Evidence of Waverly Hills Sanatorium • Ghost Files Debrief

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Watcher ヶ月 前
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Sher 29 日 前
You guys need to find a reputable Native American medicine man/woman & have them call the spirits for you.
Kimberly Keller
Kimberly Keller ヶ月 前
@Amanda Snider phenomenal idea for a reality show
Nil ヶ月 前
Hey guys. Would you ever consider investigating the paranormal incidences at The Lamb House with Kent Burris? His channel is called Ghosts of Carmel Maine and I think you guys are guarenteed to find some evidence there. There are plenty of videos with his supposed captures of a possible demon and some shadow figures.
Mariah ヶ月 前
Hi guys. I'd love if you'd add an art section to the show. Fan art is always fun to see. (Coming from a person who isn't artistic at all lol)
Kris Reyes
Kris Reyes ヶ月 前
Where to get your merch?
Rachelle Makes Stuff
I love this show because they aren't trying to convince you ghosts are real, they're just like "here's what we found, Shane thinks it's fake"
Michelle Price
Michelle Price 9 日 前
@ThePigKnight So true!! Love it 😅
I fucking love Shane, I think he's such a douchebag and adds so much to this. I'd say he adds a good 50% while Ryan provides the rest. Simply put, I just don't think it could work better any other way.
StriX46 ヶ月 前
@JustKevinLol fair enough
JustKevinLol ヶ月 前
@StriX46 I mean imo, they did said that he's just *skeptical* about the paranormal, not really trying to prove or disprove anything. He does dismisses/debunks things with little to no professional reasonings, but it seems he's just an average guy who is giving his own personal opinions. No one or himself ever mentions that he's a scientist or has any background education or credentials in the science field.
Rachelle Makes Stuff
@ctuero I could totally make that
lovelix. ヶ月 前
sorry but shane talking to osmo like “what the fuck are you doing embarrassing me in front of the ghost” was definitely one of the best moments of the episode
B3autySparks ヶ月 前
I laughed too hard 😭😭
TheTIGSY ヶ月 前
Every segment with the new spirit box method is just the funniest thing i've seen
bappo ヶ月 前
@solar gomez the whole segment is at 19:22, start there so it's funnier lol
solar gomez
solar gomez ヶ月 前
bappo ヶ月 前
booga booga booga was also rlly good
Runaway Milkyway
Runaway Milkyway ヶ月 前
In the moment, Shane felt the noises sounded enough like someone moving around near him that he said he thought Ryan was messing with him. To me, that feels more significant than anything else. Shane is pretty decent about calling stuff wind or whatever, even when it sounds a lot like something like footsteps or a voice. But whatever he heard, he wasn't able to say it was anything other than someone moving around
NinjapowerMS 11 日 前
@Mockthenerd 5 I mean a roof is one thing but where would birds walk around on a concrete building to make that type of noise lol. They're also in the third floor.
SquishySquid 26 日 前
@Mockthenerd 5 did not know this. that could be a good explanation.
Mockthenerd 5
Mockthenerd 5 26 日 前
I still think this is an old building with birds and rats. I had pigeons living in my roof and it genuinely sounded like men in heavy boots walking around on my bedroom ceiling. Like stomp stomp stomp, as they walked around... just like a human walking around.
SquishySquid ヶ月 前
this needs to be at the top. and I think they should do the debriefs a lot sooner. it seems that the time between the experience and the time of the debrief are too far apart for Shane to accurately recall what he experienced. in my opinion his comment about what he heard up there is a good indication he was not alone up there. he specifically said he thought someone was messing with him, not that he thought a window was open.
So True
So True ヶ月 前
I'm a believer like Ryan, but I'm sorry Ryan, I couldn't see a figure in the doorway. My favorite evidence was the balls perfectly aligning themselves under two doorways, next to each other. I thought that was so crazy and couldn't understand how Ryan was so chill about it in the episode! I'm glad he's acknowledging it now, though.
Mr.ilikeSpam 6 日 前
@Dragon Lord well i guess you have to go that room
The Douglas Podcast
@Syberz aww 😓 there is a window there?! I thought they said it’s an open space 😭 my eyes aren’t great and I’m bad at seeing stuff like that lolol
Syberz 29 日 前
That "figure" is totally a window.
The720Hero 29 日 前
Yeah same here, I definitely don't see anything. But that humming was legit as fuck
obsessedandstuff ヶ月 前
Brookie ヶ月 前
I wish they had discussed the teddy bear thing bc that literally horrified me
hi 7 日 前
@Hector Nazario LITERALLY no explanation except ghosts? Come on man, there's thousands of explanations before jumping to ghosts. Pipes make weird banging noises all the time, plus that old derelict place was almost certainly infested with rats and birds. That teddy bear thing was asking questions all night, and old derelict buildings make weird noises constantly, so simply by the law of probability of course at one point the teddy bear asking a question would be followed by a weird noise. But correlation is not causation, especially when this was just one non-repeatable example.
Illuwe 10 日 前
@Hector Nazario Sounds like a tarp covering one of the windows flapping in the wind to me. #Shaniac
DayaWolf ヶ月 前
I wondered if that was recorded at the time they were throwing the balls
Avaius ヶ月 前
@Hector Nazario especially someone who would be compelled to make noise and respond to the knocking
Hector Nazario
Hector Nazario ヶ月 前
I think there's literally no reasonable explanation for this except ghosts or someone being in the building with them (which is arguably scarier)
Ponderosa Bones
Ponderosa Bones ヶ月 前
I appreciate Shane politely calling out what feels like very staged "evidence" Edit: I just want to clarify that I don't think anything Ryan and Shane are doing is staged; what I was referring to was the fan-submitted evidence, namely the auto recording.
T Man
T Man 3 日 前
@Ponderosa Bones yeah, when they did (in the past) really old places like Colchester castle- the ghosts there would speak olde English. They would legitimately have no understanding of what Ryan and Shane are saying. I’m glad you acknowledge this because I rarely ever see it mentioned. They might as well go speak English to a Spanish ghost lol
Ponderosa Bones
Ponderosa Bones 3 日 前
@T Man exactly, that's kinda why I think, assuming it's legit, that spirits have a hard time communicating with the spirit box... nothing on the radio sounds familiar to them
T Man
T Man 3 日 前
It was so obviously fake lol. Just take a second to realise how differently someone from that time period so long ago would talk and sound. They would not sound, or talk, or have the accent, like we do today- and that’s exactly what they did in the “evidence” lol
Mel A
Mel A 22 日 前
Some of these submitters don't even look like they go to that place too.
parker ヶ月 前
FR… i’m glad i’m not the only one, i am a believer but that… it was laughable
RoyalCupcake ヶ月 前
So the humming was really odd, I’d definitely say that was something, could have also been the wind flowing down into the morgue which is why they didn’t hear it anywhere else. But the “face” behind Shane honestly just seemed like lights outside that disappeared cause he was walking. The dog one was really honestly a good piece of “evidence” but it’s also hard to tell with electronics because they can always malfunction.
T Man
T Man 2 日 前
@Andrew Milles literally true. Do you know how many ways sounds are made? Do you have any idea how many different reasons a hum might be heard? But oh yeah sorry, I forgot- only ghosts can hum! Completely forgot about that fact. Good one buddy. You really are a moron lmao
Andrew Milles
Andrew Milles 2 日 前
@T Man yes “millions of ways” lol
T Man
T Man 3 日 前
@Andrew Milles the “reach” is the literally millions of ways that a humming sound could be made by existing methods, and to you the “not a reach” is saying it’s ghosts? Lmao. Good logic pal
hi 7 日 前
The humming to me sounded a lot like the sound that old pipes sometimes make
Andrew Milles
Andrew Milles 22 日 前
@kt the humming only occurred when asked to hum. I think you’re just reaching.
Jay Reall
Jay Reall ヶ月 前
I like how Shane isn't being as patronizing about ghosts not being real and Ryan is being more rational about some of the "ghost noises" not actually being ghosts. I feel like both of them are meeting in the middle
Queen Hela
Queen Hela ヶ月 前
Beacuse Shane knows that Ryan has become a bit rational. So, he doesn't have to argue with Ryan anymore.😆
Kat ヶ月 前
Same. I have a feeling based off what they’ve said that BuzzFeed encouraged them to play into the bickering, but now that they have their own company they don’t have to act anymore.
Cu Chulainn
Cu Chulainn ヶ月 前
I think the “figure” is the most easily disproven. It’s a window in the room behind Shane, and the “eyes” are the lights of Shane’s gopro reflecting off it. You can see almost the same thing as he walks past the next room, but he’s moving slower so the window in the second room is clearer.
Chilli Bokdog
Chilli Bokdog 6 日 前
Exactly. My immediate thought was that it's a window. I don't get why anyone would think otherwise. It doesn't even look humanlike
William Recinos-Alfaro
Was about to say that. You can literally see the square shape
Andrea Moody
Andrea Moody ヶ月 前
It’s great to see Shane and Ryan again. Ghost Files really has so much time and love put into it. They’ve taken criticism they’ve gotten in the past and improved upon it and it shows how much they appreciate their audience. Ryan really deserved the creative freedom and recognition he’s getting now! 10 out of 10!
mason ̈
mason ̈ ヶ月 前
You guys should put heart rate monitors on Ryan and Shane to see how scared they get. Especially Shane, I wanna see if he’s ever scared.
Srijan Umesh
Srijan Umesh ヶ月 前
that wont work. Shane doesnt have a heart. Did you forget? He is the boss demon
jessica juarez
jessica juarez ヶ月 前
I would love to see this too! I always think Shane talking so much is him trying to calm himself down because deep down he actually feels like if he stays quiet, he’ll hear/see something.
Hickory Lemur
Hickory Lemur ヶ月 前
@Camilla Rose 👀
Maggie Cunningham
Ryan would break the monitor
wizarddragon ヶ月 前
we saw Shane get scared once. In an older episode when an alarm went off in a museum if I remember correctly. he nearly jumped out of his skin. lol
Danni Matter
Danni Matter ヶ月 前
love their whole dynamic but I think one of my favorite things about this series (and unsolved) is that like.. if you do believe in ghosts/demons, the fact that shane is apparently devoid of fear in all of these situations would essentially make him like a protective charm since it’s believed malevolent spirits literally feed off of fear lol
Francesca Patti
Francesca Patti ヶ月 前
Timmy asks the nurses to check under the bed for Shane.
Francesca Patti
Francesca Patti ヶ月 前
The Ghosts when they see Shane: 👁️👄👁️
工ㄖ𝓝讠丂🝗ᗪ ⼕ㄖ爪闩
So if you believe in ghosts, the best advice for protection is don't believe in ghosts, interesting 😂
Chicka-Boom ヶ月 前
When he was pretending to scream on the walkie, my immediate thought was " if this was a horror movie he would be the first to go" lol
Chaos and Spite
Chaos and Spite ヶ月 前
I can't believe the biggest jumpscare came from the fact that I wasn't aware Shane had changed his hair and was distracted when the video started playing so I was not ready whatsoever but seriously so glad you guys are back!!!
Silver Fritz Reah
Me too 😂 😂 😂
Samantha Morris
Samantha Morris ヶ月 前
Me too thought it was a wig
SaraLovelace1 ヶ月 前
The humming is, to me, the most compelling because it's the most consistent with my own experiences and interactions with spirits. The fact that it was on cue when you asked, the fact that it wasn't just one short note and actually seemed to be an attempt to continue your melody, and the fact that it repeats once as if to make sure you heard it, then it's never heard again. I tend to believe aural evidence much more than physical because it takes a spirit *so much* energy to physically manifest change on the environment, and much less to vibrate air waves. Very lovely moment with a spirit having fun with you two. 8D
T Man
T Man 3 日 前
@SaraLovelace1 not all pipes are metal. Also, everyone keeps bringing up the “we never heard it again” and the answer is that they didn’t stay for very long at all, and never went back to the morgue for any extended period of time. It’s a bit annoying that they spend like 10 minutes with a motion detector asking ghosts to eat a candy bar, but when they actually do hear a hum (which I think was a pipe, tbh) they go “okay let’s move on!” lol
SaraLovelace1 7 日 前
@hi hmmm. I have lived in places with old pipes (historic homes ftw) and I have heard them knock, rattle, creak, and groan. But I personally have never heard my pipes hum quite like that. I know the sort of noise you're referencing, it just doesn't sound metallic enough to me.
hi 7 日 前
The humming sounded exactly like the sound that old pipes often make
Reid Williams
Reid Williams ヶ月 前
Yeah don’t get why it’s not more talked about, one of the more compelling things they’ve got
glassEeter ヶ月 前
I have seen so much growth from Ryan. Back in their early days of investigating, Ryan would freak out over evps that, honestly, were nothing. Shane reigns Ryan's fear and excitement back to a reasonable analysis of events. Shane hasn't grown into a believer, but it's obvious he cares about his friend and this show. It's their friendship and opposition of beliefs that makes this show entertaining, and the only paranormal investigation show I trust.
Godd Howard
Godd Howard ヶ月 前
Watching the Boys return is like watching your kids graduate
Ball Point Penus
Ball Point Penus ヶ月 前
Watching the kids return is like watching your boys graduate.
Kate Wilson
Kate Wilson ヶ月 前
There is pomp AND circumstance
Joseph Davies
Joseph Davies ヶ月 前
At least I get to experience one of those things, I suppose.
James Vanderpoel
James Vanderpoel ヶ月 前
It just works
Weird Hamster
Weird Hamster ヶ月 前
funny that you say that because I grew up watching them and I'm going to graduate highschool this year :3
Christopher O'Neil
Even without "klinks and klonks" or any "proof" it's still entertaining to watch Ryan slowly crumbling into madness and Shane completely ambivalent to everything.
Saidielivpig -
Saidielivpig - ヶ月 前
I will say as someone who studies vocal anatomy, the humming sounds are distinctly human sounding. You can hear the air move past the vocal folds pretty clearly, even some nasal resonance. I do NOT believe in ghosts but I think that the humming is by far the most compelling evidence ever captured on this show
T Man
T Man 3 日 前
Lmao. “As someone who studies vocal anatomy” lmaoooo
hi 7 日 前
It also sounded exactly like the noise old pipes make sometimes
Saniyah Ahmad
Saniyah Ahmad ヶ月 前
Garret doing an investigation with Shane and Ryan??? This is amazing
Mikayla ヶ月 前
Ikr!? I audibly gasped when they said that. I’m so excited!
Eilidh McMillan
Eilidh McMillan ヶ月 前
My partner and I rewinded that "ghost figure" section a hundred times and we were both just like "that's just a window reflection". I fully do not understand what you saw, Ryan haha
Kitzi 14 日 前
Thank you for saying that because when he showed it I got the spooks.
Sofia Kaye
Sofia Kaye ヶ月 前
ryan and shane debating over the footage from shane's solo investigation is giving major "I've connected the dots" "you didn't connect shit" "I've connected them" energy
Diurnarius ヶ月 前
@MagnaRyuu I'm pretty sure they make sure there aren't any squatters before they film. Also I don't see why someone would do that, maybe to mess with people but you would think they would do more then like rolling it back. Not saying there isn't a rational explanation but that just doesn't seem likely.
Sparks ヶ月 前
I think I saw something in that doorway for sure, no idea what it was, though.
MagnaRyuu ヶ月 前
@H3its I felt it may have been someone living/staying in the building. They could have also been the one that made the shuffling noises during the ball section of the investigation, and been the one who set the balls in the doorways.
AJ ヶ月 前
@H3its I do. All of these could be very rational explanations lol. Especially the tech, because it bugs all the time.
H3its ヶ月 前
Does anyone else also agree with Shane? I honestly don’t see anything lol
Av8rwaka ヶ月 前
I think the biggest evidence was when Shane asks what the dogs name is and it responded “Steve” 😂
Tokusa ヶ月 前
The best thing about Ghost Files is that, we don't really need evidence for ghost existence here, Ryan and Shane have so huge charisma. We're here to watch those two amazing dudes having fun in interesting locations, and I love it
Peach Tea
Peach Tea ヶ月 前
You know what Ryan, I was on the fence because I think it’s fun to pretend to believe in ghosts but thanks to your encouraging words I will dedicate myself to being a full on Shaniac now
Mockthenerd 5
Mockthenerd 5 26 日 前
@Maeve M logically it just makes sense. The most powerful people in the world have billions of dollars and comapnies with cameras recording at all times. If any of them found definitive proof of an afterlife they'd pay their taxes.
Maeve M
Maeve M ヶ月 前
I'm a fence sitter for the actual episodes for the fun of it, but a Shaniac all the way when they start laying the evidence out in the wrap up like this, lol
on bear feet
on bear feet ヶ月 前
Question for the next debrief: did you guys see much evidence of animal activity at this site? If so, which floors? I ask because the "face" with the "glowing eyes" looked to me more like the reflection of a tapetum lucidum (eyeshine). Basically, it's what makes cat eyes appear to glow in some photos. The building appeared to have woods around it, so animal activity inside isn't impossible. An animal in the room behind Shane might have frozen in place to try to hide from him, only to have his lights reflect off its eyes. Did you find evidence of feral cats, raccoons, or anything else with eyeshine?
Rein Black
Rein Black ヶ月 前
I'm so obsessed with how often Ryan and Shane change their style every time you see them. Gotta disguise themselves so the ghouls wont recognize them I guess
Brie Dalton
Brie Dalton ヶ月 前
@357Nayster was it that serious to comment about it in the first place? Lol like you act all high and mighty so I tell you it was a joke then you cry and shit your panties because you were wrong 😂
Emmett Battle
Emmett Battle ヶ月 前
idk why they look like undercover cops at a skatepark to me in this one lol
Rocknalldatime99 ヶ月 前
@Odin Satanas I mean aside from the fact that a lot of the time they're doing a bit (so Ryan is joking) - for some people the way that indirectness is delivered can come off as condescending or like someone is being talked down to (...kind of like you calling all people who believe in ghosts either liars or gullible lol). It can sound like you're humouring a child about some nonsense they've come up, and regardless of what you believe, literally no one likes being talked to that way. Maybe if you're a skeptic you feel like that's the logical way to approach ghosts and people who believe in them, but even as a skeptic myself who _agrees_ with Shane, I admit that it isn't fun to talk to people who treat you like you're brainless. Not believing in ghost's doesn't mean you think everyone who does is a foolish child or an idiot. A huge part of this community is that's it's a space where skeptics and believers can coexist without taking anything too seriously or being shitty. It's a comedy show where 'ghosts' say Apple Tater or Ja Rule. None of this is ever that deep, it isn't meant to be. And in that vein - Ryan and Shane's entire bit is getting on each other's nerves and bickering, it's literally their brand. Even if they do legitimately get on each other's nerves it's never really all that serious. All of this is in good fun. Ryan isn't really _that_ mad at Shane, and often Shane is TRYING to rile Ryan up and acts coy and indirect for that exact reason. It's all a bit that they play up for the cameras.
357Nayster ヶ月 前
@Brie Dalton was it that serious to lmk 🥶😭
Lilly Luna Potter
I’m a skeptical believer. I believe but I think a lot of what people see is their own fear. I believe it’s out there but I also believe the creaking floor boards and wind are a lot of experiences.
Anni Eno
Anni Eno ヶ月 前
I would love to know how you guys make sure the building is free of squatters. Honestly I'd be more scared of people than ghosts 😭 and I feel like some of this stuff could be explained as an actual person. Like the "children of the corn" lore (idk if it's true or not) about how the actors thought the town was haunted but it was really just the town's kids fucking with them
Taylor ヶ月 前
The Waverley Hills Sanitarium where they went is well maintained because they give ghost tours often so there's probably not any squatters.
Diurnarius ヶ月 前
@Hanna I'm pretty sure it's season 4 episode 11: Family Remains
Hanna ヶ月 前
@Grace Wilson may I know which episode that is?
Grace Wilson
Grace Wilson ヶ月 前
Or that one episode of supernatural. Scared the shit out of me
Mel S
Mel S ヶ月 前
raised muslim in the middle east im conditioned to believe in the paranormal, but shane and ryan’s shows definitely convinced me that most places arent haunted. i do need them to cover some paranormal place with islamic origin though, i think that would help a lot of us with religious trauma lolll
T Man
T Man 3 日 前
@sekai “they’re weirded out so they called a psychic” anyone who has a first response to call a psychic, is not someone who’s experiences or anecdotes I will ever take seriously. Just saying. It’s like Ryan looking for evidence constantly, wanting to believe
NinjapowerMS 11 日 前
Should visit places in China. The stuff I seen there are so wild and real that I don't know it gets faked. Seen Elevator shaft pour blood from above but twenty seconds later when they came back there's no residue.
sekai 28 日 前
@plan3tmarz so a week ago i read someone said that she experienced a scary things. well her and her friends. they just moved to a new workplace and the kids said they saw some kids but the adults def didn't see anyone. and they're weirded out so they called a psychic to help them and apparently what the children saw is true. back then the colonizers left their children when they went back to their country and these kids were starved and die. so the psychic said to the office people to prepare some bread for "them" and left it there. after that some strange things also happened and they also had a prayer together too and the psychic found out some insane incident that someone was killed. afterwards the psychic is like yk "bring" the ghost to the sea so that the situation become peaceful again and yeah it did happen
Hanna ヶ月 前
True as a Muslim we believe there are others besides us but sometimes I think my house is more haunted than these places 😭 reminds me of that one episode where they checked out someone’s house
Ray M.
Ray M. ヶ月 前
fellow raised-muslim-and-conditioned-to-the-paranormal here. people in my country are also so superstitious and in high school i encountered some "paranormal" stuff. the way i dealt with that was to vent and talk about my experiences on discord to internet friends, mostly from the US. the environment my friends brought were so contrasted and very effective to help me convince myself that paranormal stuff isn't real lol
St ヶ月 前
Actually really enjoying the switch between Shane being ya know well behaved on ghostfiles and then just letting loose here. Cause this show is so interesting both because of the actual investigation and the banter. it's nice that you can split it up a little bit but still keep both elements in both series
A Narwhal
A Narwhal ヶ月 前
Every time ryan sees "a figure" it's lit just light bouncing off a surface. His pattern recognition going CRAZY
toni ヶ月 前
Ryan's face when he says "take it away!" and the ghosts actually do take it away is just... chefs kiss. Instantly iconic.
Shruti ヶ月 前
@Ladyhawk's Lair maybe the ghost had a bad sore throat. Don't be so judgemental
Indybot ヶ月 前
Such a perfect moment. Ryan was /j but Waverly was /srs
Lswat Ent
Lswat Ent ヶ月 前
Hey I really believe I can take over the internet I am a crazy funny dude and wanna be the best to ever do it even y'all give me a chance
Victoria Ferguson
makes it even better that Shane caught the second one cause I'm pretty sure Ryan wouldve blacked out :D
Kirat Vyas
Kirat Vyas ヶ月 前
@Ladyhawk's Lair equally scary ngl
Shelby Lester
Shelby Lester ヶ月 前
I love the longer format. Is what we always wanted from you two. So much better, you’re probably one of the only people I can watch on JPvid for a half hour to an hour straight without being bored or distracted
Pankhudi Saraswat
the figure behind shane and the hum noises were some of the most solid evidences they have ever had
T Man
T Man 3 日 前
The figure was literally a reflection of his own camera lights lmao
Alexandria Farkas
Love the idea of the debrief. One of the worst things about ghost shows is the fact that they just take every crick creek and boo as proof and fact. Having the members unpack and talk through things is grrreaat. I AM SO GLAD U BOTH ARE BACK!!
Mystery Junkie
Mystery Junkie ヶ月 前
Imagine how scared Ryan will be if the ghost of The Professor shows up
Christian Wise
Christian Wise ヶ月 前
"I will be aveeeeenged, Beeeeeeef Boooooooyyyyy!"
Zamidge ヶ月 前
I think it's safe to say that Timmy was less scared of being caught in a net and more scared of the actual giant Shane running around in the weird hat screaming "TIIIIIMMEEEEEEEEH!!!!"
Elisa K
Elisa K ヶ月 前
I would be more terrified of a tall man running around screaming my name than being caught in a net
Lucas is of darkness
​@The Grey Turtle Entertainment they would do that
Victoria N
Victoria N ヶ月 前
Omg 😆
ʕ·ᴥ·ʔ ヶ月 前
it's weird that i can hear shane scaring this lmao
Lily Avocados
Lily Avocados ヶ月 前
I'd be scared too 🙂
Carpe Lunam
Carpe Lunam ヶ月 前
I've been to Byron Hotel (California) many times and other abandoned "creepy" places, but I can only dream of living the life your living right now. Urban exploration, video documenting, and hunting for paranormal proof is a dream of mine. I get to live vicariously through you guys in these videos.
Ruby ヶ月 前
I really appreciate you guys being honest and actually showing the times where you don’t get a lot of evidence, to me that shows integrity and that you’re actually invested in finding possible evidence rather than creating it for the views, and that’s what makes the stuff you do capture all the more believable! Can’t wait to see what the rest of the season has in store!!
GigiChoko ヶ月 前
I actually love the new energy and attitude of both in these new series!! Its fun to see Shane participate in the creepy parts even though he's the skeptic :)
WildDomino ヶ月 前
That realization that you don’t pick up on things until after the fact, is so wild. You learn that you were so fearful that you overlooked some clues. I do that as well. Also, Looked like there was also a flicker of light down the hall further from where the balls were found, in the doorways.
Aaron ヶ月 前
The reason I love this show is how genuine the relationship between Ryan and Shane. They don't present it as this perfect, no-conflict friendship. They clearly get on each others nerves at times, often purposefully. That's what real, true friendship is like.
T Man
T Man 3 日 前
I mean, I’m not disagreeing, but having two hosts that disagree and debate and bicker about the topics is pretty much a go-to on most all radio shows, sports casts, podcasts, etc. This is fairly standard. Nobody wants to watch an echo chamber, conflict drives views. It’s the reason we all tune in to watch people argue online lol
Dao S
Dao S ヶ月 前
@KOOFIS Ned from Try Guys
@Brooke who's wife cheater?
thommurph ヶ月 前
@beauenfer ae think there's been a weeeeeee bit of conflict recently.
Brooke ヶ月 前
@beauenfer ae cough, *wife cheater* cough- *cough* still loved their videos tho- *cough*
Mira ヶ月 前
I appreciate Shane’s skepticism since normally I’m scared of even spoofs of scary movies. Not sure if I can watch the actual ghost files episodes, but this is great.
PhilGerb93 3 日 前
No offense but you need to grow a spine lmao
Mockthenerd 5
Mockthenerd 5 26 日 前
I get spooked and I don't even believe in ghosts.
Samantha Porterfield
I’ve always been scared of most ghostly shows or videos even goofy ones like you said. Shane’s attitude has helped me too and he’s also made me kinda of a skeptic.
Shelly Strawberry
I adore this setup where you guys actually go in depth through the footage. That is amazing!! Please keep this up.
Noel McCurry
Noel McCurry ヶ月 前
I love this show. I am so happy you don’t have the weird “creepy” cut-always like every other ghost hunting show out there. Shane-everything is pseudo-science until it’s actual science! I can’t wait to watch the full season! 👏🏻👏🏻
shaneakennedy ヶ月 前
POSSIBLE MISSED EVIDENCE: in the full video you guys released at roughly the 43 minute mark in the body chute you guys get some phonetic responses from the ovilus. Almost sounds like it’s saying “go up, go up, get up” shortly after you guys asked if you should go back up. Ps love the dynamic you guys have, this series will be awesome. Cheers guys
Rae Brader
Rae Brader ヶ月 前
why am i sobbing bc garret finally found friends that care and let him ghost hunt😭😭 we love you garret i’m so excited to see you in future episodes
Jimena Córdova
Jimena Córdova ヶ月 前
I think you guys should release the raw footage. I’m sure some people would be willing to watch 4-6 hours just to find things that you might have missed.
Rob Leavold
Rob Leavold ヶ月 前
So great to have Shane and Ryan back on the case, I have been looking forward to this series since it was first announced and I definitely wasn’t disappointed by the series premier.
Rob Leavold
Rob Leavold ヶ月 前
Ryan giving Shane sass…!!! LOLOL.
Rashida’s Page
Rashida’s Page ヶ月 前
The clip they’re talking about at 20:39 definitely sounded like one of the ppl around was just whispering behind the camera since shane didn’t say it I will that was BS 😂💀 the humming was valid tho the timing was spot on and I saw the aberration as a good one I think that was legit the timing on the noises and figure are on beat ,Shane not immediately thinking the sound was wind and legit thought it was footsteps they got some nice evidence this episode(I’m on the fence I’m not getting off lol🤷🏽‍♀️)
Sophie nah
Sophie nah ヶ月 前
I know Shane's trying to be nice to the viewers but that one audience investigator that had a full on whispery conversation with the ghost was so obviously fake it was actually funny 💀
Abhishek ヶ月 前
@Heulwen Rhosyn the death tunnel of Waverly.. On this channel.. They have a playlist... Ghost files
Crystal Metheny
Crystal Metheny ヶ月 前
@Sophie nah same😂😂😭
ButWhyTho? ヶ月 前
@this or that could be. I try to believe the best in people, and to 98% of us, that’s a “slap in the face” fake. I’ve always noticed that if the parents are way into ghosts, aliens, etc, the kids follow immediately behind and become willing to accept almost anything the parents tell them. The parents also usually funnel cakes onto the kids & kids’ friends because often those are the few immediate ppl they can convince with little effort and feed their need to lie/exaggerate. Ur right though. It could be a stretch (more than likely). Again, I just tend to give ppl a pass if they might have been raised by loony non-truthers lol. … and decide to submit something this ridiculous to a channel like this hahah
predator H2O
predator H2O ヶ月 前
@this or that Definetely.
Heulwen Rhosyn
Heulwen Rhosyn ヶ月 前
What's the name of the video please guys?
lee ヶ月 前
GARRETT RYAN & SHANE, my favorite ghoul finders together!! I am so stoked for what is yet to come this season.
Joanne N. Pristin
I’ve been a fan since Unsolved and what I noticed is that I believe Ryan and his reactions but if I’m in their situation I would most likely react to noises like Shane does. 😂 But I can proudly say I’m a #Boogara because I want to see those evidence. Truly love this show and this channel, please don’t stop. I just hope someday I find the courage to get involve in social media because I really want to ask questions 😅
Ansch ヶ月 前
I'm so excited to see the episode with Garrett! Can't imagine a more iconic crossover 😊
SmittenKitten 22 日 前
They should film an April Fools episode where they set up convincing (and terrifying) scares for Shane, but he doesn't know anything about it. He'll just think it's a regular-schmegular episode, but get legitimately scared. If they pumped enough money into it, they could set up some amazing scares. Of course, it should be filmed well before April Fools so it's not apparent what they're doing, and it could be released on the first of April.
J Wildberry
J Wildberry ヶ月 前
I think it's really cool that Shane and Ryan has managed to create a ghost hunting show that believers AND sceptics find entertaining, and that the comment section isn't a full out war between the sides.
U・ᴥ・U ヶ月 前
​@Jillian Allen I never said I'm a skeptic or not. Spreading negativity certainly sucks ass, but again, it's part of the platform unfortunately. Best thing anyone can do is not taking it personally and seeing discussions as entertaining.
Jillian Allen
Jillian Allen ヶ月 前
@U・ᴥ・U And you just had to be evidence of that, didn't you? Just bc someone comments something you don't agree with doesn't mean you have to respond to it constantly. I don't see believers go in the comments and disagree/argue with every single skeptic, but I see skeptics do it all the time. Again, let's leave the bickering to Shane and Ryan because I'm really tired of seeing it in the comments. I don't mind when people are respectful about it, but sometimes the skeptics are really mean and condescending to people. It's just unnecessary. We're all here for fun
U・ᴥ・U ヶ月 前
@Jillian Allen if someone posts a public comment, someone else is gonna respond to it.
Jillian Allen
Jillian Allen ヶ月 前
I will admit that as a believer, I do get a little annoyed when some skeptics respond to every believer's comment & bicker with them, esp because they can get a little condescending with it at times. Like can we please just leave the bickering to Ryan and Shane?
U・ᴥ・U ヶ月 前
we're just here for ghoul boys :)
CyAA 0627
CyAA 0627 ヶ月 前
Not to be a sceptic, but I think the Shane apparition is actually a window sealed with plastic similar to another window in the same episode. Other than that, I don't know why it's being illuminated when that moment should have zero strong/reflective lights. Nevertheless, it's the experience that's entertaining even if the evidences are either believable or subpar. Well done!
Killian Kelley
Killian Kelley ヶ月 前
Came here to comment that y'all have glowed up so hard since BuzzFeed and I'm so very proud of you guys 🥹 also SO excited that we get 2 episodes (the investigation *and* debrief) per location!!
hollowroot ヶ月 前
Honestly having you guys back has filled me with so much joy
pinkpolarbear 2 日 前
i am so sad that they didnt mention the teddy bear. there were so many knocks in the clip that you cant really blame it on debris falling because of the building being old. well, you can, but in my opinion, that was clearly someone/something knocking. its one of the things that i got freaked out by most in that episode!!! the humming was probably the thing i found scariest but this was a very close runner-up. i felt like my stomach dropped a lil. overall it was such a great episode. i loved it !!
TheOnionQueen ヶ月 前
Never feel disappointed if you don’t get evidence. We don’t watch this for the proof, we watch it because we love you guys! You’re entertaining people!
I watch it for two reasons, the ghoul boys and due to the fact that they don't find any evidence most of the time(cz it's genuine)
el chappo
el chappo ヶ月 前
Some shows fake evidence to make it interesting. Im glad these guys dont
thalius ヶ月 前
Don't care about ghosts I'm here for banter
SomeOddChick ヶ月 前
Same, I don't need proof I already beleive what Imma beleive. Its just fun to watch
EllizaJ. ヶ月 前
Radio.Meddows ヶ月 前
Lex Kim Bobrow
Lex Kim Bobrow ヶ月 前
It does look like a face. But our brains are real good at making faces out of random stimuli, pareidolia and all that. Still creepy as hell though, watching that in the dark is a BLAST. So hype for the show, great job y'all!
Marlana Kendall
Marlana Kendall ヶ月 前
Love the dynamic of Shane and Ryan, especially when it comes to the supernatural. I'm a total skeptic but the teddybear and the knock-knock was cool. The humming, much like other sounds, could be one of a thousand in an old dilapidated building where windows are open, animals are getting in, and wood/pipes/etc are rotting away. As for the specter behind Shame, I couldn't even see it when they drew a circle around it. I mean...yes...there was a white smear...but even my Pareidolia couldn't make a face out that mess. (Also, weren't those just windows and we're seeing the slight illumination from the outside? No idea about the layout though so I could be totally wrong.)
Pruefus ヶ月 前
So excited for the next episode! I'm a full on sceptic but I'm always crossing my fingers that Ryan finds something 😂 The spirit box is always my favourite
Taylor ヶ月 前
PSA to anyone asking about true crime- Ryan and Shane already addressed this question in a Discussing Film interview. They have no plans to make a true crime show. Go check it out. Ultimately, as Ryan said in the article "We made Watcher to be able to host shows we want to make, and I hope that’s apparent"
Hanna S.
Hanna S. ヶ月 前
thank god, enough with youtube true crime.
Bethany Arneson
Bethany Arneson ヶ月 前
Darn! I really liked the heckling of old time-y stuff.
carefulChaotic ヶ月 前
true crime media needs to die out anyway. it just retraumatizes the victims and makes fangirls on twitter glorify the disturbed people doing the crimes. if we keep making so much content about heinous crimes and murders, people will do horrible stuff just to get a TV show. it is literally already happening
JD Media
JD Media ヶ月 前
@𝔗𝔞𝔢 ℑ𝔩 My point was they were needlessly trying to argue with me over my comment. As they demonstrated numerous times by repeatedly insulting me.
𝔗𝔞𝔢 ℑ𝔩
@JD Media you made no points😭
You will have to be so careful about including audience-provided evidence. The conversation that woman obviously hoaxed is exactly why
Hannah Glass
Hannah Glass ヶ月 前
Shane and Ryan SERIOUSLY need to do a collab ghost hunt with the Ghost Brothers!! Those five together would be comedy and paranormal gold!
Joelle Murray
Joelle Murray ヶ月 前
Omg I love the ghost brothers 😆 that would be amazing!
Ana Hernandez
Ana Hernandez ヶ月 前
I love how they don't beep out curse words as well because it just feels more real
Sara Bueno
Sara Bueno ヶ月 前
I love y'all I'm glad you guys are back in the ghoul world :)
Kaitlyn ヶ月 前
I’m a skeptic in the fact that I don’t believe every place that is claimed to be haunted is haunted. I’m a believer in the fact that I’m a witch and 100% believe that ghosts and demons are real.
Atariiii ヶ月 前
I absolutely love these episodes! It allows for more community involvement in the ghost files series and allows for debunking
1995susan1995 ヶ月 前
Great job watcher team! So happy you made this show. High quality content
Krystin Mercy
Krystin Mercy ヶ月 前
Love that you're still doing the debriefs!! These are my favorite parts of the episodes!!
nef nuk
nef nuk ヶ月 前
At this point I'm convinced if Shane actually experiences something that'd make him believe he's gonna interpret it as psychosis
T Man
T Man 3 日 前
@Lady Beyond The Wall skeptics are logically superior. Even as someone who believes in ghosts, I know I have no way to prove it. I know it’s factually more likely to be simply something else. It’s the Same as god. I can’t prove he’s real, that’s what FAITH is for. That’s why faith is important
hi 7 日 前
That would be the most logical explanation. Psychosis is a real scientifically proven mental condition, whereas there's not even the smallest grain of actual scientific evidence that ghosts exist
Lady Beyond The Wall
@Presently Crescent People GET that. They're simply saying, there's almost no point in trying to see if Shane will ever see a ghost if he will literally NEVER admit he's seen a ghost under basically any circumstances. At the point one realizes that, especially if one does believe in ghosts and watches this show for that purpose, it's just a goofy show in which the skeptics in the comments get to feel and act superior to anyone who has actually experienced anything and believes in ghosts. 🤷🏻‍♀
predator H2O
predator H2O ヶ月 前
I mean, it'd be the logical conclusion.
Julia Weasley
Julia Weasley ヶ月 前
LOL He would definitely explain it away like that.
Hee-hoo ヶ月 前
I find myself being definitely more of a shaniac, but the humming sounds human-made as opposed to wind. Also, I'm excited to see the evidence that you'll find where Garrett also investigated.
LZ ヶ月 前
I'm so excited for this season, and loved the premiere. I appreciate the honesty regarding evidence and am really looking forward to seeing the collaboration with Garrett Watts
bir liso
bir liso ヶ月 前
Ryan's face when he says "take it away!" and the ghosts actually do take it away is just... chefs kiss. Instantly iconic.
ً ヶ月 前
gotta love ryan’s shocked pikachu face !
Sachi0629 Hijon
Sachi0629 Hijon ヶ月 前
i was here when they did unsolved series and i love watching them. Their dynamic with each other makes ghost hunting comical and fun to watch. Definitely excited they decided to continue doing this! ^_^ Yall should come to San Antonio, there is ALOT of ghost sightings and stories here!
Asa ヶ月 前
shane suggesting the dog ghost was a man doing puppy play is KILLING me
Asa ヶ月 前
Ty Bronx
Ty Bronx ヶ月 前
That mental image was more terrifying than anything else on this show lmao 🤣
King Casino
King Casino ヶ月 前
FRRRRR i was just sketching while watching and when he said that i fucking WHIPPED my head up........i fumking hurt my neck, too ;-;
Kayla Hatfield
Kayla Hatfield ヶ月 前
No I literally died I swear 😂
Eva Konopka
Eva Konopka ヶ月 前
@Georgia Kuchinsky 7:02
The Wizard
The Wizard ヶ月 前
i think when the seasons of ghost files are over they should be released on dvd and/or vhs with the debriefs as bonus features so we can collect them and the ghost boys can have a little retro ghost hunting moment :))
Katharine Isabella
Anyone else notice when Shane said “unsolved” 🤍. End of an era, but unbelievably excited/happy for them with Ghost Files, excellently produced and edited. Glad they’re finally free to do their own thing and put their own special flare on it
ButWhyTho? ヶ月 前
So how do we submit something to these guys? I’ve had something from Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum for about 10 years and have no idea what to do with it. Still have the cannon power shot camera it was taken with and the original photo. Would love to see what these guys have to say about it.
ButWhyTho? ヶ月 前
I’m assuming it’s only through Patreon maybe? Sucks cause I’m -$18 (this month and every month lolll).
Gisselle Castillo
Y’all’s awkwardness always kills me 💀 love you guys! So beyond happy y’all came back!!! And even better! ✨
Kedo ヶ月 前
The reason I love this show is how genuine the relationship between Ryan and Shane. They don't present it as this perfect, no-conflict friendship. They clearly get on each others nerves at times, often purposefully. That's what real, true friendship is like.
couu alis
couu alis ヶ月 前
Ryan's face when he says "take it away!" and the ghosts actually do take it away is just... chefs kiss. Instantly iconic.
miou joer
miou joer ヶ月 前
Ryan's face when he says "take it away!" and the ghosts actually do take it away is just... chefs kiss. Instantly iconic.
Krysta ヶ月 前
skeptics want to be in the room when it happens and hear it/see it. im with shane, those voice clips and pictures mean nothing
Spark ヶ月 前
I’m surprised they didn’t bring up the teddy bear footage. That to me was a lot more compelling than the ‘figure’ behind Shane which looks like it’s just a reflection in a window. Maybe that’s just me. But seriously loving everything that Ryan and Shane are doing at Watcher and can’t wait for what comes next!
Melanie Fletcher
Melanie Fletcher ヶ月 前
Yeah the figure I can barely tell is there or is a figure, but the teddy bear was freaky
Emma Shaw
Emma Shaw ヶ月 前
coriander ヶ月 前
tng dwn
tng dwn ヶ月 前
@Ryan Campbellbarrows Thanks!
Ryan Campbellbarrows
@tng dwn it was aroudn 28 minutes in the original episode, they left a teddy bear that asked pre-recorded questions, and when it knocked in a rythym, it sounded like something knocked or thudded back
bowen voowy
bowen voowy ヶ月 前
Ryan's face when he says "take it away!" and the ghosts actually do take it away is just... chefs kiss. Instantly iconic.
Timothy James
Timothy James ヶ月 前
16:35 is my favorite moment of the debrief. Perfectly defines the dynamic.
Roobly ヶ月 前
I just like how they don't force a conclusion on you, they give you evidence and you get to decide, personally I'm with Shane for the most part. Ghosts could be real, but I don't believe in things unless there is solid proof.
Jayson Sudario
Jayson Sudario ヶ月 前
Hey Ryan and Shane! we love watching your show here in the Philippines, I wish you can investigate here our top 3 most haunted places here in our country : 1.Clark Air Base Hospital (Angeles, Pampanga) 2. Laperal Mansion (Baguio City) 3. Diplomat Hotel (Baguio City)
Mistress Of Monsters
I love that the debrief is just an excuse for Shane and Ryan to roast each other even more over ghosts. 10/10
Rae Carson
Rae Carson ヶ月 前
The Roast Files!!!
dxnie22 ヶ月 前
It gives me life 😂❤
bowen voowy
bowen voowy ヶ月 前
still have that side of him in the debrief like this
Iris Moon
Iris Moon ヶ月 前
Science was born from a healthy mix of imagination and investigation of the unknown. And scientists didn't always know why things worked, they just knew that they did. I, for one, am fine with there never being definitive scientific proof that ghosts exist. It's a wonderful mystery that anyone can explore and find personally rewarding.
"You could see us bicker all day..." AND I WILL! It is a great motivator to me watching the show, you're both great!
Natalie Parsons
Natalie Parsons ヶ月 前
I'm so happy to get more spooky content from you guys!!!!!!!!
Chanttelle owens
Chanttelle owens ヶ月 前
Once again another great show keep up the great work guys. Looking forward to see yr new videos i hope they're gonna be just as good as these ones 😎😚😚
Hairless Chimp
Hairless Chimp ヶ月 前
im so happy theres a fresh ryan and shane show because ive rewatched buzzfeed unsolved at least 9 or 10 times
Kat Eliseo
Kat Eliseo ヶ月 前
Same I had favorite episodes that I probably watched 20x already
Hairless Chimp
Hairless Chimp ヶ月 前
@poughkeepsies yeah ik but talkin bout "ghost hunting"
Hairless Chimp
Hairless Chimp ヶ月 前
@Irene Antonius i deadass play it in the background sometimes on my phone while im playing video games
jiyooo ヶ月 前
Casey Avalon
Casey Avalon ヶ月 前
Saaaaaame! I love how Ryan narrates, his voice is soothing, and Shane makes it light and funny.
Sharpe Films
Sharpe Films ヶ月 前
I’ll admit I watched the episode on my phone and my brightness was pretty low so I didn’t really see much of anything behind Shane. However I cranked the brightness up for when it was paused this time and yeah, that is definitely a bit creepy looking. Maybe it’s just because we’ve gotten so used to seeing them with the pandemic but doesn’t it kinda look like the figure is wearing a medical mask even which would kinda check out for a TB hospital.
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