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"I used to think you were the cleverest man alive."
The final season of Game of Thrones airs Sundays at 9PM on HBO









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MrCake BehindCam
MrCake BehindCam 13 時間 前
Guys don't let this distract you from the fact that Cersei still wants her elephants
Lotfi Ould Adda
Lotfi Ould Adda 14 時間 前
what i always liked about got is the reunions so many crossroads just like the one where bran spotted arya
Vegan With Love
Is she his aunt?😑the only couple that I’ve ever loved and she’s his aunt? Nooo I can’t handle that:))
MrCake BehindCam
Arya rly just pulled the ''I don't wanna die a virgin'' card,works every time
Ismail Khan
Ismail Khan 日 前
If only the targaryen can ride the dragon then what about the Night King??????? He also rode the dragon?????? Is he a targaryen????????
Darrin Beazley
Enjoy how us Fanatics pity the non-converted. The 41 minute Epic battle of Winter Fell will result in the noble deaths of many beloved core characters. Been an exhausting 72 episondes. Go the Knight King do a Infinity Wars. So conflicted happy that it is back sad that it is the final season.
Tommy Aventador
commentary: Arya was just a kid when she was watching Robert arrived. Now we see her as a grown woman, fucking for the first time!
naved 2 日 前
2:56 *does that make Night King one ?*
Jordan Myles
Jordan Myles 2 日 前
Sick of this show ignoring the books, Targaryens aren't the only ones capable of being dragon riders, what about all the dragon riders in the Dance of the Dragons, half weren't Targaryens
Welll Azvdo
Welll Azvdo 2 日 前
When they explain it, that whole nonsensical how to train your dragon Jon Daenerys thing doesn't seem so lame.
Big Melker
Big Melker 2 日 前
Isnt it sams younger brother? Sam was sent to the wall because he was Randals heir so..... you know why would he be sent to the wall if he had an older brother to take Randals place. pretty sure that is a slip up.
nimi vanity
nimi vanity 3 日 前
I don’t even care who’s gonna get the iron throne iam only worried about drogon fighting his dead brother 😭😭💔💔💔💔
David Dave
David Dave 3 日 前
Losers. You are watching this like it’s news . There are things taking place in the real world, that have real Ramifications that affect your life every day. You are watching the news about a stupid fictional TV show. You all deserve having a president like trump
Jayesh Ajitsaria
So does that mean viserion died for nothing,thoros died for nothing ,they all went north of the wall for nothing
coo3disk1 3 日 前
Sansa would never act that way towards Tyrion because he was with Daenerys, she already knew Tyrion was with Daenerys and she doesn't even know why, which is what Tyrion and Sansa could have discussed in their scene together, instead you riun their scene because you made it seem like they didn't even know each other.
Thompson Beavers
Yo where can I cop this shit
Lucas De Jong
Lucas De Jong 3 日 前
they leaked the ep again lol, for anyone interested you can watch it here - watchgameofthronesonline org , there .was an anti-takedown verification though when watching ep
Jayesh Ajitsaria
Episode 2 1.Arya and gendry get it on 2. Jaime apologizes to bran 3. Theon returns to winterfell 4. Aegon tells the truth to Danny about him 5. White walkers reach winterfell but night king is not seen 6. Jaime knights brienne 7. Jorah and lady mormont meet 8. Samwell gives his family's sword to jorah I have written this comment before the show airs and I hope these are all the things that take place PS. : Somebody name the song that podrick sings at the end please
Joseph K
Joseph K 3 日 前
1.Dany and Jamie will become friends after he tells her the truth about what actually happened, being backed up by Bran. 2.Night King will seek the ghost/walker of his long lost lover in the crypts beneath winterfell. 3.Jon Snow will kill viserion with the weapon that Arya had Gendry made. 4.Ghost will die and become a Night King Puppet, and kill Sansa. 5.Tyrion will save Jamie by taking an arrow from the same crossbow he used to kill Tywin. 6.Bran will worg into Rhaegal and fly to Kings Landing to force them to help in the fight against the walkers. 7.Khal Drogo will become a wight and kill Dany. 8.Jon snow will ease her pain by using the longclaw through her heart and the sword would start glowing red and be able to kill Night King. 9.Jon would ride Drogon and Kill Night King. 10.Arya would kill Jon and become the many faced God who is infact the real Night King. 11. Arya kills herself.
Stannis the Mannis
2:17 Arya was the only one who treats Jon like a member of the family. So I guess we are just forgetting about how Bran and Robb treated.
MothSeven 3 日 前
Hi GOT fans! If your interested in checking out more episode 1 review, check out my first review of this season. Thanks! :) @
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mangalores-x_x 3 日 前
Sam: "Jon, you are king of Westeros!" Jon: "Great, but Daenarys army is pretty much exclusively Unsullied and Dothraki who have personal allegiance to her, not the Seven kingdoms!"
Marc Waldmann
Marc Waldmann 3 日 前
I'm still waiting for Melissandre
Ejail Katara
Ejail Katara 3 日 前
Did they miss the last scene? Waiting for an old friend
Syed Mujeeb
Syed Mujeeb 4 日 前
Where is Brianne of tharth?????
Savannah Schreiber
DB Weiss: Jon was not always the quickest on updates He knows nothing!! 😅
Feisal Adow
Feisal Adow 4 日 前
2:58 Only Targaryens can ride dragons. Doesn't that mean the night king is a Targaryen?
mangalores-x_x 3 日 前
No, it does not. He is a necromancer controlling everything he resurrects. Also: Targaryans weren't the only ones riding dragons, they were just the only surviving Valyrians with dragons so they had a monopoly on riding dragons. That is not the same. It is just an indicator that Jon Snow has a connection which indicates Valyrian/Targaryan blood.
ra bA
ra bA 4 日 前
" Sam's OLDER brother, was not a bad person" I cant believe he got that wrong. dickon is his younger brother in the show and the books. in the books, i think dickon is the youngest. its crazy how they let that mistake get onto tv.
Allen Lichner
Allen Lichner 4 日 前
I just crapped my pants and am too lazy to go wipe, This is a great show.
Sonny Steven
Sonny Steven 4 日 前
Eliud Gachunga
Eliud Gachunga 4 日 前
Eliud Gachunga
Eliud Gachunga 4 日 前
watch the full episode using this link jpvid.net/video/%E3%83%93%E3%83%87%E3%82%AA-3DRLyjY5BWA.html
Carlos Dumpit
Carlos Dumpit 5 日 前
How ep1 should have ended Bran to Jamie: push me Jamie with a face of confusion: what? Bran: push my wheelchair Closing credit. Lol
I Inhale the memes
I've never watch got in my life but GOODNESS GIMME ALL 8 Seasons PLS
Sweetmerch Garcia
m.jpvid.net/video/%E3%83%93%E3%83%87%E3%82%AA-R6YCfVe4eR0.html episode 2 also was lit 💓
Maríllia Siqueira
Portuguese subtitles please!
Milan Zivkovic
Milan Zivkovic 5 日 前
This show is dead. Without the books these "writers" reduced the show to a bunch of reunions + big battles with dragons. Nothing of substance happens so we need them to explain to us some kind of meaning or mirroring with previous episodes. It's basically two guys who know techniques of writing but have zero imagination or creativity, so we are watching them practice writing techniques on screen. It's a good thing that they told me that something exciting happened in this episode, because I didn't notice it.
Kpriya_ mk
Kpriya_ mk 5 日 前
Nymiria .. !!!!!
Mike Bordin
Mike Bordin 5 日 前
Where’s Ghost!?
t mac
t mac 5 日 前
SPOILER!!! Jon can walk thru fire like D!!!!
Kevin c
Kevin c 3 日 前
Except that he was burned quite badly when he first killed a thrall defending Mormont. Soooo.... nah.
007 ars
007 ars 5 日 前
Lucio Fernandes
Lucio Fernandes 5 日 前
Don't be afraid *Drogo death stares*
Vishal Singh
Vishal Singh 5 日 前
Man i hate dragons 🐉but i love wolves 🐺 tell me when am i going to see ghost 👻 he is indeed my fav character in game of thrones .
Jali Hochmuth
Jali Hochmuth 6 日 前
One thing I do want to know is, how is Theon getting from Kings Landing to Winterfell before the Night King arrives?
Jali Hochmuth
Jali Hochmuth 6 日 前
Loved seeing Dany truely happy and the dragons gave their blessing for their relationship. It must of been really lonely knowing you were the last of your kind (Targareyn) ..I think after she gets over the initial shock of Jons parentage she is going to love it - she is finally not alone in the world.
darksunwithin 6 日 前
Jon’s dragon is named after his biological father and Daenerys’ after Khal Drogo! 🤗🤗
Blessing Joy Tamayo
Sansa was cooooold
Alysa Neveah
Alysa Neveah 6 日 前
Download next episode free here www.gots8. ga Thank me later😊💟
Sick of Sam. Jon true heir of the iron throne ok, but with what army and with what dragons ? bye Felicia.
Lola Jay
Lola Jay 4 日 前
Also dany's army is gonna get decimated at winterfell. All she'll have left is drogon
Lola Jay
Lola Jay 4 日 前
He has a dragon now. Dany gave him one
Chiqui 6 日 前
Sam with Dany and Sam with Jon Snow his acting skills...
Jgonzalo TBEJARANO18
JON riding Rhaegal reminds me HICCUP and TOOTHLESS
TacTundra 6 日 前
People forget that Sam's reaction wasn't just from grieving over his brother, but because Dany singlehandedly fucked his house. Dickon can't be the lord now, and Sam's becoming a Maester. So RIP House Tarly. Makes seeing his reaction even more brutal.
DrRockso1987 6 日 前
4:26 "Sam's older brother" Dickon is Sam's younger brother...
Hith Sharma
Hith Sharma 3 日 前
tyso921 6 日 前
3:59 did they forget about the aemon connection
V. Scott
V. Scott 6 日 前
No one is mentioning Lady Mormont's scene. "I'm not sure what you are now. We named you King of The North."
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Ally Jay
Ally Jay 6 日 前
Stop with the fucking quotes, we all saw the fucking episode. It's a funny reminder but it kills the humor the 1000th time you read it on every fucking video! Shut up!
XanthelinHS 6 日 前
D&D really gotta stop making these inside the episodes. First they forget that Stannis didn't burn people in S2E1 and get his entire motivation wrong. Now they forget that Sam's brother is his YOUNGER brother and that Sam's entire character backstory revolves around that fact?
distortdude80 6 日 前
"I'm her family too." "Don't forget that" Arya knows the truth!!! .. I think
kWoN oUjO
kWoN oUjO 6 日 前
Story of Jon Snow's life: "In the morning had a sweet date with his lover while joy riding FREAKING dragons........ then came the night..... found out his lover is his FREAKING aunt!!!!" all i can say is..... YOU REALLY KNOW NOTHING JON SNOW....
Chris MCMLXXXII 6 日 前
D&D - Dumb and Dumber. Ruined A Song of Ice and Fire and ruined Game of Thrones. Season 6 onwards has been a steady decline of plot armour and fanservice, poor writing and downright nonsensical storylines. It's a disaster.
Chris MCMLXXXII 6 日 前
Why doesn't Drogon have a harness like the Targaryen dragons of old? Balerion had a magnificent harness in illustrations that even included something that is akin to a breastplate of armour. I know dragon hide is tougher than any plate armour but even still, it would offer more protection against Scorpion bolts. The armour aside, she should have had a harness made for Drogon and now we know Jon can ride Rheagal, he should have a harness made, too. When Daemon killed Aemond One Eye, he was able to do so because he was in such a hurry to catch him that he didn't chain himself to the harness. This allowed him to leap from Caraxes and drive Dark Sister into Aemond's eye socket. I have never understood why they don't CGI a harness. Maybe they tried it and the CGI doesn't work with a harness, but I don't see why not.
jat3916 6 日 前
I loved season one with the exception of the exclusion of Ghost. He should have been there in the Godswood with Jon. It was disappointing.
The Cereal Guy
The Cereal Guy 7 日 前
Abd Elilah
Abd Elilah 7 日 前
Where is ghost 🤔🤔
Souravjyoti Deka
so night's king is a Targaryen??
Nikola Matic
Nikola Matic 7 日 前
Where is Ghost?!
Auto Bot
Auto Bot 7 日 前
Jon : Its cold up here for a southern girl.. Dani : So keep your queen warm. Drogon: Am I A Joke To You..🔥🐲
Cleorese Manes
Cleorese Manes 7 日 前
I stopped watching after session 3 what am I doing here.
Moloi Motlatsi
Moloi Motlatsi 7 日 前
Disliked the dragon riding scene, i was expecting a surprise GOT style not harry porter style...
movies.string 🎥
Watch and download first episode on my channel don't forget to subscribe me
Robert McCutcheon
Mad Props to Johns acting when he learns his brother and father are dead. Goes from sad that his dad is dead . IE sad he lost his only father shit head or not. To utterly devastated that he lost his brother because you can see that the two really loved each other, family favorite vs black sheep or not, they loved one another. perhaps i am reading to much into the scene. My brother was the smart talented one who got into the best schools and went on to become a doctor. I was the dumb ass who dropped out of community college and then joined the marine corp. While growing up I was occasionally jealous of him but there is no denying that he is my favorite person in the world now that he has moved to Oceanside we do everything together . Tychoxi
Hey Cath
Hey Cath 7 日 前
Is there a meaning of the dragon staring at Jon while kissing Daenerys tho? 🧐
victoria canet
victoria canet 7 日 前
Didn't the Night King ride Viserion? ??? Targaryen?
Vangelis P.
Vangelis P. 7 日 前
I watched it yesterday then I went to sleep. Somehow I woke up and there was Bran staring at me. Then I woke up again.
Pual Kkl
Pual Kkl 7 日 前
… why are you ‘explaining’ your art/material to the viewers right away?
Arvind Raghavan
Arvind Raghavan 7 日 前
so no talk about that nk symbol and what it means
Meet Shaan
Meet Shaan 7 日 前
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Borec 123
Borec 123 7 日 前
On Sunday 14. 4. there was snow in Czech Republic...Yeahh! Winter is here, despite that it shouldn´t be :D
K Csenge
K Csenge 7 日 前
Did anyone notice that during the dragon riding scene Dany stole Ygrittes line? That they should stay there so no one would find them. I'm heartbroken💔
Colonel Sandor
Colonel Sandor 5 日 前
Well, I mean, it has been foreshadowed for years now that Dany will die, so it doesn't surprise me that they had her say the same thing as Ygritte because it's just another clue that Dany is dying this season.
Yonah Ochieng'
Yonah Ochieng' 7 日 前
How did you miss the "I want those elephants" part and Jaime's face when he saw Bran....
norsah moses
norsah moses 7 日 前
PitbullTerror88 7 日 前
is it me or does the Unsullied army look bigger now than when she first got them, even when an amount of them were killed leading up to this that army still looks bigger. So many great moments allready in episode 1 :D looking forward to the rest
Wisokk 7 日 前
I thought Dickon was Sam's younger brother. Nice knowledge of your own fucking script, David Jerkoff
Tovarisch Zac
Tovarisch Zac 7 日 前
They don't know the story at all
Furkan Bozdag
Furkan Bozdag 7 日 前
i hope sansa dies
mihaifrancu 8 日 前
they completely destroyed my favourite character Tyrion Lannister in past seasons, turned him into an average idiot with no substance.
mihaifrancu 8 日 前
short episodes, a bit more and it turns in half an hour, and lack the substance of seasons 1-5. Dissapointed to be honest
hina mughal
hina mughal 8 日 前
Jon isn't a liar, he'll surely tell the truth to daenerys.
Rick Palmer
Rick Palmer 8 日 前
Respect is how the young keep us at a distance so we don't remind them of an unpleasant truth..... Nothing lasts! ~Lord Varys (3 days ago)~
Karl Martell
Karl Martell 2 日 前
I think his wrong, though. A correct statement would have been "Respect is what young show us because deep down they know the agonizing truth ... that nothing lasts [or rather: they will also grow old one day and as everything they are slowly but inevitably degrades, they know they will at least have something left (respect), before nothing at all remains", but this wouldn't have done well in a script].
Vegana Marley
Vegana Marley 8 日 前
Drogon: that's my mom, you're kissing!
Falfoul Haboub
Falfoul Haboub 8 日 前
Epidode 2 whene plz
Grayfox aion
Grayfox aion 8 日 前
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Santhosh Reddy
Santhosh Reddy 8 日 前
Only a Targaryen can ride a dragon indicates NIGHT KING is also a Targaryen
Tovarisch Zac
Tovarisch Zac 7 日 前
Santhosh Reddy it's not a dragon after it's been turned in the same way Hodor isn't a human anymore. Also more than Targaryens can fly dragons he's just wrong
Milan Pandya
Milan Pandya 8 日 前
According to me this might be the end of GOT; After knowing jon's identity Daenerys will leave the ambition of Iron throne, will sacrifice herself like Nisa nisa and jon will become new king (She will sacrifice herself because Jon is last surviving Fertile Targaryen he can continue their dynasty.) Both dragon will dye but will leave behind Dragon's Egg. Tyrion may survive/dye while protecting Jaime or vice versa, Lord varys may survive/dye (I am not sure), Cersei definitely will dye, Arya will fall in love with Gendry, baratheon bastard (royal blood).Don't know about Sansa's fate.Bran will continue to be Three eyed raven. Rest time and episode will tell....
Nithin Neyyan
Nithin Neyyan 8 日 前
Hit like if you Never Watched GOT 💁💁💁
love old movies
love old movies 8 日 前
final season i want to see sansa and cersei nude again.
"I dont know how to ride a dragon" Well Jon that's not true, u even came inside of a dragon.. :3
ptah4000 8 日 前
"nobody's ridden a dragon except for Dany". The North remembers. The North remembers a dragon taxi near the end of last season.
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