Foals - Late Night (Solomun Remix)

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Solomun remix of Late Night by Foals
The new album ‘What Went Down’ in stores 28 August. Pre-order available now at foals.co.uk










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Elsa Athziri Franco
Me siento fatal
Aldo Frediani
any one still listening in 2020?
tatusymusica 3 日 前
Tristen Smith
Tristen Smith 4 日 前
- -Rao Nan
- -Rao Nan 4 日 前
what time is it for you?
Lado Zhvania
Lado Zhvania 5 日 前
Oliver Harding
Oliver Harding 6 日 前
This should be a Christmas song of 2019
Aimbreak HD
Aimbreak HD 2 日 前
yes of course. discovered it first in Jericho project, im loving it ! But I also hate all the boring Christmas songs wich I've listened 1000 times to
Mikhael Mendes
Mikhael Mendes 4 日 前
yes. thank you
O K 8 日 前
🔥🔥🔥 fire in your ears and in your brain 🔥🔥🔥
Adrian Tajalli
Adrian Tajalli 8 日 前
im still listening in 2019
Sebastian Villar
Sebastian Villar 10 日 前
Quien la bailo en Nov. OTRO MUNDO URUGUAY 😉
Ivana Tinkle
Ivana Tinkle 7 日 前
This will never escape my mind: jpvid.net/video/%E3%83%93%E3%83%87%E3%82%AA-4paLVu0gNcQ.html
thaithestranger 12 日 前
OMG 50 millions!!!!!!
Mohan Realestates
Wendel Miranda
Wendel Miranda 13 日 前
Envolvente demais
kellie rerick
kellie rerick 14 日 前
god i just love this song, cant get enough, addicting
Christopher Dalton
This is my favorite tune EVER
Car Li
Car Li 16 日 前
En mi top 10 de musica oscura y sensual.
Kimberley 123
Kimberley 123 18 日 前
HI :)... can you help me please? I'm a single parent and student science teacher. It's my second dream to learn all my lyrics in at least 20 languages, but I can't do it alone... Can anyone please help me with text translation of the lyrics? 🥰 In exchange, I offer advertising of your choice in the acknowledgment book of the project. The project itself will either evidence for, or against the concept of synchronicity scientifically for the first time. 😊💖 Due to the evidencing of synchronicity, I would ideally be able to speak to those who have helped me, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. With regards to Facebook, please send a message regarding the project rather than a friend request. 😊 The dream is here: lyricstranslate.com/en/kimberley-michelle-barr-lyrics.html My email is bs13kmb@gmail.com Facebook: facebook.com/kimberley.barr.921 Many thanks for your time! 💖
Paul Nelson
Paul Nelson 20 日 前
This is something else, Solomun is something else, foals are something else, this is, in fact, something else. Entirely, amazing
Nammah Sand
Nammah Sand 20 日 前
the original is so much better tho
Sören Lehmann
Sören Lehmann 20 日 前
man this is so nice!!!!
Paul Kabolos
Paul Kabolos 20 日 前
Paul Kabolos
Paul Kabolos 20 日 前
アレくシス 22 日 前
_Desde hace 5 meses que conocí esta canción, y desde ese entonces se convirtió en la canción de mi vida._
Javier Strive !!!
Back Before This Decade Ends
Ё Ж 23 日 前
Shamanic Chronicles
Ahhh it has been six years and I still can’t stop listening to this song. It makes you so nostalgic, yet so unattached to anything and anyone at the same time. Does it make sense?
Uber Duper
Uber Duper 26 日 前
To the rescue, here I am Want you to know ya, can you understang When the morning gather the rainbow Want you to know I'm a rainbow too To the rescue here I am Want you to know ya, Can you, can you, can you understand
schweppy weppy
schweppy weppy 26 日 前
November 9, 2019
Jordi Miralles Gurí
I thinik you meant November 11
Brad Black
Brad Black ヶ月 前
Still listening! 11-4-19. I Dj'd in clubs all over in UTAH for 14 years and I hope to again soon. I don't know what I would do if there wasn't EDM, I would be lost or super depressed from having to listen to country, rap, or hip hop music. Luckily God blessed us with actually good music. That's my 2 cents on the matter. I will probably get some bad slack or comments for saying that, but I don't really care what anyone else thinks cause I know I'm right on this matter. 🥳
Denis Garzón
Denis Garzón ヶ月 前
Esaaaa musicaaaa me transporta al mejor tiempo para mi de este viaje
DJ Joe Gonzales
DJ Joe Gonzales ヶ月 前
youcef bouabdallah
03-11-2019 still here
Leandra pereira
Leandra pereira ヶ月 前
NicolasC ヶ月 前
Rose Mary Acosta Colonelli
Siempre !!
Quevin romero
Quevin romero 29 日 前
Bien puto re loco y bien chill!
Antonio Cardenas
Antonio Cardenas ヶ月 前
Si, así es
Fatima Paez
Fatima Paez ヶ月 前
Jsjsja si
Mahbub Noor
Mahbub Noor ヶ月 前
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Mahbub Noor
Mahbub Noor ヶ月 前
1. Abortion should be illegal (except for rape or to save the woman from death). If it is - then men should be coerced to be fathers and pay child support (which they are in America and many other countries). 2. If abortions are legal (not just for rape or to save the woman from death). Then men should be able to sign away and not pay child support and not pay for well-nigh two decades or two decades. They should not be coerced to be parents. He should be able to sign away within the first trimester. Some women may hide it until after the first trimester or even after birth and the man won't know. But still this rule should apply “whenever the woman informs him - he has thirteen weeks after that to decide”. Women make it seem like it's 50/50. But it isn't. If one person (the woman) has full control, has ultimate authority, has final say and the other person does not - how can u say it's 50/50? 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Kuzey Hazar
Kuzey Hazar ヶ月 前
2019 still listening:)
Bouchene Zina
Bouchene Zina ヶ月 前
Kuzey Hazar 🖐🏻
Luis Contreras
Luis Contreras ヶ月 前
Oh I hope that you somebody, someone I could count To pull me to my feet again when I was in doubt Oh now Mama, do you hear me? I'm calling out your name Oh now Mama, do you hear me? I'm calling out your name, I'm calling out your name I'm the last cowboy in this town Empty veins and my plastic broken crown They said I swam the sea that ran around They said I once was lost but now I'm truly found And I know the place another way, I feel, I feel no shame Oh now Mama, do you hear my fear? It's coming after me I'm calling out your name, I'm calling out your name Stay with me, stay with me Did you throw your heart away? Oh I know just what I say Did your phone cut in the way? Being still downtown I say And I know you ran away, oh I know but I'm feeling okay And I found love and fear won't go, and I found love and feeling won't go See you walk away, feeling okay now, happy now, happy now?
Danica Conway
Danica Conway ヶ月 前
Another band I think I need to see live. Awesome. There's SO much good music out there that we never hear on the radio, it's ridiculous to me how limited the music they pick for the radio is.
I'm having a baby...
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