Film Theory: How To SAVE Jurassic Park (Jurassic World)

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The tragedy of all the lives lost at Jurassic World could have been PREVENTED! That's right! If they had followed the real world rules of Zoos and Theme Parks, we could be going to see some IRL dinos RIGHT NOW. Instead, I trudged through the rules and regulations to figure out how to run a SUCCESSFUL Jurassic Park.
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0rbitat 14 分 前
Ghostplays1773 18 分 前
One day Chris Pratt was walking around until he heard a noise he looked to his left and saw the film theorists he ran up to him and said creepily SENPAI #prattpat
Dabbing Taco
Dabbing Taco 26 分 前
MatPat I must criticize you even though I am a very loyal theorist for film and game theory but you look at how the habitat of the raptors but not the size or needed size of the paddock
michael flagg
michael flagg 26 分 前
Cris Prat lookout matpat is a stacker
msaai76 41 分 前
When i saw the movie it was really tense me and my mom were super duper scared😖😖😖😖😖😖
jodie brown
jodie brown 58 分 前
coming from a bit of a zoo background, I love how accurate this video is. The only I would have added would be to talk more about enrichment, and how beneficial it is for highly intelligent species.
Peeble Kitty
Peeble Kitty 時間 前
Could you at least have the courtesy to say "cut" before jumping into your sponsorship
Peeble Kitty
Peeble Kitty 時間 前
Hey now, Passengers was good.
hisuitora 時間 前
It is a movie!!!!!!!!
Elijah Hernandez
Elijah Hernandez 時間 前
I'm starting to think that mat pat is g- oh no
Makoro 333
Makoro 333 時間 前
#prattpat btw i like chris pratt more than you 😎
Christine Miller
Christine Miller 時間 前
I always thought these videos were scary maby that explains my grades😅
angel rios
angel rios 2 時間 前
so matpat is calling christ pratt his senpai
The gaming greninja //tgg//
Wait one minute remember they had to fill the gaps in dna so they use frog dna so the raptors could adapt to tropical area.
JkMusic 2 時間 前
Can you please do something about agents of shield! i love that showand marvel is great
Aaron Lord
Aaron Lord 2 時間 前
Yeeeee Boy PrattPat!!!!!
ColeMinerGaming 2 時間 前
Jurassic Park 3 is my favorite movie
Derethevil 2 時間 前
Counts up Velociraptor and shows a Utahraptor.... Yeah... right. Very common mistake.
ArgieGrit01 2 時間 前
You missed the part of the movie where none of the dinosaurs escaped because they were uncomfortable or angry at their paddocks, but because of corporate sabotage and lack of intelligence from the JW characters
John A.
John A. 3 時間 前
Millions of years ago, not billions. Simple slip of the tongue, but for those who don't know, it was only a hundred million or so years ago. Understanding those time frames are quite hard for short species such as us to fully grasp, especially in the context of evolution and extinction events.
toby0894 4 時間 前
The I.rex is a girl stupid
Sml 2.0
Sml 2.0 4 時間 前
I thought she was in this video
xTeezzy 4 時間 前
We ned to attac
TayTayWildlife 4 時間 前
I find Jurassic Park better then Jurassic World because it has more of a story line and it is the original! See Jurassic Park’s story line is packed with how and what is happening yet in Jurassic World (first one) the dinosaurs just escaped from their enclosures and sure it may have better graphics or so on but that doesn’t make it better. But that’s just me so yeah....BUT also XD the newest one fallen kingdom (no spoilers here, I haven’t seen it just yet) is basically copying Jurassic Park again! In fallen kingdom (I have only seen the trailers this is what I am predicting) the dinosaurs get released into the human inhabitanted world, just like when the T.rex from the Jurassic Park movie gets released into the real world. Also just one more question for Jurassic World...how the heck did they get a giant mosquito to bite a AQUATIC CREATURE and then get stuck into an bed from tree sap?! (This Amber bit was explained in Jurassic Park, first movie) Good job anyone who made it this far XD I doubt most people made it here! ((What do you think?
Seth Padilla
Seth Padilla 4 時間 前
Sha Fermo
Sha Fermo 4 時間 前
Hate to be that guy theorists, but it wasn’t Spielberg that named it Jurassic Park. It was Michael Crichton.
Kami Has
Kami Has 4 時間 前
I liked all jurresic park films
LinkInHyrule 4 時間 前
there was a jurassic world ad wtf
dunc_punc 5 時間 前
tbh, i like MatPratt better #MatPratt
Glasses Bros.
Glasses Bros. 5 時間 前
Kiwi gon
Kiwi gon 6 時間 前
Jesse Reis
Jesse Reis 6 時間 前
I think that Jurassic World started out as Jurrassic Park.
Rainyy Day Productions
Drake Dragon
Drake Dragon 7 時間 前
Unicorn Dragon
Unicorn Dragon 7 時間 前
But all the dinosaurs are combined with frog DNA so u have to take that in to consideration
Rani Dornala
Rani Dornala 7 時間 前
I going to Jurassic World fallen kingdom today I can’t wait
Sharp Fang
Sharp Fang 7 時間 前
It wasent foing crazy scratching the wall it was trixking the humans so it could escape it is a raptor with a rex so it is the most smartest dinosaur in dinosaur terms anyway
Sharp Fang
Sharp Fang 7 時間 前
They should have instead of indominus rex by using raptor with a trex, they shouldve used used trike with a diplo or something cuz... well... thats way safer
DemitriVladMaximov 8 時間 前
Why are you using mammal metrics for the needs of animals with metabolic rates more in line with birds but with slightly lower body temps? I understand you need refs but a lion is not even close to a T-Rex in any way. Oh and call out from Montana from a paleontologist. Also the raptors in the book are more like deinonychus and the movie is more like utahraptor. Also sound would be terrible as a stimulation for training as sight and smell are their better senses as dinosaur ears were rather primative.
Osborne Public Library
matpat are you becoming GAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mariana Barrett
Mariana Barrett 8 時間 前
#pratpat for life
Cretaceous park doesn’t sound that bad neither does cretaceous world
Sir. Numbat
Sir. Numbat 8 時間 前
Chris Pratt best
TheTroPicalYeti 9 時間 前
trex was 40 ft long and 18 ft tall, you got switched matt pratt
that one gaming team
tiny house
Bluelazor 9 時間 前
#PrattPat is my new OTP.
Jayden Shaffer
Jayden Shaffer 9 時間 前
Jayden Shaffer
Jayden Shaffer 9 時間 前
Jayden Shaffer
Jayden Shaffer 9 時間 前
Tomato Potato
Tomato Potato 9 時間 前
That mosasaur is larger then a blue whale though
Lego Filmer0606
Lego Filmer0606 9 時間 前
Jurassic park will never be safe, there are hundreds maybe thousands of the deadliest creatures that have ever existed, and on on one (or 2) island(s)
Toy Boy
Toy Boy 9 時間 前
actually compared to the mosasaurus's size this water would be considered shallow as you can see the bottom of the tank being only a couple meters higher in relation to its position to about the 3/4 deep
nor man
nor man 9 時間 前
#prattpat forever
Bowman C.
Bowman C. 10 時間 前
Actually, if you look at that those boxes just beneath the wall and that vehicle, you will notice this wall isn’t 40ft tall.
CMJr 10 時間 前
#PrattPat I saw the movie in 3D with reclining seats tho
Sam G.
Sam G. 10 時間 前
Dansational 10 時間 前
zippy zap
zippy zap 10 時間 前
Patrick Serrano
Patrick Serrano 10 時間 前
Two-Face 10 時間 前
Lol that Sound of Music reference is perfect
Gal Armstrong
Gal Armstrong 11 時間 前
Jesus, can you guys care for the rest of the World and put things also in the international unit system
Two-Face 11 時間 前
Hey if your gonna blame Spielberg for the name then you might as well include the author Michael Crichton....you know the one who actually came up with the name in the 1st place
TroDaPro Z
TroDaPro Z 11 時間 前
Lol dinos have feathers irl
Flambo Vulcano
Flambo Vulcano 11 時間 前
Who else wishes you could see the animals eat each other at Disney World/Land?
infinte hedgehog
infinte hedgehog 11 時間 前
Alan Grant
Alan Grant 12 時間 前
Being a paleontologist in the Jurassic Park universe, I have a few corrections.. 1. The Jurassic Park raptor is Deinonychus. If you don't believe this, Alan (me) actually digs UP a JP raptor fossil in MONTANA. Meaning the JP raptor lives in Montana. 2. The Rex is 5.5m HIGH and 12m LONG. Not the other way around. Also, I guess they could've solved Jurassic *Park* by paying Nedry better, so he didn't go all rogue and shut down the place, and solve Jurassic *World* by , I dont know, making a HUMAN SIZED GATE INSTEAD? (For the indominus paddock)
Mishka Warrior
Mishka Warrior 12 時間 前
Well you have to put in to thought that these creatures aren't from the correct time and are genetically made
Evee Master 123
Evee Master 123 12 時間 前
JP or jw doing this for plot convenience
DJ Syntic
DJ Syntic 12 時間 前
A problem with MatPat's math on the size of the area needed for a T-Rex. He had the standard size of a Lion and how much area it needs but then he assumed it was a simple equation of area per size units. At the very least he should have gotten two animals from the manual that had vastly different sizes and then treated animal size as the X axis and living are as the Y axis. Draw a line between the two animals and extend it out to T-Rex and that's the area that would be needed. Two good animals would have been the Lion and Elephant.
GalacticGamin1YT 13 時間 前
How to stop the dinosaurs from escaping : TRANSFORMATION TO - OVER9000PRATTTT - STARLORD GOKUNESS
Samantha Serrano
Samantha Serrano 13 時間 前
Nate Decker
Nate Decker 13 時間 前
Since the raptors portrayed in the movies are closer to 6' tall than 3' feet tall, these are "Utah Raptors". So you shouldn't use Mongolia as the climate comparison, you should use Utah.
Sharon Davis
Sharon Davis 13 時間 前
*Whу аrеn't u fvvсking Ме right nоw?* *Cl1сk H.е.r.е Tо Wаtсh S.E.X.Y HоtсаМ Girls.* ⇝ whx.io/480e?f=Cw7hxH0S74
Mr. Swoosh
Mr. Swoosh 14 時間 前
I watched the movie
Ault Inez
Ault Inez 15 時間 前
*Wоuld Yоu F.vсk Mе?* *Cl1сk H е r е Tо Wаtсh S.E.X.Y LivесаМ Girls.* ⇛ whx.io/480e?f=Cw7hxH0S14
Colleen Carper
Colleen Carper 15 時間 前
Can you make a episode on how the dragons the skrill and the nightfury can control lightning in some of their attacks
Colleen Carper
Colleen Carper 15 時間 前
I like this show can you make a episode on how is gon the dinosaurs skin is so thick
Angelic Vexii
Angelic Vexii 16 時間 前
4:23 The Indominous rex is actually a female. She is also a sister since there were two eggs made. But as it is said in the movie, she ate the sibling.
Ultroman the Tacoman
Ultroman the Tacoman 16 時間 前
Small correction: The Velociraptors in the JP universe are actually based on Deinonychus, a close relative of the (smaller) Velociraptor, but Mr. Crichton thought the name of the latter sounded better, so he used the description of Deinonychus, but used the name Velociraptor. Deinonychus fossils have been found in Montana, Wyoming and the Antlers Formation of Oklahoma, so they ARE from the same place as the T. Rex. Bonus: "Velociraptor" means "Swift seizer", while "Deinonychus" means "Terrible claw", which is probably the reason for the huge emphasis put on their claws in ALL the movies. LOVE the humor in these videos. Spot on :D
TheGamingPhantoms 17 時間 前
Well Jurrasic world is already destroyed
The union Jack
The union Jack 17 時間 前
No...pretty much frozone.
The union Jack
The union Jack 18 時間 前
Two eyed Nick fury?
The union Jack
The union Jack 18 時間 前
Its Tuesday...
Daggerman105 -
Daggerman105 - 18 時間 前
Mattaku Bodimasen
Mattaku Bodimasen 18 時間 前
I can feel the fanfics rolling in.
pickle Cosmo
pickle Cosmo 19 時間 前
Did you really say “farcry” AND “Montana” in the same sentence without making a farcry 5 reference. I’m shook matpat. SHOOK.
MadMoose5 19 時間 前
The raptors featured in the Jurassic park films are far to large to be the famed velociraptors. The raptors actually appear more like their north american counterparts the Deinonychus and the Utahraptor, these raptors lived in a more tropical environment. So if the Raptors actually were what they appear to be then they would fit in relatively fine on the Isla Nublar.
Devin Stromgren
Devin Stromgren 19 時間 前
I got the impression from the movie that the I-Rex paddock was smaller than usual. As for the raptors, given their size and the shape of their skulls they are obviously not velociraptor. This discrepancy is explained by the fact that when the original book was written velociraptor was used as a catch all term for all members of the raptor family. They would most likely be utahraptor or dakotaraptorhich would mean they lived in the same area as T-Rex and that solves the climate problem.
Ethyn Vakoc
Ethyn Vakoc 19 時間 前
Tegan Dumpleton
Tegan Dumpleton 19 時間 前
Huh, I didn't actually know that about the clicker used. I actually thought it was to mimic the sounds of the raptors. Like the clicking of raptor claws was like a bird call or something. Besides that, there is ONE more thing that should have been done with the I-rex to keep it happy. Or at least, a social creature. In the movie, the scientists only make 2 I-rex's, which if you know anything about social animals, that's just bad math. And because of this mistake, one of the I-rex's is eaten by the other. And the remaining I-rex has no idea how to interact with others because I guess no one bothered to take care of it from birth like Pratt and his raptors. In order to be social, most social animals need more than 2 in a group. You can use the Raptors in the various movies as an example. There work in groups, with one as the alpha. Let's compare this to say, betta fish. Because... I know a lot about betta fish. True fish aren't raptors or rexes but the math involved might still apply Male betta fish are aggressive to other males, so they are kept in different tanks. OR the tank is so large that they rarely see each other. They can also be kept with other specific species of fish, that they hopefully won't be aggressive towards. But female betta's are another story. And since the dinos in each movie are supposed to be born female, this might apply even more to the I-rex. See, just like the Raptors, female bettas can be placed together but they will create a hierarchy. Which is why having only 2 is a fight waiting to happen. Tanks with female betta's, or "sorority tanks" as they are called, need to have at least 3 female bettas or more. The fish will then start the "pecking order", where they have a few small fights with each other over a few days to weeks in order to decide the hierarchy within the tank. If you're lucky and the fish are all about the same size, age, or even came from the same mother and father, then a hierarchy is established. One is chosen as an alpha, each fish finds their own corner of the tank to claim as their's, and this way if one gets too aggressive the other two can keep them in check. This won't happen every time. My sorority tank failed because one fish never grew to the same size as the others. So on top of the I-rex being in an enclosure too small for it, it also had only one sibling to learn social skills with. And then ate it. If there was more then 2, or if it was raised by someone to teach her social skill, then the I rex might have been a wee less aggressive towards, well, EVERYTHING IN EXISTENCE. Welp I just wrote a small essay comparing tiny fish to genetically enhanced mega T-rex's. Matpat, you are a VERY good influence on me.
Reverse Ninja
Reverse Ninja 19 時間 前
I have a theory rick Sanchez is Stevie griffin they both are super smart and created multiverses
Rico de guzman
Rico de guzman 19 時間 前
this sh*t are all assumptions and absurd correlations, dislike
_EMASTINBRO _ 20 時間 前
A fence inside a bigger fence
_Bren _
_Bren _ 20 時間 前
13:48 of Matpat being not straight.
Hyrule Gaming
Hyrule Gaming 20 時間 前
Gotham’s Reckoning
Gotham’s Reckoning 20 時間 前