Everest: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

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Climbing Mount Everest has become dangerously popular. John Oliver explains why.
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Smegalodon 5 時間 前
the only thing more dangerous than jostleing on 2 actual ping pong tables is texting while driving. Stop it...get some help.
Kieran 8 時間 前
14:20 Why do you think?.... If a dumb fuck wants to pay $11,000 to die, then let him..🤷‍♂️
adina friedman
adina friedman 8 時間 前
"Because it's there." You can't just quote George Mallory and then not mention him at all in the episode.
Rachel B.
Rachel B. 9 時間 前
11:54 YOW
Amedeo Fabris
Amedeo Fabris 10 時間 前
jpvid.net/video/%E3%83%93%E3%83%87%E3%82%AA-ngC_4j1gjMY.html Looks like Monty Python knew where the expeditions were heading
Mr. Balloffur
Mr. Balloffur 13 時間 前
Going up is only half the journey....they still have to get down.
M G 20 時間 前
*GOOGLE* - *"Last Week Tonight with John Oliver - Wikipedia"* >> it's a list of all his past episodes (with the date & a short episode description) *& they announce early in the week already if there's* *gonna be a show that Sunday or not...*
Ritesh Agarwal
If nepal side is technically easy, then professional mountaineers would do well to climb the tibetan side. Why the whining?
ceemikew 日 前
Love to have seen more on the ethics of climbing. I talked to one person who did the climb and had to pass a dying person and just left them there
Wes B
Wes B 日 前
I want to be the first person to eat a soft taco on Mt Everest 🌮
Wendy Sue
Wendy Sue 日 前
Very informative but not by funny. I think he talks or reads too fast, no sense of timing.
Anon¥mus 日 前
I don't blame the Nepalese government. If some rich asshole wanted to pay me 11 grand to climb the roof of my house just to take a picture by my chimney I'm not turning that down. I'll even throw in the call to 911 for free when they bust their ass.
Jesse Gros
Jesse Gros 日 前
I have guided many trecks in Nepal. I know guides that have seriously injured on the mountain. Thanks for making this video.
Owen Landrey
Owen Landrey 日 前
Did he just do an entire show wearing down pants? That must be some epic swampass.
Nice mustache john
Mud-Lust 日 前
I climbed Mt Druitt
vsv 4
vsv 4 2 日 前
I am thinking who is shooting that crossing video like that
Omid Hussaini
Omid Hussaini 2 日 前
That clip from 11:45-12:05 gets me every time 😂
G G 2 日 前
Highest ever cellphone call Astronauts: *ARE WE A FUCKING JOKE TO YOU?!*
Foster Dad Denis
Dammit John!!! You Rick Rolled me AGAIN!!!
Foster Dad Denis
Dammit John! You Rick Rolled me!!!
Julian De Leon
Julian De Leon 2 日 前
If you’re not skilled enough to climb it then don’t.
Mprator 2 日 前
So, you want to take away the livelihood of the sherpas and the tourist revenue for the poor country so you can shame "rich people"?
Gracie P.
Gracie P. 2 日 前
Not that I didn't enjoy this, but I clicked on a link for an episode called Police Militarization, having just watched one on accountability. And it sent me here. This does worry me a bit. It seems a bit too much of a coincidence that JPvid just happened to glitch on that particular link. Put together with other convenient glitches happening recently, I'm getting really worried about where this is going.
Gagik Sargsyan
Gagik Sargsyan 2 日 前
product placement == level God !
L Frazier
L Frazier 2 日 前
Makalu is the fifth highest mountain in the world at 8,485 metres. It is located in the Mahalangur Himalayas 19 km southeast of Mount Everest, on the border between Nepal and Tibet Autonomous Region, China. One of the eight-thousanders, Makalu is an isolated peak whose shape is a four-sided pyramid
Hop Off
Hop Off 2 日 前
Can someone explain this 5:02?
gnshapiro 2 日 前
I'm so disappointed that Rick Astley was not there waiting for John on top of Everest.
Biplav Gautam
Biplav Gautam 3 日 前
Overall enjoyed the video even though it lacks some nuances. JO mentions that the problem is on the Nepal side, but in the video of the climbers struggling to come down due to traffic, Russel Brice mentions "Second Step" which is clearly on the Tibet side.
Harry Balzak
Harry Balzak 3 日 前
Excited John Oliver is obnoxious.
Eve Kohley
Eve Kohley 3 日 前
it's naive he thinks i could ever go up Everest
Elke Streit
Elke Streit 3 日 前
Please, invite Mr. Astley!
Wilhuff Tarkin
Wilhuff Tarkin 3 日 前
Fuck Europe. I can't enter this amazing website. What a shame
supermaniac5 3 日 前
It amazes me that some of the people who trek Everest leave litter. Why are you even climbing Everest in the first place? To see a beautiful mountain? To experience a gorgeous part of the world that few have gone? Leaving litter takes away from the beauty and is very disrespectful. Your either part of the of the problem or part of the solution. Thank you to the cleanup crew that removed so much trash from Everest. If your not part of the solution stay the Fuck home.
Francisco Declet
got our pictures done, thanks, one less bucket list item checked lol
Lissy London
Lissy London 3 日 前
Just living in Denver is bad enough. In Breckenridge I nearly passed out at the peak. No way i'm gonna pay crazy money to go more than double that height. I skied in Japan on real mountains in my early 20's and that was too terrifying. These idiots that think Everest is a good holiday definitely have a screw loose.
robin2012ism 3 日 前
Where did all those Everest profiteers with the down votes come from?
robin2012ism 3 日 前
Let's hear it for Temba Tsheri. The badass sherpa 7:50
robin2012ism 3 日 前
Everest: TJs Xmas line on steroids.
Serachja 3 日 前
just fly a plane and you're higher than M.E.
I saw that Rick Rolling coming
sourabh 3 日 前
soon enough there will be a submarine capsule traffic jam in mariana trench.
G G 2 日 前
And the local deep sea fishys will be underpaid to guide them
Aryan Hegde
Aryan Hegde 3 日 前
The business daddy thing is just disturbing.
Adriana Ruelas
Adriana Ruelas 3 日 前
Explaining the word "capitonym" is totally something I would do on a first date...
Ung Grabb
Ung Grabb 3 日 前
Build a cable car and a revolving restaurant and a hotel
I never thought I’d be rick rolled in 2019
Sun Rabbit
Sun Rabbit 4 日 前
So what. I went inside The Great Pyramid at Giza. When I got to the King's Chamber the Egyptian Ministry of Antiquities employee watching it bummed a cigarette off me, but it was my last one. It surprised me because I was like what, you can SMOKE inside the King's Chamber? Well, HE did but I didn't. I mention it because it actually was pretty difficult getting up that narrow passageway in a semi-crouched position, and going down was even worse.
Daniel Cowlin
Daniel Cowlin 4 日 前
It's like tattoos. It used to mean you were "tough" or a "rebel" to have one. Now every tween and adderall Mom has one. There are sherpers to do all the work and clean up the narcissist's trash and feces. Climbing Mt. Everest is now like getting a trustafarian, privileged college undergrad on holiday tramp stamp.
Romek Schellekens
I know very well it's hardly comparable to climbing the Everest, but on the "Camino de Santiago" you see the same thing. I walked 1500km from Bordeaux - France to Fisterrae - Spain and then to Santiago, with 25kg of gear on my back and 600 euro's in my pocket at the beginning. Especially in Spain the pilgrimage is highly commercialized and even more so after the release of the movie "The way". Taxi services for backpacks, Refugios stuffed with tourists that want the "pilgrim experience" by sleeping in a refugio but eating in a fancy restaurant next door, taking the beds of actual pilgrims. Litter all the way along the route... Buses that take people to a new town every day to stamp their credentials, in order to get their compostella (your certificate of pilgrimage) at the end, without walking one mile. It's insulting and sad, and people that climbed the Everest this way, should be ashamed of themselves. If you can't do it on your own, don't do it.
Paulo Alexandre
Paulo Alexandre 4 日 前
I think there should be summit certificates. you're only allowed to climb a 4000er if you climbed a 2000er, and you can only climb a 5000er if you climbed a 4000er and so on and so forth until the 8000ers.
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