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James Corden's White House tour takes an unthinkable turn when First Lady Michelle Obama joins him for a drive around the grounds singing Stevie Wonder and Beyonce. Surprise guest Missy Elliott drops in to sing "This Is For My Girls." Download "This Is For My Girls" from iTunes: itunes.apple.com/us/album/this-is-for-my-girls/id1093266044?i=1093266053 To learn more about the song and Let Girls Learn, go to www.makers.com and www.letgirlslearn.gov
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Cabdi Boos
Cabdi Boos 10 分 前
Tokunbo Adujaswal
Never seen a first lady sing Beyonce with soo much swag and James is the coolest presenter ever, great job bro.
Gdupp3030 時間 前
A natureza é maravilhosa
Peter Smith
Peter Smith 時間 前
America has so gone down the tubes since these days.
Yvonne Ward
Yvonne Ward 3 時間 前
At least the first lady didn't wear 6 inch heels 👠 at WH Easter egg hunt on grass. The Trump family looked like plastic people. I just love this lady. And she does have the right to bare her ARMS!!!
andrew huesca
andrew huesca 7 時間 前
Call some body please
andrew huesca
andrew huesca 7 時間 前
I am 100% un happy
andrew huesca
andrew huesca 7 時間 前
Who the Fu#k should i make piss first?
andrew huesca
andrew huesca 7 時間 前
James, it has become a scandal in stead of a truth battle.
Dana Courtney
Dana Courtney 8 時間 前
She is a real dude!!!!
np02058 19 時間 前
Somehow i doubt that anyone in the trump family would be this cool.
Basego Moroe
Basego Moroe 21 時間 前
Who does she know every lyric to every song😂😂😂😂👀❤️❤️❤️
Basego Moroe
Basego Moroe 21 時間 前
I like she knows all the lyrics to Beyoncés single ladies 😂
Basego Moroe
Basego Moroe 21 時間 前
I am not an American but she is the only the first lady I know by name and she is amazing 😌😗
3RD 日 前
They done a good job hiding the following car only had a couple seconds of it in the camera
Love, love, LOVE Michelle! Miss the Obama's in the WH everyday. That was when America had class, brilliance and integrity! Michelle for POTUS!!
Elizabeth Cordero
Its a very funny being with Obamma
Syrine Von Boo
Even after four years , the obamas are still the most famous first family . The trumps are notorious, so it ain’t the same . Bring the obamas back to the White House !!! Vote Biden / Harris 2020 !!! Biden will most definitely invite the Obamas back for dinner so even though it’s shady it’s the best we can wish for now... 😂
Nina Osburn
Nina Osburn 日 前
Happy Chappy Life
Pure joy.
L B 日 前
You know the secret service was right there............
Fernando Garza
michelle obama is so important, they didn't even bothered to not put missy elliott on the title
Shannon Joseph
Everything has gone to shit since the Obama administration was in office. :(
Pam Nelson
Pam Nelson 日 前
Katherine Knapp
Katherine Knapp 2 日 前
jwathas 2 日 前
The dopest First Lady EVER.
Diane Allen-Lightsey
You are so right. Every voice counts. Vote November 2020 Go figure 😇🐞
Terence Washington
Just noticed that the Secret Service was behind them.
Terence Washington
How can anyone have so much hate, envy and jealousy in their hearts to dislike this video? It's not the First Lady it's actually you.
Enrique Hernandez
I miss when America was happy... not all this name calling and dividing us shit.
Marc Clinton
Marc Clinton 3 日 前
You mean ... FORMER first lady
Ronda Northrup
Ronda Northrup 3 日 前
Yes education dyslexia is really awfully an we need help for these kids to
Elizabeth Walker
handsomepete 3 日 前
why hasn’t he done this with Melania??
Wenjoy Smith
Wenjoy Smith 3 日 前
One is just loving the Michelle exquisite french polished nails.👍
Davros- Dalek
Davros- Dalek 3 日 前
So James Cordons Job is to Drive around with Living legends. He litrelly gets paid for having the Time of his Life. Man can we just Switch lifes or something?
Ess Vecan
Ess Vecan 3 日 前
We have comedians now in WH
Jay’s Trip Reports and Plane Spotting
Dear President and Mrs. Obama, thank you for being a great role model for me. You’ve changed my life forever. It’s thanks to you that I’ve become more confident, empowered, determined, and humble throughout the 8 years of your time in the White House. I miss you terribly, and it would be an honor to meet you one day.
Invalid Node
Invalid Node 3 日 前
The first man of the United States
P Zou
P Zou 2 日 前
WTF. Lighten up. Gosh hate is killing you.
Sif256 Ug
Sif256 Ug 3 日 前
Who is here in this corona virus pandemic when still watching the only humble first black American First Lady ever 2020?🥰😍
Cemara Griffith
Cemara Griffith 3 日 前
Misssy was so excited! “Okay, I have a 155 tour.....I don’t wanna go” lol . I love their energy
Maribel Soto
Maribel Soto 3 日 前
Watching this literally made my muscles relax and not feel so tense from 2020
Maribel Soto
Maribel Soto 3 日 前
This was the song that played when obama was first elected in 2008 I remember the headlines on the front cover of the suntimes saying "signed, sealed, delivered, I'm yours"
Ashleigh 4 日 前
11:50 I was so hyped that for a second I forgot that I was in 2020.Now if I can just hold onto this feeling for the next few months at least, I'll make it through the rest of the year and to the election an inauguration of a new president.
Olivia Brown
Olivia Brown 4 日 前
OBAMA HELP US NEOW!!!!🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️
RonniStyles 4 日 前
It's October 2020 and I gotta say I came here because I am deathly afraid of our great countries future....
Brian Bingham
Brian Bingham 4 日 前
Now we need a Melania Trump Carpool karaoke episode!
Darlene Hester
Darlene Hester 4 日 前
Love it.💞💞💞🎵🎶🎵🎶
Kelli Wilson❤
Kelli Wilson❤ 4 日 前
9:50 Missy Elliott
Carri Holt
Carri Holt 4 日 前
Best video ever with the Beat First Lady ever
Created Created
Created Created 4 日 前
We MOURN YOU FIRST LADY. This is the WORST America has ever been with this orange fraud.
fromossa 4 日 前
How is this 4 years ago? It felt as if it was posted yesterday🥺
NICE TRY 4 日 前
As a Canadian............Americans.............do not bother with trump. A Great Pity that there cannot be a third term. The Obama's......were accessible.
yankegg 4 日 前
Michelle Obama 2020?
Toulou Toulou
Toulou Toulou 4 日 前
She is a Queen! I love her.
André Piotrowski
America should have followed Microsoft’s example with Windows and should have switched from 44 to 46 …
Qiana Hodges
Qiana Hodges 5 日 前
Omg!! I love this!!
Trust :None
Trust :None 5 日 前
Imagine being like babe I’m going to do carpool karaoke I’ll see you later
Erika Sanchez
Erika Sanchez 5 日 前
Omg! How have I not seen this! I love it!!!
Pablo Cerda luna
I m sure melania trump left chat .
MJG from the D
MJG from the D 5 日 前
So relatable and fun. Nice. Really miss a first Lady who had real feelings and cared about people. Wish them the best.
Laurie Harris
Laurie Harris 5 日 前
I'm watching again because I want to share the JOY! I want to share with my relatives who plan to vote for T
Monica Horsford
Monica Horsford 5 日 前
tater 5 日 前
the secret service suv behind them ruined it just a tiny tiny bit i can't lie.
Courtney Paul
Courtney Paul 5 日 前
Who agrees that Obama was amazing and and so was Michelle
Kaw Sai
Kaw Sai 5 日 前
Barack and micheal are not president and First Lady of America.... never did recognize them at all. All they did was destroy and destruct this great country to smithereens.
The Kefman
The Kefman 5 日 前
The fact, white house bodyguard has followed quietly.
Romeii Romaissa
Romeii Romaissa 6 日 前
I'm currently reading her book "Becoming" , i came to watch this video as soon as i read thay she spent months rehearsing for it 😂😂 Ps- it's a great book i definitly recommend it and im not even american !
This is the type of humor that only the Obamas can do!!
Robert Beining
Robert Beining 6 日 前
My God how the world changed in 4 yrs. That was a Happy White House. Felt so safe and happy with the Obama's. Michelle and Barack Rock!
Travis Jenkins
Travis Jenkins 6 日 前
Hello Michael Lavaughn Robinson
᯽She lives in Daydreams with me᯽
*I’m not American but I will confirm that today America is a joke everybody watches and laughs*
Dan R
Dan R 6 日 前
We had a awesome and Hott First Lady!! Beautiful!
LOUIE D 6 日 前
Did Obama, Clinton And Joe Biden Killed Seal Team 6 ?
whreck views
whreck views 6 日 前
Dm for any shoes customised
Видео ис Liike
Ем фигня не чо не понятна матюки? Или чо?Hello higni I russkai
S V 6 日 前
"I don't wanna go. Can we ride around again?" My favorite line in carpool karaoke history.
Nikolina Milicevic
Angela Buggs
Angela Buggs 6 日 前
Actually, Melania Trump speaks English and two or three other languages. Can most of us the same. She is the 1st lady and people should respect the position. Now with that being said, Mochelle Obama is one of a kind, phomenial and incomparable. I also believe she would be very disappointed in those of you who used her platform toberate another woman. Think about that for a minute.
Andi S
Andi S 7 日 前
Michael Obama
johanna w
johanna w 7 日 前
michelle obama for president 2024.
kineta agyemang
kineta agyemang 7 日 前
Oh my Gosh I miss forever first lady Michelle Obama.
Tim Tech
Tim Tech 7 日 前
How Embarrassing to this country !!
Jimin u got no jams
I feel bad for y'all Americans and I'm not even one.
Lisa Stewart
Lisa Stewart 7 日 前
Watching a few videos of Barack Obama and Michelle Obama to make myself feel better while we wait to see if our election gets stolen again. It's working too making me feel really a lot better, I hope it's making you feel better too. Check out Obama coffee in cars with comedian with Seinfeld really good.... Also I just remembered a long time ago when I was a stagehand, I worked a concert with Missy Elliott.(also master p🤔and maybe paul wal? +?) I had totally forgotten that. Because I was working I wasn't watching the concert although I did hear part of it.
JD Hartley
JD Hartley 7 日 前
This never gets old 😂💃🏾💃🏾💃🏾💖 When we had a decent family and democracy Please VOTE 🗳
F Y 7 日 前
Vote vote vote biden
Jennifer Rhoades
Wonder what the people feel that work there with 45 in there after having the Obama's😂😂the workers there are probably miserable as hell. Lol
Jennifer Rhoades
Joe Weis
Joe Weis 7 日 前
Obama ? Eight Years of Peace and Prosperity !!!
Barbara Abreu
Barbara Abreu 7 日 前
Best first lady that I know
الكنز الأعظم
Barack is renegade 🤣
AJ Valientes
AJ Valientes 7 日 前
1:07 when you meet your dream celebrity....
Xelphe Roblox
Xelphe Roblox 7 日 前
Vote for Joe Biden 2020!
Thee Sandoval
Thee Sandoval 7 日 前
Beatrix Heinen
Beatrix Heinen 7 日 前
Oh god I miss them😢
Tammy Friday
Tammy Friday 7 日 前
Love Michelle Obama! Such a real down to earth Lady. I didn't agree with some of President Obama's policies, but no doubt was and still is a man for the people. Un like the egotistical moron we have now. 😪 People homeless, children hungry and all he can do is make EVERYTHING about him and power
Der Weltenbauer
Der Weltenbauer 7 日 前
So bad, such a wonderful song...
Anita Visram
Anita Visram 8 日 前
Love the Obama's best family EVER!
Remate Cox
Remate Cox 8 日 前
I saw Michelle Obama on CNN First Ladies. She has beauty, grace, integrity and smart and has a great sense of humor. I did not realize what she went through with all of the hate on social media. Of course Trump added to it. She was a great first lady and her husband a great President. I wish them all of the best.
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