Evidence of Waverly Hills Sanatorium • Ghost Files Debrief 

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@watcher 年 前
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I love this show because they aren't trying to convince you ghosts are real, they're just like "here's what we found, Shane thinks it's fake"
In the moment, Shane felt the noises sounded enough like someone moving around near him that he said he thought Ryan was messing with him. To me, that feels more significant than anything else. Shane is pretty decent about calling stuff wind or whatever, even when it sounds a lot like something like footsteps or a voice. But whatever he heard, he wasn't able to say it was anything other than someone moving around
They should film an April Fools episode where they set up convincing (and terrifying) scares for Shane, but he doesn't know anything about it. He'll just think it's a regular-schmegular episode, but get legitimately scared. If they pumped enough money into it, they could set up some amazing scares. Of course, it should be filmed well before April Fools so it's not apparent what they're doing, and it could be released on the first of April.
@tianshans 年 前
sorry but shane talking to osmo like “what the fuck are you doing embarrassing me in front of the ghost” was definitely one of the best moments of the episode
@sotrue5413 年 前
I'm a believer like Ryan, but I'm sorry Ryan, I couldn't see a figure in the doorway. My favorite evidence was the balls perfectly aligning themselves under two doorways, next to each other. I thought that was so crazy and couldn't understand how Ryan was so chill about it in the episode! I'm glad he's acknowledging it now, though.
As an audio engineer, I find a lot of whispering when I go to edit my recordings. It's absolutely me, I just don't always remember saying things. I could easily see questioning whispering within hours of audio from a creepy location, but microphones will absolutely pick up whispering that's inaudible from a foot away.
I think it's safe to say that Timmy was less scared of being caught in a net and more scared of the actual giant Shane running around in the weird hat screaming "TIIIIIMMEEEEEEEEH!!!!"
I like how Shane isn't being as patronizing about ghosts not being real and Ryan is being more rational about some of the "ghost noises" not actually being ghosts. I feel like both of them are meeting in the middle
love their whole dynamic but I think one of my favorite things about this series (and unsolved) is that like.. if you do believe in ghosts/demons, the fact that shane is apparently devoid of fear in all of these situations would essentially make him like a protective charm since it’s believed malevolent spirits literally feed off of fear lol
So the humming was really odd, I’d definitely say that was something, could have also been the wind flowing down into the morgue which is why they didn’t hear it anywhere else. But the “face” behind Shane honestly just seemed like lights outside that disappeared cause he was walking. The dog one was really honestly a good piece of “evidence” but it’s also hard to tell with electronics because they can always malfunction.
I love how strong Shane’s skepticism is: he could meet a ghost, who told him he was a ghost and he’d be like, “agree to disagree”.
I think the “figure” is the most easily disproven. It’s a window in the room behind Shane, and the “eyes” are the lights of Shane’s gopro reflecting off it. You can see almost the same thing as he walks past the next room, but he’s moving slower so the window in the second room is clearer.
@mason-qk3yp 年 前
You guys should put heart rate monitors on Ryan and Shane to see how scared they get. Especially Shane, I wanna see if he’s ever scared.
@glassEeter 年 前
I have seen so much growth from Ryan. Back in their early days of investigating, Ryan would freak out over evps that, honestly, were nothing.
Even without "klinks and klonks" or any "proof" it's still entertaining to watch Ryan slowly crumbling into madness and Shane completely ambivalent to everything.
The humming is, to me, the most compelling because it's the most consistent with my own experiences and interactions with spirits. The fact that it was on cue when you asked, the fact that it wasn't just one short note and actually seemed to be an attempt to continue your melody, and the fact that it repeats once as if to make sure you heard it, then it's never heard again.
@Av8rwaka 年 前
I think the biggest evidence was when Shane asks what the dogs name is and it responded “Steve” 😂
i am so sad that they didnt mention the teddy bear. there were so many knocks in the clip that you cant really blame it on debris falling because of the building being old. well, you can, but in my opinion, that was clearly someone/something knocking. its one of the things that i got freaked out by most in that episode!!! the humming was probably the thing i found scariest but this was a very close runner-up. i felt like my stomach dropped a lil. overall it was such a great episode. i loved it !!
Ryan's face when he says "take it away!" and the ghosts actually do take it away is just... chefs kiss. Instantly iconic.