Foals - Late Night [Solomun Remix] (Official Audio)

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The official audio for FOALS - Late Night [Solomun Remix]
Listen to Collected Reworks Vol. I here:
Volumes II & III are coming later this Summer. Highlights from the three volumes will be compiled into a limited edition coloured triple-vinyl Collected Reworks set, which will be released on 9th October and is available to pre-order now.
Late Night is taken from Foals third studio album Holy Fire released in 2013, which featured the singles Inhaler, My Number, Late Night, Bad Habit & Out of the Woods. The album was nominated for the Mercy Prize.
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Formed in Oxford in 2005, Foals are a critically-acclaimed rock band renowned for their energetic live shows and ambitious genre-bending albums. Drawing influence from wide-ranging sources, they have continued to embrace and explore new sonic ideas throughout their career.
Their catalogue boasts Mercury Prize nominated albums “Total Life Forever”, “Holy Fire” and “Everything Not Saved Will Be Lost - Part 1”, as well as the NME award-winning “What Went Down”, which have spawned hits such as “Exits”, “Mountain At My Gates”, “My Number” and the Ivor Novello nominated “Spanish Sahara”.
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Sergei Aleksandrovich Shinkarenko
Очень крутая музея!!! Это же саундтрек к фильму с Кевином Костнером.
Pablito Vazquez Gonzalez
Con esto para bailar con un LSD
Saul Marinoni
Incredible example of a true to heart "remix": adds the artist's own touch whilst keeping the integrity of the orig. A diamond from Solomun. Timeless.
Jennifer Tavarez Feely
Hitting those high pitches with that raspy voice gets me reeeaaal good 💗💃
Vector X
Vector X 2 日 前
Who is "Criminal 2016"? Like
Car Dez
Car Dez 4 日 前
There’s the nights alone waitin 4 some one to hold u but u only have urself and its the best way u can hold to someone and it is yourself ❤️ keeeep shining and loving guys i love u all
Steven Stevens
Steven Stevens 5 日 前
Excitante. 🇪🇨
Luigi Veau
Luigi Veau 6 日 前
Thanks GTA V to made me discover this fuckn artist!
Vadim Zaynullin
Vadim Zaynullin 6 日 前
Классный трек
Beto Solano
Beto Solano 8 日 前
Foals late nigt perfec👌🏽
Psilocybe Cubensis
Peaking on shrooms and acid while making love and this song comes on
Blu. 9 日 前
Italia Roma 🔈🏆💜💙♥️
a m
a m 10 日 前
Ovo mi snaska trazila laska vaska saska jaska caska Evo da me znam gde ama sad i ikad vise Evo mene Evo tebe
Hokzufps 11 日 前
Saudades do nascer do sol, escutando essa música no warungão, sdds inside
SAN - PLER 12 日 前
re pro excelente material saludos desde baja california mexico
Mr Hendricks
Mr Hendricks 13 日 前
What a banger bro, keep it up
Boštjan Žansky
Boštjan Žansky 13 日 前
ליאור הפטר
לי פלויד תמי כעת כלה כ כתבה כל
Frank Rutten
Frank Rutten 14 日 前
Such an amazing tune
Rrem Eshja
Rrem Eshja 15 日 前
Muzikë Spektakolare ta kënaq zemrën 🤩
Javier Abad Mateos
like si estas aqui por Juan Faro
Mikhou25 16 日 前
Who’s flying over the clouds? 🙋🏻‍♂️
matthew rittenhouse
matthew rittenhouse
Howling AME remix
Mica Matteo
Mica Matteo 17 日 前
Acabo de descubrir que me gusta esta música !
Sang Woody
Sang Woody 19 日 前
this song is so addictive !!!!
Nicolas Gueinazzo
Solomun? El de gta 5 online? Jaja
Nate Higgers
Nate Higgers 22 日 前
whats the title of this book?
Cihan Özgür
Cihan Özgür 23 日 前
Thats the right song for meth addicst. Nonsleep nights with drugs, every morning is late nate for them or us :)
Да ну на Ну бл#
Ахуенная же... че вытам пишите
Octavi Obiols-Sales
Still best Solomun song
pieter damen
pieter damen 24 日 前
Extremly good. Like it very much. Work of genius
Emre Canlı
Emre Canlı 25 日 前
I really found it 😝
Yutub pls removd ths sht frm my algo ufucs
Dardan Berisha
Dardan Berisha 26 日 前
luca serrano
luca serrano 27 日 前
Super good remember me the begine
Nicolas Breazu
Nicolas Breazu 27 日 前
Vinnie vin
Vinnie vin ヶ月 前
just doesn't seem as good without seein kevin grooving trippin on all thats changed since he been down
Dal's Films
Dal's Films 10 日 前
Vinnie vin in the house
Omar Ouzane
Omar Ouzane ヶ月 前
Piotr ヶ月 前
:)... this all to coment
just an apple
just an apple ヶ月 前
why is this song so famous? I mean, the most visited song video of Foals has 21 million views
Stephen Bousseta
Stephen Bousseta ヶ月 前
Bitcoin Billionaire
Im listening to this while learning more about bitcoin
Alexis Sánchez
Alexis Sánchez ヶ月 前
Esto y un blon
Carson Huff
Carson Huff ヶ月 前
Why does this awful remix have so many more views than the original song?
Rash Aken
Rash Aken ヶ月 前
Probably because it's not that awful and your musical tastes are different from those of millions other people
Carlos A. Bermudez Perdomo.
Scotty Russell Music
i hate auto play sometimes and random playlists
Trance Mix Music
Trance Mix Music ヶ月 前
Foals jpvid.net/video/%E3%83%93%E3%83%87%E3%82%AA-l4XkaTvAbCQ.html
Lexx1976 ヶ月 前
Heard it in "Criminal"... Fell in love 😍
Free Iphone
Free Iphone 23 日 前
Me too
Stay off Richard
Stay off Richard 28 日 前
Made me run n look up this song. I had to know. I found 3yrs ago n still come back frequently to listen..
Josef Bader
Josef Bader ヶ月 前
Josef Bader
Josef Bader ヶ月 前
Andy2018 Wat
Andy2018 Wat ヶ月 前
Heard their single(forgotten the title) last year on Radio 6. Thought they were excellent, this track has confirmed it, must get their album.
Hakan Uçar
Hakan Uçar ヶ月 前
Suçlu filminden duyup gelenler? :)
Malex R
Malex R ヶ月 前
Nice cover
Muhammad Hasan
Muhammad Hasan ヶ月 前
10k dislike this??
sami ben arif
sami ben arif ヶ月 前
ෂේන් ජයමහ
role a 'JOINT' & drive alone on MId NIght listening this track . u will feel what im trying to say . Big Love from SriLanka .
Khlif ヶ月 前
In tunisia if you role a joint and drive the cops will put you in jail 15 or 10 years
Annie Jajo
Annie Jajo ヶ月 前
@nitpoon 0
nitpoon ヶ月 前
Işık Çizdirme
Işık Çizdirme ヶ月 前
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Volkan Genim
Volkan Genim ヶ月 前
hassiktr bu nasıl bi kafa lannnn
Lorenia Saturno
Lorenia Saturno ヶ月 前
Con un buen perico yeah yeah
DB-Estech ヶ月 前
I am designing a whole Datawarehouse, while listening to this banger
DB-Estech 28 日 前
@Christos Poulakis it's a hospital !
DB-Estech 28 日 前
@Emile Haha ! its GreenPlum ! Open source Babey !
Emile ヶ月 前
It'd better be Redshift or Snowflake.
Christos Poulakis
Like what will the main objects of the warehouse be? Good luck
Gramin GM
Gramin GM ヶ月 前
La mejor canción que he escuchado ♥️🤤🤤🤤🤤
eduardo palacios
eduardo palacios ヶ月 前
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