Game of Thrones Season 6: March Madness Promo (HBO)

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Game of Thrones Season 6 premieres in April, 2016.
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abolfazl heydari
abolfazl heydari 2 ヶ月 前
Wow its looks like yesterday for me i was waiting for season 6 and show is gone oh god its painful
Mark Cohenger
Mark Cohenger 4 年 前
RIP Hodor....
Alain Bruno
Alain Bruno 4 年 前
Game of Thrones is my favorite tv series.
gelu4in 4 年 前
where isyour shirt?
miguel let
miguel let 4 年 前
mine as well
kokkil 4 年 前
I watch it everyday :)
michael john sesay
Love the game
Jake Apitz
Jake Apitz 4 年 前
I'm commenting this on the day of the premiere of the 7th episode of season 6. Now, we have already seen most of these scenes already but there is one thing in particular about this trailer that I'm questioning. At 0:05, we see what looks like the upcoming battle between Jon and Ramsay. In front of Ramsay's army, there's something burning and it does not look like it is coming from torches. Do you think it could be Rickon's body burning like he is taunting Jon's army by killing him before battle? Just a thought
Alperen AYMAN
Alperen AYMAN 4 年 前
@ 0:12 Dramatic soldier behind Jaime :)
Romulan2469 4 年 前
Another overly dramatic trailer that tells us nothing. I'm off to watch something else more meaningful.
M A 4 年 前
my balls are about to pop
aselole cihuy
aselole cihuy 4 年 前
selamat jalan Jon Snow (Almarhum).. semoga amal ibadahnya diterima di sisi Allah SWT.. Aamiin
anirban bhattacharya
Tova Portmann - Bown
This trailer is terrfiying
casper daghost
casper daghost 4 年 前
song? anybody?
Loose parallels between our world and that of Ice and Fire: First Men=Celtic tribes and kingdoms Wildlings=Scottish Andals (including people of the more northerly Free Cities)=Germanic peoples Rhoynar (Dorne & southerly Free Cities)=Iberians (Spaniards, Portuguese, &c) Southern Free Cities=Italian City-states? Valyrians=Romans/Atlanteans Ghiscari=Greeks (Ghiscari Empire is Carthage Qartheen=Persians Qaathi=Ancient Somalis Yi Ti(whatever the demonym is there)=Chinese Asshai'i=Tamil, perhaps Indic peoples? Dothraki & peoples of the Dothraki Sea=Mongolo-Turkic peoples Summer Islanders=Subsaharan Africans Ibbenese=Russians? Sámi?
K K 4 年 前
I don't know why, but i was waiting for Future's song March Madness to blast at any moment... Odd
The Chilly Blue People are the good guys. Seasons 1 to 5 are a 'pathetic fallacy'.
Matthew Blackburn
I hope we finally get to meet the sword of the morning
Dre Allen
Dre Allen 4 年 前
I haven't seen Reek in any of the trailers
osama zaghal
osama zaghal 4 年 前
just one week
Sergio Alvarado
Sergio Alvarado 4 年 前
Is Jon Snow really dead? facebook.com/1075526072492562/photos/a.1076922555686247.1073741828.1075526072492562/1173216406056861/?type=3&theater
2008takara 4 年 前
Does anyone know the name of the track for this trailer? I must know!
Joseph Johnson
Joseph Johnson 4 年 前
I love that it's coming full circle.... I can see it forming! It began with the Starks, it'll end with them! Sad it'll be ending soon though :(
Quinnie NG
Quinnie NG 4 年 前
"The gift will be given" *shows Arya* Is anyone thinking what I'm thinking?
Tommy Estrada
Tommy Estrada 4 年 前
I've never liked the Lannisters but I can't wait to see those religious fanatical zealots get theirs.
Display_Name 4 年 前
+Tommy Estrada The only thing I like about the Lanisters is their taste in armor, its fucking awesome!
Speedster404 4 年 前
Each episode of Game of Thrones is a fairly long porno :P
McZalion 4 年 前
+Lukas L I guess this guy thinks that dragons roaring is a moan...
Lukas L
Lukas L 4 年 前
u never watched a Porno, did u?
Ben -G
Ben -G 4 年 前
more rape scenes plz thank you
maryl jam
maryl jam 4 年 前
Am I like the only one fucking worried about Rickon amd Osha? .__.
Adeapples Gidisocial
HBO ... Hapiness But Outstandinghapiness... lost!!
abhie martinuz
abhie martinuz 4 年 前
valar morghuliiiiiiiiiiiiiiissssssssssssssssssssssss......
PurpleAccio 4 年 前
I must've been the only one expecting to hear a Future song playing in the background
WiseGuy5674 4 年 前
I only care about one thing during this season, and that would be... THE MOUNTAIN'S DEATH COUNT!!! !
Vivek Awate
Vivek Awate 4 年 前
there is still mystery about Bran
Juan Eraso Sarasty
delated the first trailer?
Jordan Studd
Jordan Studd 4 年 前
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永升 4 年 前
Corrie Greyvenstein
Can't wait for season 6 to begin!
William Bradford Bishop
Looks just as boring as the last seasons but i gotta keep watching.
João Romero
João Romero 4 年 前
Ok, why does it feel like is taking ten fucking decades to come April 24?
João Romero
João Romero 4 年 前
Ok, why does it feel like is taking ten fucking decades to come April 24?
David Lich
David Lich 4 年 前
who is that who fight with that 2 with targarien armor (its like Eddard Stark)
Eric G
Eric G 4 年 前
To everyone who expects a good story, and are made to suffer thru this crap, YOU DESERVE BETTER!!!
Eric G
Eric G 4 年 前
BOOO!!! this show is going nowhere!!!
Debosmita Kundu
Debosmita Kundu 4 年 前
Cant w8 4 d shw 2 strt
talullah willett
Ned stark fighting Targaryens at 00:18
Plank 4 年 前
Mufti Tajul Islam
Jordyn Aguilar
Jordyn Aguilar 4 年 前
lmfao 😂😂😂
jasmine milo
jasmine milo 4 年 前
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Leandro Galvao
Leandro Galvao 4 年 前
damn, i don't have HBO ;'(
1Sandwitch1 4 年 前
Only way Snow is back is if he's a white walker, period. And what if I told you....I can't wait until the end of the month?
yusif aliyev
yusif aliyev 4 年 前
you are wring,god of death will return him alive
Parvez Raj
Parvez Raj 4 年 前
White Walker and a fire 00:20
shadajs 4 年 前
A man is waiting!A man is counting days!A man is desperate!! ;)
De Herte Alex
De Herte Alex 4 年 前
No Melissandre here...I think she probably dies in the episode 1: "the Red Woman". The filmmakers will maybe kill Melissandre to mislead the audience... Jon Snow will return otherwise...
gorilla-star Ali
i cant w8 anymore
Prayank Roy
Prayank Roy 4 年 前
The great games for that ugly throne. Drogon will turn that into ashes of fame. One thing to another, more gonna die this season and left behind this ugly world.
Ethan Vess
Ethan Vess 4 年 前
cant fucking wait
Zechariah Frink
Zechariah Frink 4 年 前
Cercie is gonna the mountain zombie to kill everyone now. And she's gonna have to find out her daughter is dead too. I wonder what's going to happen to Margery. Is Tommen gonna grow some balls and get her out? Eh prob not , he's pretty dumb
Noireau Qc
Noireau Qc 4 年 前
Bran is flying?
Noireau Qc
Noireau Qc 4 年 前
@Piotr Nowak maybe not ? ( sorry for my english ) the guy said Bran will fly so why in the trailer we saw him on his 2 legs ?
Piotr Nowak
Piotr Nowak 4 年 前
+Noireau FR Not yet. In order to fly you need a dragon in the first place.
Infinity Remix
Infinity Remix 4 年 前
Dont worry guys after glen got hit with the bat he crawled.... oh wrong show
Jordyn Aguilar
Jordyn Aguilar 4 年 前
Nina Luxè Peterson
So Lancel finally decided to grow a pair of balls after he chopped of his girly hair? This time, I'm team Cersei ... And is Sansa Preggers?
Nina Luxè Peterson
Leo M
Leo M 4 年 前
Jon Snow is back. He is Daenearys true brother. He is half dragon.
वाजिद अब्बासी
am I the only one who wants to see more of starks sisters :D
Gage Vandeventer
Haven't watched 1 second of Game of Thrones. Should I?
Franyer Segui
Franyer Segui 4 年 前
+Gage Vandeventer It is worth watching. Just watch episode 1 and make a decision then.
Jordyn Aguilar
Jordyn Aguilar 4 年 前
+RoninYeti Productions He isn't asking if he will like he is asking is it something worth watching so he could give it a try rather then watching 5 seasons without knowing if it'll be good enough.
Ronin Yeti Studio
Ahh, irony is so rich in modern times; sadly, most people don't even know they are doing it (you, being one of them). To clarify, you are the one assuming, and I am the one who knows myself enough to where I don't have to ask someone else if I'm going to like something or not; you are a baby who needs their pacifier.
Gage Vandeventer
@RoninYeti Productions Nothing wrong with receiving suggestions from others. Do you really have nothing better to do with your life than assume things and judge other people? Do everyone a favor and go get a hobby. Bye.
Ronin Yeti Studio
So you can't make up your own mind about something, and only make a choice based on the experiences of others? What a passive life you must live.
Şeyma Köseoğlu
ı dont think that this season will be satisfying, ı hope ı am wrong
Goliath 4 年 前
+Şeyma Köseoğlu You would be extremely wrong then.
Raedo 4 年 前
Wow thanks for the thumbnail man, still in season 4 and now I know that Cercei's not gonna die anytime soon.
dragonmcmx 4 年 前
+Raedo You may want to stay off the internet until you're caught up.
True Moonwalker
True Moonwalker 4 年 前
can't fucking wait
True Moonwalker
True Moonwalker 4 年 前
Brittany Elamparo
A "Who Said It: Bernie Sanders or Daenerys Targaryen" quiz to distract you from the agony of waiting: theodysseyonline.com/california-lutheran/bernie-sanders-election-daenerys-targaryen-game-thrones/391869
Altair 4 年 前
the series took so long bran is like going through puberty so damn quick
Liam Jones
Liam Jones 4 年 前
This is kind of fucked up thinking, but would Ramsay scream/beg if he were flayed like Reek?
Matthew kornman
Matthew kornman 4 年 前
+belongaskip LMFAO
+Reiner Braun He would start fapping.
Adam Incze
Adam Incze 4 年 前
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That MVC Insight
After TWD finale on Sunday.. I'm glad a show that has quality writing that puts storytelling above the view count and doesn't hate its fans is coming back.
That MVC Insight
@plpant english?
plpant 4 年 前
+TheRedHavokz mfw some pleb thinks he is smart when he watches got
That MVC Insight
@Nick A Exactly what people didn't realize about that scene is that most people in the apocalypse would die exactly like that. Overrun and incapable. Not every main character is gonna have an entire episode to die like Tyreese.
Nick A
Nick A 4 年 前
@TheRedHavokz Yeah i really hope the person they killed was important cause i swear that dumpster thing they did with glenn was so retarded i mean why not just kill and then when maggie is look for him just let him be a zombie god it would have been so tragic and good then let her be pregnant for a while enough to see the lump and let her die cause of carl that would be sooooooooo good
That MVC Insight
@Nick A Yes their comic con trailers especially. I look forward to those every year. Gonna be hard for them to do it this year because of the cliffhanger though.
Killer Queen
Killer Queen 4 年 前
amen!!!!whoowowoaaaaaa got begins..unfortunately i will be able to watch it after the examination.... :(
John Dick
John Dick 4 年 前
Anyone else fap to the scene of Cersei walking naked through Kings Landing in the book then again in the TV show? No? Nobody? Oh.......
ThisMakeNoSence 4 年 前
Game of thrones in many languages: English: Game of thrones Poland: Gra o tron Chinese: 權力的遊戲 Czech: Hra o trůny Ukraine: Гра престолів Russian: Игра престолов Slovakia: Hra o tróny Croatian: Igra prijestolja Japan: 七王国の玉座 Hindi: सिंहासन के खेल France: Le Trône de Fer Greece: Παιχνίδι των θρόνων
Toinou915 4 年 前
Unfortunately, I think Cersei won't survive :'(
Sosa 4 年 前
Probably GRRM has killed the next book. At least we have this to look forward to.
Adamou Oumarou
Adamou Oumarou 4 年 前
Coool ..!. ..!
Gladys Chong
Gladys Chong 4 年 前
Free Bird
Free Bird 4 年 前
I've got a theory, and it may help Westeros. My theory is: Direwolves are natural fear of the White Walkers and the key to saving Westeros. Think of it like this. Why are Direwolves the sigil of House Stark. Sure, they're ancient northern animals, but there are other ancient northern animals too, like mammoths and bears. So why a Direwolf? My suggestion is, during the 1st Long Night, Direwolves were the key weapon in killing Walkers. Maybe they had something special in their blood which was deadly to the White Walkers and allowed them to kill a Walker in a single bite. The founder of House Stark, Brandon the Builder, saw this and so when he built the Wall, he put all the Direwolves on the other side so the Walkers would stay put. And when he founded House Stark, he made a Direwolf the sigil so if the White Walkers did return, they would know that the Starks were the Direwolves' allies. If this theory is true, we need to see it happen fast, because winter is coming... at full strength. Better keep an eye on Bran's wolf, Summer, next season if the Walkers are around...
Nick A
Nick A 4 年 前
+Wilf Mckie yeah it kind of sounds true
Free Bird
Free Bird 4 年 前
Still, it's possible
ARC-5555 'Fives'
Do you understand how insanely difficult it would be for a group of people to round up every direwolf in Westeros and place them north of the wall? Lol. Also, each sigil is supposed to represent something about the house. For the Lannisters, the lion represents strength and pride. For the Tyrells, the flower represents growth and prosperity. For the Starks, the direwolf represents family. Wolves are always found in packs - Starks always put family first. There is a small chance that your theory is true, although I only say that since we've never actually saw Ghost or Summer fight a White Walker yet. I personally don't see a theory like that ever being true in the world of game of thrones lol.
Fierze 4 年 前
The Unwanted One's
God Dam It Guys Stop Teasing me I can't handle the suspense anymore......
liju ram
liju ram 4 年 前
Tyrion made some beard gains though :D
Game of thrones sucks dick the walking dead is where it's at
God Emperor
God Emperor 4 年 前
What if benjen stark returns and leads the wildlings to winterfell
west coast flava
#TeamReek is gonna come hard this season! (oh wait, thats impossible for him to do) *sad face*
west coast flava
So Arya is a warg as well. Nice!
Indal 4 年 前
Daniel Locklear
Daniel Locklear 4 年 前
Rusty Nugget
Rusty Nugget 4 年 前
i bet 10 rune scimmis and 24 burnt lobbies that the person that hits brienne before she could kill stannis is The Hound. we didnt see him die
Devaky Raghunadan
That was a dragon
Anderson Raderalazasoa
Here is the plot/theory: Jon Snow is a half Targaryen (R+L=J theory). At the end of GOT, he will become the king of all Westeros. Why? 1. He is a Targaryen which are the legitimate successor of the throne (as they created the Iron Throne) ; 2. Through all GOT seasons (including season 6) his character is forged to be much more of a good leader (Becoming Lord Commander and so on and on). 3. He will defeat the white walkers (obvious when they made the scene where Jon and the Night's King stared at each other) ; 4. Daenerys cannot be the queen because there's much more anger in her against the whole Westeros and she will fail because of that ; 5. In the other hand Jon knows how westeros work, he knows what is good and what is bad, he is a Stark and the Starks are the good ones in the whole story ; 6. As the Starks are the good ones, they must shine at the end of the story through Jon. Just kinding guys I'm making all this up. But a lot of you would like to see that happening or not.
Anderson Raderalazasoa
+robot zombie also remember how wise was Aemon Targaryen. He was kind of a jedi mentor to Jon Snow
Anderson Raderalazasoa
+robot zombie because they created the the Iron Throne. The only one who was bad is the Mad King (dig in GOT history). And it is so obvious that they are kind of good, just watch how good is Daenerys as a queen by making clever decision and trying to be always fair. The only thing she got it wrong is her hate against all Westeros.
Robot Zombie
Robot Zombie 4 年 前
who says the targaryens are the good guys or the rightful heirs?
Son of a Brick
Son of a Brick 4 年 前
At 0:21 the Night's King is standing in front of a giant pyre....
Blue Mermaid
Blue Mermaid 4 年 前
Yes! Most interesting And he touched Bran's arm too!
SaketG 4 年 前
I hope Flash makes a cameo.
UnityQuest 4 年 前
+SaketG I read your comment in the Joker's voice
SaketG 4 年 前
in Winter, I'm cumming.
Mutter Drachen
Mutter Drachen 4 年 前
Omg yes
Kristain Mehler
Kristain Mehler 4 年 前
When the horses charge at 0:17, it's either Ramsay with his cavalry or Baelish sending in the knights of the Vale?
Kristain Mehler
Kristain Mehler 4 年 前
+King Dormak the chromosome expelling forniphile you don't think it's baelish waiting for the right moment to take out house Bolton? I'm sure northern lords + wildlings have some influence in the battle but they wouldn't have heavy Calvary
There better be a lot of dragons this season.
S4P Squeeze
S4P Squeeze 4 年 前
+inthesilentplanet Theres only 3 dragons and they are the same three dragons that have always been in the show.
Family Sarmiento
How Game of Thrones Should Have Ended