Film Theory: How To SAVE Jurassic Park (Jurassic World)

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The tragedy of all the lives lost at Jurassic World could have been PREVENTED! That's right! If they had followed the real world rules of Zoos and Theme Parks, we could be going to see some IRL dinos RIGHT NOW. Instead, I trudged through the rules and regulations to figure out how to run a SUCCESSFUL Jurassic Park.
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Narwhals Swim
Narwhals Swim 時間 前
Really saving Michael Crichton’s behind by throwing Spielberg under.
Oliver Grande
Oliver Grande 4 時間 前
Doctor strange should work on this.....
Somebody Not Saying Who
Brandon McOwen
Brandon McOwen 12 時間 前
In all realism the Raptors in the Jurrasic movies more closely resemble the Utah Raptors than Velociraptors. In size, look, behavior, and I believe they did exist in the Jurrasic period but please dont quote me on that.
CzM _1
CzM _1 13 時間 前
Well the t rex size diagram is actually wrong it's 5.5m tall and 12m long not the other way around. Fortunately this didn't make a difference to the calculations.
The rolblox_1123 Twins
This is your daily dose of INTERNET AND MIND BLOWING STUFFF
Jacob M.
Jacob M. 23 時間 前
Love everyone commenting on the “misnaming” when there’s an in-universe explanation- no one would come to a place called “Cretaceous Park.” It’s named Jurassic Park literally because it sounds cooler.
Arlo Hughes
Arlo Hughes 日 前
I love jp3
shashidharvarsha N
what if Chris Pratt is watching this video how would you feel.
Triedge The Gamer
Someone plz dislike bottom !!
Kendon Lopez
Kendon Lopez 2 日 前
I like the fact that they corrected their (movie producers) mistakes in the 2 movie
Cheese Lord
Cheese Lord 2 日 前
What is the kazoo used for?
boythunder1103 2 日 前
Hey matpat, i don't wanna nitpick, but there are adult humans in the i. rex pen scene, meaning a slight easier way would be to measure with the humans as a ruler. or maybe not i have no idea what im talking about
Manith C
Manith C 2 日 前
Talk about a Dino-Claustrophobia
Hifhuft gyg Lol
Hifhuft gyg Lol 3 日 前
Dangit speilburg the dinos also had feathers
Leah Ali
Leah Ali 3 日 前
#prattpat 😂
Deathstroke Sam
Deathstroke Sam 3 日 前
TheGamingTank 3 日 前
40ft long 18ft high get it right
Noel 3 日 前
I actually think Cretaceous World is more catchy then Jurassic World.
Martin Vujevic
Martin Vujevic 3 日 前
I just like when people are acurate with dinoz.
Keevin studios Games
Bankai Bankai DevilFruit
I stopped a minute the video(before finishing it) just to say how dare you sarcastically attack Jurrasic Park lll xD
The Operator Nomad
But the thing is is that they’re not fully their species. Isn’t it possible that since their DNA was mixed with other animal’s DNA to complete the genome sequence makes it natural to put them in the corresponding habitat for the animal needed to complete the genome?
Morgan Godsey
Morgan Godsey 3 日 前
Cracked O' Doom
Cracked O' Doom 4 日 前
Apollo AAD
Apollo AAD 5 日 前
You made the mastake he did to MATPAT!
tha fuq humor
tha fuq humor 5 日 前
Rebellion pilot DZ-87
No hate intended but you have ruined jarrasic world/park for me
Jay A
Jay A 5 日 前
Irex sounds like some type of drug or something
King Moose2004
King Moose2004 6 日 前
The I Rex is a girl
Rainbow Racer studios
I Heard there's even a game about this You should try it out 😉
None of Your Buisness
As logical as this all is, you're forgetting one small detail: these aren't true dinosaurs. Sure they have dino DNA, but they've had any missing gaps filled in with those of other animals, hence why a vast majority of the dinosaurs don't have feathers or are portrayed wrong. This also should allow some level of leeway in the way Jurassic World treated (at least some) of its animals, such as the mosasaur; any shallower, and the beast wouldn't be able to swim or move around properly (granted, there are probably a few improvements that could be made to the tank, but still). The biggest mistake that Jurassic World made was the creation of the Indominus Rex *PERIOD*. Not only did they essentially design the perfect killing machine - frog DNA gave it the ability to mask its heat signature, cuttlefish DNA gave it the ability to perfect camouflage itself, T.rex DNA gave it is enormous size and strength, Velociraptor DNA gave it uncanny intelligence, and a myriad of other things (including, quite possibly, human DNA) - but they essentially tortured it. Not only did they keep it in a pen too small for it to remain sane, but they also gave it little to no social interaction or training whatsoever; even though this might have been brought about due to the I.rex eating its own sibling after hatching, that's still a massive problem. It's only made worse when it's made abundantly clear just how intelligent the damn thing is - it wasn't scratching at the walls trying to escape (even though it might have done that initially), it was scratching at the walls to lure them into the enclosure. It was smart enough to know that if it damaged its enclosure, it would either break free or escape when her captors came to inspect/take care of the damage. They were essentially trying to keep a highly intelligent and incredibly deadly killing machine behind bars just to make a profit.
Jack Bruce
Jack Bruce 7 日 前
Bomb it
Oliver Delica
Oliver Delica 7 日 前
9:23 Sound Of Music reference
Dylan Hargus
Dylan Hargus 7 日 前
Well in the movie it says that they add tree frog DNA to adapt the dinosaurs to the tropical climate
GeoGal TwoThousandFive
OMG I noticed that a year ago, and I can't believe that there's a video on this! Cretaceous! My science teachers love me.
Random Trans Conservative
Good video, but lemme point out that : 1-those dinosaurs aren't real dinosaurs, a lot of them have dna from other animals to completely make them. 2-it doesn't matter what location you put the raptors in( hot/tropical) cause they weren't dinosaurs living in the past. They are the first gen of those raptors that hatched from the lab. They we never used to any environment from the beginning.
viperific 8 日 前
and not to mention this thing was designed to be bigger than the t-rex (in which he did his math off) so if it was bigger than expected and it was already supposed to be bigger than the rex and its even bigger than that so yeah its even worse lol
mr. dope
mr. dope 9 日 前
batnacks 9 日 前
1:36 Ian Malcolm says yes, because chaos theory
Jane Imbach
Jane Imbach 9 日 前
YES finally someone noticed the Jurassic mistake
Leyla Nasib
Leyla Nasib 9 日 前
MatPratt sound better, tbh
Yash Sharma
Yash Sharma 9 日 前
Can someone do the math and tell me how much space the average humans need
Hi Sisters
Hi Sisters 9 日 前
Mattpat fangirling over Chris Pratt for 13:48 minutes
Hi Sisters
Hi Sisters 9 日 前
Jurassic world fallen kingdom was disappointing
CT-4356 Wreck
CT-4356 Wreck 9 日 前
Add one word "Herbivore" Jurrasic Park
m i a
m i a 9 日 前
Directors should hire Matpat to watch their movies and see if everything checks out before they release them
slug drawer 777
slug drawer 777 9 日 前
Even if jurassic world was still running,it will still get shutdown 3 years later because of the active volcano in jurassic world fallen kingdom.
Fire Eagle
Fire Eagle 9 日 前
AngpowG001 AG
AngpowG001 AG 10 日 前
No it should be called MESOZOIC WORLD
Carter KC
Carter KC 10 日 前
1:03 huh... wonder how Steph thought about that...
Avery French
Avery French 10 日 前
Jurassic park 3 was my favorite... You imply it was the worst, but the second one was the worst.
Beaker Builder
Beaker Builder 10 日 前
0:57 passengers is my favorite movie! No hate btw
Chloe Sibilla
Chloe Sibilla 10 日 前
A1Z1 10 日 前
And you could add some actual security, even if it somewhat reduces the environments atmosphere
Conspirasister 64
I would totally go see a movie titled "Cretacious World!" :P
Aqua Renfraw
Aqua Renfraw 10 日 前
They couldn't just yoink that bitch apart on demand
Pixie Bubbles
Pixie Bubbles 11 日 前
I'm surprised there hasn't been another video on this stuff. I'd love to know how he would critique the JWFK film.
cg 200700
cg 200700 11 日 前
I had gone and looked and saw it was supposed too be cratiosis park
Ikèmen Sengoku Mitsuhide
MattPatt: if I made this mistake, the internet would be runnin me out of town on a rail Me: it’s true
Ikèmen Sengoku Mitsuhide
If you made 1 mistake we would all be calling you out on it
VGamerX games and more
He protec He atak Bury most inportinly He hack Jurassic worlds systems LOL
Diana Smith-Lind
Diana Smith-Lind 11 日 前
I'm in love with him
Edna Ayyash
Edna Ayyash 11 日 前
Pixer one
Kuri M
Kuri M 11 日 前
"Chris Pratt can do no wrong!!" I agree!! He is hot and amazing!!
Paige Gann
Paige Gann 11 日 前
I never thought about this. I didn't even know that there were guidelines for zoos and the like.
KrAzY Person
KrAzY Person 11 日 前
Ms Anya’s Classroom for Kids
multiplier J
multiplier J 12 日 前
You got the size of the T-Rex wrong just saying
multiplier J
multiplier J 12 日 前
for the size of the lion you got the measurements off of a tiger not a lion
Galaxy The gacha wolf
Year late;-; Stay away from Chris pratt he's mine!!
Graham Oldfield
Graham Oldfield 12 日 前
Irregular internet user : heh prattpat Fan fix writer *cracks knuckles* time to get writeing
mrbeast l
mrbeast l 12 日 前
I hate Jurassic Park 3 also big fan of Jurassic Park and world 2
nuca gaxokidze
nuca gaxokidze 12 日 前
You should make a theory on escape the night season 3. I cryed when you died
Jamison Massae
Jamison Massae 13 日 前
Johanna Main
Johanna Main 13 日 前
I love Chris Pratt
spykosaurus rex
spykosaurus rex 13 日 前
shouldnt that be mesazoic park?
XxthefirstorderxX Gaming
You need to understand that at the beginning of Jurassic Park the original. In the fossilization process, molecules are altered. DNA in amber or bones cannot survive completely without gaps for tens or hundreds of millions of years. The novel attempts to address this problem by mentioning that Hammond and InGen have purchased virtually the world's entire stock of amber, in the quest for the maximum number of possible samples of blood from ancient mosquitoes. Even after the reassembling of the fragments the code would still contain gaps, and to fill in the gaps they used Frog DNA. And Frog or mostly tropical animals. Also, the theory that Dinos had feathers may be correct but again in the very beginning of Jurassic Park, they used Frog DNA. It even shows how. They are also using million-year-old DNA which could be somewhat destroyed or damaged. So not all the adaptions come back with it.
Captain JackECH
Captain JackECH 13 日 前
How is the I-REX cage door open and then just like less than a minute later they are looking at the I-REX while it's in its cage? I feel like it should have well um ESCAPED.!? I have lots of questions.
Owen Slattery
Owen Slattery 13 日 前
How about taking off all carnivores. Total fool proof.
Dragonborn Express
Well then, people get bored real fast.
emma rosalie
emma rosalie 13 日 前
Excuse me Passengers was great
Blaire Lometti
Blaire Lometti 13 日 前
Click bating relly
swampyfoxhole 13 日 前
Beauty Chatterjee
I prefer you in a kitchen just acting stupid. that would be awesome!
R C 14 日 前
I have been saying the same thing about the name of the park for years. Thank you so FRIGGING much 😂
Aidan Sawyer
Aidan Sawyer 14 日 前
Cosmic Potato
Cosmic Potato 14 日 前
Mesozoic world?
Barbara Kerley
Barbara Kerley 14 日 前
#prattpat #prattpat #prattpat #prattpat #prattpat #prattpat #prattpat #prattpat
Hurricane HD!
Hurricane HD! 15 日 前
PhoenixGamingYT 15 日 前
Ava IsNotHere
Ava IsNotHere 15 日 前
New answer: don’t bring dinosaurs back...
Andrè Bertus
Andrè Bertus 15 日 前
Olso that isn't a velociraptor
Teddy Wonders
Teddy Wonders 15 日 前
What about Cretaceous cove
Thien An Huynh
Thien An Huynh 16 日 前
the i-rex is a girl
Roobles 16 日 前
aren't you married
Harald Holst-Sverresvold
12:51 what game is that
Sneha Kumari
Sneha Kumari 16 日 前
Make part 3
jeff joe
jeff joe 17 日 前
Trex is alot smaller than i rex