Everything Wrong With Escape Room In 17 Minutes Or Less

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It's like Saw, but with rooms. And sins. Escape Room has so many sins.
Thursday: Superhero sins.
Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie's sins should we expose next?!
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Tim Frey
Tim Frey 10 時間 前
did that guy say "atoms don't change while you're watching them"? Wtf does that even mean? Atoms aren't sentient, they don't get paranoid when you watch them. Did he mean they take too long to change to be observable? I hate movies that just throw science words in a script and call it plot.
Alyssa Torres
Alyssa Torres 14 時間 前
I actually liked this movie, my anxiety level was through the roof! Lol 😆
Eric Franklin
I swear his criticisms be having me rolling 😂😂😂😂😂
Flaming iCeCuBe
The study was meant for mike cuz he probably has claustrophobia from the cavein
jay wilshaw
jay wilshaw 日 前
"sex, with adult women" Has got to be the most out of place line I've ever heard. Why the hell did he need to insert "adult". Women _are_ by definition, adults, lol.
Mickey Rosa
Mickey Rosa 2 日 前
And why did they leave their jackets and any clues they found when they left the oven room?
Erik Rivera
Erik Rivera 3 日 前
Wait wow such gaming does this
M1TCH 2 日 前
Literally came straight from his train to busan ep. A fellow man of culture i see
August Engelking
Green book totally deserved the Oscar you’re high dude
Rohan Tyagi
Rohan Tyagi 5 日 前
No one gonna mention how the black guy's role is just a copy of the other black guy's role from The Cube?
Roel Camps
Roel Camps 5 日 前
The orginal movie "La habitación de Fermat (2007)" is so much better than this .. thing.
East Meets West Presents
I think I remember seeing an exact video which does mention how the escape rooms SHOULD have been solved instead of the way it was done in the movie. In fact, he devoted most of the video to the billiard room where the main gripe was "They should've stopped to listen to the music!" Also, no mention from you how this movie looks like it actually ripped off 1997's Cube? How could you have missed THAT major sin?!
KidFury 90265
KidFury 90265 6 日 前
how to make a movie of today, make a female main character ONLY female otherwise your sexist and of course constantly push the narrative that she is a strong independent female character and then throw in a bunch of idiots one dickhead and then one GIRL who ignores logic and is an idiot who does the stupidest of things and of course have it so that she can name a large amount fo scientific information off the top fo her head taht is how you become rich
Nathaniel Knudtson
CinemaSins: “Needs 50% luck to eat at Denny’s” Me: *remembers when I was pregnant and me and my boyfriend ordered $30 worth of chicken strips only to have the first one I eat still raw and was scared all night that was gonna kill my son* (FYI he’s currently 6 months. We survived)
naoidf paiourej
naoidf paiourej 7 日 前
The cell phone says it's 2:15pm on 21st November but the weather app says it last updated at 4:06pm on the same day.
KrakenZUCC 7 日 前
So at 6:40 he’s just using a grouper/deep sea rod whilst ice fishing when the fish your catching can range from 0-5 lbs you wouldn’t be able to even feel the fish if it was hooked
James Salvacion
James Salvacion 8 日 前
Some of these r so dumb
Nan Anderson
Nan Anderson 8 日 前
14:18, hearing him finally break with the "oh we didn't find any evidence" is just SO FUNNY to me.
Taehyung’s LoveNerp
So at the end the girl wanted to investigate the escape room some more! Hell no I would’ve went back to my life and tried to forget about that ever happening
Diya Goyal
Diya Goyal 10 日 前
of course the Indian kid died first
Sunday BG
Sunday BG 11 日 前
In short: the book is better
Kon Kaneki
Kon Kaneki 11 日 前
Has anyone else noticed that he sounds kind of like Kermit
kusai001 12 日 前
Also, all of them could have climbed to the upside-down bar. How out of shape are you that you assume the only the ex-military character is the only one that could climb a shelf?
kusai001 12 日 前
The ice broke because the underside of the ice has explosives that later all go off. What happened is that they exploded one near this guy to prevent him from using the lighter. These guys want to see them die and to die painfully. So no easy way out for them and that lighter was the easy way.
Marianna 12 日 前
Still loved this movie.
Chunky Bacon
Chunky Bacon 12 日 前
Movie: has intro Cinema sins: iM nOT GuNNa LeT YoU Get ThE ChAnCe BiTCh
Jason Roman
Jason Roman 12 日 前
Danny’s death was not a coincidence they have cameras on them and had control of the ice so they killed him because the lighter was “cheating”
MGK Growing up with demons that ain’t really there
Me when Danny fell in: Me: Hey, crackheads yaknow you coukd use the giant iceblock to smash the ice but ok go off
Ralphy105 13 日 前
This joke is gonna get you guys so hard, comment if you fall for it: So a guy walks into a store, and asks one of the workers there if he can buy something special... *Read more*
Music Loverr
Music Loverr 9 日 前
@Ralphy105 mobile-
Ralphy105 9 日 前
@Music Loverr are you on computer or mobile
Music Loverr
Music Loverr 9 日 前
But there was actually a read more
Ashley Brown
Ashley Brown 13 日 前
The rich people behind the Belko experiment and Minos need to team up
ReivaOkami 13 日 前
As the movie progresses he just gets angrier at how bad the movie is.
Bryan F
Bryan F 13 日 前
8:35 "Try 1-2-3-4" That's amazing, I've got the same combination on my luggage!
Lyra Saruman
Lyra Saruman 14 日 前
Like.... just pretend the cops were bought
Dmitriy Krasota
Dmitriy Krasota 14 日 前
There are at least 3 movies with the name "Escape room" but you don't even bother to provide at least year in video description. That's definitely worth a sin!
Sarana 15 日 前
I would also sin the fact that no one asked Ben how he knew that the answer was "Rudolph". I sure would have been curious about that one.
Tavvicat 16 日 前
The last room that Ben was in was for the guy whose brother died in the mine because he got crushed in it. 1 sin for you for not realizing that
Will Pongase
Will Pongase 16 日 前
The 2nd sin was because he just killed his escape mate and welp you prob know what happened to him when youve whatched the movie And hes panicking ad yeah
Javon Wrighten
Javon Wrighten 17 日 前
14:21 Boi! The Narrator went OFF!!! +20 sins! Good lord
CJ32 pull2
CJ32 pull2 17 日 前
Didn’t someone walk by Danny right before he went in ?
CJ32 pull2
CJ32 pull2 17 日 前
He was probably used to distract to make you think he was a bad guy to be revealed later
CJ32 pull2
CJ32 pull2 17 日 前
They even took the Saw way of shooting lol
S Butler
S Butler 17 日 前
lol all of this is based on sick stuff that happens on the dark web
James Biddle
James Biddle 17 日 前
Pee on the icey key cube.
zeiria yt
zeiria yt 18 日 前
Sorry but this movie was amazing 😳
Eric London
Eric London 18 日 前
Sadly, it was one I had high expectations for and was let down, just as I knew it would do.
Badass Raptor
Badass Raptor 18 日 前
Just saying, after the 1st room (and I had a phone) I would start recording that shit.
Dmitriy Krasota
Dmitriy Krasota 13 日 前
F*cking millennials, all you do this days is recording shit :(
Tommy Guns
Tommy Guns 19 日 前
10,000$ wouldn't be nearly enough money to take time out of my life to try one of these escape rooms. It's to much like carnival games and slot machines, the house always wins because they created it so I'm not gonna get waste time trying to play a stupid game. It's not the thing I'd find fun just like haunted houses. I love horror movies. But I dont wanna see horror up close. That's not my type of thrill seeking or fun. And I hate the idea of having no control over being locked in a room and trusting random unknown people to control when I come out or not fuck that shit.
Dade Lee Murphy
Dade Lee Murphy 19 日 前
"You padding the sin count, bro?"
Michael Bourke
Michael Bourke 20 日 前
thank you Kermit, very entertaining...
Michael Cunningham
Deborah Ann Woll isn't my girlfriend in this scene............or ever......anyways do BALCO EXPERIMENT!!!!!!!!
andrew d
andrew d 20 日 前
Missed sin: Zoe continuously find clues and walks away from the group without letting people know. You would think that in a situation like that the first thing you would do is let the others know of a clue you found so they can help solve it instead of keeping it to yourself.
Stevester 21 日 前
I actually didn't make the connection between ''You'll go down in history'' and Rudolph........thanks for making feel like a dumbass CinemaSins :(
Mr P ing
Mr P ing 23 日 前
Convenience room 😂
Summer XO
Summer XO 24 日 前
Omg yesssss!!
Hungry Like The Vultures
16:13 Why didn’t this guy start running towards the air stewardess did they ever do a baton race and by the look of it they were all about to die
BTS Obsessed
BTS Obsessed 24 日 前
THOUGHT THE EXACT SAME THING about putting the books in the cups!
Krystal Harris
Krystal Harris 25 日 前
Dan Humphrey
Dan Humphrey 25 日 前
Lets not get too deep into it. It was a pretty entertaining movie and was just a fun movie to watch.
Jess Chii
Jess Chii 25 日 前
Heeeeey I've seen this movie before... The Cube.
_Suburban_ 26 日 前
Yup. . . totally adult women. Definitely not underaged. Only adult women. . . consentually. . . obviously.
Dalton Phillips
Dalton Phillips 27 日 前
you should have just said they should have pee'd on the ice key... duh
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