Everything Wrong With Ratatouille In 15 Minutes Or Less

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With the impending release of The Incredibles 2, we decided it was finally time to go looking for sins in the last Brad Bird Pixar film, Ratatouille. It's about a rat chef, but it's also really excellent, but also full of sins.
Thursday: Animated sins.
Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie's sins should we expose next?!
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Mirka Hordziejewicz
Mirka Hordziejewicz 5 時間 前
You may be a good film critic but you know very little about France and cooking :-( which is a shame because many of your reviews are really good. But this time it's pure nonsense
kittenautie 13 時間 前
1:58 Rats are invasive and well known for carrying all sorts of diseases, though I agree that she shouldn't have used the fucking gun 😂😂
Snowy Collar
Snowy Collar 13 時間 前
Rats do not carry the plague. The FLEAS on the rats do. *Ding*
Jessy 日 前
But this movie does not answer the most important question of all... Did Lignuini smash?
cherry lemonade
the fuck did you just say?
Plush Movie Studios
Why can't people just accept other peoples opinions and stop sending this poor man maps to assassinate him just because he's giving a negative review on a good movie, can't we all just learn how to make fun of our favorite movies just for s***s and giggles
Emily Geier
Emily Geier 2 日 前
The coolest thing about this movie in my opinion IS the villains. They’re not very villainy because they’re all half villains. The chef is an ass, but he’s also just trying to do his job. Anton Ego is the “villain” because he “killed” Gusteau. Guesteau himself is a villain in a way if Ego really is his child from a previous relationship that he neglected and if the old lady from the beginning is Ego’s mom, Gusteau did not leave her well off even though he clearly had a lot of money from his enterprise. Remy’s dad is closed minded and unaccepting of any difference. Remy and Linguine both fall victim to prejudice and selfishness. Any of these characters good be a protagonist or villain depending on the perspective.
dragonball slayer326
Ratatouile is my favorite pixar movie
dragonball slayer326
This movie was my childhood
Moira C
Moira C 3 日 前
Did anyone notice that the mime in the background at 12:00 looks EXACTLY like the bomber in Incredibles?
Mat Gellar
Mat Gellar 3 日 前
Ratatouille is my favourite Pixar movie & one of my favourite video games
L.J Turner
L.J Turner 3 日 前
Cinemasins I love you 😘😘😘
Andy Draws ;P
Andy Draws ;P 3 日 前
11:39 - My face when the teacher calls on me and I don't know the answer
Andy Draws ;P
Andy Draws ;P 3 日 前
Mom loves this movie so fucking much.
Odin Landers
Odin Landers 4 日 前
How did Linguini survive but Javert didn't? They fell off at the same place.
dokidoki de kowaresou 1000 love
Actually that store still exists...
23Starcatcher 4 日 前
Well, he had a reputation as the best food in the world then after Ego reviewed him- compared his food to chef boyardee which has got to be the biggest insult to a chef as you can get.
theinitialscc 4 日 前
it's not the soap that cleans your hands, it's the act of rubbing your hands, thereby dislodging the germs via friction. soap helps to lubricate that process, but soap itself does NOT "clean" things.
Hamish Macfleetwood
I love dying parents ITS so perfeft 😭🤣😂😅😅😂🤣
Hamish Macfleetwood
Hurray i made a comment on how awful this movie was
Z E C 6 日 前
Wait a min 12 is wrong but my mom does that?
Beefheart Vandercrease
4:30 it's nasty because leeks. Leeks are super gross. Everyone knows that.
Lily malagodi
Lily malagodi 6 日 前
Back the fuck up beep beep beep!
Jenn W
Jenn W 6 日 前
Oh yeah call Remy Ratist Mr Human
Kenshin Shimayama
Mess with ratatoullie? *You get STABATOULLIE.*
Kenshin Shimayama
*"Rats carry the plague, guys."* False. Rats are not physically capable of carrying or transmitting plague. Occasionally rats carried fleas & fleas carried the plague - not rats. Fleas can carry and transmit it, and because they would often move off rats & onto human hosts, that's how the fleas were originally responsible for starting the first plague outbreaks. However, highly respected recent scientific developments and research of the most recent plague outbreaks suggest that more than 95% of plague transmission was from human to human. Once the first people got it, they gave it to the people they lived and worked with, who gave it to the people that they in turn lived and worked with. Human overcrowding, lack of hygiene and lack of adequate disposal systems for rubbish, human excrement & human corpses; this is what you can blame for the plague... not rats.
Xander Vampire
Xander Vampire 7 日 前
Medicaid? Sorry but unlike America, France is actually a civilised country with a proper national healthcare service like most countries in the EU. In fact, France's national health system is widely accepted as one of the best in the world.
Siri :3 Gachas and Other Stoof
really the flee on the rat caries the plague
Gaming Markas
Gaming Markas 9 日 前
The voice at 0:19 sounds like Jesse from minecraft story mode Like if you agree
Helena5500 9 日 前
The tone at 8:43 gave me anxiety cause I thought my ears weren't working correctly
Kstorm1234 10 日 前
Literally if theirs that hole their then when he fell I the river Remi would've Drowned!
Smuggerino 10 日 前
14:52 Why isn't this a meme format?
Nangamso Nxawe
Nangamso Nxawe 10 日 前
11:56 bomb voyage from the incredibles??!!!
Danosaur Dan
Danosaur Dan 10 日 前
Make a "everything wrong with cloudy with a chance of meatballs"
Big Poppa
Big Poppa 10 日 前
This is one of my favorite movies.
Hi im an L-7 Weenie
Ratatouille was a great movie so shut up
Adventure Bonnie诗源小灰
No movie is without sins
David Still
David Still 11 日 前
They speak english so the viewers can understand. Gesus, I really like CinemaSins, but it makes me mad sometimes.
Jenny Hiraki
Jenny Hiraki 11 日 前
how many of y'all really seen the first scene wtf i don't remember that.
Jenny Hiraki
Jenny Hiraki 11 日 前
The perfect movie
courtney fleming
courtney fleming 13 日 前
The restaurant had 3 stars
Xxemesxx 14 日 前
You killed Free kill me
Kumihari 14 日 前
0 sins
Calder Dempsey
Calder Dempsey 14 日 前
There is nothing wrong with this movie bitch
Adventure Bonnie诗源小灰
No movie is without sins
Jj Thai
Jj Thai 15 日 前
do you mean everything wrong with ratatouille in 0 minutes or less
Francesco De gregorio
We All know the best food in the world is made in Fra- *_*Italy bursts in_**
jennifer stewarts
Ok i know you sinned the shop showing dead rats hanging in the window... but you asked what kind of store would do that. www.coolstuffinparis.com/photos/julien_aurouze_650.jpg it an ACTUAL place in Paris. - destruction des animaux nuisibles - 8 rue des Halles, seriously they animated a REAL store front there. So... zero sins for for the rats hanging in the window, +1 sin for product placement. LOL
jennifer stewarts
ok gotta say this, you are so right about guns in this movie. Who did that granny thing she was, an American? now an AMERICAN granny, yeh, break out the fully automatic assault shotgun and start blowing away everything.. THAT you'd expect in the USA. same with the guns in the apartment, though in some neighborhoods in the usa, there would have been far more bullet holes in the ceiling.
Max1080 16 日 前
Jacob Lee
Jacob Lee 16 日 前
Bro "thats ratcist". wtf even is that. This channel is a joke
Some guy Who makes memes
12:25 I can tell you one thing critics sometimes legitimately wear disguises and just tell you when they get their check that there a critic
The shotgun dropping sounded like half life 2
pkleaf 17 日 前
I had no clue Patton Oswald played the main character. I have to actually watch this movie now...
Santiago Montoya
Santiago Montoya 17 日 前
When you start attacking my childhood, is when you stop
TATA cheesepita
TATA cheesepita 18 日 前
It's not the city of lights, it's the city of light. As in intellect. One sin.
TheRealGOAT 3871
TheRealGOAT 3871 18 日 前
The pancreases scene is prancreatist bc I have Type 1 diabetes
Shriram Raveendran
4:42 The plague was carried by fleas that lived on the fur of rats. Rats by themselves are actually relatively clean.
Zigmyster 19 日 前
you just sinned my childhood
Jeanette Sorrow
Jeanette Sorrow 21 日 前
Shut up! This movie's "Bite Of The Ratatouille" scene made me cry and I agreed with the government on the bioweapon-incident in V for Vendetta!
Simon Aarekol
Simon Aarekol 23 日 前
I remember having this game on ps2
Wicked1 or 2
Wicked1 or 2 23 日 前
It's a fictional movie Jackass, I suppose you think Wile E Coyote survived all those falls off the cliff!
Ya local Carlton Guy
6:40 A penthouse would be nice in this spot
DailyChimp 76
DailyChimp 76 23 日 前
They should add a sim for the jar not filling up with water when the jar went in the ocean
Anthony Richardson
Fuck u there is no such thing as a sin in this movie
Adventure Bonnie诗源小灰
No movie is without sins
RepleteJester 23
RepleteJester 23 24 日 前
Shut up
Adventure Bonnie诗源小灰
No movie is without sins
JTR 24 日 前
beep beep beep
To be honest , I’d rather have an actual rat cook for me than go to have reused pizza at a rat based restaurant
How dare you
Caítrín Ón Nua-Shéalainn
Re the EU Medicare comment in sin 15: France has one of the best healthcare systems in the world and it is free for EVERYONE. And before anyone starts talking about socialism, it's cheaper overall than your crappy healthcare system in 'Murica. So the old lady was taken to a rest home with a shooting range and a cat, where she happily lived out the rest of her life free from financial burden (and rats).
Bandit Aviation
Bandit Aviation 23 日 前
Wow someone got so butthurt that they preemptively insulted Americans for no reason. This is exactly why Americans hate the rest of the world. Pretentious bunch of bitches
Dexrex Gaming
Dexrex Gaming 25 日 前
The rat fell into the water but didn’t get any in that giant hole in the lid!?!
Speedruns for charity USA
13:52 And that my friends, is how to impress critics, by making your food so amazing that their mind detahces from their skull, dances a jig, and smokes a hookah, gets stoned, then reattaches, causing the critic to get pulled over for driving under the influence. xD
Speedruns for charity USA
1:00 He's dead jim, we did all we could, but the rat is dead"
Alfred Wang
Alfred Wang 26 日 前
Also why Gordon Ramsay isn’t invited to this lol
Alfred Wang
Alfred Wang 26 日 前
7:57 wow thanks for mentioning that H&M incident, appreciate that
Minh Đức GamingVn//Intro Và Gaming
How does Remy live after being in the sewer? You need FOOD to survive And base on his story telling,i think he been there for MONTHS,maybe even YEARS
Kelliana Taylor
Kelliana Taylor 23 日 前
Minh Đức GamingVn//Intro Và Gaming rats live around 2-3 yrs so he was probably in the sewers for a few hours because he went in at daytime but when he gets to Paris it was night, also if he was in the sewer for months or years he would not still be in France.
The MasterHL
The MasterHL 26 日 前
I hate you just dont ruined the best movies in the world fuck off
Bandit Aviation
Bandit Aviation 23 日 前
Andre Jackson
Andre Jackson 26 日 前
I'm surprised you didn't make a joke about the critic saying that if he doesn't like the food, he doesn't swallow lol
1337 crew
1337 crew 27 日 前
10:27 cinema sins: " I realize you have this little coffin imagery going. Who would build a room like this Me: Dracula
Lexi Rysbar
Lexi Rysbar 27 日 前
You forget they are French they have strikes every other week.
Pierced French Siren
No foreigners can make a movie about Paris without showing the Eiffel tower even in crappy appartments. And trust me, you need a lot of money to get an apartment with view on anything than the next building's walls
The Beavis Gamer
The Beavis Gamer 27 日 前
How does his hat not fall off
Mighel do PUBG
Mighel do PUBG 27 日 前
Everything wrong with Rio
TheRed Ranger
TheRed Ranger 27 日 前
That moment when you realize... it’s a Kids movie. (Too damn critical)
Bandit Aviation
Bandit Aviation 23 日 前
Then watch another channel
mary medd
mary medd 28 日 前
Kitchens don’t typically have security cameras or at least all the ones I’ve been in and also ye fridge is pretty sound proof because we tried this in my kitchen I work at
Hyunseo Lee
Hyunseo Lee 28 日 前
while the title says 15 minutes or less, it's actually nearly 17 minutes...
James Campbell
James Campbell 28 日 前
Hyunseo Lee Sin Timer upper right.
Timothy Dunaway
Timothy Dunaway 28 日 前
You should've said the end.......of hygiene and life
René König
René König 29 日 前
Why does it say (15) minutes or less, even thogh the video is always longer?
René König
René König 27 日 前
+James Campbell ah, ok
James Campbell
James Campbell 28 日 前
René König Keep your eye on the sin timer.
Vina Kahtri
Vina Kahtri 29 日 前
5:50 if there wasn’t an air hole you would probably question how remey was still breathing
Kazuma Kiryu
Kazuma Kiryu 29 日 前
Technically it was the fleas on the rats that carry the plague
This better just say, “absolutely nothing” and the videos over
Anubis gaming
Anubis gaming ヶ月 前
Me:How the hell do rats know what saffron is,how does smoke cook anything,how does the rat know that the mushroom needs cooking.Oh wait its a disney movie? Person:yeah Me:never mind then
Wazlord Pellet
Wazlord Pellet ヶ月 前
*T H A T ' S R A T C I S T*
Bandit Aviation
Bandit Aviation 23 日 前
Good job. You repeated a joke.
Cunt Juice
Cunt Juice ヶ月 前
I swear to god the gun dropping sound is the exact same in CS:GO
an actual moth
an actual moth ヶ月 前
I'm just glad there was no fart jokes
youth ヶ月 前
Do tom and jerry
Bandit Aviation
Bandit Aviation 23 日 前
Guacamole NiPe
Guacamole NiPe ヶ月 前
When cinama sins made this video I knew I was done with him. DONT TALK SHIT ABOUT RATATOUILLE
Bandit Aviation
Bandit Aviation 23 日 前
So many butthurt children here
Andy Miller
Andy Miller ヶ月 前
To late, the damage is done
Css sin1 you said less then 16 but it’s 17
seal beegle
seal beegle ヶ月 前
you sboukld delete all your shrek videos, megamind and raTATOLE BEXCAUSE THIYER PERFEXXCT MVIES ALRIGHT
adam guinee
adam guinee ヶ月 前
6:18 that river’s name is pronounced “sen”. NOT sane. If you say that in France you will get gut punched
adam guinee
adam guinee 23 日 前
Bandit Aviation also, interesting fact, despite the fact that we all assume the French don’t fight, they have actually fought in (and won) more battles than anyone else
adam guinee
adam guinee 23 日 前
Bandit Aviation
Bandit Aviation 23 日 前
By "gut punched" you mean "throw up a white flag" right?
Jacob Skinner
Jacob Skinner ヶ月 前
9:57 why didn’t Remy just bite Linguini before? Or whip him in the face with his tail? Either way, it would of worked. But yet again, a Disney movie has runtime to kill, am I right?
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