Everything Wrong With Ratatouille In 15 Minutes Or Less

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With the impending release of The Incredibles 2, we decided it was finally time to go looking for sins in the last Brad Bird Pixar film, Ratatouille. It's about a rat chef, but it's also really excellent, but also full of sins.
Thursday: Animated sins.
Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie's sins should we expose next?!
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Remy Bartels
Remy Bartels 4 時間 前
I hate this movie they stole my name MY NAME IS REMY!!!!!
Bram van Leen
Bram van Leen 5 時間 前
12:07 it becomes even more confusing when you think about how the left side of your brain controls the right side of your body and vice versa
Hello It’s me
Hello It’s me 18 時間 前
There is nothing wrong with ratatouille
Snowball5655 :3
Anyone else see the fucking Mickey Mouse head in the soap at 4:50?
Linkin Recker
If cinema sins give a everything wrong with (insert movie name here) with less than 100 sins it means he is out of his mind
kurts girl
kurts girl 日 前
Stopped watching and disliked the second you said something was racist, you people ruin everything and find racist intent everywhere f off
My Name Is Ashley And I LOVE To Animate
Emma 日 前
Nice try CinemaSins but I don't think 15 and 16 match up
Amy Wildstyle
Amy Wildstyle 2 日 前
This movie is Gordon Ramsay's worst nightmare
Doggy boy
Doggy boy 2 日 前
Draven-Bot 2 日 前
Min 5-6 you said the Restaurant has 4 stars but it lost 2 stars when Ratatouille looked at Paris
Jak Camaray
Jak Camaray 2 日 前
ACTUALLY, rats themselves don't carry diseases.... the fleas they carry are the ones with the diseases.... maybe at least look into rat facts for the next one???
livvyosity 2 日 前
Is it sad that I didnt know Remy's name untill I watched this?
Brooklyn Foster
Brooklyn Foster 2 日 前
6:39 "Okay, back the f*ck up. BEep beep beEp!" Edit: got the time frame wrong
xXLunarStarXx 3 日 前
4:00 I just now realized Linguini was distracted by Colette.
Reaper LM
Reaper LM 3 日 前
Holy crap! Less than 100! Worth watching!
Anthony Perez
Anthony Perez 3 日 前
7:49 TMI
Courage Theplumpbih
*thats Ratsist* *thats racist* *thats rapist*
Rainite 2
Rainite 2 4 日 前
a lot less sins then some of the others
Games Forever S
Games Forever S 5 日 前
2:50 that’s Francist
Lilly Merlin
Lilly Merlin 5 日 前
Does anyone remember watching the scene where Linguini was drunk when you were little and being so confused? Cuz I was XD
Madiplays1000 5 日 前
When he's trying to tell her about Remmie he says,"A small, little..." and she quickly looks down at his you know what. It's hilarious!
Weeple Loves Sheep
this has got to be my absolute favorite animated movie.
Raiko - 8bp
Raiko - 8bp 5 日 前
6:22 Remy is dry.
Alexa Sanchez
Alexa Sanchez 6 日 前
Everything wrong with this movie🤬😡... Your everything wrong with ruining everyone childhood your wrong why don't u worry about your thing you mother f***ker
Cattastrafe 26
Cattastrafe 26 6 日 前
"Okay, back the f*ck up, beep beep beep!" OMG FAVORITE PART OF THE VIDEO
Kyrgyz Jeff
Kyrgyz Jeff 6 日 前
I sure wonder what the expression and/or reaction in Victor Hugo’s face would be like if he saw this amazing movie.
Kyrgyz Jeff
Kyrgyz Jeff 7 日 前
At 10:02 CinemaSins just broke the video record for the most hyphens used, I am certain.
Juraj Pangrác
Juraj Pangrác 7 日 前
Basically, this movie is a crossover of cooking and mecha anime
Hamilton#1Fan 7 日 前
videogamenerd 64
12:23 we do actually were disguises though, to blend in.
Gamey Raccoon
Gamey Raccoon 7 日 前
you missed a chance at the end to make a rat in a cage joke
TheHawleyBoyz 8 日 前
This has 1 more sin than How To Train Your Dragon 2 😂
Captain Coliflower
also at the beginning of the movie the tv sattalite was struck by lightning but the tv still works!
Dartling 8 日 前
Skinner? SEYMOUR!!!!
Made by Bell Majors
Amazing video
Caleb White
Caleb White 8 日 前
The fact is there is nothing wrong with ratatouille
Corn bob57
Corn bob57 9 日 前
Can’t judge perfection
Just A Hobo
Just A Hobo 9 日 前
Many chefs have died from bad reviews in real life. Not nowadays but in the past.
MC_DogWarrior 10 日 前
bomb voyage from The Incredibles 11:53
AceGamer/ The Ultra Gamer!
Is there a bad Tom and Jerry Episode?
Naman Rana
Naman Rana 10 日 前
Instead of breaking a childhood movie,do reviews on damn anime.
Mr. EZ
Mr. EZ 10 日 前
Everything wrong with Mulan
Jono Fancett
Jono Fancett 10 日 前
You saying that dirt isn’t the problem for rats in the kitchen, it is disease and bacteria.Commercial dishwashers run at about 80-90°C, which would kill off bacteria. A more believable sin would be 'why the fuck are these rats not dead?'
2:51 it is very weird for an average person especially a woman to own a gun in Europe
Also an old lady with a shotgun in France is about likely as a gay person not getting beheaded by ISIL
AlphaOakley 10 日 前
Rats are actually very clean and it was fleas the carried the plague so they were as much victims as humans
Orange Rabbit
Orange Rabbit 11 日 前
Do Everything Wrong With Love, Simon
Brad McCool
Brad McCool 11 日 前
Great promotional bit at the end, but how many people do you think make it through that other part be fore that? Its funny but the sinning was the real entertainment. The video is over for most people. Haha, i just sinned CinimaSins
Zachary Leong
Zachary Leong 11 日 前
17 minutes. That's a lot of sins.
Daniel Rinehart
Daniel Rinehart 11 日 前
Yay! No fart jokes!
CreeperCraftMC 11 日 前
6:39 omfg xD this one was funny as shit tho
Protocol 7even
Protocol 7even 11 日 前
13:15 can't rats bite through metal? Especially how thin those animal cages are Remy or he's brother should be able to chew thru it
Frank Gress III
Frank Gress III 12 日 前
you suck now because you try too hard to be funny
EnnardXD 12 日 前
That’s ratcist.
NAILS 12 日 前
you gotta admit this is a good movie
Wheeljack Clan
Wheeljack Clan 13 日 前
I still love this movie
sniffthecactus duh
Actual movie sin: an old lady having a gun in France This movie was obviously made by americans
Corpse Marine
Corpse Marine 13 日 前
7:58 oh no, the guys at cinemasins are retards that thought that h&m advert was racist
FireFigure 13 日 前
I love this movie so much, I should watch it later!
freedy f
freedy f 13 日 前
Things I realized in kids movies anmails are self aware , they can drive , they can survive almost falling of a fucking montain (from his good dinsouser vid) and can hold things without hand or even thumbs!
The Constitution Times
5:45 Kind of like Gordon Ramsay
Lauren G.
Lauren G. 14 日 前
About the walk in fridge, when i worked at portillos ours was literally sound proof like u couldnt hear shit outside from the inside and vice versa so try again cinemasins
Clumsy Plumber Gaming
11:56 am i high or is that mime fUCKING BOMB VOYAGE
R H 14 日 前
I love Anton Ego.
Random Bomb
Random Bomb 14 日 前
I often call this the most underrated Pixar movie I keep forgetting about. (or should I say under-rat-ed? Hahaha, I'm not funny.)
Scott Reacher
Scott Reacher 14 日 前
There needs to be a way to stop this SCUM from making more of these. CINNAMON SINS must be STOPPED.
Crazyboy72375 14 日 前
Watched this on transit and died laughing at his commentary
Leilani Vaughan-Williams
Rats didn't carry the plague. They carried fleas. The fleas killed the rats (Yes, the rats died of the plague) and the fleas then went to humans OR the dogs bought in to kill the rats
Leilani Vaughan-Williams
Also, he shouldn't of fed Remy cheese. My rat had tiny amounts of cheese a few times, but that's gonna be REALLY dangerous for Remy to have that much!
Angelica Figueroa
Looking after old people they DO make enough garbage to sustain a Remy sized colony. They often like to treat themselves to different foods take a few bitess, save it for later and forget about it buying something completely different the next week. Grandma here just piled up all that food and poisoned it because in the country rats are as big of a problem there as in the city. Plus the shotgun WAS a last resort and she failed to poison them because of remys nose. She had no idea but after literal poison cant kill your rat problem it became Anne get your gun in southern france
Delilah 16 日 前
6:39-6:45😂😂💀 “beep,beep,beep”
Lucille E. Dunn
Lucille E. Dunn 16 日 前
*>>50>> You can, you shouldddd, and if you are brave enoughhhh to start, you will. > **t.co/aG0GZUuKdu?sdf34sdf3aa** >>88>>*
Daniel R
Daniel R 16 日 前
Actually, gerbils spread the plague
MrsMoon Jelly
MrsMoon Jelly 16 日 前
do spirited away
crazy_bitch 16 日 前
Nitpicking, but it is generally illegal to use video surveillance to check up on employees in Europe. There are exceptions, like if the employees are bank tellers or working in the show room of a jewellery store, where it can be argued that legitimate security concerns outweigh the rights of the employees, but you definately can't put cameras in a kitchen.
Angel Love
Angel Love 16 日 前
Wouldn't another sin be that there was a hole in Remy's jar, but he didn't get wet when he was in the Seine?
Are_You_An_Acorn 16 日 前
Are you telling me everyone in Paris is fine with fucking rats cooking their food? Do they not give a shit about diseases? I'm all about giving everyone a chance, but a god damn rat? No way in hell.
JP Studios
JP Studios 17 日 前
5:25 -- The movie does not take place in modern times based on the technology and the dressing style in Paris ,including the fact no one is using cell phones and the televisions in the movie, I'd assume everything in the movie is taking place between the 1960s and the early 1970s theoretically
Kathryn Zitt
Kathryn Zitt 17 日 前
the rat store in paris with the dead rats in the window is actually real! ive been there before
Devin Henderson
Devin Henderson 17 日 前
CinemaSins existing *Ding*
Lee Lee
Lee Lee 17 日 前
Im honestly surprised and happy the sin count only reached two digits. This is a movie is one of my faves but I think you sinned it pretty fairly (especially with the health inspector getting the short end of the stick for just doing his job)
M Lang
M Lang 18 日 前
I feel like they low-key actually love this movie
game freak play's
You know I could be upset and say “ This is my favorite movie fuck you” but I love how his channel perfectly net picks all of this
Cryptic Escape
Cryptic Escape 19 日 前
Everything is wrong with Edward Scissorhands?
Jason Jia
Jason Jia 19 日 前
That Mario Batali roast 😂
Andromedan Angel
Andromedan Angel 19 日 前
Everything Wrong With Book of Life.
Falcon Light
Falcon Light 19 日 前
9:50 it's and actual shop irl
Nick Haskett
Nick Haskett 19 日 前
Who agrees that they should make a second movie of Ratatouille
Snoopy the ace
Snoopy the ace 19 日 前
I dont know about guns in France but it is weird. My father as a child watched his sister almost get beaten to death by her boyfriend who was a high ranking cop.
Mark Jonathan Prepena
6:40, 'Ang sabi ng jeep', haha
P&B Entertainment
2 of those sins are bad becuase there’s actually a rat shop in Paris just like the one in the movie
aqua evans
aqua evans 20 日 前
idk why i seem so concerned but here goes: at 9:00 in the timer, in the closed captions of the movie, it shows that the rats were screaming in the sewer, which i would probably think the colony and remy went the same way.
Lady B.
Lady B. 21 日 前
Well the biggest sins of all is that there is no five stars restaurants in France. Five stars is for hotels, it is only three maximum for restaurants.
Free Bicycles
Free Bicycles 21 日 前
No. Shut your mouth. There is nothing wrong with this movie. This movie is perfect.
Sửu vs Trẩu
Sửu vs Trẩu 21 日 前
16 min
Rafael Molinar
Rafael Molinar 22 日 前
6:44 shitty apartments with an awesome view of the Eiffel Tower are quite common in Paris. my friend lived in a tiny 1 bedroom apartment that had a bed, a toilet, and that's it. No shower, no kitchen, no closet; but she loved it because it had a nice view of the Eiffel Tower that she could see every day.
reese 22 日 前
Stephanie Drake
Stephanie Drake 22 日 前
still one of my favorite movies.
prince apoopoo
prince apoopoo 22 日 前
Half the sins should be revoked because the narrator owns a copy of 50 Shades of Gray. For shame. _For shame._