Everything Wrong With Moana In 15 Minutes Or Less

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*This video is a re-upload. Original release date: 4/25/17*
Also, TV Sins here: jpvid.net/show-UCe4bOvc1mYxFcQ5xPb9Zmow
What can I say, except... we found some?!
Next week: Something comic-y and something sci-fi.
Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie's sins should we expose next?!
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CinemaSins 5 ヶ月 前
Hey guys! This video is a re-upload because the original version of this episode was no longer viewable. We’ll be posting these re-uploads every Saturday for the next few months. There are still NEW sins videos every Tuesday and Thursday!
Grayden Aranella
CinemaSins your married? 😂
Khristian 475389
Khristian 475389 27 日 前
The fish catcher isn't wet
CatLady 5001
CatLady 5001 29 日 前
CinemaSins Can you do everything wrong with The Grinch? The new one? No, I don’t care that it’s February. Other options are Wreck it Ralph 2, Instant Family, and Night School! 😃😃😃
Handsome DJack
Handsome DJack ヶ月 前
+HeWhoLovesToDraw People d'(xkkkkxkkkk
Andrea Platt
Andrea Platt 2 ヶ月 前
MagmaCookieGames 6 時間 前
You do realize that him killing the eel and planting it to make a coconut tree is mythical
a vlogs
a vlogs 8 時間 前
I loved Moana.
Claudia Kemp
Claudia Kemp 14 時間 前
You do realise that it is about what other cultures believe in right?
Imaginateur 14 時間 前
Last sin Is perfectly legit
{•]ilona wolf{•}
{•]ilona wolf{•} 15 時間 前
Actually, once the earth WAS only ocean.
James Lawman
James Lawman 16 時間 前
The fishhook constellation is what we in the West would call Scorpio, idiot.
Reannan Telfer
Reannan Telfer 21 時間 前
Why no sins for the fact that this movie was totally predictable? I went through the whole movie knowing the bad guy wasnt actually a bad guy, she was just someone who was pisses off. By the end I was shocked that I was right and felt cheated that the plot twist was nothing.
Jj Walker
Jj Walker 日 前
1:03 best line I've ever seen in this channel.
Kheileb Talili
That upside down horse sadle is a Polynesian version of a drum if u took the time understand my culture u would have known.
The Dark Jamie
Yeah I know it's kinda late but Maui's backstory was literally taken from oceanian mythology (same with the things mentioned in his song) so y'know.
maged play games the best games
Who watched moana AND watched the video like me
Harry Potter
Harry Potter 日 前
9:32 but they're cute :(
The Living Mortal Equality
Your videos are too long. And it’s boring. You talk too quickly. So I might have to watch this later, or may have to give it up.
Ghenciu Oxana
a re-uplo
Bas Schadenberg
@1:40 A turtle made it to the water! The cycle of life can be cruel.
John Crawford
Moana its time you new the villge of prostato is all you need
Ben Smous
Ben Smous 日 前
Sin number 3 couldn’t possibly have been based on a rational thought. The earth was at one point completely covered in water. Everyone who watched this video is now dumber for having listened to that sin. May god have mercy on your soul.
Amz Hansen
Amz Hansen 日 前
You know it's a movie for little kids. It's supposed to be a entertaining beautiful story for little kids to enjoy. I know you just make these videos for other people to enjoy, but come on.. I challenge you to make one video saying something good about a disney/pixar movie. CAN YOU DO IT
Bennyboy 10101010
15 minutes or less 16 minutes...
U Upsetting_toast
*”they’re pulling up less and less fish”* is me and my sister’s inside joke.
Om SODHANI 2 日 前
Guys drums in the Philippines are like that
Brandon Davis
Brandon Davis 2 日 前
Are y'all hiring? I'm an asshole, and love nit picking. Lol
Zoe Kreiger-Costanza
One sin for you calling a stingray a manta ray.
PsychAndRose Paranormal
"Jesus, it's my wedding night all over again" 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 omg. why was that funny with the previous sentence that relates to this one?! hahahahah
TheP0w3r // P0w3rGam3r10154
haha boat
Prune Juice
Prune Juice 4 日 前
The chicken took off sins, and got wins on the cinema wins channel. If someone made a movie about only the chicken and its backstory, then that movie would get -107 sins, and 107 wins, right?
Lady Onikara
Lady Onikara 4 日 前
If you were thrown in the ocean as a baby, why the blazes would you have a tattoo of it to remind you every time you looked in a mirror. At least it's on his back. (BACKstory... I see what they did there now.)
Maxwell Cody
Maxwell Cody 4 日 前
Can we talk about how Fkin blue the water is? Really, it just looks like someone poured a gigantic bucket of off brand food coloring into the ocean
rowanchan 4 日 前
the intro is double-disney
Boss 302
Boss 302 5 日 前
It is 16 minutes long
Sing Yøur Årt Øut!
blame the weather, not the ocean, chief.
Bold 5 日 前
EpicPhoeniX 5 日 前
VickiDaGurk [Purple-Guy's-Admirer]
Here is what I don't get: In the beginning of the film, we see that as soon as Maui takes the heart, he is confronted by the lava monter, BUT ISN'T THE LAVA MONTER THE SAME PERSON AS THE LADY *WHOMS HEART JUST GOT STOLEN?* *ding*
IlluvatarPaladin 22 時間 前
Yeah it's stupid as shit and a giant plothole that Disney expects you to overlook. I said the same thing when I watched the movie. One could say that Grandma's story is just wrong because it's a story/myth, but Maui clearly acts like it's 100% true and does not expect the lava monster to be the island. It makes no sense.
Joseph Castellano
15:32 what movie is that music from? Sounds awesome!
Andrew Bane
Andrew Bane 6 日 前
15:32 where is this from?
Lily Watson
Lily Watson 6 日 前
I'm taking away a sin for Lin-Manuel Miranda
Laneyah Tuifua
Laneyah Tuifua 6 日 前
When she bang the drums is a legend around polynesian
Bumble Boo Gacha
You forgot the fact that Moana can both high-five the sea AND hug her dead ghost granny, shouldn't she go right through both?
Tryhardtrex Official again
The earth was all water for like a few thousand years
DancingCheese 7 日 前
8:18 Surprisingly enough, this is actually backed up by the cultures that Moana is based on, and ends up being a great Matpat theory about Maui.
Gardian Gaming
Gardian Gaming 8 日 前
And 1 sin to CinemaSins for being handed a very clear starwars rip off and not using it... "Luke go to the Degobah system..." at the end of the movie... but removing 1 sin for agreeing the best part of the movie was the chicken. 😂
The Proest Pro
The Proest Pro 8 日 前
6:55 that is a real constellation
Kendra Johnson
Kendra Johnson 9 日 前
The sin about Maui burying an eels guts and it sprouting a tree is a pollisian myth, in which the writers and directors were trying to be as authentic as possible. There for it should be discarded.
Maria Hamilton Potter
Alpe OlPa
Alpe OlPa 9 日 前
The one about the coconut tree, it's Polynesian mythology that a god named Maui buried an eel and it came out as a coconut tree. They were just trying to put something real into Moana. You can't sin that!
mtayor6762 mtayor6762
1. The reason the sea didn't just take her to Maui is because it wanted her to learn something. 2. The sea took her to Maui's island.
big gaybaby
big gaybaby 9 日 前
are you kidding me dude, of course the earth was only ocean, do you just not google anything before you write it down, you're lazy
Ricky Barnes
Ricky Barnes 10 日 前
Man, 1 sin off for the pee in the ocean joke
Crystal Pen
Crystal Pen 10 日 前
Immmmmm juuussdttttt saaaaaayyyyiiiiunnnngggggggg this movie was based on religion so the fact theirs not much science soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
Loud 10 日 前
Sin because they didn't eat the pig
Loud 10 日 前
At least the actress pronounced canoe properly for her regionally dialect
Alex Mesler
Alex Mesler 11 日 前
Sub to pewdiepie
The Ocelot Channel
8:50 I think he likes the chicken XD
Yanni223 11 日 前
Who else still loves this movie? Even finding this video oddly amusing?
Edu Henrique de Almeida
Not going into the ocean was stabblished by the ancestral chiefs, when the boats stopped coming back, Moana's dad break that rule when he was young and lost his friend, therefore regreting it and being afraid that the same happens to her. Watch the movie before making the video lol
nagz-youtube 11 日 前
hah... BACKstory. i get it.
The Void
The Void 11 日 前
*m o a n*
Lucas Van Caeneghem
I like it to sin your sins and prove you wrong but I'm skipping it this time because I hate that pig and you insult him 24/7.
Nellie 1
Nellie 1 12 日 前
Me: I HOPE he doesn't criticise the music CinnimaSins: *criticises music* Me: SHUT UP! LIN- MANUEL MIRANDA IS A GOD, YOU OBLIVIOUS BASTARD!! JK, not really still love the content
Fandomfreak Lol
Fandomfreak Lol 12 日 前
You didn't mention Lin :'(
Carl Heffner
Carl Heffner 12 日 前
Me: *blows dog whistle* Dog: *gasp* My HuMaN nEd MeH
Haz wizZrBLX
Haz wizZrBLX 12 日 前
Shane Bikes
Shane Bikes 15 日 前
11:00 I'm dying rn 😂😂
creeps Langford
creeps Langford 15 日 前
Moana means ocean in Maori
Angel Savage
Angel Savage 15 日 前
Nicholas Zidel
Nicholas Zidel 16 日 前
I do want to point out that Maui's hook is a real constellation but it's called that near Hawaii. I forget what constellation it is to American's
Noah’s Arkive
Noah’s Arkive 16 日 前
Only 107!!!
RedDragoon24 16 日 前
Did you forget the role credits every 5 minutes?
Bektas Yalcin
Bektas Yalcin 16 日 前
title In 15 Minutes Or Less video time 16:10 rly
Tom Merker
Tom Merker 14 日 前
the last minute is just outtakes so 15 minutes or under is correct
Yourboygamer 123
Yourboygamer 123 16 日 前
what the fuge is wrong about narration heck you always do that sometimes
NekoTale Chara
NekoTale Chara 17 日 前
+1 because da wae.
NekoTale Chara
NekoTale Chara 17 日 前
+1 because Pikmin Moana. Did anyone see the referance?
Danielle Carr
Danielle Carr 17 日 前
I watch the wins then the sins
Schmeckle 17 日 前
So glad I wasn't the only one that thought of oogie boogie with the giant crab
Teisa 18 日 前
funny as shit but take every sin off you put on Moana's dad for being over protective of her. This is not just the movie trying to hide her from her destiny or something it's just facts Polynesian dad's are crazy protective ask any daughter of a Tongan father. Also the perfectly timed geysers totally real and they go off on an exact short schedule is super cool. Also that thing that is on the boat in the cave actually is a drum fun fact. Still loved the video though it is really funny.
Chocking Hazard
Chocking Hazard 18 日 前
I liked this movie
Brynna Andersen
Brynna Andersen 18 日 前
Hahahaha did you just quote the Simpsons? 8:46 😂😂😂 minus 5 sins
Alchemist Smith
Alchemist Smith 19 日 前
ancestral youtube video hahaha
MajorEz 19 日 前
Bang the drum 😉😉😉
Corey Liddil
Corey Liddil 20 日 前
I feel like not very many people got the Bret Mackenzie joke, but it was 🔥
HappyFrog Day
HappyFrog Day 20 日 前
How the heck did Moana get the stone at 13:54? The ocean is not that shalllow!!! Also can't the ocean give it having her. Ever since I watched Cinema Sins, I've been sinning movies myself!th
HappyFrog Day
HappyFrog Day 20 日 前
Why didn't the ocean just pick up the Heart and deliver it to its rightful place themselves?
Varun Senthilvel
Varun Senthilvel 21 日 前
Actually, while eel guts becoming coconuts sounds utterly crazy, it’s actually part of a certain island culture’s mythology.
Moonwing The Warrior Cat
Most of the things you sinned are from the actual legend of Maui
Maddox Obregon
Maddox Obregon 24 日 前
I love this guy.
Tyler Nelson 310
Tyler Nelson 310 24 日 前
Actually the fish hook constalaitin is real
Jaya O'M
Jaya O'M 24 日 前
Movies make you dumb. Since we're going to watch them anyway we watch cinemasins to get some of our brain cells back!
Kylie Shepard
Kylie Shepard 25 日 前
Omg 11:32 😭😭
Lucy Martine
Lucy Martine 26 日 前
why doesnt the ocean just take the heart from moana and plop it on Te Fiti?
Kadence Charles
Kadence Charles 26 日 前
*One emoji* 🤔
nachoza 27 日 前
In some native american stories, it's believed of the worlds creation the world was originally only water and the turtle brought us land from the bottom of the ocean. It's called "turtle island" not sure if you could find it online but i used to hear it as a kid
J'zargo _
J'zargo _ 27 日 前
Sinning a movie for cliche. Cliche
Ethan Alker
Ethan Alker 27 日 前
6:09 you give a sin for the ocean not delivering her directly there but then later when it does you sin again. I’ll give you one of those but you can’t have your cake and eat it too.
Josh Yoder
Josh Yoder 27 日 前
She literally says "bang the drums" and no joke or audio outtake for Todd Rundgren. DING!
Bock Carrot
Bock Carrot 27 日 前
You wanted to know the odds of Moana finding the island, so her boat is about a 4 personne fishing boat and it takes about 16-17 to fill the island. So we can say its about a half a km long. We dont know really how long the other side is so I will just say the entire island is about 1/2 km square. So with the largest ocean (The pacific) Is 155 million square kilometers. So that is about a 1,004693506493506 in 656028,15637309 chance! :) I did all this math all for that... I have a sad life...
Jordan Vasquez
Jordan Vasquez 28 日 前
wait please take a sin off for the picture, like was that water or a drawing
Sophia Castillo
Sophia Castillo 28 日 前
Please do everything wrong with Scott pilgrim vs the world
Certainly Not A Pineapple
Wait, is nobody else going to comment on the fact that Maui, a man who looks to be approximately 100% muscle, was climbing a mountain before Moana, and made it halfway up before Moana was able to not only catch up, but surpass him? Did this make more sense than I realise? Cuz it seems like magic
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