Game of Thrones | Season 8 | Official Trailer (HBO)

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The trailer is here.
The Final Season begins April 14 on HBO.









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Sameer Pagare
Sameer Pagare 2 時間 前
I don't know why people didn't like the season 08, I absolutely loved it. Great acting, fantastic direction, sets were massive, story cannot be better than this. And.. yes a perfect ending!!
Anakin Skywalker
Anakin Skywalker 6 時間 前
The most anticipated season of a show in TV history. Sad it turned out to be really meh
King Foltest
King Foltest 6 時間 前
jpvid.net/video/%E3%83%93%E3%83%87%E3%82%AA-Uk-4qSerrY0.html Remaking the entire series with a movie with a character I made if you guys want to see
Souvik Designs And Arts SDA
I have created my first android game app on GOT, download, and enjoy... Hope you like it.. souvik33apps.wordpress.com/
Meetvio Review Official
Watch Ertugrul Ghazi real hystory show better than this game of thrones 😳 who watched like here
GESCO MASH 19 時間 前
J C 20 時間 前
Here after the disappointment of The Last of Us Part II
Tanveer 日 前
Remember when Game of Thrones used to be a thing? This was something I'd have preferred to watch over anything other TV Show/movie during these times. Sad to say, I can't do that anymore. The whole story lost it's weight, it's meaning after this travesty of a last season came out.
Livchen 日 前
i ain’t forget
Arjun J kumar qatar
Any mallus
Who is Watching Game Of thrones After listening "Bad lier"
Ben Ten
Ben Ten 4 日 前
Daenerys and snow I wanted happy ending but😳
Wet wet wet H2O
Wet wet wet H2O 4 日 前
Strange how this shows the first 3 episodes
Wet wet wet H2O
Wet wet wet H2O 3 日 前
Exactly so u didn’t know this big threat was gon in 3 episodes
hamood ghanem
hamood ghanem 3 日 前
They cant show us more than that . Imagine if we saw kingslanding with no snow . We will know the night king is going to die eps 3
James Bielby
James Bielby 4 日 前
Got shoulda ended at season 6😭
dolly sharma
dolly sharma 4 日 前
Drogon took her will she rise again?? You can't just leave us like this will there be a season 9???
Akul Gotdany
Akul Gotdany 3 日 前
@dolly sharma I wish there was season 9
dolly sharma
dolly sharma 3 日 前
@Akul Gotdany 🥺
Akul Gotdany
Akul Gotdany 4 日 前
Nope no season 9😣🥺
glowed 4 日 前
Who is here
Phoenix_jayant 5 日 前
But still guys lets appreciate the actor's
Phoenix_jayant 5 日 前
I just wanna know why do people hate season 8 just why give me some reason people
Eğlenceli Yumurcaklar
Ottaman love movie
Almash Sakariyavala
Go and watch Dark TV series especially the finale. And learn how it's done.!!😂 #dark #gameofthrones
Miran Hiwa
Miran Hiwa 6 日 前
ok thats good iam not the only one who still watch things about GOT
Miran Hiwa
Miran Hiwa 3 日 前
@Akul Gotdany sadly the final season was sh*t actually even season 7 so yea **** D&D
Akul Gotdany
Akul Gotdany 4 日 前
@Miran Hiwa bro I am not even watching anything realted to got cuz if a see it the emotions inside me are going to burst out🥺😩
Miran Hiwa
Miran Hiwa 4 日 前
@Akul Gotdany me too man me too
Akul Gotdany
Akul Gotdany 4 日 前
I am to broo can't get over it🥺
mamu mumani
mamu mumani 6 日 前
I'm ertugrul fan .... I love Turki drama ertugrul Allah Hu Akbar
Faizan Asim
Faizan Asim 7 日 前
Game of Thrones : The Final DISAPPOINTMENT 🐉
Dilated Beholder
This trailer turned out to be the biggest troll EVER
Bunny B
Bunny B 8 日 前
this entire season should have just focused on the night king
Yashu Rajput
Yashu Rajput 8 日 前
GOT Jindgi Me Kabhi Nahi Bhulunga
TheHardik112 8 日 前
I never saw season 8 And judging by the comments, maybe I shouldn't.
CLAY_ 8 日 前
Jes of corse
Shaikh Kaif
Shaikh Kaif 8 日 前
dark fans smiling from distance 😂
Sourav Dey
Sourav Dey 8 日 前
It would have been better if denaris died fighting the night king and John had to fight cersi
Yuh Omar
Yuh Omar 9 日 前
we thought it was gonna epic
Salah Al-Bloushi
Salah Al-Bloushi 10 日 前
I love how the trailer manages to be amazing without showing too much, like the starbucks cup.
Manuj Madan
Manuj Madan 10 日 前
Haven't watched a single episode of this. Looks like shit.
Abdullah Bhinder
This looks shit? I question ur taste
CLAY_ 8 日 前
Looks Like the amazig Show in TV history
James Dawson
James Dawson 9 日 前
Game of Thrones is brilliant for the first 4 seasons. You should watch it just for that, and even season 5,6 and 7 are bearable.
Magido89 10 日 前
Oh what could have been. One day I will start watching game of thrones again and just pretend that the series ends with season 4 after tywins death
madison goff russell
stefan molyneux
Genial Diseño
Genial Diseño 11 日 前
Oponis World
Oponis World 11 日 前
When you thought you’re getting a real epic moment slapped on your face but instead you get a big disappointment moment slapped on your face. Oof
The Unintentional Wild Card
I don't watch GOT... But I do feel sorry for this fanbase.
Richard h
Richard h 11 日 前
I think season 8 will age well. After rewatching the series, alot of it made sense. Yeah i wanted a night king fight but it's already been demonstrated that the night king had the most strength out if any charecter in the series so Jon wouldnt have been able to withstand being hit by the night kings swing of his sword even if jon parried it,. He'd get sliced in half by the strength of the night kings swing. The night king launches spears like missiles and snapped theon's spear like a twig of a tree branch. Killing him with his guard down was the ultimate defeat of his charecter. He was so very close to finally defeating the three eyed raven and at the very end, he got killed by a girl he underestimated with the blade the three eyed raven had provided her in the exact spot the night king was killed. And Dany was always the kind of person willing to burn down cities to get the throne and she finally did and people are mad even after all the times she had said shed burn cities but they obsessed over her because she was badass and had dragons. I thought it said alot about our society. How people fall for dictators like hitler or stalin or castro because at the time they think they are strong, courageous and cool only for the dictator and their regime to make things worse for the people before they came after promising better change. Really I think it was brilliant. Episode 3 of star wars was crapped on but now people look back and realize it was actually pretty good and not as bad as the toxic fan base was trying to make it out to be. I dont agree with everything in season 8 but it's not bad. Still amazing compared to most tv and I'm just grateful for the experience of game of thrones. Game of thrones is a fricking miracle and it's so sad that people have this much hatred. And give the writers of of the show a break. They had to end thebuggest show in tb history without the book material even after George martin promised to finish before they did and still george hasnt finished. George martin doesnt even know how to end the book series. It's very unlikely that he ever will at this point considering he still hasnt finished the second to last book.
SOHAN . 11 日 前
Raza Gemar
Raza Gemar 11 日 前
Season 9 aye ga kya
puli karunakar
puli karunakar 12 日 前
watch full video zee.gl/U2VnSV
Katia Knl
Katia Knl 12 日 前
Nobody talk about how the music is just sooo powerful ?
Gasprout studios
Gasprout studios 12 日 前
Welcome to the comment section where. The comments are dark and full of spoilers
lemuel torremocha
please upload all episode of season 8
Sebastian pulido
Sebastian pulido 12 日 前
Fazal Khan
Fazal Khan 13 日 前
Hi plz official dubbing kitna season ki howy ha??? Muja to sirf season 3 tk hi hindi official dubbed Mila h plz reply
Fazal Khan
Fazal Khan 12 日 前
@Gasprout studios thank you so much
Gasprout studios
Gasprout studios 12 日 前
Bass season 3 tak hi hindi me official dubbing hua h baad me katmovie ki team ne baaki saree season bahut ghatiya dub kiye h
O M E N 13 日 前
'You were supposed to destroy shitty TV, not join them' -Hello There.
Thanos 1975
Thanos 1975 13 日 前
The screenwriters didn't want epic battles in Season 8, because epic battles are tiring. They overthrew the Knight King in a matter of minutes, demolished the Kings Landing without a real queen battle, and that was it. They didn't disappoint us, they just insulted us.
harish 13 日 前
Watching this again today gave me goosebumps and reminded me how stupid and desperate I was an year ago waiting for two years to witness it.🤧🤧
گلدستہ TV
گلدستہ TV 13 日 前
Ertugrul ghazi is best
D C 13 日 前
Of all the epic ways they could've ended the show, they chose... That.
TheBiakko 13 日 前
The season that made me forget the show
One Brick to Rule them All
And yet here you are
Flying Jet
Flying Jet 14 日 前
Its cartoon or movie am confuse LOL
hari haran
hari haran 14 日 前
Azeem Farook
Azeem Farook 14 日 前
Why tf I even thought of rewatching this again. Purposely 🙄💔
Syedain Mushtaq
Syedain Mushtaq 14 日 前
Who's watching it after season 8 got released just to see how much excited they got us about season 8 and what an abomination it really was😔.
Omar Qunsul
Omar Qunsul 15 日 前
Game of thrones had the potential to be the most epic thing on TV. But then Season 8 happened
Choice Box
Choice Box 15 日 前
Tell me the movie or series in which dragon look realistic like game of thrones
Choice Box
Choice Box 12 日 前
@One Brick to Rule them All i also saw the hobbit but are u compare with game of thrones than ur wrong
One Brick to Rule them All
The Hobbit
Nikhil Khose
Nikhil Khose 15 日 前
Who is watching at covid 19 pandemic and in depression
Guys i swer there is no show i can watch sins i finishd game of thrones i miss the show and i am so dispounted of the end still coming back to this trailer evry week sins 1 year ago i am so sad💔😭
Gasprout studios
Gasprout studios 12 日 前
Watch the vikings
djabber 15 日 前
SalemW 15 日 前
This trailer fooled us all
Santiago de Compost Bin
They had us in the trailer, not gonna lie.
even the trailer gave me goosebumps
Abhishek Rawat
Abhishek Rawat 17 日 前
Well Attack On Titan S4 can save us.
Lone Wolf
Lone Wolf 17 日 前
Its still hurts too see how badly they fucked this up
عيسى 17 日 前
Good trailer, bad season.
Kunal Singh Choudhary
jpvid.net/video/%E3%83%93%E3%83%87%E3%82%AA-Tv0w6D7KnJI.html Game of Thrones Ringtone... 😎 please like share and subscribe.
cat harsis
cat harsis 18 日 前
Победило бабло и нетерпение продюссеров
Navkritam Rishu
Navkritam Rishu 18 日 前
Yes . It still hurts 😔
Dafiro Rodifa
Dafiro Rodifa 18 日 前
If the Sack Snyder's Cut could pass, why don't we ask HBO to re-record Game of Thrones season 8?
DJ Agus Heryy #022
Gara2 postingan di ig asu , w jadi kesini
Zero Light
Zero Light 18 日 前
Back at this trailer missing it and remembering how bad the ending was
mridul rahman
mridul rahman 18 日 前
Alas, I hardly believe that this series ever existed.
Shahid Raza
Shahid Raza 19 日 前
Want hindi dubbed😕.
Ishan Arora
Ishan Arora 19 日 前
Bran Played the real Game of thrones😎. If you go by this logic as bran could see past, present and the future, he planned everything. He gave Arya the dagger. He talks with Littlefinger regarding Chaos as a ladder.He didn't reveal at the end about Jon's identity which could have harmed his place and at the end he says to Tyrion that's why he came all this way.The ending seems logical "GAME OF THRONES".
James Dawson
James Dawson 9 日 前
I don’t think Bran could see the future.
Gasprout studios
Gasprout studios 12 日 前
Lol i have got no words for this comment
Zachery Fraser
Zachery Fraser 19 日 前
Rawr5649 19 日 前
a beautiful show capped by this garbage
Berra Urhan
Berra Urhan 20 日 前
Trailer was insane but last 3 episode were insanely crap...
Damien Mercury
Damien Mercury 20 日 前
I don't care about last season, I still love this show
Jon Snow
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