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Fish trap made from coca cola and mentos candy in mud hole near pond.
CATCH EM GEAR is HERE: catchemfishing.com/
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Salih Ciolek
Salih Ciolek ヶ月 前
Interesting never have tried that now I'm gonna because I want to try it out.
Elon Tusk
Elon Tusk 12 日 前
Foff Lool you should see it
Elon Tusk
Elon Tusk 12 日 前
Foff Lool im pretty sure idubbbz made a video on this type of stuff. Making fun of the idiots that believe this.
Elon Tusk
Elon Tusk 12 日 前
King Pandeh this is the dumbest comment. Period.
Elon Tusk
Elon Tusk 12 日 前
King Pandeh just because it’s a gas doesn’t mean it travels upward.
Foff Lool
Foff Lool ヶ月 前
@King Pandeh say that in the comments so everyone knows
misterspawn326 14 時間 前
This is littering
Jared Champagne
Clearly a fake video, those weren’t common pleco, which are the most common ones in Florida, and why would pleco be buried in sand and not in the actual water?
Doug Antonucci
After he leaves the street a neighborhood kid get trapped in the sticky spot in the road.
yuri nator
yuri nator 2 日 前
As if we dont see you dug that hole and put fresh mud over top of your fish you even said your pond fish is the mother of those little guys hahahahaha
nickoy Preston
nickoy Preston 3 日 前
nickoy Preston
nickoy Preston 3 日 前
verushka Muller
verushka Muller 3 日 前
There are 25 fish
Franyelis Guzman
whelp fish have diabetes now /:
Valerie Tripp
Valerie Tripp 4 日 前
its a tadpole not a fish my dude ps love your content
the last slice of bread
Why are you using a knife to open mentos lol
Kausal Dewan
Kausal Dewan 4 日 前
Is that the hoover fish I think I ve two of this in my tank ....eats algae right ???
chickens & sheep
Yes its called a pleaco in other-wise its a invasive species just like armored catfish
alexis rabino
alexis rabino 5 日 前
2:35 are you sure about that
Gecko Gaming
Gecko Gaming 5 日 前
Finally i was waiting for someone like you to do a reveiw on it thank you
vyvinhnguyen 6 日 前
I have no idea you do that
Trafalgarlaw FFM
Dude needs a fucking knife to open that Mentos
Everly French
Everly French 8 日 前
Not a Diabetic joke
SouthernBabe 101
This shit so fake....
jasmine king
jasmine king 9 日 前
There is 26 fish
anime weeb
anime weeb 10 日 前
So your one of those people now...
Ojo Olufunke
Ojo Olufunke 10 日 前
Baby Yoda
Baby Yoda 11 日 前
1 2 3 4 5 6 50 4:24
Yad_YtPlayz 11 日 前
Guys don’t try this so much cause it does disturb the environment and destroying it
Raymundo Olivares
He doesn’t need a knife 🤨
Atakanaga0123 11 日 前
How can a human being do this imagine Just sleeping chilling and getting drowned by a sugary drink with so many bubbles that Just explodr thats like throwing a Grenade in someones home
Young guns05
Young guns05 3 日 前
That’s cool but I don’t remember asking
A. tektek
A. tektek 11 日 前
Its actually illegal
Latermateraswe Plays
You are smart not to waste all your money
Gold Ice
Gold Ice 13 日 前
It is in a different part of the world
Tejas Manjrekar
Tejas Manjrekar 13 日 前
We Indians are not fake dude❤️
Andrew Matthews
Andrew Matthews 14 日 前
You 100% made that hole and put those pleco in there your hella dumb man can’t believe I used to watch your videos
BTS love
BTS love 14 日 前
You should have put the Coca Cola in the hole then put the mentos
Pixel Fox
Pixel Fox 14 日 前
They run out of the holes because the coke and mentos reaction suffocates the fish. It's really not good for the environment
Michael Jordan
Michael Jordan 10 日 前
No they run out of the hole because fish can't breathe coke you absolute dunce
Johanna Moise
Johanna Moise 14 日 前
What did you catch
Lillie’s Southern Sweets Lillie’s
Do you know fish P in that water
Aizaiah Villagomez
People opens mental with hands but catch em fishing uses a fricking poket knife to open a pack of mentals.
carl goddard
carl goddard 15 日 前
シBIZK 16 日 前
Lightskin Z
Lightskin Z 16 日 前
he left his trash on the ground .
TaylorTyler 999
TaylorTyler 999 16 日 前
"Thinking that were dumb enough to think that this is real!" I hope I'm not the only one who still doesn't believe it's real. He literally said that those 3 swam directly towards it's mom and dad, meaning that he took those fish directly out of his pond. 😂😂
LIMON! LIMON! 16 日 前
The Architect’s Life
He littered
Beau Bryant
Beau Bryant 16 日 前
“I don’t want the to get diabetes” throws a mento in the water
4:25 1 2 3 4 50
Hannah Massengill
I'm uncomfortable
Shadow Ninja
Shadow Ninja 17 日 前
Nobody: Zack: 1 2 3 4 5 6 50 theres got to be 50 fish there!
Joey Jameson
Joey Jameson 17 日 前
Also good counting 123456 50
Joey Jameson
Joey Jameson 17 日 前
Love every single vid
Colton Shaver
Colton Shaver 17 日 前
I counted 22 or more
Martin Hopkins
Martin Hopkins 17 日 前
Those little fish clean tanks
Micheal Cuevas
Micheal Cuevas 18 日 前
You do know that the coke suffocates the fish so they try finding somewhere to breath
ChiiZ0 lit
ChiiZ0 lit 18 日 前
Ain't that illegal?
RiriSage 18 日 前
This dude is messed up
Jah'khias Neloms
Jah'khias Neloms 18 日 前
How do you not believe it when living being don’t like chemicals
catch and back
catch and back 18 日 前
Yo dont do it its painful for fish
Bora Nil
Bora Nil 19 日 前
Yes it in Cambodia 🇰🇭
xartur0x 20 日 前
You just destroyed their home and kidnapped them 😟
the people
the people 21 日 前
Why You use a knife ?
Gonzalo Rojas Borlaff
Fish Trap = Coca Cola + Mentos = Corona virus
Epic Aquariums
Epic Aquariums 23 日 前
Really bro horrible content idea there is caffeine and potassium benzonate in the coke and mentos both of which are extremely toxic to fish. You should prob do some research on chemicals before you pull a stunk like this again. The reason the fish try to escape is because there gills are burning from the chemicals.
Jon Souza
Jon Souza 23 日 前
Pqp, precisava abrir o mentos com uma faca? Kkkkk
Edin Biberovic
Edin Biberovic 24 日 前
Save the turtles make sure you throw plastic straws into the ocean 😉
Kamau 1
Kamau 1 24 日 前
Proved you wrong
sicsy 25 日 前
this is like those indians on tik tok
G C 25 日 前
Torturing animals for views. Big man.
Hockey Player22
Hockey Player22 25 日 前
Animal cruelty
Gnomish Lord
Gnomish Lord 25 日 前
Most other substances will work as well. The reason that diet Coke and Mentos will work better then others is when the reaction takes place, the oxygen is taken out of the environment so they will come up from the borrow to get air. Now I'd encourage you to do your own research, it is very interesting.
Box yyy
Box yyy 25 日 前
they will destroy your pond
story OF MY LiFE
story OF MY LiFE 26 日 前
When a buff guy can't open mentos
Carter neeleman Clark
This is the kind of video when you’ve got no good content at the moment
VenQu 26 日 前
0:27 look at that turtle *literally ignoring that white head*
Keith Davis
Keith Davis 14 日 前
VenQu Wait what is that white thing floating on top? It almost looks like a caiman head, but there’s nothing under the water.
Adam Kolap
Adam Kolap 27 日 前
nice i feel like if you do it at a muddy area it would be more or something
Lily Barnes
Lily Barnes 27 日 前
you find coke in your bathroom lucky everything else i drink in my bathroom doesn't taste like coke
sudipto mukherji
sudipto mukherji 27 日 前
Man this bloke's got some yapping skills...just can't put a lid to his verbal diarrhoea,can he??
Brian Haska
Brian Haska 28 日 前
‘Clearly not a manmade hole.’ Terrible acting skills bro 😂
That’s the point
Mario Min
Mario Min 12 日 前
Brian Haska why
carl utley
carl utley 28 日 前
Dam zak you make awesome videos me and my nephew always watch you. I hate reading the comments and all the haters on here talkin mess why are you even watching lol you mad cause your life isnt this fun?
Deranged Baby Kraken
Casually stabs himself
WatchMeWork601 -
WatchMeWork601 - 29 日 前
Dude its mentos!! You don't need a damn knife to open mentos. Smh
Belinda Roberts
Belinda Roberts ヶ月 前
He opened the bag with a knife well I am Aussie so maybe they open it differently
Qwer t
Qwer t ヶ月 前
Catch them all: I know how to count 1 2 3 4 5 6 50
My NEW house Tour *clubhouse**
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