have this hatchet job of a final season is inexcusable. I now understand the backlash that has come from this "epic fail" of what could have been the end of one of the greatest high fantasy series ever made! Emphasis on "could have" with a big "SHOULD HAVE" added!
Lewis Rogers
Lewis Rogers 8 日 前
Spot on review.
Kwyjibo O_o
Kwyjibo O_o 8 日 前
You can't imagine how people who have been watching for years feel? You sat there and downplayed the petition to rewrite season 8. Bro it has 1.6 million signatures. Fans are not happy. It's not that it was a bad season or finale, it wasn't the finale the show and fans deserved. It's not like the shitty finale of Dexter, where people just moved on because the show had been shit since season 4. The writers of GoT dropped the ball so hard. And the worst part is, HBO wanted to do more seasons but the writers wanted to end the show for whatever reason. This just adds insult to injury.
Faisal Memon
Faisal Memon 8 日 前
Insider information: D & D.B. were too fatigued especially mentally to carry on with the show. HBO decided they won’t carry on without them, that’s why there were fewer episodes in season 7 & 8 and that’s why the writing had become bad. The fates of all the major characters were given to them by George R. R. Martin three years ago, as D & D.B needed to know what direction to take the show for the next two seasons. It was kinda like Mark Hamill not being able to tell anyone for a year and a half that Darth Vader was his dad. Lot of mental stress. D & D.B were kinda obligated legally but not necessitated to follow GRR Martin’s direction of the story. So if there is anyone who deserves most of the blame, it’s George R. R. Martin. He basically George Lucased this show by saying this is my story and I’m the one who created it so it should end how I want it to. People are blaming the wrong people.
Dewy Wannamaker
Dewy Wannamaker 9 日 前
"Well written" And all confidence in any opinion you hold regarding film is rendered meaningless.
Johan Joseph
Johan Joseph 9 日 前
Dexter House of cards and now Game of thrones.
Scott K
Scott K 9 日 前
Seasons 1-7: White Walkers drag their feet and take years to slowly trudge a few miles. Season 8: *THEY FUCKING SPRING IN A GIANT FUCKING TIDAL WAVE STAMPEDING FUCKING BULLET TRAIN OF FUCKING ZOMBIE FEROCITY JSFJ)F*)_J# ){JLDK nandfnasdfpamf092j3au0ajf08j34[0t89uwq340t[jw3'4tmin=qjot48i*
If Dumb and Dumber didn't want to do 10 episodes or more seasons, I don't get why they didn't get someone else to write the final season.
Brittany Gillett
Brittany Gillett 9 日 前
I agree. Biggest problem was season finale was too short. And decisions felt rushed and characters arcs were bit sloppy.
Whiting 10 日 前
Season 8 failed and was rushed because the Directors got a deal to make Star Wars movies, they wanted to wrap up GoT so they could run off and make Star Wars.
max gruber
max gruber 10 日 前
I think the only guys happy with season 8 are breaking bad fans
max gruber
max gruber 10 日 前
I also binge watched harry Potter in 5 days so i dont have to remember what happened 5 years ago
JF 10 日 前
Love your stuff but season 8 especially episode 3 was a complete and utter disaster.
Matt Craft
Matt Craft 11 日 前
Season 8 was a disappointment. There were so many ways the show could have ended and D&D took the most boring route possible to end a fan favorite show. I felt nothing when this show ended because it lacked emotion the entire season.
Ms Samantha MVT
Ms Samantha MVT 11 日 前
The Bran story could have been bran being killed in the first episode and when Ned was looking into the Baratheon and and Lannister families and realizing that joffrey was a Lannister Bastard (You know on top of being a regular one) Ned overhears Cersi and Jamie talking about him killing Bran and that sparks the war. Arya could have taken his place in learning about how to Warg which could have started to make her slightly more vicious as she spent more time as Nymeria until she started training with the faceless man this as a consequence would have also had a lot more Direwolves fighting
Ross Smith
Ross Smith 11 日 前
To save yourselves the monotone and uninteresting delivery: Introduction>Advertisement for some P2W mobile game>basic review of season 8 that somehow Chris completely overlooked the illogical fallacies involved with the characters in the story after binge watching from Season 1 to Season 6 and beyond(S6 is where shit really stopped making sense for a lot of the characters' motivations)>some cookie-cutter diatribe on what far more eloquent and experienced writers/viewers/fanatics have already created videos on in far more detail. For a person that decorates their entire background with game discs, I was expecting more insight from someone who has so many movie/tv reviews under their belt. Guess this is the standard for views-tube these days: Create the same old bullshit covered in videos from a month ago with far less detail and basically no substance or structure. I'd have been more inclined to buy into this if A). Your channel wasn't predicated on media reviews and B). You didn't only addressed the popular problems with Season 8 without addressing multiple seasons that skimmed/altered the book material that led to this lackluster ending. This entire video comes off as effortless, plagiarized material. I myself could've searched and watched a few videos in the top 3 results of searching "GoT Season 8 sucks!" and created this same 24~ minute "creation", with editing, within about 2 hours. 1 hour for writing what I want to say(Which is super easy, because I can just copy paste what everyone else says), 20 minutes of grabbing a few season 8 photos off google, 40 minutes of editing.
54markl 12 日 前
First they fed Ramsay Bolton to the dogs. Then they fed the Entire Show to the dogs! 🤦‍♂️
Nate W
Nate W 12 日 前
I’m just gonna be that guy and say it. I don’t hate Season 8. Do I think it’s the perfect ending for it? Absolutely not. Do I think it has problems? Absolutely. But I don’t think it’s terrible.
deadbully 12 日 前
have you ever heard of the tragedy of Game of Thrones? I thought not. It's not a story the most people would tell you...
Kitana Reeves
Kitana Reeves 13 日 前
Im glad the writers were not supposed to please you. GOT season 8 was very good overall what did you want a Disney finale? Man the finale was supposed to be shocking and they achieved it.
Whutwat 13 日 前
skip to 1:50 to avoid ad for p2w mobile game
sochuiwon priscilla
sochuiwon priscilla 13 日 前
honestly, I loved it...Arya is my favourite character and yes I wish she'd displayed her skills more..but I heard so much hate and rant about how disappointing it was from my cousins and friends( I couldn't watch cause I had finals and other stuff but I finally watched yesterday) ..and it's not half as bad as I'd been told. I also feel some people just want to jump on the bandwagon of let's hate it because it's cool to be a cynical "hard to please" whatever..I've watched this show from high school throughout uni and I graduated a month ago which was a perfect coincidence...I've rooted for the starks from day 1 so their victory meant a lot to me..on a deep personal level(heck my sis and I are gonna get a cake to celebrate) so honestly I'm satisfied also c'mon why does everyone think bran is boring.. I genuinely enjoyed his flashbacks..sure I don't love him but I don't care enough to let him spoil the season finale for me..my girl Arya got to kill the NK (albeit a little too easily) and Sansa preserved The North; Theon made his peace and Jon did pretty well. Maybe I'm weird but I never cared too much for The Targaryens or Lannisters (at least not as much as the Starks) so all in all, I'm quite satisfied; I don't regret all those years of investment. (Were people really expecting Dany to sit on the iron throne,, I mean geez it's GOT I knew it would never happen)
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