Everything Wrong With the Batman in 26 Minutes or Less

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The Batman! A 10 hour superhero movie where it rains all the time and it's awesome. Oh, and it has sins too. Duh.

Thursday: Animated adventure sins.

Remember, no movie is without sin. Which movie's sins should we count next?

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Obinna Onyeije
Obinna Onyeije 16 日 前
Y'know, I actually liked the fact that the movie was 8 hours long. I mean, I get that some people might get bored or lose focus or want to go to the bathroom sometime in that 9 hour period, but I thought it was good for the pacing of the story, and I had a good 10 hours to spare that weekend, so why not? If anything, I think more studios should be willing to commit to 11-hour runtimes.
lemon j
lemon j 日 前
I like that I started this movie in late winter, it really adds to the dark ambience. Then as I continued watching it into spring it gave me a sense of hope. Now it's mid summer and the movie has a sense of calm and that all is well, but we all know that the leaves will fall come Autumn time. And then of course the impending doom of knowing that winter is coming. I'm looking forward to seeing how it unfolds. Edit: I highly recommend watching this sat on a deckchair in an outdoor cinema to really get the full surround sense effect.
Xavi Conde
Xavi Conde 2 日 前
I started watching it on March 25th, and so far I'm loving every second of it.
Shake&Bake38 2 日 前
kim ngo
kim ngo 4 日 前
Obinna Onyeije
Obinna Onyeije 5 日 前
@Bully Maguire Every time Jeremy mentions the runtime in the video he adds an extra hour.
TimeBucks 15 日 前
I love how throughout the video, the movie got progressively longer
Editing maybe
Editing maybe 5 日 前
@Jesus Saves! god was nailed to a cross not a boomerang
abraan lincol
abraan lincol 5 日 前
emann Central
emann Central 5 日 前
@Jesus Saves! Did you also know the law says a man cannot pay for another man sin Ezekiel says father cannot be put to death for son nor son put to death for father
emann Central
emann Central 5 日 前
@Jesus Saves! Hey!Did you know God comes from the Hebrew name gad!?(pronounced gawd)If you look up the name it's the exact same sound (transliteration) and gad is a pagan diety of good fortune and luck(hence in God we trust,isiah 65:11).Did you also know the eternal law given to Moses says the names of gods shall not come out of our tongue!!!? (Exodus 23:13)Did you also know baal is another false mighty one mentioned in the Bible !!? Did you know baal is hebrew and if you translate baal to English it's lord???( Jeremiah 33:27)
Marceline Huntress
@motoXjake it was slow. Also I thought I was there to watch The Batman not The Flying Squirrel lol.
ClockFink 13 日 前
Fun fact: Bruce aggressively buys Gotham real estate so that he can instal cameras, gear caches, technically not be trespassing when he lurks, and YUP, install skylights to sneak and/or dramatically burst through. This is actually canon in certain comic continuities (albeit prolly not this movie’s)
Factual 5 日 前
Batman not worried about getting caught trespassing lol everything else I agree with
ronan O kane
ronan O kane 8 日 前
He doesn't buy them he aggressively markets waynetech to buildings in the city, I think because he has the cameras programmed to not detect him and in the arkham series at least he makes sure the vents are big enough to allow him to fit through.
Suraj Krishnaa
Suraj Krishnaa 9 日 前
The part where the thug yells "who the hell are you supposed to be?" is actually in context with the Halloween night. The thug might've thought it's someone dressed up as the batman, and with him attacking, everyone immediately realize that's it's the real deal!
Suraj Krishnaa
Suraj Krishnaa 2 日 前
@Lia Dewi Susilowati Exactly
Lia Dewi Susilowati
before the thug guy said "now who the hell u supossed to be?" he said "see this guy" it mean they thought he's someone dressed like batman 😮
BrosephComrade 3 日 前
Dhe Blurryman
luc tan
luc tan 4 日 前
Suraj Krishnaa
Suraj Krishnaa 6 日 前
@OJ Pimpson it was Halloween night mahn!
Jeff LePage
Jeff LePage 15 日 前
I'm kind of disappointed you didn't sin the fact that the police force had him unconscious on a table in the police station and nobody thought to unmask him or even take all of his gadgets away. He's still a criminal.
MrJentu 2 日 前
@Shockwave He's committing an act of vigilantism, so forget civil rights. He's breaking the law. They unmask you when they arrest you. Plus 40 cops don't take a corpse to interrogation. He'd have woken up in a morgue somewhere. Look if you liked the movie, that's fine. I really did not.
Shockwave 2 日 前
@MrJentu That is a civil rights violation, Gotham cops are dirty but not that dirty enough. Plus he was considered dead after the blast but he survives
BrosephComrade 3 日 前
Unmâsk Le Truth
thi tran
thi tran 7 日 前
MrJentu 7 日 前
@Mezonis yes I saw. But my point is, why didn’t they take it off him at the scene of the DA exploding, while Batman was unconscious for god knows how long, and every cop but Gordon hates him. It’s beyond stupid.
Ben Gilhooly
Ben Gilhooly 15 日 前
Colin Farrell was honestly one of the best parts of this movie. I heard that he was playing the Penguin but when I saw him on screen I didn’t even think that was him because it looked nothing like him. Probably one of the best portrayals of a DC villain in live action
BrosephComrade 3 日 前
Colin Farrell's Peŋguin > danny devito's peŋguin > robert deniro's al capone
Caped Crusader Reviews!
He isn’t Robin Lord Taylor but for a 3 hour movie, he was all right.
Ben Gilhooly
Ben Gilhooly 5 日 前
@Ugly German Truths Mike Myers was the Riddler?
Ugly German Truths
I feel the figure/costume and all has still a good deal fo recognizable similarity to the figure, without going all overboard like the bargain basement Mike Myers Riddler...
KS 10 日 前
@Samur/Aye I mean it's funny you say that because Ledger's Joker is the most comic accurate in characterisation for sure, which I'd argue is easily the most important area to be accurate to the source material. His motivations, outlook on the world and dynamic with Batman are adapted perfectly and while he doesn't look or at a surface level act all that similar to the comic Joker, he's still the most accurate in all the ways that matter. The Joker doesn't have a canonical origin story. He has many POSSIBLE canon origins but it's never been outright confirmed. You mention the Killing Joke and even in that comic he talks about how he doesn't even remember his past properly and that the one you see in that book might not even be real. Joker is meant to be a kind of twisted force of nature who you comes out of no where. There isn't a correct backstory for him.
Lord Drakkon
Lord Drakkon 15 日 前
In my opinion I think this movie was created just because of the fact that people forget that Bruce/Batman is also a detective. The previous movies often forget about that fact, and just focus on him being a crime fighter. This movie mainly focuses on him solving various crimes around the city rather than going out there and fighting crime
Adina Kruijssen
This thread is so petty lol, like people spend time and effort writing up valid reasons for their point and then ruin their whole argument/perception by being douches and insulting each other for no reason. Like chill and just enjoy discussing your interests!
BrosephComrade 3 日 前
The Bulletproof Sparkliŋg Batman was a tribute to Robert Pattinson's previous work as a “sparkliŋg” vampire in the Twilight Saga
wat 3 日 前
what you said doesnt relate to the video at all
iWunderful 5 日 前
@Kush Patel so… you’re saying the linear and obvious detective work is excused… because Batman sucks at detective work in this film? Doesn’t make the detective work any better or less obvious
Julian Mack
Julian Mack 11 日 前
In the 3 months it took for me to watch this movie, I was thoroughly impressed with the cinematography of it all… Definitely A+
BrosephComrade 3 日 前
Something In Le Way
James Wormsley
James Wormsley 5 日 前
Luke Moses
Luke Moses 15 日 前
I agree. Michael Giacchino's score rules like his work on The Incredibles, Mission Impossible, Up, and other movies. His score really shines through in a movie that is nearly a black screen.
BrosephComrade 3 日 前
Nirvana's “Something in dhe Wayne” has already been done to death in “Jarhead” (2005)
Tuxedo Braxton
Tuxedo Braxton 8 日 前
He did scores for Lost too, didn’t he?
Krunk Cobain
Krunk Cobain 10 日 前
@Reynical I completely understood what they were trying to do,but it doesn't work as a writing device and that's why it's a plot hole. There's a difference between enjoyment and understanding, apparently a concept the Batman fan children don't yet grasp lol
Nathanael Naused
Nathanael Naused 10 日 前
@Kush Patel No it didn't 😂
Reynical 11 日 前
@Krunk Cobain you thinks its a plot hole just because you don't understand something doesn't mean its bad it has a 7.9 on IMDB and a 85 on rotten tomato it just seems like you dont understand the film
Ivan E
Ivan E 8 日 前
Another great video. It made me realize why the simple skintight cloth old school costumes were more inconspicuous; you could easily keep them under your clothes, even the masks which just had to be under collar. What do they do with that modern bulky, unflexable body armor? Wouldn't it be way bulkier looking if kept under the civies? And if not, how do you just switch into it, or even lug it around Inconspicuously?
BrosephComrade 3 日 前
It wokes the line∴
Dixie Normous
Dixie Normous 15 日 前
Sin 5: Actually, yes; that's exactly how they do it. It's a long pole with a hook (or whatever tool is needed based on the skylight) on the end. Some of them even have a pully mechanism like window blinds, where one direction opens it and the other closes. It's like being flabbergasted by the idea of how anyone reaches any sort of high place; we have many tools and mechanisms for such tasks.
Adina Kruijssen
I think the way it works is that by pulling it quick enough you “trip” the button or clip or whatever that was keeping the length in place, and the wire is then free to quickly roll back up
Adina Kruijssen
It’s like those earbud ring holders where you can slowly pull the wire, but if you do a quick tug it pulls it back in. Also kinda like a seatbelt but instead of the hard tug halting the pull it triggers it.
Kush Patel
Kush Patel 7 日 前
@sskies not even strict he’s just desperate to nit pick it used to be funny but now it’s just sad to see how far this channel has fallen
sskies 7 日 前
@Kush Patel EXACTLY, this dude is so strict
Kush Patel
Kush Patel 13 日 前
It ain’t a cinemasins video if he doesn’t purposefully sin things that have no need to be sinned
Batman_Fan_F 13 日 前
I really liked this movie. I really hope they make a sequel. I want the main villain of the sequel to be Hush (Thomas Elliot), because I think that this type of a Batman could do Hush some justice. It would also be nice to see a villain in a Batman movie that we haven't seen in the movies before. I am getting tired of them recycling villains. Batman has such a huge rogues gallery, why not use someone different instead of recycling the same five villains everytime you make a new trilogy?
BrosephComrade 3 日 前
John Turturro also played Shooter in “Le Secret Window” (2004) alongside (Justice for) Johnny Depp
Mister One Two
Mister One Two 7 日 前
@randomcommentguy that's a fair point.
Anthony Wayne
Anthony Wayne 7 日 前
I'm surprised nobody found it a bit odd that during the scene where the Riddler revealed the "truth" about Thomas Wayne having Carmine Falcone kill the reporter who was going to doing an expose on Martha Wayne and her family they revealed that the reporter's last name was Elliott and then it flashed the word HUSH during Riddler's documentary right after he mentioned hush money for that reporter. I found it to be a bit too much of a coincidence. Elliott/Hush.
randomcommentguy 11 日 前
@Mister One Two I like Hush, but he feels better for a more established and experienced Batman. Since Pattinson's version is a beginner, I don't see Hush as a good villain for the next film.
Mister One Two
Mister One Two 11 日 前
I've argued the merit of having Hush be the next villain, and obviously cut out the Riddler's role in that story arc, a thousand times already on discords and JPvid. But everyone keeps saying they want Freeze
rsalbreiter 10 日 前
1. The car chase was extra great because of how the nearby cars reacted. Most car chases all the surrounding cars either ignore the chase or all immediately crash and explode for no reason. This just felt real. 2. When I saw this in the theater I could hear someone nearby say "roll credits" during the roll credits moment. They aren't loud or disruptive, it was beautiful
BrosephComrade 3 日 前
“Something in dhe Wayne”
Mr. Dr. Prof. Patrick
Sometimes other cars simply don’t exist 😂😂
Tyler Harris
Tyler Harris 15 日 前
When it comes to following/ being followed while in traffic, I used to drive about an hour to see family every weekend and there was almost always a blue dodge that got on the interstate when I did and took the same exit when i did. I thought it was weird at first but we kind of became buddies honking and flashing lights whenever we noticed each other. Never bothered to actually meet them though.
Ryan 12 日 前
@Carlos Santana *record scratch* *freeze frame* “Yeah, that’s me. You’re probably wondering how I got here.”
Carlos Santana
Carlos Santana 12 日 前
@Ryan I think that movie starts with them in the trunk of that blue dodge.
Ryan 13 日 前
You could make a movie out of that
Oversoul Gaming
Oversoul Gaming 16 日 前
I just like that the Riddler was basically Jigsaw in this movie because that's pretty in line with how he is in the Arkham Games. Not only does he place a bunch of riddles around the city that you have to figure out but he kidnaps people and puts them in traps that you have to save them from. Which... also involves solving riddles/puzzles.
KS 14 日 前
@Mike E I mean most of Batman's villains are actually mentally ill. Riddler is very eccentric and over the top, it's a core character trait of his. They already strayed pretty far from the source material with his design and some of his methods so it was important to keep his mannerisms similar. If he was rational and calm it just wouldn't even be the Riddler at that point.
enishi4ty5 14 日 前
@Fredster !! he should be scarier than he is as should most of the villains. im just sayin they all put fear into the victims they torment, and batman puts fear into them. riddler actually being scary doesnt take away from the scarecrow, and id say to REALLY sell scarecrow id like to see some freddy krueger esque stuff like they did with mysterio but actually…horror. i agree to disagree for the rest tho lol
Fredster !!
Fredster !! 14 日 前
@enishi4ty5 Diminishing what Scarecrow does to "cuz he uses fear gas" is really underselling him, tbh. Plus, I said Scarecrow should be the scariest out of all of them, since that's his whole thing.
enishi4ty5 14 日 前
@Fredster !! i said ALL of batmans villains should be terrifying tbh not just the Scarecrow. he uses a fear gas to bring your fears to life, and thats tough, but he isnt the only fear manifestor in batmans list of villain. Joker is scary for being a super serial killer who appears anywhere and kill gruesomely leaving a smile on the victims face, or like someone said, riddler kidnapping people and forcing a riddle to be solved or they die is also a scary thing to do (a la jigsaw). batman villains are terrifying in their own way, not just scarecrow cuz he uses fear gas
Jonontoast 14 日 前
@RT-106 Music Sherlock is absolute garbage 🤣 especially Moriarty.
Philip Alexander Hassialis
This movie did a few things right for the character. I liked that he was seen openly working with the police, that he was a first responder and acted as a hero helping people get out of the rabble at the end, his brutality when he has to be brutal - and Riddler wasn't half bad either. But, seriously, there was so much fat, a more concise script could have all the same beats and story points in 1 hour less. Plus the final idea of the Riddler pulling a Dark Knight Joker thing and attempting to "see the world burn", well, that was utter bs. Props to Kravitz, she did pull a good Catwoman and Pattison did a good job given the material. But seriously, next movie, a bit more color and a bit more friggin light, k? Sure, Batman is "dark and brooding" but comeon, it was hard to see some stuff on the screen at some points in the film.
Jay Koey
Jay Koey 20 時間 前
Bit more color ? Thre shades of every color dude
BrosephComrade 3 日 前
Darkness le bad, m'kay??
coveringfish 11 日 前
You’re both right. This style of color grading is impossible to replicate. Also the movie is meant for oled screens in dark rooms or Dolby theatres
Gellert_TV 12 日 前
I thought the movie would've been darker, it was more colored than expected
Jenna S.
Jenna S. 14 日 前
All sins aside, this movie was fantastic. They made everything about Batman more realistic. I saw it in theaters and loved everything. The color scheme, the music, the bat signal, which is far more realistic than the previous movies have made him out to be. He's not a superhero, but an incredibly intelligent vigilante. The batmobile is more realistic and the flying scene in his suit where he is attempting to land, but struggles with it like every other normal person makes him easier to resonate with. I love how Batman and Commissioner Gordon are more like partners rather than uninvolved with each other in the past. And mind you, Robert Pattinson's performance was surprisingly great for this role!
Richard Wever
Richard Wever 3 日 前
@RMG agreed. a convoluted mess
Alestorm5000 8 日 前
I thought the long Halloween did the story a lot better.
RMG 8 日 前
I thought the story was all over the place... But if you got your money's worth then great
Gabe Vigdor
Gabe Vigdor 8 日 前
i loved this movie as well
Jhen- 🔥𝐆𝐨 𝐓𝐨 𝐌𝐲 𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐧𝐧𝐞𝐥 [𝐋!𝐯𝐞]🔞
Colin Farrell was honestly one of the best parts of this movie. I heard that he was playing the Penguin but when I saw him on screen I didn’t even think that was him because it looked nothing like him. Probably one of the best portrayals of a DC villain in live action
Zom 13 日 前
If Batman and Gordon were actually good detectives and decided to look up where the pictures were taken then the movie would've been over in 30 mins instead of the 12 hrs
BrosephComrade 3 日 前
“It sēēmz az if in Бatman mōviez ov dhe modeяn eяa, dhe бlacк guy'z joб iz tu pяovîde punčhlinez foя dhe douя шhite guy” - Maяc Бeяnaяdin
In The Basement
In The Basement 15 日 前
I love that the movie got longer every time he mentioned the runtime
M C 13 日 前
@Death is only the beginning So wrong yet its just so right. You deserve the Best Comment award.
Chiziterem Ndukwe-Nwoke
Went from 3, progressively to 7 hours 😂😂😂😂
Jesus Saves!
Jesus Saves! 15 日 前
Your worries (yes, anxiety), depression, suicidal thoughts, EVERYTHING will melt away and be NO MORE when you lean on God and put your trust in him! When I have physical pain, I literally pray and the Lord quells it, that I am healed! Know that there is power in the name Jesus Christ! His name casts out demons and heals! People are bothered by his name. The world hates the truth and wants to continue living sinfully! God's children are set apart (holy) and righteous.
Zeina 🔥 21 y.0 -check My V!deo
Genuinely laughed out loud when Jeremy Batman-growled “Little Caesar’s”
BrosephComrade 3 日 前
Genuinely laughed out loud when Jeremy Batman-growled “Little Caesar’s”
Adriano 9 日 前
I really love this movie! In my personal opinion its a masterpiece
TheHuskyGT 12 日 前
I just finished watching the movie and came back to see in my recommended. The only way I can describe this movie is that it's like Watchmen. Long, pretentious, not necessarily bad, not great either, but no one could pay me enough to sit through those seven and a half hours again.
Rebbecca- 🔥𝐆𝐨 𝐓𝐨 𝐌𝐲 𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐧𝐧𝐞𝐥 [𝐋!𝐯𝐞
Jeremy interjecting "Little Caesar's" whenever Battinson is listing things is the funniest thing in this video.
Meghanne Thomas
Meghanne Thomas 15 日 前
Genuinely laughed out loud when Jeremy Batman-growled “Little Caesar’s” 😂😂😂
Peeko_luxX 11 日 前
Yooooo one of those moments I gotten bored of the video and read this as he said it 💀
Pauly Guitary
Pauly Guitary 12 日 前
@J35ON it’s spelled d00d
J35ON 13 日 前
dood same i rofl coptered out the teater wen i saw dat
Mike Bircher
Mike Bircher 15 日 前
Same. I lost my shit at that.
Courtney 14 日 前
I actually really enjoyed this film! Even after being dragged to it unwillingly by my son. I thought it was brilliant!
Rivka 🔥 21 y.0 -check My V!deo
Colin Farrell was honestly one of the best parts of this movie. I heard that he was playing the Penguin but when I saw him on screen I didn’t even think that was him because it looked nothing like him. Probably one of the best portrayals of a DC villain in live action
William Thornton
I've been watching cinema sins for years and these keep getting funnier, new writers? better delivery? idk but keep doing what y'all are doing
Nerdy Foxes
Nerdy Foxes 12 日 前
"But when I'm out there driving, if a vehicle is directly behind me for more than three minutes I generally assume I'm about to get murdered." I'm.. honestly glad I'm not the only one.
The Evil Overlord
I love how the movie just keeps getting longer everytime the runtime is brought up
scarletspidernz 11 日 前
1:13 usually skylights like that have a crank winch mounted on the wall at human height level which you turn to open/close. Hot air rises so its a way to let the hot air out and let fresh cool air enter the room for floor level via crack gaps etc 4:49 looks like water dripping above it
Bradley Miranda
Bradley Miranda 2 日 前
I thought the same thing to myself while watching in the theater, “if there’s already a bat signal then that means he’s established, so how doesn’t this guy know who he is? Did he just roll into town and start committing crime? Did no one tell him? What’s this random thugs backstory?”
Trystan Michels
Trystan Michels 15 日 前
Love how every time he mentions the runtime of the movie he increases the number of hours it is 😂
Coolidge Dollar
Coolidge Dollar 15 日 前
As someone who remembers seeing Paul Dano play young asocial weirdos in a handful of films 10-15 years ago, and thought he had faded away, having him as the Riddler in a Batman film was perfect for me. It's like all my teenage years led up to this.
Adina Kruijssen
I forgot about how I’d seen him in little miss sunshine as a kid, then saw Batman when it came out and got “introduced” to him (getting the initial impression that he was like a more extreme Dane dehaan type), and then watched Swiss army man the other day and was sitting there stunned thinking about how all 3 of these people are one man
BrosephComrade 3 日 前
Dhat masк шould fog-up Le Яiddleя'z glassez
Coolidge Dollar
Coolidge Dollar 10 日 前
@Movement Lifestyle That film was definitely formative for me and a lot of guys my age.
Movement Lifestyle
I only know him from The Girl Next Door, lol. :D
Cap'n Cake
Cap'n Cake 11 日 前
I only know him from 12 Years a Slave.
𝐍𝐢𝐧@ ^𝐮𝐜𝐤 𝐦𝐞 𝐜𝐡𝐞K #ɪᴛ#🔥
Colin Farrell was honestly one of the best parts of this movie. I heard that he was playing the Penguin but when I saw him on screen I didn’t even think that was him because it looked nothing like him. Probably one of the best portrayals of a DC villain in live action
BrosephComrade 3 日 前
Le Бat.. Le Cat.. Le Pẽŋguin..
Ariel Martinez
Ariel Martinez 15 日 前
14:45 something that bothered me while watching this film, there's this huge car incident caused by Penguin trying to scape, but it only ended in an upsidedown Batman walk to penguin's car for dramatic purposes, but what about all the cars and trucks that crashed and exploded? Did nobody died? Did it not make the news at all? How come Batman and Gordon just leave Penguin tied up to a column without bringing him in over the huge car incident he caused?
JL Albs
JL Albs 2 日 前
I was wondering the same things. Batman and the Penguin should both 100% be in prison for that lmao
BrosephComrade 3 日 前
Did he died??
Nathanael Naused
Nathanael Naused 10 日 前
Because that scene was only there for the movie to illogically indulge itself. Just like many scenes in the movie. Rather than having a script that was well written.
Evelyn Okay
Evelyn Okay 13 日 前
I remember when Robert Pattinson said he wasn't getting "superhero swoll" to play Batman and everyone freaked out. And now, no one has critized him for being "too skinny." Pattinson doesn't deserve us 🙏
Young Confidence
Its lack of any build for me. He’s in the same shape as i am during the winter. It just screams laziness and i don’t respect it. I keep in shape for health, just part of my routine. You’re telling me he couldn’t put in some extra work to bulk or lean a bit?
RyanTheCaveman 8 日 前
Except for me I guess 🤷‍♂️
Travis Dawson
Travis Dawson 13 日 前
17:10 it's very simple: catwoman is attracted to batman because catwoman is ALWAYS attracted to batman. it has absolutely nothing to do with characterization or chemistry whatsoever, so there's clearly no point in actually, you know, ESTABLISHING characterization or chemistry for them
antmclarke88 13 日 前
They did a job at him being a first responder and him being a detective. I would have liked to see Pattinson do more as Interrogating and intimidating of criminals
Trek Greenwood
Another major sin I'd like to add. I've seen this movie seven times now. Three of which I've taken detailed notes while watching the film in real time. I'm now 99% sure despite this movie taking place in seven days, between around Days 5-7, the filmmakers somehow snuck in an extra day without anyone noticing, or totally forgot about it.
NicGlol 14 日 前
so good how hard you guys had to try lol hardly any of the things are sins of the film at all, I knew coming in the film is great but this just proves it! Thanks CinemaSins
Joe McGregor
Joe McGregor 15 日 前
I think the “el rata” and tucker reveals are brilliant, because it shows that while Batman is a great detective, he’s still young, and his upbringing can be a disadvantage when he could have solved the case if he knew basic Spanish or a tool used in a hard day’s work.
BrosephComrade 3 日 前
He/s young, he/s learning, he/s getting his feet wet with different things∴
Prodigy123 11 日 前
@quleughy Like he mentioned this is literally a rookie detective Batman in his year 2.. what is so hard in understanding that
SerDerpish 12 日 前
In all fairness, as a native Spanish speaker I didn’t think anything of it because I just assumed the writers were too white to actually know that they were getting the grammar wrong 🧐 EDIT: I also somehow didn’t catch/remember that Batman noticed the grammatical error in-universe 🤷🏽‍♂️
Kolly093 14 日 前
@Revolver Ocelot Yh i know. I have batman year one. Mad respect to u tho 💪🏾
Rita 25 y.o - check my vidéó
I love how throughout the video, the movie got progressively longer
𝗙**𝗖𝗞 Me! Check 𝗠𝘆 𝗣𝗿𝗼𝗳𝗶le !Lou
I love how throughout the video, the movie got progressively longer
8:45 but the riddler did not make the card, he bought it. In the card there is raised lettering and handwriting with a pen. If he made the card there would have been no handwriting. And 12:18 he is using a phone and the screen reflected is the call screen. Also 12:34, his armour is I guess bomb proof like you kinda said, his arms don't get injured and batman obviously put his arms in front of his face to protect his face. You could even see this is slow mode. 15:25 It is quite hard if you don't know Spanish and don't know there is an easy mistake. Batmans first language is English and he doesn’t sen't know Spanish. 16:57 She wants to keep that secret cause she wants to kill falcone and if she told anyone than they may stop he attempt example batman. 20:38 ye it is similar since it is based off of similar comics. 21:16 he saved cops and now they respect him for that??? wat
Retro Red
Retro Red 日 前
First, he definitely made the cards. Those were waaaay too specific. Second, Bruce did translate El Rata Alada, "Rat with wings". Why Alfred didn't say why Riddler's Spanish was bad, I don't know.
BrosephComrade 3 日 前
"Lēād le rat to le light"
Gucci Gus
Gucci Gus 12 日 前
11:53 It would appear that the car is in the far right of the frame, perhaps Colsen just kept driving normally until he’s right by the entrance and then busted through the door? This would make sense from a time stand point because based on the pace of the line of cars it looks like it could bust through the door around the time that it actually does realistically.
Cam Forster
Cam Forster 15 日 前
Skylights like that are usually opened with a crank that can be at the ground level or by the window that can be opened with a tool on a stick like you said. Also they do help a lot when it’s hot because heat rises.
Tommybrown tjb420
@Vincent Beers I mean in reality if the sin doesn't make sense it's not really a joke because it makes your brain immediately debunk whatever was said. Which there's always one or two in every cinamasin video that doesn't make sense and usually it does come down to the writing teams lack of knowledge on said subject. I mean every other sin in this video makes sense so to say they don't all have to make sense it's just a joke makes 0 sense because essentially you're saying jokes don't have to make sense, when in fact they do or it's not really that funny. Also people making comments about how skylights work is sharing knowledge and you're just hating on it.
Jimmy M
Jimmy M 14 日 前
@Darren Z Isn't he from Tennessee or some shit? I admit I don't know how skylights work. That's a New York thing. Maybe Philadelphia too?
Vincent Beers
Vincent Beers 14 日 前
@darren sins are jokes. These aren't serious reviews. Jeremy isn't just making these up as he goes along. This is written by a team, he's playing the part of an asshole reviewer and some of the sins are intentionally irrational. So it doesn't matter what Jeremy knows, he's pretending to be a jerk that doesn't know everything while still nitpicking a movie. If you think every sin is supposed to make sense or that these are serious reviews, you've missed the point of the entire channel. Go look up satire.
Austin Ball
Austin Ball 14 日 前
the fire rises, brother
JoSuHa0670 14 日 前
I just want to know how riddler entered the house through the skylight and didn’t make a noise
PW Presents
PW Presents 13 日 前
People will always complain about the length of some movies. That being said, I remember watching this in the cinema and not once did I get bored. I can usually feel it when a movie is over two hours long and this is full of scenes that were just long extensions of what they needed. But despite all that it felt cohesive and awesome and I was gripped from beginning to end. I’ll call that an example of brilliant filmmaking for making me pay attention for almost three hours.
BrosephComrade 3 日 前
The Sparkling Batman
Gizmo fromPizmo
Gizmo fromPizmo 15 日 前
One thing I will always give this movie is that we finally have a Batman movie where he's doing detective shit. For the worlds greatest detective there's not a lot of detectoring in a lot of Batman movies.
BrosephComrade 3 日 前
Zhit Happenz
Louis Berry
Louis Berry 12 日 前
I love this movie man. Paul and Colin deserve Oscar Nominations.
Mia! 25 y.o - check my vidéó
Colin Farrell was honestly one of the best parts of this movie. I heard that he was playing the Penguin but when I saw him on screen I didn’t even think that was him because it looked nothing like him. Probably one of the best portrayals of a DC villain in live action
GrandmasterDevo 13 日 前
I love how the film gets longer every time the runtime gets brought up.
ToxicGhost 14 日 前
I really love the movie and i am so happy you guys finally made a sins Video about it.
Batman Clayface
Batman Clayface 15 日 前
That was the creepiest Riddler I've ever seen, and just imagining the POV of his victims is very frightening
BrosephComrade 3 日 前
Le Riddler didn/t know BW was Batman - Dhere were at least two instances in dhe “misleading thumbnail” trailers where dhe audio was mashed up incorrectly
Ryan Bernard
Ryan Bernard 7 日 前
i mean, compared to jim Carrey
julio benavides
julio benavides 10 日 前
@Demon Lord Gaming cap
Demon Lord Gaming
Even with the insane copying of Ledger's Joker, he was a good villain. But the person behind the mask was quite forgettable
I love that the movie got longer every time he mentioned the runtime
Father Platypus
Father Platypus 14 日 前
19:47 his laugh is contagious😂😂😂
Ulisse P
Ulisse P 8 日 前
I may have missed a few hundred stories or so, but I can't remember Alfred ever being this informal with Bruce Wayne. Acting like a cross between a good buddy and a grumpy uncle, instead of his usual butlery "yes sir, very well sir" that I remember from basically every story I've ever read. But maybe it's a new thing in the latest comics arcs, I don't know. Or maybe it's Serkis wildly freelancing.
Christian Caster
Christian Caster 14 日 前
12:43 Gordon being there when the explosion happened is the reason why Batman is in the GCPD. Without him, the swat would've tried to unmask him or even just kill him on the spot and claim that he died from the explosion.
BrosephComrade 3 日 前
# No Guns
Monkey Nips
Monkey Nips 15 日 前
I'm surprised there wasn't a sin for the fact that penguin slamming the brakes on the highway caused a semi to pretty much stop in its tracks rather than just continue to plow through it like it actually would, especially on a wet road.
BrosephComrade 3 日 前
Deus ex muh kino
luc tan
luc tan 14 日 前
Anglo Browza
Anglo Browza 14 日 前
@Jesus Saves! if only
PJ Dougherty
PJ Dougherty 14 日 前
You know, when I first saw this movie in theaters I was honestly confused how Batman took that explosion without the exposed parts of his face getting burned. Looking at the clip again and paying close attention, I realize he shielded his face with his arms at the last second.
PJ Dougherty
PJ Dougherty 9 日 前
@Gummie Bear That’s true. Realistically, being that close to an explosion at all would’ve scrambled him. Still, realistic or not, I remember hearing a criticism saying “If he knew the explosion was coming, why didn’t he jump out of the way to safety?” and it made me think, “I’m pretty sure Batman wouldn’t just abandon a guy with a bomb strapped to him. He’s a hero after all, heroes try to save lives no matter what.” Unfortunately he failed to save the guy and almost went down with him if not for the writers deciding he can totally survive close range explosions.
PJ Dougherty
PJ Dougherty 14 日 前
@Roy@lle So the movie could happen. Honestly, writers have had Batman survive plenty of impossible shit in other movies. Considering his armor is so bulletproof in this movie that machine-gunfire barely makes him flinch, it’s not that much of a stretch to assume it mostly protected him from the explosion, the question is what the fuck his suit is made of. If I had to guess, I’d say it’s made of plot armor, I hear that’s some very sturdy stuff.
Lucy	 🔥𝐆𝐨 𝐓𝐨 𝐌𝐲 𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐧𝐧𝐞𝐥 [𝐋!𝐯𝐞]
I love how throughout the video, the movie got progressively longer
Izzy May IS ready
I love how throughout the video, the movie got progressively longer
Rivka- ღSєe Mу CнαηηєL💋 - ! A𝔪 Lινєღ🤳
I love how throughout the video, the movie got progressively longer
Gavin Mitchell
Gavin Mitchell 15 日 前
Jeremy interjecting "Little Caesar's" whenever Battinson is listing things is the funniest thing in this video.
BrosephComrade 3 日 前
Rain Stromme
Rain Stromme 5 日 前
Oh no.... Big Pizza got to Jeremy!
giang truc
giang truc 12 日 前
bich tran
bich tran 13 日 前
J35ON 13 日 前
me an husbant raff out roud wen wre saw dat husbant must escort teater curz i raff too lowd
Scott Mantooth
Scott Mantooth 14 日 前
*by watching this review, you've saved me several hours worth of time that can now be reallocated towards more productive activities and life affirming pursuits...thank you*
Scott Mantooth
Scott Mantooth 10 日 前
@Elizabeth Vangogh *you've got it*
Elizabeth Vangogh
@Scott Mantooth *like this* Ahh yeaah
Scott Mantooth
Scott Mantooth 10 日 前
@Elizabeth Vangogh *you can do the same by putting an asterix punctuation at the very front and end of whatever you post...just be sure there is no space or gap on either end ...longer posts might require you do this multiple times within the same post especially if the sections are long but once you figure it out it works flawlessly*
Elizabeth Vangogh
@Scott Mantooth it looks cool!
Scott Mantooth
Scott Mantooth 10 日 前
@Elizabeth Vangogh *just a stylistic preference*
aj 12 日 前
i watched this movie 3 times in a row at the same cinema i swear the employees must have thought i was insane
Lisa M. Willson
Lisa M. Willson 15 日 前
I just like that the Riddler was basically Jigsaw in this movie because that's pretty in line with how he is in the Arkham Games. Not only does he place a bunch of riddles around the city that you have to figure out but he kidnaps people and puts them in traps that you have to save them from. Which... also involves solving riddles/puzzles.
cabellero1120 15 日 前
This is Definitely My Favorite Batman movie It's dark,gritty, realistic... no lengthy exposition
Justin Lewis
Justin Lewis 4 日 前
It’s dark, gritty, realistic, little caesars
Belliare 15 日 前
I love how the movie keeps getting longer with every sin
Hebrew Yisraelite Yahawadahite
*Listen, I was born dead in Gotham & resurrected myself back to life, then later on in my after witnessing all types of brutal acts & experiencing many supernatural events I moved to Brick City which is next door to Gotham aka the concrete jungle...*
Philo Pharynx
Philo Pharynx 12 日 前
Actually skylights that opened were a great way to get the rising heat out of a room in the days before air conditioning. Given the noir "we're going to play around with different eras" feeling, this actually makes perfect sense.
Amarianee 15 日 前
1:01 Actually, yes! It's a long stick tool with a little hook at the end. My mum's got sky lights in her entryway, and that's exactly how they're opened and closed 😂
Jonie-_ T[A]P Me!! To Have [S]EX💞 With Me🔞
Genuinely laughed out loud when Jeremy Batman-growled “Little Caesar’s”
GET HOT with Shannon Nadj
Genuinely laughed out loud when Jeremy Batman-growled “Little Caesar’s”
Not Brian
Not Brian 15 日 前
The way I laughed in the theater when it was revealed Penguin was more fluent in Spanish than Detective Jim Gordon and The Batman
BrosephComrade 3 日 前
Le Penguin
Ryan Bernard
Ryan Bernard 7 日 前
​@AlexCosta not every Latin last name speaks Spanish. although my white florida ass is fluent.
Roy@lle 14 日 前
Not Gordon as much as bAtMaN
Liebert Johann
Liebert Johann 15 日 前
Why did people don't realize that he saw the mistake with Alfred but just thought it was a mistake by riddler ?
Myles 15 日 前
@AlexCosta he didn’t know that when he first solved the riddle though. The moment he vocalized the riddler doesn’t make mistakes he realized it was done on purpose and he solved it.
Michael Soltesz
Michael Soltesz 15 日 前
I want a movie where all of the characters have “gravel” voices. Lots of hushed yelling. 🤣
Travis Dawson
Travis Dawson 13 日 前
8:50 i spent the middle hour of this movie trying to figure out the "chemistry" riddle in that card, only to have the movie end without ever explaining it...turns out, it wasn't a riddle at all? i guess batman really is the world's greatest detective if he can just casually deduce which ramblings are clues and which are just taunts, with no effort or explanation whatsoever. god i hate this movie
"Even criminals apprehended on the scene of a crime are taken to a hospital if they are injured, not the police station." Ryan Waller would beg to differ. Dude got shot several times IN THE HEAD in a home invasion (more or less), girlfriend was shot and killed instantly, but he survived with severe brain damage. When police were called to do a wellness check and found the scene, they did not, in fact, take him to a hospital, despite the fact the was visibly injured.
Travis Dawson
Travis Dawson 13 日 前
3:05 that was the moment when the movie lost me, and it never did anything to get me back...either A) your batman has just begun batmanning, and he has to explain himself to criminals, or B) your batman has all the criminals terrified of their own shadows because of his reputation. YOU CANNOT HAVE IT BOTH WAYS! like most sins, it seems nitpicky, but this is also how the character is INTRODUCED to us...his introduction makes no goddamn sense, so what is there to make us care about him? everything in this movie seems like it was just thrown in because it seemed like it would be cool, with no consideration to consistency or logic
Bridget Krams
Bridget Krams 15 日 前
Opening skylights has always been a thing. Heat rises, so it gives the heat a place to escape. They either have a crank or motor with a linkage to open them.
M C 15 日 前
seriously, how many tears did you sad sacks shed during this video? I'll bet 5,000 in anguish and another 4800 in anger.
Kyle 2020
Kyle 2020 15 日 前
I found the sin to be a reach too
Arzeti 15 日 前
Que Hotstean.Cam encantan tus Momento videos. Bendiciones hermosa Celina que Dios te cuide donde quiera....
Spencer Fairman
Spencer Fairman 15 日 前
He pointed out how many buildings Batman has gone into with skylines because he uses those as exits and entrances in the movie
Andrew 15 日 前
@Bret .Maverick Something only achieved by advance civilizations, or you know, anyone with a stick with a hook on the end a little gripped handle on the other end to spin it. ;)
Jim 13 日 前
One of my favourite films, I’m happing with the length because the pacing was godly
Rae・your non favorite person 👍・
Skylights like that are usually opened with a crank that can be at the ground level or by the window that can be opened with a tool on a stick like you said. Also they do help a lot when it’s hot because heat rises.
Ryan Hamstra
Ryan Hamstra 15 日 前
The classrooms in my high school had skylights that were electric and could be controlled by remote control. If a high school can afford them then a penthouse probably has them
Traci Kristine Rowland
Thank you for working with BetterHelp. You guys rock. :)
Ben Murray
Ben Murray 15 日 前
I liked how this film had that dark gritty feel, similar to the video games. Reminds us that Batman is not a superhero, he’s a dark vigilante who does things to inspire fear.
thoa kim
thoa kim 日 前
BrosephComrade 3 日 前
Le Vengeance
Young Confidence
Young Confidence 11 日 前
I personally think Ben Affleck hit that mark. The biggest downfall was he didn’t get a solo movie
Ben Murray
Ben Murray 14 日 前
@Roy@lle personally I would still be a little afraid of a 6ft plus bloke who happily beats people up and breaks bones daily
Bart Flaherty
Bart Flaherty 15 日 前
Although he is the Joker, I thought it would be interesting if the prisoner at the end was actually the real riddler. He says the iconic, “riddle me this” line and everything. Kind of a last twist to say the riddler in this movie was just the start.
Carbon X
Carbon X 15 日 前
Despite the fact that I agree with alot of these sins, I still absolutely love this movie and think it's a great batman movie
Carbon X
Carbon X 12 日 前
@Gideon I see. You seemed surprised that I saidits a great batman movie, I assumed you were one of them
Gideon 12 日 前
@Carbon X No but I encountered them in this video's comment section.
Carbon X
Carbon X 13 日 前
@Gideon and you're one of them?
Gideon 13 日 前
Great Batman movie?! Careful now with that statement, you don't want to trigger the elitist snobs we have here. 😒
PixelStacker 14 日 前
Skylights like that are usually opened with a crank that can be at the ground level or by the window that can be opened with a tool on a stick like you said. Also they do help a lot when it’s hot because heat rises. completely!
Caped Crusader Reviews!
Jeffery Wright was an excellent Jim Gordon. That is a huge compliment coming from a fan who is obsessed with the show Gotham. But Paul Dano as Riddler. The guy looks like he lives in his parents basement. Should have been a variant of Cory Michael Smith.
Jay Heche
Jay Heche 14 日 前
My favorite DC movie and Batman movie, 100%. I love the gritty noir theme, honestly would like a black and white cut like with Logan. My least fav parts were honestly the kiss scenes with Catwoman. Let my women be queer and let Batman be ace... please, it's just gross. Also, the car scene gave me goose bumps in theaters. So amazing. Remove like most of the Catwoman scenes and it would have been perfect.
Bob Fleischmann
Bob Fleischmann 15 日 前
I loved the movie. My only gripe was some of the pacing... It built up - only to switch to another scene that had no payoff.
Cyd Davis
Cyd Davis 16 日 前
On behalf of all frustrated infosec engineers everywhere, I grant CinemaSins an exhaustedly loud THANK YOU for the unknown thumbdrive in laptop sin.
Hiller Thomas
Hiller Thomas 15 日 前
@Ceci Hernández Lara there were A LOT of those moments for me. I was honestly laughing less than 5 minutes into the movie...I practically went MST3K on it lol. I mean...who talks about how they could be in Any Shadow...and then walks out of the Shadow EVERYONE is looking at??????? I was cracking up and knew right then "oh, so this has a bunch of ideas and that is all"...bc that opening monologue was interesting...right up until Batman walks out of the Shadow everyone and the camera is looking at........name 1 Batman movie where his entrance into the movie is from right where the criminals are looking??? Literally, all they needed to do was have 1 of the thugs be DRAGGED into the Shadows from the opposite side, some sounds of punches, and then have him walk out of the shadows and it would have been better than what we got.... This Batman does not appear to have ever been trained by anyone tbh. There is no Escape Artist training, and very little theatrics (that he does intentionally to help drive home the fear)...he just Beats on things and puts innocent bystanders in harms way bc they are in his way....sigh
Leonardo 15 日 前
@Snarethedrummer Makes sense
Snarethedrummer 15 日 前
@Leonardo As they say in the video, you never, ever put a dirty drive into your own/daily computer. You shouldn't even have the computer you do put it in connected to the internet.
Leonardo 15 日 前
@Ceci Hernández Lara why tho?
JCDavis 16 日 前
I’m just glad I’m not the only person it bothered so much.
Philiberto Rodrigo
Watching this movie in theaters the first question I had about the photos on the drive was “where were they taken from” who wouldn’t see they were taken from a certain angle outside the club… low and behold the dumb “riddler” had an apartment right across the damn street…. Full of evidence 😂 Elementary
Michael 13 日 前
23:59 It was like the villains from the Dark Knight movies, they pretended to have good intentions with their destruction, but in the end just wanted to blow stuff up and kill people for the sake of chaos. If the Riddler was a cardboard cutout villain, so was Ghul, the Joker, and Bane.
Doctor Roboto
Doctor Roboto 15 日 前
Gotta say though, if I didn't know Colin Farrell played Penguin I'd call anyone a liar who said he was. GREAT makeup work!
Norman Scroggins
Norman Scroggins 14 日 前
Love how he flips the image from the video to print it off so the audience can see what it says. When all he had to do was print it and flip the paper. +1 sin
chris fitzsimmons
7:48 I got this one... so you can definitely repel on a rope and then tug it loose. It's called a pass through. The thing they got wrong is that it would have both rope tails coming down from the skylight. One to repel on, and the other to pull the line down. Definitely much easier to show than to explain, but yes it is possible, but not likely in this scenario
BrosephComrade 3 日 前
Zoe got it purrfect
Pigmiwarrior Entertainment
The simple answer is that she was using the elven rope from Lord Of The Rings, although I'm not sure that scene made it into the theatrical cut
Colin M
Colin M 10 日 前
@chris fitzsimmons Yeah, probably never should be used for descent, or almost anything... maybe a trap of some sort.... Bear Grylls showed it off, didn't use it, for climbing down something and taking your rope with you. So, consider the source....
chris fitzsimmons
@Colin M thanks for the heads up. I definitely wouldn't use it if I didn't understand it, plus I have plenty of knowledge and multiple ways to go up and down on a rope safely. Of course I'm a forever student, so hearing a new knot perked my ears up a little lol
Colin M
Colin M 11 日 前
@chris fitzsimmons aka suicide knot as if you take the weight off it, ever, it comes apart. One bad hard stop during descent, where you bounce up on the rope, the rest of the decent will be high speed. This is why almost no one uses this knot, there is no margin for error.
Batman (1989)
Everything Wrong With Batman (1989)