Film Theory: How To SAVE Jurassic Park (Jurassic World)

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The tragedy of all the lives lost at Jurassic World could have been PREVENTED! That's right! If they had followed the real world rules of Zoos and Theme Parks, we could be going to see some IRL dinos RIGHT NOW. Instead, I trudged through the rules and regulations to figure out how to run a SUCCESSFUL Jurassic Park.
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Britt LaGalbo
Britt LaGalbo 6 分 前
Chris Pratt is my role model
Mr. Squid
Mr. Squid 日 前
I have one thing they could do to have this not happen. *dont start the park*
Sheryl Wayne
Sheryl Wayne 日 前
The walls are as high as a T. rex so the I rexShould be taller
M Terry
M Terry 日 前
Regular Universe: “It should be called Cretaceous World! He, no one said scientific accuracy was catchy.” Alternate Universe: “It should be called Jurassic World! He, no one said scientific accuracy was catchy.”
aysha ahad
aysha ahad 日 前
Stop doing these things
Daniel Deng
Daniel Deng 2 日 前
uee metric please
cool boy awesomeness
That's just dum
Hey it's just a movie made with imagination
Whaley Science
Whaley Science 2 日 前
0:25 I thought the same.
SPOR gaming
SPOR gaming 2 日 前
MatPat is right I new something was wrong about jurassic world
RM Cubing
RM Cubing 3 日 前
Really, the raptors in the movie are actually Deinonychus, not Velociraptor. They just call it that because Deinonychus isn’t catchy.
Tanner Fieguth
Tanner Fieguth 4 日 前
indoraptor chris prat R.I.P
Parm Johal
Parm Johal 4 日 前
Do you want money mpat only when you make a jurassic world fallen kingdom video.
Parm Johal
Parm Johal 4 日 前
Do a jurassic world fallen kingdom video mpat or your not a Chris fan.
jakejj5584YT zukas
you gay
Reishadowen 4 日 前
Of course it would help if the people running the park weren't hired from the same talent pool as Vault-Tec and Umbrella corporation. "Ok, we have dinosaurs, so-" "BIO-WEAPONS DIVISION!" "...of f*cking course..."
arbiter690 5 日 前
Best ways to make it work; no hybrids, no aquatic exhibits, and definitely better communication plus animal care.
taygata 5 日 前
Have a pit 3 feet deeper hole then the dino is tall then have an electric fence a little higher then have viewing stations instead if jeeps also have a little less dence vegetation growth so the viewers can see the animals
Angel Sanchez
Angel Sanchez 6 日 前
I rex and every dinosaur are girls
Rappin Rhinosheep
or they could call it Mesozoia.
Dawnfox 7 日 前
bisexual mattpatt is my headcanon
Scjix 8 日 前
finn skelton
finn skelton 8 日 前
that intro
Ulysses Fontaine
Ah, Ian Malcolm, the wet dream of mathlete girls ages 18+.
Nicholas Johnston
How to save Jurassic world: don’t be a dumbass
AngpowG 001
AngpowG 001 9 日 前
The scariest word: It " safari " ( my opinion ) It scares me In my trip in Chiang Mai, Thailand Night Safari The car's brake is broken and we going down a hill at a high velocity and crash the car that is in front and the car that in the back hit us too BTW MY TOOTH IS ALSO uhh snapped? Chipped? Yeah i got a resin teeth
Sunaki1000 9 日 前
Stephen Spielberg didnt decide over the Name, it was from the Books. And 3 is still better whan most of the Sequels. At least its the only other one whitout Suitwearing Buisnessmans as Anagonists. 6:24 its a fucking Zoo, focus on Herbivores, make some trench, a second Electric fence and a small Gate for Humans, and call it a day. I mean realy, you cant enter the enclosure of Indo whitout opening the big Gate? Thats pretty damn stupid, and just lazy from the filmmakers.
Risk 10 日 前
This video made me remember Geriatric Park from the Simpsons.😂😂😂
Mr Prxfeser
Mr Prxfeser 10 日 前
why does everyone hate jp3?
Jerry Heisenberg
Jerry Heisenberg 11 日 前
I am in that club
Block Gaming
Block Gaming 11 日 前
Jurassic park is just the name
Cassy__101 hi
Cassy__101 hi 12 日 前
10/10 puns
Pixie Bubbles
Pixie Bubbles 12 日 前
I'm glad this video was made. It's very helpful. I don't want to sound like I'm bragging, but after Jurassic World was released, I've been writing my own version of the films. (I wasn't happy what they did in the movie, it just felt hollow & the characters just all felt stupid.) I've been using the information from this video to correct the mistakes in the movie. Then went on to write the story. So far, I've made one version of it. I'm still working on a second version that has more detail & has some things changed. Including version for the second JW movie. And the JP 2 & 3 films are considered. Here's the Link of anyone wants to see: www.quotev.com/story/10810935/I-Love-Movies
Alexis Myers
Alexis Myers 12 日 前
It shouldn't be prattpat
Rainbow Candy
Rainbow Candy 14 日 前
I can't like this video enough. #LimitedLikeButtons!
miguel Jacobo
miguel Jacobo 14 日 前
Mat all the Dino’s in jurassic movies are females s
Jackie jackrabbit
At 1:27 i seen the body hit the sign and i thought....what in gods name threw that person to the sign???.... R.I.P sign.
Howie Martin-Tansley
Ok how much space does a dog need
Samantha Pepper
Samantha Pepper 16 日 前
MatPat: #MCM Me: NOOOOOO!!!!! Seriously dude. he killed half the univers. If he had wated until after the glove was off. *sigh*
onyxgate1 16 日 前
I know thay were so Dum not to give them enof spays
Budd3r Chi3f
Budd3r Chi3f 17 日 前
But you forgot that the I-Rex's enclosure was a temporal one because they were experimenting with it still
Davis Merrill
Davis Merrill 19 日 前
Agreement, Chris Pratt is hottie boi
Jan Gracia
Jan Gracia 19 日 前
Hes claustophobic basicaly
Random Dude
Random Dude 19 日 前
The end was really nice :)
Stephen Wareing
Stephen Wareing 20 日 前
Mezoic park
Connor Tobin
Connor Tobin 20 日 前
Jurassic world sucked Edit: correction, world was okay. Fallen kingdom was just the absolute worst
AirforceOne2900 21 日 前
One thing I hate about this movie is the door...when Chris Pratt is running towards it to get out it keeps changing it's length of open or closed...
Amanda Polzner
Amanda Polzner 21 日 前
# Life Finds a Way
BIGGLES 21 日 前
big chungus BIG CHUNGUS
If clucker = food 1 pice sooo if come get food
SparkStone101 23 日 前
Jigna Patel
Jigna Patel 23 日 前
Collin Pratt
Collin Pratt 23 日 前
I'm Pratt Collin
Collin Pratt
Collin Pratt 23 日 前
I related to Chris Pratt I think
chaz stark
chaz stark 23 日 前
Krispy Honey
Krispy Honey 24 日 前
How do I enter this stalker Colt of Kris Pratt 😂😂
Polish Panda
Polish Panda 24 日 前
The majority of this is just gay jokes
Melody Winnie
Melody Winnie 24 日 前
To be honest, I start taking a close look at the actors bIography is thanks to mat pat's creppy obsession for Chris Pratt
Jaxson K.
Jaxson K. 24 日 前
#ROCKSHAVEFEE,INGSTOO also known as “rock shave eelings too”
G Gaming
G Gaming 24 日 前
Mattpat(Prattpat):Is a whooping 30mi Me:but how many pounds
Aussie Boi
Aussie Boi 25 日 前
The movie show many death scenes and an unstable ecosystem and the thumbnail is “is it safe?”
ajchatsundei 25 日 前
Hey u don't click with pokemon u force them to fight there family and they surprisingly like it
Your Psychic Friend Fredbear
Mat pat you forgot to factor in that there was a different species of velociraptor lived in Montana
Trion 25 日 前
The I-rex was just claustrophobic af, dont blame him/her!
Dipalee Atre
Dipalee Atre 25 日 前
you should have taken example t rex instead of i rex because it is not purely made from t rex dna if you observe his behaviour ,size etc is different .
Stardust Studio
Stardust Studio 26 日 前
... We all knew you were gay!
Zohar Bowman
Zohar Bowman 26 日 前
Chris Pratt Chris prat Chris Pat Chrit Pat Mrit Pat Mit Pat Mat Pat Mat prat Mat Pratt Mit Pratt Mrit Pratt Chrit Pratt Chris Pratt Chris prat Chris Pat Chrit Pat Mrit Pat Mit Pat Mat Pat Mat prat Mat Pratt Mit Pratt Mrit Pratt Chrit Pratt Chris Pratt Chris prat Chris Pat Chrit Pat Mrit Pat Mit Pat Mat Pat Mat prat Mat Pratt Mit Pratt Mrit Pratt Chrit Pratt Chris Pratt Chris prat Chris Pat Chrit Pat Mrit Pat Mit Pat Mat Pat Mat prat Mat Pratt Mit Pratt Mrit Pratt Chrit Pratt Chris Pratt Chris prat Chris Pat Chrit Pat Mrit Pat Mit Pat Mat Pat Mat prat Mat Pratt Mit Pratt Mrit Pratt Chrit Pratt Chris Pratt Something is wrong with me I just spent the past 45 minutes writing this unoriginal joke
Leonard Scott
Leonard Scott 23 日 前
It's a pattern!n😂
Natsu Dragneel79
Natsu Dragneel79 26 日 前
Cretaceous World
Dragon Master
Dragon Master 26 日 前
The walls are 40 feet high but in the movie the i rex is 50 feet
Filippo Messina
Filippo Messina 26 日 前
Well technecaly yea but they put other dinosaurs like diplodocus brachiosaurus and stegosaurus so its JURASSIC WORLD not CRETACEUS WORLD
Please Stop
Please Stop 27 日 前
8:52 but the raptors in the movie are based on the utahraptor which as the name implies was discovered in utah, which is in north america
Bob The sheep man
Just make a moat
lemon drop :3
lemon drop :3 27 日 前
Boi you said brother it's a flipping girl
lolipopgore pineapple
Cretaceous world/Park sounds catchy
AjMahal 28 日 前
Why does MatPat blame Speilburg?
Dianne Wall
Dianne Wall 29 日 前
i found an easter egg there is a wwe sybol formed by the scratches
Gaming dude Guy
Gaming dude Guy 29 日 前
Prat Pat yaaaaaaa
Michael Dorso
Michael Dorso 29 日 前
One huge hole with the raptor part. They could alter the genetics of the raptor in order to allow it to adapt to the environment. Take the I-rex for example. Wu says he used cuddle fish and tree frog DNA in order to allow it to adapt to a humid climate. It's not too far of a stetch in order to think they did the same for raptors. Apparently Charlie has tropical bird DNA where it gets its skin coloration. So idk. I might be wrong.
JwGacey1 29 日 前
or mesasoic park aka the time when dinosaurs roomed the world
Kailan Foster
Kailan Foster 29 日 前
#prattpat lol😂
Professor McGonagall
The original Jurassic Park film is based on the book by Michael Criten and therefore speilburg is not to be blamed for this mistake. Also in the book the triceratops is switched to a stegosaurus which is from the Jurassic peorid. It explains in the book why the park is called jurrasic park and why the raptors are not accurate. The park is called "Jurassic" as john says that this is to make the park seem more extravagant and attract more guests and the river seen in jurassic world is actually called the cretaceous cruise. As for raptors they are based on dionychis and are called velos to make them sound more threatening and cool.
sas276 ヶ月 前
the film theroy is gay
Harriet Alice
Harriet Alice ヶ月 前
The part about behaviorial training needs to be shown to dog owners. Some of them are clueless when it comes to training. Like teaching a dog to sit, you have to reward it when it's in the process of sitting. If you reward it once it's sat down all that'll happen is that it'll expect a treat whenever that happens.
Lwilderman ヶ月 前
Well matpat I am going to run you out of town on a pole because micheal Crichton was the one who came up with the name “Jurassic park”
Yes I still play dat
Genetic mutation
cRaZy CrAb
cRaZy CrAb ヶ月 前
bruh Indominus is a female not a male
Stan Straight
Stan Straight ヶ月 前
matpat you only talked about Jurassic world's habitats but you didn't mention Jurassic park's habitats. they did it right
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