Game of Thrones Season 6: Episode #7 Clip - Return of The Hound (HBO)

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コメント数 80
M Vee
M Vee 年 前
After seeing this I thought there must be no peaceful safe place in their world. You practically have to live in the sky or deep underground to make sure you don’t get killed. 😣
Barry Stanton
The Riverlands were a fucking deathtrap during the War of the Five Kings.
Lone Star
Lone Star 年 前
To be honest, I was more pleased with Sandor's return than Jon Snow's.
Adam Grunther
I guess there really was a Maester hiding behind that rock.
Frodo Baggins
Frodo Baggins 2 年 前
All they need here is Hodor and Maester Aemon, then it will be the happiest area in Westoros
varun dogra
varun dogra 2 年 前
The hound
S.H.I.E.L.D 2 年 前
1:02 behold the one moment of levity in the entirety of game of thrones.
dr troy turner
dr troy turner 2 年 前
charlie Manson
charlie Manson 2 年 前
So stupid. There used to be consequences in this show...that's what made it so amazing. Now any main character can survive through pretty much anything. Such a shame.
Anthony Carrello
Loved this scene! But anybody have an idea what was being built? Random curiosity...
Barry Stanton
A sept
Rx Hx
Rx Hx 2 年 前
Hound is the real star of the show
DragonRand100 2 年 前
I have to admit, when I first saw this scene I was like "Happy, laughing peasants? Something's not right... am I watching the right show?"
Inmate288 2 年 前
The best opening scene to GoT
Solarnova 2 年 前
Epic shame Ramin Djawadi's fantastic track here isn't in the official Season 6 soundtrack, missed opportunity!
Lewis Peter Eastland
Quick questions, I got into Game of Thrones this year, so I'm just wondering was it confirmed that Sandor was going to be in season 6? And on his wikia page, was in believed he was deceased?
Prithwish Bose
Prithwish Bose 3 年 前
Can anyone tell me the name of this soundtrack? Best if you could give me a link. I absolutely love this music and needs it badly! Thanks in advance
gonzobliterate 3 年 前
Gasp! There really was a maester hiding behind that rock!
Faizan M
Faizan M 3 年 前
That transition into the opening theme at the end still makes me cum to this day
Sandor appearing into the opening credits was fucking HYPE
Gabriel León Vera
what is this soundtrack?
Dragalge 3 年 前
FUCKING CONFIRMED #cleganebowl #whatishypemayneverdie #thenightisdankandfullofhype #allmenmusthype
John Alexis Lagmay
May I know the title of the song used in this scene? it's so calming
Big Dawg Productions
Return of the hound Return of the hound ( come on ) Return of the hound ( once again now ) Return of the hound ( you'd know that I'd be back )
Phoenix1664 3 年 前
Does anybody know the soundtrack name for this intro?
S A 3 年 前
Jupiter 3 年 前
name of song please?!
anny791 3 年 前
Whenever you see nice scene in GoT - brace yourself! It's gonna end in blood, death and fire!
Séamus Wilson
Séamus Wilson 3 年 前
The Hound looks like Shrek in this scene
Toola Roola
Toola Roola 3 年 前
Great episode with glorious Ray! This scene is a glimpse of light in the ocean of darkness.
Ebaula Bola
Ebaula Bola 3 年 前
0:00 How Ironic
Murphy Star
Murphy Star 3 年 前
I cried
The Hound
The Hound 3 年 前
Damn, not writing like "The Hound",but me in reality. That's some kind of life I want.Somewhere peaceful, forgotten by the world, starting new life, with no worries (in this scene it looked like that)
Antony D'Andrea
Antony D'Andrea 3 年 前
anyone know which track this is on the soundtrack. I don't think it's there sadly
Skyclad Observer
Kieran Belshaw
Kieran Belshaw 3 年 前
Anyone know what the track is, if it's in the soundtrack? :/
Daniel Salazar
Daniel Salazar 3 年 前
Just the music alone, made me tear!!!
Cairo M
Cairo M 3 年 前
Can't believe that son of a bitch is still alive.
Blackfalk 4 年 前
fuck the king fuck the queen fuck the faith fuck the lannisters fuck the sands fuck the ironborn fuck the targaryens fuck the wildlings fuck the walkers fuck the dislikers ... fuck I'm hungry
Dinojan7 4 年 前
1:16 it takes about 4 people to carry a log and for a man to carry it by himself is impossible. I knew from that moment there's only one person who has that much strength besides the mountain.
James Wheeler
James Wheeler 4 年 前
and then I lost my fucking shit
vasszeleczki 4 年 前
In a long time i was this happy When i saw him! Almost shitting, pissing Myself! Finally a real man is back!
mrneutral 4 年 前
Did anyone else fist bump the air at this reveal?
Fritz Theiner
Fritz Theiner 4 年 前
What's the song called?
zukelachan 4 年 前
i cant find it either...driving me nuts!
Adam and Eve Reptiles
How did Sansa know Ramsey didn't feed his dogs for 7 days if she rode away all pissed off before he said it?
Sighs Internally
then they died
rajesh maharjan
rajesh maharjan 4 年 前
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Ade Suria
Ade Suria 4 年 前
nice episode
Little Wizard
Little Wizard 4 年 前
00:07 the moment he bent the nail
william 4 年 前
Maybe this upcoming episode on june 19 is when ramsay bolten gets executed.
[ SPECTA] 4 年 前
does every fucking character have to die
#DeliverJustice 4 年 前
Game of Thrones have been using thinly built portrayals of a person in real life and attacking the person's character.
#DeliverJustice 4 年 前
Game of Thrones have been using thinly built portrayals of a person in real life and attacking the person's character.
zebble ganubi
zebble ganubi 4 年 前
people are way too happy in this scene. what do they think this is? lord of the rings?!
Perriax 4 年 前
Love the music in this part, so peaceful.
DeiLux77 4 年 前
If you'll kill him again, I will quit watching the show. Because it's just unfair, he's too good, needs a separate show of just him doing his shit.
notroira club
notroira club 4 年 前
Kinda Lost but then...
Time to find Arya and get back to checking people off her list
Debugden 4 年 前
Episode 7 Return of the Hound Cleganebowl Fucking Confirmed - 7 syllables ᕙ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ᕗCLEGANEBOWL FUCKING CONFIRMEDᕙ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ᕗ
James J
James J 4 年 前
Title of Video is "Return of the Hound", Starts the video by saying Spoilers ahead.....Think we know what we are getting into
Nick Games
Nick Games 4 年 前
Episode 6: benjen stark, episode 7: hound, episode 8 hmm anyone any ideas?
sambit kumar Sahoo
Lady Stoneheart AKA Caitlyn stark.
Maka 4 年 前
The way the theme song starts playing after the scene really made the hype go off the charts for me.
Nick J Nielsen
Nick J Nielsen 4 年 前
This scene makes me happy everytime lol It's really well done
Cratoz 4 年 前
I paused at this moment and realized that the Hound never died. That was one of the best moments in the show so far.
twiliblade 4 年 前
Kostas Vr
Kostas Vr 4 年 前
Does anyone know where can we find the background music?
Adam Nicholson
Adam Nicholson 4 年 前
Hippie Hound
leftyfourguns 4 年 前
FYI, there's a spoiler in the title so the warning in the video is a little late...
EUROPA 4 年 前
i yelled at my screen when i saw the hound
Cratoz 4 年 前
I yelled at my chickens 'Run'
Aerys Targaryen
Aerys Targaryen 4 年 前
BURN THEM ALL Except the Hound and Captain Black Beard. Anyway, BURN THEM ALL
Tropical Magic
Tropical Magic 4 年 前
I was expecting gendry and stannis to be here too, sawing some wood together
GanjalfTheGreen 4 年 前
Beginning of the episode: Wow a cool new character (Ray) End of the episode: aaaaannd he's gone
glorilol 95
glorilol 95 4 年 前
77 chickens don't like this clip..
John 4 年 前
i see george rr is taking a page from the walking dead about opening an episode
red jackson
red jackson 4 年 前
fuck the brotherhood!
sandor clegane
sandor clegane 4 年 前
It's good to be back.
Twooky McCann
I love youuuu 😍😍
Elizabeth Lance
Elizabeth Lance 3 年 前
XD ayeeeeee man
Voodoo 4 年 前
+CyanPoro yes
Tenchou 4 年 前
Still wanna fuck the King?
Voodoo 4 年 前
I know right
Emperor Reign
Emperor Reign 4 年 前
Such a shame how it all turned out. I know most will probably disagree with me, but I loved the idea of the hound having his own little slice of peace in this cruel world. Did he deserve it? Maybe not. However his terrible actions weren't entirely down to him. There's a good man somewhere in the hound. And for the first time in his life, this seemed to be the place where he could be that man. And he actually seemed content and happy with it. His willingness to fight the brotherhood wasn't even selfish. He felt an obligation to protect these people.
James Parrott
James Parrott 4 年 前
The name of the episode was "The Broken Man". With an opening like that, you would think it meant the Hound, being so destroyed, but as the story turns out, this was more like a new turning of the leaf for that awesome giant. Was it referring to Theon... no, that was another example of the turning of the leaf and showed how he was on his way back up. Maybe Jamie, nope, once again, Jamie is just finding his new roll, leaf and working his way back up to himself. The name of the episode was about Rob, the 5 star priest. He was done fighting, and sadly, like all things in life, it's this passive nature type that get killed.
Ajay Raikwar
Ajay Raikwar 4 年 前
It never lasts like that here. But it's good to know that he was genuinely happy for sometime.
Emperor Reign
Emperor Reign 4 年 前
+Ajay Raikwar my thoughts exactly, his leg was definitely no longer a major issue for him, he could've walked away a long time ago but chose to stay. Was it because he badly wanted to build that place of worship? Of course not, he doesn't even believe in the gods. Was it because he had nowhere else to go? Again, he's had nowhere to go for a long time and he seemed to get by on his own. The only reasonable conclusion anyone can draw, is that he was genuinely happy. And in typical game of thrones fashion, it couldn't last!
Ajay Raikwar
Ajay Raikwar 4 年 前
Totally agree with you. The way it was shown in the beginning was quite soothing to watch. Judging by how much he is cured since his leg was critically injured, he did have some time of peace before all went to hell.
Gekser 4 年 前
I mean the episode was called "The Broken Man". My friends and I were debating wether it would be Jaime or The Hound
BradHeas 4 年 前
+Gekser I thought it was easy to work out. It could be based on more than just those two characters.
Gekser 4 年 前
+BradleyPlays there is a lot more of what?
BradHeas 4 年 前
There is a lot more than just those.
Panos P.
Panos P. 4 年 前
When the episode started I was, wait a minute did I put the right series. Is this game of thrones? Maybe it is a flash back in the past, maybe in a land far far away...but then...the night is dark and full of terrors!! :(
cloe811 4 年 前
Hahaha, too funny this scene ;-)
jebes909090 4 年 前
Chickens and talkers are no longer safe
Voodoo 4 年 前