Food Theory: MrBeast Burger Is NOT What You Think... 

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MrBeast posted a video where he announced he was opening his own, mainly digital, fast food restaurant. It went over BIG, not only in the one brick and mortar drive through in his video, but with the food apps as well. I was fascinated and had to learn how he pulled it off, as well as if this is a move that could change the face of fast food forever. What I found, Theorists, is VERY interesting. I think I've figured out the SECRET to MrBeast Burger and it may not be what you expect...
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Writers: Matthew Patrick, Justin Kuiper, and Luke Barats
Editors: Pedro Freitas, Dan "Cybert" Seibert, and Tyler Mascola
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman
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MrBeast 2 年 前
Order now!
R 2 年 前
International shipping?;-;
P. Cake 7
P. Cake 7 2 年 前
Hey I'm third
Mysteli 2 年 前
And what if I don't? ._.
Recycling Bin
Recycling Bin 2 年 前
I think I'm fifth?
This is genius, if MrBeast chose a failing restaurant to make his burgers he could seriously help them out
Rowdy Asbell
Rowdy Asbell 2 年 前
Apparently he did, a ton of local diners are what got the majority of it. I don’t know how he didn’t receive a nomination for times person of the year for #Teamtrees itself
Janfon1 2 年 前
not sure if he's exactly worthy of getting the same award as Gandhi, Apollo 8 astronauts, US presidents, freedom fighters and more. Though they did once make an award for internet content creators called "You"
boom shakow
boom shakow 2 年 前
@Janfon1 your right, someone who has planted over 20 million trees, spent over 10 million dollars on charity, helped out countless homeless people and helped struggling restaurants does not deserve awards.
Life is actually very boring.
@Rowdy Asbell The man deserves a nobel peace prize. Not blm.
Ludwig F
Ludwig F 2 年 前
@Rowdy Asbell You do know he got paid for promoting Teamtrees? Doing paid promotion for charity does not have to be disclosed hence people think he did it solely for the sake of humanity, which is not the case.
asdjklsadj 2 年 前
The restaurant I work at is literally a Ghost Kitchen and I still learned more in this video than what they told us hahaha
Wow. Quite a bit astonishing
Aaron Mcroodle
Aaron Mcroodle 2 年 前
Kindred 2 年 前
Well kinda obvious, youre not there to learn and be educayed of the nitty gritty bits of business, youre there to work amd cook, THIS video is what will tell you about the nitty gritty bits
Emrald99 2 年 前
What did they tell you?
asdjklsadj 2 年 前
@Emrald99 they just said we’re gonna start this new thing called “title of the ghost restaurant” and we all thought it was a promotion until I saw this and explained to them what it actually was. Because we have to label literally everything with their stickers. Even the managers didn’t know what it really was.
zoro4661 11 ヶ月 前
The most surprising thing about this to me is that "Bucca de Beppo" is not just a phrase people say to sound vaguely Italian but an actual restaurant
Jasmin Nagel
Jasmin Nagel 10 ヶ月 前
Yep i was surprised too
India W
India W 9 ヶ月 前
Yes, Its a restauraunt. The food is amazing. Its one here in DC!
Fearless 307
Fearless 307 3 ヶ月 前
I've never heard anyone just say those words out loud, but alright I guess lmfao
Diana Pennepacker
That is probably the most random thing I've ever heard haha!
Andrea Dearolf
Andrea Dearolf 9 日 前
Ironically or unironically for those of us that know Live near or have passed by them Bucca De Beppo Existing isn’t surprising at all
Will Funderburk
Will Funderburk 2 年 前
We'd love to see a food theory (or film) on what it would cost to feed scooby doo and shaggy based on how they eat. Think it'd be really interesting, so wanted to pass it along-thanks!
나쁜 년
나쁜 년 2 年 前
Mod's Gaming Adventures!
Markus Carr
Markus Carr 2 年 前
Ya know, this seems like the most obvious idea that I'm surprised wasn't in the first episode on this channel.
I hate bees
I hate bees 2 年 前
70th like haha bye ♋️
Ms Potter
Ms Potter 2 年 前
He did something like this already. Go search his channel
Nathan Michael
A year later, the issue with this model is the quality. I was in love with Beast burger for months until a new kitchen started delivering and the quality plummitted.
Mr. Regular
Mr. Regular 9 ヶ月 前
That doesn't mean its forever though. Its simply a lack of consistency due to hiring different kitchens at different times. The quality can fluctuate from a masterpiece 10/10, to a 1/10 garbage meal
Nathan Michael
Nathan Michael 9 ヶ月 前
@Mr. Regular true, i thin kthat's the wierd thing though. I'd love to try them again with a different kitchen. I mean this went from my new favorite burger to me ordering it 3 more times (i didnt know about the kitchen thing beforei just thought it was a fluke) and turning into the worst burger.
Mr. Regular
Mr. Regular 9 ヶ月 前
@Nathan Michael I've never had one, so I got no experience on my end lol
Hayden 3 ヶ月 前
@Nathan Michael you forgot this existed
Nathan Michael
Nathan Michael 3 ヶ月 前
@Hayden I still havn't gone back i wnt to, i mean that burger was a masterpiece.
Happy Horst
Happy Horst 2 年 前
"A restaurant that gives money away." Mr. Krabs worst nightmare.
DokiDokibo 2 年 前
You mean best dream? He can go there as a customer.
0irukalive1 2 年 前
Regen 2 年 前
You need to spend money to make more money.
gamermike111 2 年 前
@Regen mr krabs: no
why r we here
why r we here 2 年 前
Wow pictures to text
As someone who runs a ghost kitchen for him AND I have to cook for my actual restaurant. It’s hard because it’s so frickin busy
at least you're getting the money for it
RayTheObsessed 2 年 前
Do you guys have room to get more staff?
Cat Game
Cat Game 2 年 前
it’s a good problem to have
Trey W
Trey W 2 年 前
So you chose to work for his ghost company and make the extra cash, of course it’s gonna be busier 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Joe Jinjal
Joe Jinjal 2 年 前
its a good problem to have I assume, as long as you make enough money over all from the business maybe you could hire a few more employees to help out, even if its just 1 or 2 extra part timers
Vizerm 2 年 前
You know it’s funny because “what a waste of money” wasn’t necessarily targeted at the burger but could also be aimed at using money as napkins, MatPat is a funny guy!
Link1 2 年 前
You got it 🙂
John Andrew Lonzaga
Oh wow you got the joke.. You are a genius..
Vizerm 2 年 前
@John Andrew Lonzaga however it seems like you didn’t get mine... disappointing
John Andrew Lonzaga
@Vizerm Guess it was too dry for me, But hey, you made the joke didnt you?
Emily plays games Stuwe
Im confused
Laser 年 前
I wish I had seen this sooner so I understood what a startup that contacted me a while back was trying to do. I don't know if this 'virtual restaurant brand' model will last, but it is interesting to see how this industry hurt by the pandemic is evolving.
Game Dev Cade
Oh dang. You missed an opportunity? I feel like I would have done the same thing if you did what I'm assuming. Which is turning down a virtual restaurant menu proposition
Laser 年 前
@Game Dev Cade I can't say it was a missed opportunity. The short version is the message said something about 'clod kitchens' and I assumed this was another case of of someone mashing together a tech buzzword with an unrelated industry and claiming 'innovation'. I just ignored the message at the time. Had I known about ghost kitchens at the time I still probably would have ignored the message as it set my BS meter off :P But at least I'd have know what the BS was about.
jakeptdad 2 年 前
Dang, he didn’t just beat the JPvid algorithm, he even beat the fast food algorithm!
Medium Jimmy
Medium Jimmy 2 年 前
Underrated comment ✌️
505starbook _
505starbook _ 2 年 前
Next he’s gonna beat the supermarket algorithm
Jorge 2 年 前
that man deserves it ❤
anar Chinzorig
anar Chinzorig 2 年 前
Klaser169 2 年 前
He might just beat the alien algorithm
Zogger 年 前
I never thought about it that way. I was looking for the location of my local mrbeast burger and couldn't find it. I only found a different burger place. Now I realize what it is. THANK YOU FOOD THEORY!
FirstBlox 年 前
India W
India W 9 ヶ月 前
Its two near me in DC!
Tre Moto
Tre Moto 2 年 前
DoorDash Driver here, you'd be surprised by how many "new restaurants" I pick up orders from that are actually someone's house or apartment. Takes "homestyle cooking" to the next level.
Θέμης Σκαλτσής
Pinned AND Hearted? You're lucky.
p0psy__ 2 年 前
Wow that was a quick heart and pin. This comment was only posted one minute ago.
Zeke Brunt
Zeke Brunt 2 年 前
Welcome to the "Matpat Noticed Me!!" Fanclub.. If only I could join that club...
Lana Jae
Lana Jae 2 年 前
Woah, posted 5 minutes ago Anyways, isn’t that illegal??
Loturzel Restaurant
I gather people for a good cause. Reporting to make youtube less full of, ya know, baddies. Racists, sexists, etc, etc. And also etc. Tell me if you want to try.
Olga Rigoni
Olga Rigoni 2 年 前
This could save a lot of restaurants here on Brazil. A handful of restaurants permanently closed during the pandemic. Having this model around here would be a gamechanger!
half-blood 年 前
Same here in India!
Luis Guilherme
E a gente ia poder ter mrbeast burger :')
Ana Paula Abrão
Those restaurants didn't close, they failed to adapt
EndTimesRecorded 10 ヶ月 前
@ZanesFacebook no they got railroaded by their government for a cold 😒
geoffish 2 年 前
I noticed this is happening in England. I’m a part time deliveroo rider and I got an order from a restaurant name I’d never heard of before. The restaurant was called “flip the bird”. I rode to the address and when I got there it was an Indian curry restaurant, so I was a bit confused. But the staff just brought out the chicken burger. It’s a pretty clever way of doing it. You could have multiple restaurants all working at the same time with the same staff
Onyx 2 年 前
That is a very interesting story🤔
Manan Sethi
Manan Sethi 2 年 前
Not to disrespect anyone but why do people think that indian food is just curry its gravy
William 2 年 前
@Manan Sethi its stereotypes. When i say american food we thinner about fast food
Manan Sethi
Manan Sethi 2 年 前
@William yeah i know we can say that
wesley rodgers
wesley rodgers 2 年 前
@William last thing you think of with fast food is thinner 😊
CJ Lamprecht
CJ Lamprecht 年 前
I feel like quality control is going to be an issue. Just ordered, packaging was amazing, burger was warm but fries were cold like refrigerated cold and everything just seemed thrown together.
Toaster.jpg 年 前
Yeah it’s a huge problem, from what I’ve seen and actually tasted it’s painfully average or even worse than average. I think the problem is if your kitchen has time to make someone elses food then you’re probably not doing so hot yourself and you’re probably not a great restaurant.
Rokkfel 年 前
@Toaster.jpg well not always a lot of kitchens or well restaurants as stated in the video because the pandemic crippled dine in restaurants
Yeah the patties were I live were identical to those frozen microwave patties not the squished patties.
mellow 2 年 前
Honestly mat could probably give me a lecture about anything and I'd find it interesting.
ClosestSun38 2 年 前
He could be telling me to play outside more and I'd say not trying to be rude but please keep talking
MinnightXx_ 2 年 前
Tysuee 2 年 前
Robyn Alexander
This is really cool. Big ups to Mr. Beast for evolving the restaurant industry. It’s like dropshipping for food.
Soma 10 ヶ月 前
He didn't though. This has been a thing for years.
PeaceAndLove USA
PeaceAndLove USA 4 ヶ月 前
@Soma Yeah. He just did it better and made it more public. He did not invent the concept by any means.
Saharsh Reddy
Saharsh Reddy 2 年 前
Mr Beast: Opens 300 restaurants McDonald’s: What’s your secret Mr Beast: We pay people to eat our food McDonald’s: Oh
A Watermelon
A Watermelon 2 年 前
@Seko Seko 5 i wanted to get rickrolled :(
OsurukGurmesi17 2 年 前
@A Watermelon i wish i got rickrolled(ok you probably didn't understand me)
Mountain Dew Baja Blast
@Ender Linde just some random dude self-promoting
The Minecraft 🌞
I mean McDonalds gives away free toys
James Dean
James Dean 2 年 前
The problem is controlling the quality of the food being delivered. Only adjustment I would like to see from uber eats is displaying If a kitchen is a 'ghost' or serves more then one menu on the app.
Brandon Nielsen
Brandon Nielsen 11 ヶ月 前
yeah the food is awful
Ovrthaedge 11 ヶ月 前
@Brandon Nielsen Agreed. After we tried the first one, there is a reason that chains, with quality control are still better.
brian winters
Say what you will about him... But he is a beast. He has a strange, crazy mind. The way he's built his brand is nothing short of genius. Good for him
Potteritis 2 年 前
I'd love to talk about this for a moment, I work in one of those kitchens that uses ghost kitchens. I work the carry out position, and I see what the kitchen staff goes through. I've seen Tyga Bites, Mariahs Cookies, MrBeast Burgers all go out at the same time. Along with the lunch rush. What unfortunately ends up happening is that the original business itself gets super busy too, with carry out orders and dine in customers. While there are dead dine in days we still do get busy, for the past two nights we've been packed in dine in swamped with carry out, and swamped with these third party orders. I work at Bertucci's and I want to elaborate a bit more on what happens when we get virtual kitchen orders. it can happen two different ways, it can either print out automatically like normal online orders do, or we have to manually put in the orders, and for MrBeast orders, we have to manually put in the orders every single time. Here's the caveat not all kitchens are built equally. Here's what I mean by that. Not all kitchens were granted with the same space. some are smaller and some are bigger. we don't get a choice when it comes to the virtual kitchens, all the decisions are made by the higher ups, and im not talking bout like managers, or general managers, I'm talking like the general managers boss's boss. We have to put in fryers for the MrBeast burgers, each one needs its own space and it's own equipment. Not all kitchens have the room for that and not all kitchens are able to put in expansions to the building. There's so much I want to say and I want to get across, but there's just too much. I guess all I can say is that yes, virtual kitchens are keeping my Bertucci's location afloat, but at what cost to the employees.
Rena Baker
Rena Baker 4 ヶ月 前
Thank ypu for the very detailed ireply from someone on the inside. It seems like workers can get burnt out on the very busy dine in days. What do you think would help in a situation like yours? Is it possible to expand your kitchen size
DuramaxLove 年 前
Genius actually. If the restaurant has staff needing to work & quality / standards can be kept the same across the country, Jimmy's a smart guy. Well done. Just ordered here in AZ thru DD. Can't wait to try these fries, Mr Beast burger & Nashville spicy chicken.
The Doggo Gamer
The Doggo Gamer 2 年 前
I'm really glad that this video isn't dissing Mr.Beast but actually showing the genius behind this whole thing.
Ichiban 2 年 前
Bruh if anyone disses mrbeast they would get attacked so hard unless it was pewdiepie or something
Mr. CheeseGrater
Kartik Sharma
Kartik Sharma 2 年 前
This is why I love this channel - Its all the things we never learned in school, unless they do a mitochondria based episode lmaoo
Logan King
Logan King 2 年 前
1:53 the funny thing about those places is they’re actually really nice and expensive restaurants.
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Hex 年 前
As someone who has gotten the mr beast burger several times trying to chase the quality of the first one, it does seem like the burgers themselves were made at outsourced places to only be gotten online… also $13 a burger
Meow Meow
Meow Meow 2 年 前
As someone who's worked in kitchens, the issue I see with this is that multiple menus means lower quality. The more unrelated dishes your cooks need to prepare, the worse each dish is going to be. This is why incredibly expensive restaurants normally have fairly restrictive menus by comparison to fast food places. When there's a coherent and relatively small menu, the staff is able to make each dish at a level of quality the customer wouldn't be able to reproduce at home. If multiple unrelated restaurants are operating out of one kitchen, but the number of workers doesn't increase to match that, then every single restaurant's food is going to take a hit in terms of the quality. This also creates a risk of overwork or understaffing, which can lead to things like employee burnout, workplace injuries, or even things like food poisoning.
Christine Bjornstad
Christine Bjornstad 8 ヶ月 前
I was reverse ghost kitchened last year, ordered from a chain burger restaurant and then received food that was definitely not from that restaurant. Technically it was the food I ordered but the packaging and specifics (curly fries vs regular fries) did not match what I was expecting to receive from the chain place. A different restaurant was advertised on the packaging and the bag and other packaging was very generic like something you would expect from a small business restaurant. I wonder if they were running a ghost kitchen out of that restaurant and accidentally fulfilled my order thinking it was for the ghost kitchen.
David McLean
David McLean 2 年 前
As someone who works at Buca di Beppo, I can confirm that we do get a lot of orders for Mr. Beast Burger, Mariah's Cookies, and Tyga Bites, with Mr. Beast being the most popular. I do think those services are keeping my location afloat because like MatPat said, even though our dining rooms are open, there haven't been as many dine-in customers as there were a year ago. It's completely shifted, with Hosts/Take-Out making more tips than the actual servers working there.
Dylan 2 年 前
Mr beast is saving your life😃
Dylan 2 年 前
Cali is one of the only places actually. Eastern has almost every state open for dining
Lunar_Memories 2 年 前
@Dumb Genius - I’m from the eastern part of the US and there are plenty of restaurants open here for dine in. They just have to limit the number of people that come inside
VASI G - Traveling & Life in London
That's great! And in this case seems like a win-win situation, but I''m wondering what will happen after the pandemic when your restaurant will potentially get more customers?
Patrick Roe
Patrick Roe 2 年 前
hopefully the food you put out is better than the stuff I got from the place that does it locally..... Cause the slop I was just delivered was worse than McDonalds staffed by children.
Scythe 28
Scythe 28 2 年 前
Someone needs to convince Babish to do this but with an ever changing menu based on viewer voting.
Scarlett Eve
Scarlett Eve 2 年 前
If I were to describe this channel in one word it would be... GLORIOUS!!!
MutatedKoolaid 6 ヶ月 前
The strange part is that Jimmy chose failing restaurants to make his food. Like, if they’re failing restaurants, there is a high chance that there is a REASON that it is failing.
imameme 2 年 前
Me just waiting for 20 years from now, to be sitting in a MrBeast Burger Restaurant, or ordering MrBeast Burger, and telling my child the tale of the food chain, and how I was there when it first begun
Brandon Blackwell
Realistically beasts burgers won't be thriving in 20 years. Their are already several successful burger businesses that won't cease to go down in popularity. And Beasts Burgers is not a restaurant that gives away free food. You still have to pay for it if your ordering online. And Beasts Burgers isn't even a real restaurant. It is basically a restaurant within a restaurant without being a physical restaurant.
Shaun W
Shaun W 2 年 前
@Brandon Blackwell It's the new way to get rich by giving people a reason to not leave the house!
M & Artroom
M & Artroom 2 年 前
@Brandon Blackwell No like, if he actually made restaurants
AceCardThrowing 6 ヶ月 前
Hey it’s happened
Arctica The Fox
Oh my god! Bravo! I used to eat there all the time with my family for special occasions but they kinda moved out of our area. I had no idea they operate as a ghost kitchen now. I loved their creme brulees and lasagnas.
Sam Sabo
Sam Sabo 2 年 前
The fact that he didn’t call it “mr feast” pisses me off
Just a turtle
Just a turtle 2 年 前
It also pisses off a turtle
0rkem 2 年 前
@Just a turtle hi
WillowTheLyxra 2 年 前
Sad 🤣
Keluc 2 年 前
Ghost Kitchen should give some of these companies the ability to have their menu available overseas, like the UK or Australia
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Vincent Diiorio
Vincent Diiorio 2 年 前
Literally just ordered MrBeast burger. I recognized the location and realized that it was indeed from Buca Di Beppo. Edit: I ain't even gonna lie, the burger was surprisingly good. Ended up ordering again recently.
Thanks for watching expect more games soon Dm me for your reward as you have been selected among our shortlisted winner's 🎊🎊🎉❤️
Coryn T
Coryn T 2 ヶ月 前
you guys should revisit this concept now that we know how many issues there are with virtual kitchens
Osaki 2 ヶ月 前
True, ie Eddys video on ghost kitchens. Really brought more light to it-
Maddie Pearl Band
This is honestly a genius idea kudos to mr beast and his team coming up with this
Zabier 年 前
I know plenty of people say it's bad but I actually liked it quite a bit when I tried one awhile back.
Andrea Samper
Andrea Samper 2 年 前
To put it in a nutshell: they are saving small restaurants by hiring them.
Nunya Business
Nunya Business 2 年 前
They're not small.
R 2 年 前
@Nunya Business they not might be small but they're quite infamous
lawrence 2 年 前
Yeah not small but its not huge like olive garden
snail.doodle 2 年 前
That's cute
kingkaizoku85 2 年 前
@snail.doodle quit being a furry
Spicystachegamer328 420
I simply love how inovative the world can be sometimes
Mustafa 2 年 前
this channel is not only entertaining but its educational which is what I love about it
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Emeree Anne
Emeree Anne 年 前
My friend and I didn’t know this, so we tried to drive to the Mr. Beast Burger in our town and we were SO confused when it took us to a Red Robin instead. Then when we ordered it we were confused when the ingredients seemed to be from Red Robin as well. (i.e. the French fries being Red Robin fries and the burgers looking different than the pictures online) but this makes so much more sense!
Matthew Fox
Matthew Fox 2 年 前
Love that you explained how to triangulate the location of ghost kitchens. Very clever!
Fazver 9 ヶ月 前
it's been over a year as of me writing this, Jimmy has finally Now built the world's first physical (or the "brick-n-mortar, whatever that means) location in the second largest mall in America. and oh boy, was its packed!
Andrew Daniels
Andrew Daniels 2 年 前
Business Class In College: You can't run a business just giving away money! Mr. Beast: *Hold My 100s*
Anna Banana
Anna Banana 2 年 前
@Seko Seko 5 stop.....just stop
SirBill_GreeBi 2 年 前
--and just keep on holding it. It's yours now. Run home Charlie, and don't stop until you get there.
Marcos Chavez-Long
and then he's like "that money your holding, keep it"
Skfotedar 2 年 前
@Seko Seko 5 stop spamming this pls
KRY MauL 2 年 前
Actually you can run a business like that it's called a non-profit and the owner usually get rich.
Jack Douglas
Jack Douglas 2 年 前
The one thing you don’t mention as a downside to this is that many times the food is inconsistent and that many times in mine and my roommates experiences with these type of ghost kitchens is that the food is just too inconsistent to be a returning customer. Awesome in theory, not so good in practice most times.
Fatima 2 年 前
Man mat you never fail to amaze me 😭💜
Thanks for watching expect more games soon Dm me for your reward as you have been selected among our shortlisted winner's 🎊🎊🎉❤️
RyanWake bradtelle
You probably could launch 300 restaurants in less than 6 from scratch. It would probably require starting a thousand that take a year but have them will be done much faster just based on the amount of time you have to wait before you can start in random locations.
MrBeast is doing a really great thing with this the way you explained it. He's keeping up jobs for restaurants that could have failed during quarantine, he's keeping deliveries up for the people (although I wouldn't say he's making those jobs because people would order out anyway), and he's giving an extra option for people ate home. Also, I'm guessing he's not gonna hold onto the money for too long before investing into more jobs or giving it away to random people. This is a good example of capitalism working well for many parties.
Fenril 年 前
I finally got to try beast burger and I'm legit in love with it.
CHEFPK 2 年 前
You know, this is a pretty great idea to potentially use commercial kitchen space to start creating your own delivery style restaurant.
Jynxzi’s Son
Jynxzi’s Son 2 年 前
Dark0q 2 年 前
Shokugeki will ya?
ThunderToast97 2 年 前
Foreshadowing? 👀👀👀
Clarriz Daniel
Clarriz Daniel 2 年 前
Right? I'm imagining like a building but instead of office floors its kitchens!
m a
m a 2 年 前
Legit as soon as MrBeast announced this I knew Mat would make a Food Theory about it. 😂
Cali Rose
Cali Rose 2 年 前
I would totally eat at a food Theory themed restaurant (or order from)
Adrien Starfaer
Adrien Starfaer 6 ヶ月 前
My mom and I have ordered a lot of delivery lately, and are now, for the first time, seeing the Mr Beast burger available in our city. I wanted wraps, but mom had her heart set on burgers, so I guess that's our dinner now.
reznor0079 2 年 前
Im curious of this theory with restaurant concepts like Kitchen United Mix. We have one in Austin but the concept is a slew of restaurants exist in one building for pickup and delivery only. It’s another great concept that I hope also picks up in popularity. There’s currently only 5 locations nationwide, but I feel it too is on this new trend of virtual restaurants.
3D Laming
3D Laming 年 前
I love the idea of irl restaurant locations more or less just being the kitchens for dozens of brands and such
Defunct channel
Defunct channel 2 年 前
Mr. beast could start a cult and it wouldn’t even be a surprise right now.
La_Dragon Studio's
he already is in one, thats why he is rich,
Dhilipan s
Dhilipan s 2 年 前
@La_Dragon Studio's which one ?
Zohair Khan
Zohair Khan 2 年 前
@La_Dragon Studio's how is it a cult
La_Dragon Studio's
@Zohair Khan anyone with this much power is in a cult with the illuminati.
Brian Glaze
Brian Glaze 2 年 前
This is great stuff! Thanks for taking the time to explain.
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CK Norris
CK Norris 2 年 前
Good video! I figured this out one day when I noticed there were a bunch of MR. Beast locations in my area according to a food app. But there were no Mr. beast locations in my area. So I went down a rabbit hole figuring out what was going on.🤣
The Forge Master
The Forge Master 11 ヶ月 前
I was waiting for Red Robin to be mentioned. I worked in a Red Robin and we had MrBeast Burgers going out. They were decent, but we did make them from mostly the same ingredients we already had. Patties were just a half regular patty smashed in half. I think the main thing we didn't have were the crinkle-cut fries, because we normally used steak fries. I don't work there anymore cause gas got too expensive for the half hour drive both ways, but the food was great and the people were too. My favorite burgers were the BBQ burger and a Teriyaki Fried Chicken. I had one somewhat micromanager, but he mostly made up for it with lots of back-and-forth banter. Once had the nerve to peek his face over my shoulder while I was in the dish pit, demanding I scrub the flour bowl instead of letting it soak to get the caked on flour off. I slung some of the dirty water at him (it wasn't super dirty, just had a little flour in it), he sprayed me back with the sprayer. We were even and he didn't bother me about scrubbing the flour bowls again. Good times.
Aaron Higdon
Aaron Higdon 2 年 前
I would love if Chris Fleming opened a restaurant out of a Bertucci’s. I would have no hang-ups about FREAKING OUT.
Benlex 年 前
It might just be me, but Mr Beast seems to become a lot more available during COVID. I'm in a college town where the burger place is available, and it's pretty good I have to be honest. Didn't know it was operated like this.
Noora Kassem
Noora Kassem 2 年 前
Can we just appreciate how every theory channel has an amazing intro.
Alex 2 年 前
Gavin Da Gamer
Gavin Da Gamer 2 年 前
And there is so much editing put to into the videos
PurpleDevil R
PurpleDevil R 2 年 前
Yes... Appreciation complete.
IcyPhoenix 2 年 前
Usseir 2 年 前
Despite the not so great burgers, he is one heck of a giving person
Makujah 2 年 前
It's a cool and informative video, but the most fun fact I learned here is that "bucadibeppo" is an actual non-ironic name for a real restaurant.
Jeep Mega
Jeep Mega 4 ヶ月 前
The day Beast Burger arrives in Italy, I will immediately order.
Galooza 2 年 前
When you stop and think about it, this really is a good thing. Regardless of health, possibly the biggest fear with fast food chains is them screwing orders up or doing who knows what to the food. Whoever makes a virtual chain, in my mind, is naturally going to care about the quality, so we now have fast food coming out of more professional kitchens that take food at least somewhat seriously.
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Plasma 年 前
This is literally what I was expecting they had done anyways lol
Bozgle 2 年 前
MatPat: Literally states facts the entire episode. Also MatPat: But hey! That's just a theory!
Geno Blade
Geno Blade 2 年 前
A Food Theory!
Indeepgaming 2 年 前
Bon appetit
GamingCrew Inc
GamingCrew Inc 2 年 前
I love this channel cause they told us the truth I wanted to hear about Chuck E. Cheese, thank you for restoring my childhood. 😭
OrangeSodaKing 2 年 前
That’s sorta how my favorite restaurant in my city started. If anyone here happens to be in/near Louisville, Kentucky, that’s how New Wave Burritos started. They were a weekend delivery-only service operating out of a German-style restaurant kitchen after hours, and after having enough success, moved into a bar, and then eventually got their own building. They’ve since opened a sister bar/restaurant in town that’s awesome, too!
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Bro once we figure out the lore (if we ever do) I want to be one of the people to make it a real thing. Whether it's a haunted house type thing, or an actual restaurant, or both, there would be so many places to stick lore and I would definitely want to help with building that
Spoon-Dono 2 年 前
I had looked it up before this video and had wondered why it was only Italian places Then ordered it and the patty tasted like a meatball NOW I understand why it was all different Italian restaurants It’s under this one guy that is also part of Virtual Dining Concepts...Interesting
Liberty Prime
This really isn't a theory though, it's just explaining how the system works
Jsxm. 年 前
Take it or leave it
shark / gerblin !
Take it or leave it.
alex 年 前
Take it or leave it.
Take it or leave it
Wendy Landeros
Take it or leave it
GhostSickness 2 年 前
First Game Theory, then Film theory, now Food Theory. Man, I can’t wait for the CONSPIRACY Theory JPvid Channel Matt’s going to create next!
πTheJelly Umbreon
Yes that or fitness theroy
Skyargon 2 年 前
Here's a like verified man
Seth Kauffman
Seth Kauffman 2 年 前
Conspiracy Theory would be awesome. Just amazing.
Dragon 2 年 前
They said they would _not_ do that
Dillon Gause
Dillon Gause 2 年 前
Here a conspiracy JPvid I's alive and matt patt is killing it with addds
Olivia Catherine
Lmao, the Mr. Beast ghost kitchens in my area are just little trailers in the middle of random parking lots downtown. Definitely wasn't what I was expecting when I went to pick up but it was still pretty good, it's just too bad all of them are out of my delivery zone or I would probably order again.
Tio 2 年 前
First time watching your video. Along with all the helpful info, Love love love your voice and enthusiasm. Subscribed!!!!
Rosey Honey Bloom
Why is no one talking about how dope a food theory restaurant would be?
Havok 2 年 前
Mr.Beast strategy for money is genius but what he does with his fortune is very noble. Truly inspiring
Hop Head
Hop Head 年 前
Finally a video that explains where it actually comes. I watched 2 videos and they didn't just straight up tell you, they over explained it and I got lost. This video is simple and strait to the point
XdarzethX - Roblox & More!
I legit just learned something. I knew that mrbeast was a virtual kitchen but didn't know half this extra info.
Carlos the noob
Carlos the noob 2 年 前
aamni 2 年 前
Same and how are you verified and you only have one reply
Tommy Tress
Tommy Tress 2 年 前
This was an hour ago
Thinking Sticks
Thinking Sticks 2 年 前
I learned something and it is awesome.
Joe Tipple
Joe Tipple 2 年 前
Oh my I was not expecting Xdarzeth
we are from virginia but are currently in Iowa for my husband's training with a new job - we saw mr beast burgers pop up on doordash last night and had to try it because it isn't where we are. It was pretty dang good! We watched where the dasher was when they picked up the food, and apparently, it was at a red robin - wild, man
MrPenriquez Films
A Ghost Kitchen is just like a Ghost Author It makes perfect sense!
Snowleopard 0
Snowleopard 0 2 年 前
What’s a ghost author?
Matt Armel
Matt Armel 2 年 前
@Snowleopard 0 A ghost author is a writer who will write your book for you. You give them your book idea, and they write it. They also give you full legal ownership of the book, one of the reasons why they're called ghosts. This allows you to then get your ghost-written book published and sold with you receiving all of the profits and the ghost author receiving nothing. This can be expensive though. The better the writer, and the longer the book, the more it costs. Anywhere from $100 to thousands.
Spliff Notes
Spliff Notes 2 年 前
Ghost writer* Like the people who write Drake's lyrics
ToastPandaPlays 2 年 前
@Snowleopard 0 Erin Hunter would be a good example of one. Erin Hunter isn’t one person, it’s a team of writers who go under that one name with not very much actual credit inside the book.
Cartoon Cat
Cartoon Cat 4 ヶ月 前
@Spliff Notes Bad Grammer
alletip 年 前
Taco Bell near my house was refusing drive thru orders. They only took door dash and mobile app orders. Brave new world.
Haley Saunders
Haley Saunders 2 年 前
This whole thing reminds me of a paper town, when a author makes up a name of a town in their book and based loosely off the location these cities become baby towns (ghost lands) due to so many people wanting to visit it. This is just a more real and modern version
Nifty-Stuff 8 ヶ月 前
Thanks for answering all my Ghost Restaurant questions even those I didn't know I had!
Ness 2 年 前
The only thing controversial about Beast Burger is the questionable food quality. Otherwise he’s just creating jobs
KRY MauL 2 年 前
The food quality shouldn't be any worst than of the other chain restaurants like Bucca di Bepo
Romain Savioz
Romain Savioz 2 年 前
Well if it's like in the video he doesn't create jobs
Dinnerboons 2 年 前
@Romain Savioz well he saves people from getting fired at least.
dead死 2 年 前
Everything he does legit keeps helping people, by hiring ghost kitchens, he's even helping the restaurants that aren't doing well because of the pandemic-
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C 2 年 前
The In n Out and MrBeast Burger location count comparison is impressive but very much highlights the importance of “quality over quantity.”
XgoSolo 年 前
Honestly ghost kitchen aren't a bad concept in terms of benifit. The only thing I can think about that may be an issue is inconsistently managed establishments
poke 2 年 前
I just learned more from this 11 minute video than 1 year of school. Thank you Mat Pat
Casey Coolican
Yep, the Red Robin I work at has THREE ghost brands, and I tell every single DoorDash driver who is confused by it "yeah I hate it too I think it's greedy". I even asked the GM of our little group of stores "hey this seems needlessly greedy, right?"
horribilis 2 年 前
Business class: you can’t make a restaurant and just give away money MrBeast: hold my millions of dollars, also you can keep it.
ProlapsdRektem 2 年 前
One of the only memes of this format that actually made me laugh out loud. Well done
kevkevplays 2 年 前
yes yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees
OffSet Productions
I just ordered Mr Beast burger while working to give it a try just because of this video! I’m glad I was able to hear about this!
valakiire 2 年 前
But what will happen to the virtual restaurants after the regular ones start getting more customers again or would they serve those ones in store as well later?
Mullenman5 年 前
I absolutely love the business theory episodes. Hey, may be that’s a new channel idea. Business theory theory. Nice ring to it.
Tj the Squishy Legomanic!
Food Theory; The last Theory channel MatPat still cares to include the intro on