Everything Wrong With Ratatouille In 15 Minutes Or Less

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With the impending release of The Incredibles 2, we decided it was finally time to go looking for sins in the last Brad Bird Pixar film, Ratatouille. It's about a rat chef, but it's also really excellent, but also full of sins.
Thursday: Animated sins.
Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie's sins should we expose next?!
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Mischievous Zebra
Mischievous Zebra 9 時間 前
Draxthedestroyer 16
Draxthedestroyer 16 10 時間 前
He said something about security cameras but I think this movie is based a long time ago based on the old black and white tv that lady was watching
Tdoctortree 日 前
Fun fact, there was a man who had a Michelin star, later lost it, and killed himself because of it
HavierGaming 日 前
2:27 Remy survives this
Br.Ahmed X
Br.Ahmed X 日 前
dude its fucking cartoon you idiot.
Dani Hmh
Dani Hmh 日 前
christian ortiz
christian ortiz 2 日 前
Ok how did that jar with a hole in it not get filled with water when it fell in the river
Henry Fuller
Henry Fuller 2 日 前
Such a great movie...
Simmortal777 Savage
you forgot game design $175,000 for 3 years masters degree
Simmortal777 Savage
if someone would like to front me XD
Heliendrix 2 日 前
I love this movie
jimmy fox
jimmy fox 3 日 前
you forgot narration
Owen Siauw
Owen Siauw 3 日 前
Sin 41 Jesus you are my god damn hero now
Sophie Luvs Books
Cinema Sins actually HAS a copy of fifty shades of grey?
Katie Hartup
Katie Hartup 4 日 前
Love that ad, no joke I want to go!!!
Nick hernandez
Nick hernandez 4 日 前
Ratcets damn I miss this movie
Caleigh Knight
Caleigh Knight 5 日 前
I understand the skepticism about the rat being able to control through holding hair strands and moving around. However, until a small animal with human-ish shape stands on someones head holding their hair and moves, then nothing happens to the person you can say that's impossible. But seeing as how disproving and proving that are basically impossible you can't rule it out or sin it. Although, thank you for sinning the not removing his hat with Colette, that was ANNOYING!!
Caleigh Knight
Caleigh Knight 5 日 前
Yes, because the Shining is such an accurate description on kitchen areas
BuckeyeLion 5 日 前
You missed a sin: they never wear gloves through the entire movie. In a restaurant, especially when dealing with food, you HAVE to wear gloves.
lord frieza gameplayz
shakur 5 日 前
this wasn’t very cash money of you
daemanic 6 日 前
When you are THE food Critic that can make or break a place it really doesnt matter if they know or not one mess up or anything can be DOOM and stress is a bitch
GrassEaTER 6 日 前
Rats didn't cause the plague wtf do your research dude
SuperSongbird21 6 日 前
No sins for the scene where Linguini finally tells the truth and literally ALL the staff storm out on him? I know it's a parody of the scene where, in most other films, they'd respect his honesty and stay, but why did all the waiters leave too? And why is the only one who came back the one he just happens to be in a relationship with - maybe I'm being too optimistic here, but if SHE was that easily inspired to go back then surely similar incidents could've happened to literally ANYONE else working at that restaurant.
Roberto Rivera
Roberto Rivera 6 日 前
Movies would be boring without all of the fuck ups and bullshit.
DanceTweety Looney Tune
So in the USA kitchens in restaurants have camera's to spy on there employs. And people will work for people like that?
Logan Pseudonym
Logan Pseudonym 7 日 前
Freaking love that Gilmore Girls joke.
MrGabeanator 8 日 前
i'm getting the bluray soon
Ginger Snape
Ginger Snape 8 日 前
You goofed, CinemaSins. That's the French National Anthem at the beginning. What you're thinking of is the 1812 Overture. One sin to you.
Heather Reagan
Heather Reagan 9 日 前
Missed a sin - the jar has no water in it after falling into the river. Also, I don't think it's about the taste of the food. The other rats are thinking about the sheer amount of food that would be in the restaurant.
E Aird
E Aird 9 日 前
1:53 The mad granny
batbro guy
batbro guy 10 日 前
The work of a critic IS easy, you eat food and say how bad it is.
batbro guy
batbro guy 10 日 前
Hmm? You mean ratarration cinemasins? Hmmmmmmm?
Asphalt - Cowboy94
It bothers me when y'all do videos on animated movies and then bitch about the physics.. most of the complaints in this video can be dismissed by the fact that it's an animated story about a rat who is a world-class chef..
Moleed Mire
Moleed Mire 10 日 前
1:40 I love your channel. Don't listen to the haters like Taylor swift but don't make a song about it
lynda shavo
lynda shavo 11 日 前
ratatoullie is a perfect film. what r u on
MadduxPlayz 12 日 前
Credit to GHOST and pals this is a great song its called remmy listen to it remmyyyyyy(for like 40 more seconds) Ratatouille Remmy is there he is a rat and he likes to cook He makes the soup They eat the soup They like the soup he become chefffff remmy is a rat and he is also my bestfriend
HufflePuff Girl
HufflePuff Girl 12 日 前
One sin that you forgot was the fact that when Remy bit Linguini, he should have gotten rabies!!!
Shi' Ane
Shi' Ane 12 日 前
Anyone see the ad before this about the little marble balls going up the moving steps?! It's so crazy!! I love it!! Gotta find the link
Sandra Ibrahim
Sandra Ibrahim 12 日 前
Some fucking how Ratatouille is my favorite cartoon movie I really don't get how that happened
"Skinner definitely stuck a cucumber up his ass" hahahaha
Mindy Gordon
Mindy Gordon 13 日 前
Honestly I find theses videos so entertaining like better than the movie😂
Dad StopLikingMyComments
The only scene I like in this movie is when they make the ratatouille lol
Korean Popcorn
Korean Popcorn 14 日 前
Korean Popcorn
Korean Popcorn 14 日 前
At 2:05 cs go gun drop sound?
aquakun 14 日 前
I once saw a post joking that the hair pulling worked because Linguini is a bottom
NicNac 15 日 前
6:20 Dont Forget There Was An Air Hole, And The Jar Did Not Have *ANY* Water In It 😤 (+1 Sin)
NicNac 15 日 前
Wow... You Ruined My Favirote Movie 😐
mj Cox
mj Cox 15 日 前
I og watche this in French og and yeh English watched it in a French class
STARLORD 1209 15 日 前
*nothing is wrong with ratatouille
Jordan Vasquez
Jordan Vasquez 15 日 前
Jordan Vasquez
Jordan Vasquez 15 日 前
4:43 mmm sorry I have to disagree, it’s not the rats that carry the plague. The rats were only the host to the *fleas* that were carrying the plague, plus it was in the mid 13 hundreds; this movie is in around the early 1900s... so your wrong bout them carrying the plague but you are right that they are probably carrying thousands of other diseases not including the ones that he got will being kicked around in the kitchen lmao
young blood
young blood 16 日 前
So that rat knows how to cook good food even though I had no culinary education at all
WindowsDOTexe 16 日 前
One bad review "lmao i'm literally *dying!* "
Piotr Papciak
Piotr Papciak 16 日 前
00:10 the best food comes from Wendy's.
Mr Pool
Mr Pool 16 日 前
why is "Gusteu cooking chinese" is racist?one restaurant cannot serve different countries foods?
Organically Insecure
Don’t you ever disrespect my culture. EVER
Jude Mendoza
Jude Mendoza 16 日 前
who was this dude's college girlfriend who called her orgasm his repeated success
Mikai Grant
Mikai Grant 17 日 前
beep beep beep
TheFluffyCactus 17 日 前
ACTUALLY rats clean themselves more than we do. They DONT carry the plague the fleas carry the plague
Flowey the Flower
*T H E P E R F E C T B I T E TM*
Hanna Levine
Hanna Levine 18 日 前
what the f is with him advertising something at the end? sell out...
ShaolinPretzels 18 日 前
13:51 I am surprised at your judgement here, but I very much respect it.
Amanda Hesson
Amanda Hesson 18 日 前
back the f*ck up beep beep beep lol
Sherry Huang
Sherry Huang 18 日 前
Again: (the same thing happened with the Tangled video) Why is it 15 minutes or less if it's 16:47?
mr pringles 64
mr pringles 64 18 日 前
I could be a cinema sinser
Abigail Annalise
Abigail Annalise 18 日 前
gordon gillard
gordon gillard 19 日 前
I can knock a few 1st sins off lol
thegreat boss
thegreat boss 19 日 前
4:26 that food is now contaminated by rats and the newspaper later in the film does not tell us about some people in gusteaus getting food poisoning even though it includes a critic's review of a soup.
José B Ribeiro
José B Ribeiro 19 日 前
11:55 bomb Voyage from the incredibles
The Random Sprout
Thank you CinemaSins for ruining every movie for me (don't worry i like your channel its just a joke)
Alexander Medina
Alexander Medina 20 日 前
I agree with cinemasins for the flashback straight up best part. Damn Illumination, damn you to hell ruining our movies with fart jokes
Blake King
Blake King 20 日 前
As far as soundprood walk ins, the ones at dominos block most sound
Justus Fensune
Justus Fensune 21 日 前
I like how people in the comments are taking this all seriously and getting all ass hurt about it.
Laura Isaza
Laura Isaza 21 日 前
With remy pulling the left side and the right moving is not wrong, the left hemisphere of the brain controls the right side of our body movements and vice versa
Viral Bheda
Viral Bheda 21 日 前
Waiting for this channel to die
Strider 22 日 前
this should be one second long. i hate you
Nicolas Palacio
Nicolas Palacio 22 日 前
Omg just saw bomb voyage at 12 02
Brynley and saphyre Merker
I was interested until I heard you say "rats have the plague guys-" rats didn't just carry the plague- many other animals did as well. no one tells you when you're adopting a puppy "what about the plague?" rats are literally some peoples nightmare or worst fear because of something they didn't have control of. the rats technically didn't "carry" the plague, the fleas on them carried it- many other animals at that time had the plague. fleas were on everything back then and people stopped dying once soap was invented. I don't think that's a coincidence. also, the rats that carried the plague back then were black rats (Rattus rattus) the pets we have today are brown rats (Rattus norvegicus) and aren't even close to the species that carried the plague. so don't worry if a rat is in your house. it doesn't have the plague. (also- there are small plague outbreaks all over the world. but people have found a cure now! so don't get to scared) ;) thanks for reading if you did! rats aren't scary animals. I have 2! and I love my two girls so much.
R Nemo
R Nemo 22 日 前
@ 2:04 like the touch of a gun dropping from csgo
SonicDashie759 22 日 前
And rats were never considered vermin again and SWARMED into kitchens around the world. The End.
Jason Hypes
Jason Hypes 22 日 前
Alyssa Nering
Alyssa Nering 23 日 前
The one about your sex life is what is wrong with you, not the movie :)
China Not a continent
The reason tugging a hair on the left side affected his right side is probably because the left side of the brain controls the right side of the body and vice versa.
Cha Yang
Cha Yang 24 日 前
cinemasins you forgot that if the lid was open then the jar will be full of water inside
BlueJacketsArt 25 日 前
Remember when this was on Trending?
killerthunder15 25 日 前
Honestly mr.sins, you woulda sinned him for being an overly villianis head chef
Wolke Sucher
Wolke Sucher 25 日 前
When it came out, I watched this movie in French, so no problem with the yada yada over the language. :-P And also, my father has an apartment with view on the Eiffel tower, but lives farther out, and his apartment still cost a shit load of money. DAMN EXPENSIVE!
Bryan Lahndry
Bryan Lahndry 25 日 前
Cinema sins gets a sin for missing the golden opportunity to pun "narrated" with "nar-RAT-ted"
Highschoollegend 25 日 前
How dare you insult this movie
karlstein 26 日 前
I bet is hard to sin Ratatouille
Smash Bros Memes
Smash Bros Memes 26 日 前
15:05 i almost dropped my computer
Ryan Elfen
Ryan Elfen 26 日 前
Everything wrong with Shawshank Redemption
mash marllow
mash marllow 26 日 前
Тхис мовые ис перфект
The Official Nugget
2:49 That's francist!
Jonathan Crain
Jonathan Crain 27 日 前
Pretty sure the intro video had "La Marseillaise" playing. Definitely not about Russia defeating France. Actually about the French army rallying to repel Austrian invaders. Fact check a tad better next time. Especially for your first sin. Great videos otherwise.
Jace Roberts
Jace Roberts 27 日 前
Well as a chef I can tell you that the vast majority of soups would be ruined if you just chucked in a bunch of leeks and garlic into it. (Especially together) 11:43 You forget this is France. And Gusteau was one of the most famous chefs in France(and therefore one of the best in the world.) So yes, definitely more interesting to a French person than a dock worker strike.
Biggie Cheese
Biggie Cheese 27 日 前
Back the fuck up *beep beep beep*
bman93 27 日 前
your overthinking a kids movie
Mr MantisGO
Mr MantisGO 27 日 前
Aye theres nothing wrong with this movie
Maggie McDonald
Maggie McDonald 27 日 前
What happens when the rat dies? Will the kid just be running around flinging rats onto his head being like "They speak to me." He will say with a creepy giggle. Will their be rat skeletons under his hat? He can't cook so when he dies he will suck at cooking. Probably ending with food poisoning. And it's disgusting all the plague for rats will be like in his food and on his head. 😧😝😝😝😝 In the words of that old meme "DISGUSTING!" Also, here's a dark joke. Who would win 1 million Europeans or a sick rat?