Everything Wrong With Ratatouille In 15 Minutes Or Less

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With the impending release of The Incredibles 2, we decided it was finally time to go looking for sins in the last Brad Bird Pixar film, Ratatouille. It's about a rat chef, but it's also really excellent, but also full of sins.
Thursday: Animated sins.
Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie's sins should we expose next?!
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Lilly Kurtz
Lilly Kurtz 時間 前
One day we could be sinning your movies
stinky awesomedube
stinky awesomedube 4 時間 前
The rat shop is actually very realistic since the high dining is so popular in Paris there are at least a hundred of these shops. The sin here would be the dead rats hangin in the window unless they where fake which in that case y tho.
That_ One_Kid
That_ One_Kid 6 時間 前
Ratatouille is the best movie ever created. I feel personally attacked right now
Anthony Johnson
Anthony Johnson 6 時間 前
1:53 i dont think that is a shotgun cuz when granny ran out of ammo she cant shoot shotguns have unlimited ammo so its not a shotgun
Bashful Wolfo
Bashful Wolfo 12 時間 前
Well, rats carried fleas that carried the bacteria that started the plague, which was the people's fault for leaving trash everywhere so rats aren't at fault here lmao
Zer Tong Tang
Zer Tong Tang 2 日 前
Yummy Coke
Yummy Coke 3 日 前
Everything wrong with ratatouille Nothing
DaXlyn Von Darkkon
Have u seen a dishwasher like that? They are hot enough to kill any bacteria, and they use soap. They dont dry the rats, should be your issue, or the fact that the water would literally boil the rats alive
Timothy Lewis
Timothy Lewis 3 日 前
11:55 Bomb Voyage from The Incredibles
SANS pick up your sock
Ps when the sin meter was at 45 I notsced he sead vedga tables obviously reinforcing the the stariotype of native people from Paris cannot say words like vedgatables so I wold have given a nother sin for that
shane aguilar
shane aguilar 21 時間 前
Fix your comment it has so many errors in it
Catherine Fowler
My favorite Disney movie. The best. Ratatouili.
Lieutenant Pwnzer123
N o t h i n g
Lieutenant Pwnzer123
Cinema Count = -9999999999999999999999999999999
The Stellar Thing
Oui oui
Screenslaver Attackinator
11:30 I died of laughter
isaac Fitzplayz
isaac Fitzplayz 4 日 前
Unknown Unknown
Unknown Unknown 5 日 前
In France everyone is on strike every day, so the strike is not that important take a sin off please!
Maya Grace
Maya Grace 6 日 前
"okay back the f*ck up, *beep beep beep* "
Georgios Regkoukos
How do we know that the music from the opening sequence is from 1812 and not a recording of the Marseillaise? Is it in the soundtrack?
Mad Destroyer
Mad Destroyer 7 日 前
Because I watch cinema sins I ruin movies for my family
You missed a sin really early in the movie. Why would sewer pipes lead INTO the city?
ShadowELITE 7 日 前
16 minutes long.....
Wieso nöd
Wieso nöd 7 日 前
How come that CARS f**ing 3 has less sins that this great masterpiece
M.A. R
M.A. R 7 日 前
3:34 lets not forget that remmi’s mother is never addressed, meaning that she’s probably the reason that the dad is so untrustworthy of humans.
1derfull 7 日 前
Nothing is wrong with Ratatouille, how dare you.
Jack Hess
Jack Hess 7 日 前
He's a fat fat man
Jack Hess
Jack Hess 7 日 前
In fifteen minutes or less and yet it's 16:48 minutes
Jack Hess
Jack Hess 16 時間 前
Meh whatever
shane aguilar
shane aguilar 21 時間 前
He stopped sinning at 14:42
RageGamer243 7 日 前
This rat and Gordon Ramsay need a cook off, who would win?
Angel V
Angel V 7 日 前
Osiris 7 日 前
Yeah rain ruined your 50 Shades of Gray Novel
PiranhaCupcake 8 日 前
13:45 To be fair, those industrial dish-washers do use soap and heat-dry at very high temperature. The problem here wouldn't so much be bacteria as it would be the fact that all those rats would be dead. :/
Solimar Arnocher
shane aguilar
shane aguilar 21 時間 前
Ends at 14:42
Will Emerson
Will Emerson 8 日 前
Dude this is supposed to be just a fun movie. You're the reason why we can't have nice things. Get a life.
Unicorn Bunny
Unicorn Bunny 7 日 前
Will Emerson But he’s called CinemaSINS. This is his job. If you want to see someone who makes happy reviews, just watch CinemaWins.
Llama g
Llama g 8 日 前
16:07-16:015 this dude is smarter than all my school techers combined
oh_it's_matt 9 日 前
Whenever I’d like a childhood film to be ruined, I always know where to come.
Jutta Maier
Jutta Maier 9 日 前
I don't think there is anything wrong with Ratatouille
Kingendermen55 9 日 前
Why is remmy dry after falling into the river!
Spammer 21
Spammer 21 9 日 前
The dock worker strike is not dominating the front page because the movie's in France. There's no day without a strike there
Reznov 11982011
Reznov 11982011 9 日 前
15:45 Niles!
Colette Rogers
Colette Rogers 10 日 前
YAY A FAMOUS JPvidR SAID MY NAME check off he bucket list (don't judge)
RachelGames 10 日 前
While everyone is sad that cienmasins ruined their childhood, I'm just laughing cuz I saw ratatouille a month before finding this channel. 😎😎
Ericulk _
Ericulk _ 10 日 前
My life’s a meme
2:53 actually animals have a navigation mind set that’s helps them to know where to go without a map so I’m sinning your sin here Jeremy
Roxyeeyee _
Roxyeeyee _ 11 日 前
Nothing wrong with this masterpiece.
Electro.Dash.666 X
fantasic floor
fantasic floor 11 日 前
Everything wrong with cloudy with a chance of meatballs please.
Colin Dunbar Jr
Colin Dunbar Jr 12 日 前
Animation Sins, will you please just stop cursing
Chandler Birchield
Pure poetry
Josue Lira
Josue Lira 12 日 前
Cinema Sin for cinema Sin for not doing this fucking earlier
Sin 78 doesn't count since the left side of your brain does control the right side of your body
Remember that tiny hole in the jar why didn’t fill up with water when it went into lake
Infinix Neona
Infinix Neona 13 日 前
"Where's the f*ck did saucier go?! Extended cigarette break?! Oh wait...this IS France" That's Francist. (ding)
Doomfang Jeff
Doomfang Jeff 13 日 前
Ok first of all they're not 'sins' and second of all its a CARTOON it doesn't have to make sense now can you let us enjoy the movie
Trash Dentist
Trash Dentist 14 日 前
This video is wrong. Ratatouille is perfect
Shades 14 日 前
rats dont carry the plague the fleas carry the plague
Aly G
Aly G 14 日 前
The pest killer places used to advertise their shops with dead which-ever-pests-you-want in their windows, usually stuffed and in the throws of losing a painful fight against the traps. There's still a couple stores in central Paris that I have seen that kept the look, I assume for the throwback aspect of it more than anything.
Aly G
Aly G 14 日 前
The Eiffel tower is tall man. I can see it from my shitty apartment, and I'm not in Paris itself. So yeah. That's possible. Also, most crappy, TINY, cramped appartements in Paris like this one are "chambres de bonne", the maid's rooms. Historically, where staff used to live. Bathroom on the landing, under the tin roof (have fun with temperature variations), usually no elevator. And well... There you have it. Under the roof. Ergo, your view from your tiny window is often pretty high up. Sometimes not that bad. Which makes a great excuse for a butthole landlord to charge 100 more a month. Because what you really value is the ability to watch Paris while you brush your teeth in your 1 square foot kitchen/bathroom
Aly G
Aly G 14 日 前
Given where Rémi and Ratatouille fell into the Seine, it was either a canal, or one of those river banks that have different heights to manage flooding and pedestrian walkways. Ergo, if it was the latter, they'd have dropped on pavement, which, depending on location, could have been a few meters to a few stories below.
AmazingMeowMeow 14 日 前
When 5 seconds in the movie, and you realise that Remy is voiced by Patton Oswalt. *i knew that voice was familiar..*
jensiboykes 14 日 前
This is the best movie
Shi Schuman
Shi Schuman 14 日 前
In 15mins or less, 16 mins plus... Plus 1 sin count.
Heath Sanders
Heath Sanders 15 日 前
Been sinning so many good movies lately, channel works best when sinning bad movies.
Belinda Kennedy
Belinda Kennedy 15 日 前
Rats are good pets
Aeyen The Lobster
I'm getting the memories now
Vinny Rocks
Vinny Rocks 15 日 前
This is actually my favorite Disney movie of all time. Anyone else?
happy potato girl
woopwoop 15 日 前
Loved the video but lacking sins regarding guns. They're heavily reglemented in France and more than the old lady shooting her house and the woman threatening her partner with it, that's just not something that would happen in France. The mistake falls pretty short seeing all the effort the movie made at showing an accurate France. Still an amazing movie that I never get tired of watching though!
Santa claus
Santa claus 16 日 前
Fucking dipshit you can't be racist to a fucking rat! and what's the point of doing sins on kids cartoons??? Obviously yeah they probably don't make sense sometimes but still what do you expect from a child's cartoon it to make sense...
notnicelittle 666666
Iva Galić
Iva Galić 16 日 前
I literally watched this today
Shelley Jackson
Shelley Jackson 16 日 前
The fact that an old lady even needs a 12 gauge pump action shotgun in the first place is beyond me! Like seriously is she like some sort of retired clay pigeon shooter and kept it? Like I know self defence and all but I doubt anyone is cruel enough to shoot an 80 year old and also also I DOUBT SHE WOULD SHOOT SOMEONE LIKE AN INTRUDER ANYWAY just use some rat poison rather than shooting the walls
chrisjt86 16 日 前
*S W A L L O W*
O XxTwixellaxX O
O XxTwixellaxX O 16 日 前
"Everything wrong with Ratato-" Me: lET mE StOp yoU THeRE.
Ncc0990 16 日 前
I don’t care what anyone says. Ratatoullie is and always will be my favorite movie.
Celeste Youdude
Celeste Youdude 17 日 前
You forgot the Incredibles underwear linguine was wearing
Richard Gonazales
You should title this video everything wrong with you.
Frisbee 'n' Cookies
For sin number 6 it's really not that hard to have a colony of rats move in, one finds one tiny scrap of something nice and suddenly it's a mass migration crisis when the whole family decides to move in. When they can't find something to eat they'll chew through ANYTHING to find something, wretched vermin and with numbers on their side they will explore. The person at home in this film may not have left anything out, but the rats will decide to get into something instead.
lyin lion 7Q4
lyin lion 7Q4 17 日 前
People try to send you to dangerous places?
Mokona Modoki
Mokona Modoki 17 日 前
Your fifty shades of grey book was ruined? Sucks for the money you spent on it, but ha! Take that book. lol
Wendy Woods-McMahon
I love this 6:39
Apex7 18 日 前
why didn’t you make a joke about her ww1 gas mask
TopHat Butcher
TopHat Butcher 18 日 前
Wrong sir. The fleas on the rats had the plague.
Martin Turták
Martin Turták 18 日 前
never mind i still love this movie !!!!!!!!!!!! ;P
Somebody Kill Me
Somebody Kill Me 19 日 前
What isn't wrong with this movie?
Atom Universe
Atom Universe 19 日 前
This is one of my favorite movies, and I'm sad to see that it has so many sins, but I suppose there is never going to be a 'perfect' movie. ^^
Suzanne Majorelle
In fact, the "dead rats showed off to prove efficiency" is a real thing. There's an entire store dedicated to rat killing in Paris, with dead rats hanged in traps. You can find it in Châtelet, near Rivoli street. (I pass by sometimes, but it's more freaking me out than convincing me to buy their services.)
Frisbee 'n' Cookies
I can only assume they are keeping an age old tradition then seeing rat catching was a professional job at one point, gotta show how good you are and how effective your traps/baits/etc are, seeing is believing.
Jackninja5 19 日 前
2:48 Yes, terrorism is a problem in France. Also, Corsican nationalists.
RueUmbreon 19 日 前
Rats don't carry the plague. Fleas do
RueUmbreon 19 日 前
Huh... I guess technically rats do carry the plague
RueUmbreon 19 日 前
No fleas carry the plague. Rats carry the fleas
thesuper hellminator
Fleas dont carry the plague, rats do
KiyabaUdowada 20 日 前
I ate McDonald's while watching this so I feel fancy🍴🍔🍟
thesuper hellminator
McDonalds might make their food out of rats but atleast its dead uninfected rats
Cyrus Serna
Cyrus Serna 20 日 前
3:24 Also, imagine if the Gusteau's sign was real, and someone saw all of this.
Bubbles Young
Bubbles Young 20 日 前
15:02 TRIGGERED!!!!!!!!!
Grace Dawson
Grace Dawson 20 日 前
Don’t be dissing my children
jameskgeary 20 日 前
The maker of this video owns a copy of 50 Shades of Grey. DING DING DING DING DING
Jedidiah Carosaari
Best line: Movie inadvertently writes the most salacious Gilmore Girls fan-fiction EVER.
Globin347 21 日 前
It's actually not the rats themselves that carry disease, it's the fleas on the rats. The washing should have probably worked.
Kelly Jellybean
Kelly Jellybean 21 日 前
The only sin should be that this masterpiece of a movie isn’t longer.
Josh Odom
Josh Odom 21 日 前
14:53 got me
SuperNinja493 21 日 前
I honestly like that the voice of Jesse from Minecraft Story Mode is Remy
Rhett Herald
Rhett Herald 21 日 前
Well in French do it with teeth outside of a dentist.
Rhett Herald
Rhett Herald 21 日 前
Zaboo 21 日 前
We gotta cook Amio!
Jedi Joe 316
Jedi Joe 316 21 日 前
The Gilmore girls reference 😂😂😂