Game of the Year? Baltimore Ravens vs. Las Vegas Raiders | Week 1 2021 NFL Game Highlights

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Gordon Christie
Gordon Christie 6 分 前
Awesome game, tooth and nail all the way. Exciting stuff. Just Win Baby!
Lima Naa
Lima Naa 20 分 前
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DQ 56 分 前
Bro he gave up on the last play give me his position man
Omg killer opening by raiders
Metal_Kid 2 時間 前
Where was le’veon?
Just Passing Through
Nothing like watching two crappy compete to see who sucks the least...💤💤💤
*📌* *jpvid.net/video/%E3%83%93%E3%83%87%E3%82%AA-L6-_YpKQPws.html*
Wayne Krumbach
Wayne Krumbach 2 時間 前
Rowland Buck
Rowland Buck 3 時間 前
Lamar held the ball in one hand like a potato 🥔 He’ll be the leagues best backup in no time doing things like that.
theory izer
theory izer 3 時間 前
Welcome to the NFL where anything is possible except 3rd&1 conversions 😖
MrAwsomeshot 3 時間 前
lamar jackson is cheat codes...@2:58 proof
jesse mendosa
jesse mendosa 3 時間 前
jesse mendosa
jesse mendosa 3 時間 前
Didnt k ow week 1 is the game of the year
Muchachos de la Sierra Official
Good game raiders love car this season
Robert Bejarano
Robert Bejarano 4 時間 前
Our o line is pretty solid , half the sacks carr takes are mostly his fault.
Jacob Morris
Jacob Morris 4 時間 前
Game of the year? Seriously? It's week 1. Calm down, NFL. It was great, but there's a lot of ball to be played.
Pablo Ramirez
Pablo Ramirez 4 時間 前
Dude that raven cornerback could’ve caught up🤦‍♂️the ball was lobbed my God that boy said he done lol
kingbee1971 5 時間 前
06:00 AJ Cole casually boots it 80 yards. No commentary. WTF
Pang Lam
Pang Lam 5 時間 前
Give some credit to Carlson for keeping us alive with the 55 yard field goal!!! 蘭
Shakiem Jean Joseph
Shakiem Jean Joseph 6 時間 前
Ibrahim Abdullahi
Ibrahim Abdullahi 7 時間 前
What a game
M Thompson
M Thompson 7 時間 前
I think the safety could’ve gotten to 7 ok the last play, ball was under thrown he could’ve grabbed a leg.
John Mike
John Mike 8 時間 前
First three minutes and Lamar and his new teamsters(yes I'm going to check the new rosters sorry) giving off playoff vibes
samurai822 9 時間 前
Excellent game! Exactly as advertized. The Raiders are a force to be reckoned with this year.
Nemanja P
Nemanja P 9 時間 前
That's what I dislike about these running QBs, sure you look flashy and can run but your job is to throw the ball and keep it safe. This guy Jackson lost like 4 balls with his running. Don't run if you can't keep the ball safe
James McCloskey
James McCloskey 9 時間 前
At about 7:52 Queen hits Carr with a disgusting fake! One of my favorite plays.
Bobbi Olten
Bobbi Olten 9 時間 前
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Mike Your momma
Mike Your momma 11 時間 前
as many commercials as a real game
John Doe
John Doe 11 時間 前
I don’t know, that cowboys v bucs game was fire.
T-Virus Terrance
T-Virus Terrance 11 時間 前
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Matias Flores
Matias Flores 11 時間 前
This game was so hard, the defense of the Raiders are a very important part to recognize and celebrate from this great team.
Isaiah Ybarra
Isaiah Ybarra 12 時間 前
2016 carr was down by 14 in week 1 vs the saints 24-10 and won I smell another mvp type season 4 Carr
Brandon Smith
Brandon Smith 13 時間 前
Waller balled out and messed up my fantasy win SMH
JAsMinE C 13 時間 前
Oakland raiders.
dumjokster 13 時間 前
To many fumbles bro tuck it in
dumjokster 13 時間 前
Lamar is very good
Heinrich von Wicker
Heinrich von Wicker 13 時間 前
I was sitting in county jail with 8 other guys watching this game, and it was one of the best experiences of my life! lol That may sound weird, but I honestly think it was one of the best games in modern NFL history...
john bishop
john bishop 13 時間 前
Great to see the trash ravens lose
cqvio doli
cqvio doli 13 時間 前
KevinG365 14 時間 前
Best monday night game opener. Just not game of the year caliber.
Lil Savage
Lil Savage 14 時間 前
idk tonights game was pretty close. haha Already such a fun year! Edit: yeah nvm this game was still better.. lol
Max Murphy
Max Murphy 15 時間 前
Lamar needs to step up or cut him loose. I mean c'mon 2 fumbles for 2 touchdowns in opening game.
cqvio doli
cqvio doli 13 時間 前
Game of the year? Like it’s not the first week xD great game nonetheless!
Russell Giangrosso
Russell Giangrosso 15 時間 前
Jackson hopping around out there like he's on the school yard at recess lol it was just a matter of time before he coughed it up or got hurt smh this is the NFL not flag football, that sht won't work, sooner or later somebody's gonna catch up to you
Bobby Williams
Bobby Williams 15 時間 前
It seem like the raiders win when I don't watch it live so im gone keep it that way they gotta stop choking on one yard line and car stop being scared ..and defense start playing raider defense. We need to do some film because we should of we they ass out all that qb running need to stop period
E rOck
E rOck 15 時間 前
I know the season just started, but I think this is the best game of the season
Charlie Ruehl
Charlie Ruehl 16 時間 前
Being a Raiders fan is seriously bad for my health. I think we all agree with Gruden when he said he died and woke up several times that night. Being a Raiders fan is definitely not for everyone, but I love it. JUST WIN BABY!!!
TheJackflash85 16 時間 前
I'm a life long, hard core, Raiders Fan! Now, they will always be Oakland for me. However, I follow them no matter what. Win or Loose I'm there. This game was insane! Wow what a start for the Silver and Black Attack!
Wildman2012 16 時間 前
Wow, this season is starting out with games that have playoff intensity!
Francesca Waz
Francesca Waz 16 時間 前
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Mackdaknife6669 16 時間 前
Give some credit to Carlson for keeping us alive with the 55 yard field goal!!! 蘭
Nate Garis
Nate Garis 17 時間 前
Holy crap!
Luz Ávila
Luz Ávila 17 時間 前
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Helga Formo
Helga Formo 17 時間 前
It's like watching someone play Tecmo Super Bowl, but Bo transformed into Llamar and switched teams and positions. That second touchdown was pure brilliance.
jay cleezy
jay cleezy 17 時間 前
At 2:00 there's an interception that Nobody noticed wow...
Ethan Wittz
Ethan Wittz 18 時間 前
Jackson @ 13:43 has me dying
josh h
josh h 18 時間 前
Game of the year? Like it’s not the first week xD great game nonetheless!
Chris 18 時間 前
It's the Super Bowl already?
Matthaeus O'Niathain
Matthaeus O'Niathain 18 時間 前
End racisim......i swear the only racists are the media.
John Walker
John Walker 18 時間 前
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The Truth
The Truth 19 時間 前
Edmund Russell
Edmund Russell 19 時間 前
If its 3rd down and the rb catches the ball 10 yards fron first down it is safe to say he probably wont getvthe 1st down. That is why jackson through a leading pass to williams after manipulating the defender with his eyes. Williams will learn situational football. Lamar has to learn not to assume his teammates will do the right thing.
ue8shi 19 時間 前
This is the best game in week1!!!
Travis Daisy
Travis Daisy 19 時間 前
Ball security 🤔
#HEARTNHUSTLE #liveakickasslife
LaS vEgAs rAiDeRs lol
Where did the two billion dollars go to ? U would think that stadium whould look like A HOTEL
Cowboy Ken
Cowboy Ken 20 時間 前
Boycott NFL
Kenneth Bryant
Kenneth Bryant 20 時間 前
As a lifelong RAIDER NATION guy who lives in Washington DC I'm surrounded by Raven and WFT fans! Now after the Monday night stomp down I've got one down and one to go down. RN4L!!!
Sim sounds__
Sim sounds__ 20 時間 前
Great game 🔥🔥
Dane ChoyCEO
Dane ChoyCEO 20 時間 前
Raiders: Here you have the game Ravens: No you can have the game Raiders: Fine I’ll just win the game
Accutronitis The 2nd
Accutronitis The 2nd 20 時間 前
Doktor Bundy
Doktor Bundy 20 時間 前
Oh, here we go again.. NFL is back and this time with full stadiums
Roni Blue Rey
Roni Blue Rey 20 時間 前
It was nail biter and I was on the edge of my seat.
Roro Med
Roro Med 21 時間 前
Way to go raiders .
Mr Skidog
Mr Skidog 21 時間 前
who cares about a bunch of winy players that are overpaid
KswaggReacts 21 時間 前
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J L Sanders
J L Sanders 21 時間 前
Josh Jacobs 2:26
Rob 21 時間 前
" Game of the Year??" It's week one NFL, calm the F down. It was a good game but nobody really cares.
Marck Owens
Marck Owens 21 時間 前
Lol you cant have a RB as a quarterback
This is my 10th time watching this
Lox 21 時間 前
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Laverne Wilson
Laverne Wilson 21 時間 前
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Earl Putnal
Earl Putnal 22 時間 前
It's always a matter of who wants to win it more?
Blue Dreams
Blue Dreams 22 時間 前
This is history 🏴‍☠️
One Way
One Way 22 時間 前
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Realthinx 22 時間 前
usually i dont watch NFL games, but when i do...
William Stuart
William Stuart 22 時間 前
If your heart was invested in this game...RIP.
gymman1031 gymman1031
gymman1031 gymman1031 22 時間 前
Do the Ravens rebound and make the playoffs?
Ben Campbell
Ben Campbell 23 時間 前
13:42 Lamar looking like my kid at target just wanting to go home...
fedelmas_ 23 時間 前
Ravens' CB with n° 44 wouldn't see the field for a long time if it was for me
Alejandro Mendoza
Alejandro Mendoza 23 時間 前
This season kinda reminds me of 2016 season Idk man
Ryan & Jen
Ryan & Jen 23 時間 前
Nic Farrington
Nic Farrington 23 時間 前
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Left4Ruin 日 前
How tf can it be “game of the year”, it’s week 1. 😂
Amazing Grace
Its all planned...
Norm Macdonald's Moth Joke
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